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ponedeljek, april 15, 2019

These lipsticks have existed for a while, at least a formula with this name, but a different packaging and mostly different shades. This current version exists in 24 shades, which Oriflame arranged based on their suitability for cool, warm and neutral skin tone in their catalogue. I was offered a set of these based on my undertone and since I'm neutral I got these five out of seven they grouped together (if you don't know your undertone, I have a guide type of post here). Lipstick is described as a 5-in-1 with intense pigmentation, a creamy finish, moisturising, nourishing and long-lasting formula.

Formula: All have an intense pigmentation, but in all the rest categories they differ so much that I could describe them as different formulas. All are thick, overall much thicker than the average lipstick formula, however, like I said they are not all the same. When I used them for the first time, I struggled to drag them on the lips, but once the top layer was gone, they got smoother. Still Sunset Show remains very thick, while Coral Ideal, Cranberry Blush and Pink Flair are still thicker than average, but they glide on the lips much easier. Trendy Cocoa is a whole different story and it's by far the creamiest and easy to apply. Finishes of four shades are semi-matte, while Trendy Cocoa has the classic shiny creamy one. I feel saver with the other four because they smudge much less and stay in place. 

Shades: My five shades they picked for a neutral undertone are not entirely what I'd pick based on how well I know what suits me, but to be fair considering my skin tone is neutral, most shades in general don't clash with me often, so what I think suits me is more based on my preferences. 

Pink Flair

Pink Flair is a mix between a pale pink and a beige nude, and it’s an excellent combination of the two tones, ensuring the shade looks neither too warm nor too cool. I reminds me a lot of Jordana's Matte lipstick in 47 Nude. It's my favourite shade in the bunch and one of my favourite ever nude lipsticks, it's definitely "the" shade for a pale neutral skin tone.

Cranberry Blush

Cranberry Blush is a medium muted berry shade that unlike most similar shades doesn't lean to cool tones and it's another is another fantastic shade for a neutral undertone. I have nothing similar in my collection that I could compare it to.

 Coral Ideal

Coral Ideal is a medium orange coral, but a less punchy orange I've seen in most ranges. It's a typical shade for a warm undertone and I'm not a fan of orange shades on me. 

Sunset Show

Sunset Show is a vibrant warm red. Personally I prefer more classic, mostly cool toned reds, but this one is excellent for warm skin tones.

Trendy Cocoa

Trendy Cocoa is a deep neutral-warm brown. I think it would it would fit deep neutral skin tones well, but the shade is not for me.

Staying power: Again differs so much for this range, Pink Flair is weakest and gone in a few hours, Cranberry, Coral and Cocoa last averagely well, maybe 5-6 hours, but the stand out shade is Sunset Show. The latter has an insane staying power for a classic lipstick. It survives eating intact and I got 9h with it before I took it off, at that point it was evenly faded and still vibrant.

Scent: These have a vanilla sweet scent.

Packaging: These come in a plastic tube and a metal insert. Though they work perfectly fine, they feel a bit cheap.

Price and availability: Regular price is 11.90 €, but as is usual from Oriflame these should be on offer often.

Though these are nice lipsticks, what struck me first is just how different they all are. The main thing about these in inconsistency when it comes to thickness of the formula, the finish and staying power, however, they all share intense pigmentation. The stand out shade in terms of quality is Sunset show which has an amazing staying power. The rest are fairly average, but on the good side of average, with a notable exception of Pink Flair whose staying power I find disappointing, yet it's still the shade I wear the most. All are thicker than average creamy lipsticks and don't have that classic slightly shiny finish and a moisturising feeling on the lips, but that actually suits me a lot more and it was the thing that made me like these. They stick much better in place than regular creamy formulas and they smudge less too. The overall selection of shades for a neutral skin tone could be better in my opinion, but you don't have to stick to these shades of course. Shade Pink Flair and Cranberry Blush are the stands out that I think they just nailed for neutral skin tone.

Have a great day!

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  1. These are all such beautiful shades

    Candice x


  2. Tale njihova embalaža je bila meni od vedno tako antipatična, sploh v primerjavi s kakšni drugimi njihovimi linijami. So mi pa barve tokrat res všeč - še posebej Sunset Show mi izgleda odlično na tebi. Tudi Coral Ideal ni slab. Ampak imam ravno obratne preference, me vedno k oranžno-rdečim povleče. :)

    1. Ja, embalaža teh res ni presežek. Sploh v primerjavi s Giordani Gold. Za moj okus so to pretopli odtenki, ampak sta dobra za nevtralni in topli podton :)