Empties #36

četrtek, junij 25, 2020

My favourite mascara for many years now. I actually had three empty tubes of this to throw out. It's one of rare mascaras that does what I want - first and foremost keeps my lashes curled all day, but also it's a mascara that has a multiplying effect because it can separate and catch every lash, it's lengthening and doesn't create a clumpy result even with several coats. Only minus is that it doesn't fan out the lashes as nicely as some other mascaras, so they look kinda dishevelled and I also always make a bit of a mess due to the big brush. 
Repurchase: Done.

This could be the most perfect mascara ever. It catches every single lash creating an effect of tons of lashes and it fans them out beautifully. However, for a waterproof mascara it's not good at holding up the lashes, which is such a shame. But since most don't have such problems like me, this might work great for you.
Repurchase: No.

A very decent formula for a regular one because it didn't drop my lashes completely like most do. It also has a very volumising and dramatic effect, making it perfect for those who love big lashes. But it's such a pain to remove and needs a special remover just like the waterproof formulas, so this makes it not worth it for me - I put up with lengthy removal only if the mascara does what I want, so keep my lashes perfectly curled.  
Repurchase: No.

ESSENCE Lash & Brow Gel Mascara
This might just be the longest surviving product in Essence lines that has successfully evaded their discontinuing frenzies for years. I bought this ages ago and now I'm just throwing it out after not even using it a lot. I didn't get this for the original purpose (taming brows), instead I got it to tame the frizz on my hair and it wasn't averaged at that, so I rarely used it. I've recently found the Got2B Bye Bye Babyhaar frizz taming mascara, which was specifically designed for the job and it's really good.  
Repurchase: No.

LEE JIHAM Dr's Care Vita-Propolis Ampoule
This is an amazing product for my skin and sadly it only exists in a 15 ml size, so I saved it a lot, which I really shouldn't have. You might remember that I wrote about how my skin has been impossible to handle since september last year when I started using more The Ordinary products, hoping I'll finally see results, which I didn't despite persisting until March. So I went back to my basic routine, which stabilised my skin and then decided to finally finish this bottle and the results were amazing. Within a few uses my skin got back it's glow it had before The Ordinary and it just looked so much better. It looks like propolis really works for me.
Repurchase: Yes, though it's difficult now. I might get Tosoowong instead because it's 100 ml, but I don't remember if that one broke me out or not. I'm exploring other brands too (Skinfood, It's Skin, iUNIK, Beauty of Joseon,...). 

I used this up on my hair. It has gold flakes inside that did nothing apart from look pretty in the bottle when you shook it. It's a light oil and I didn't particularly like it on the face as much as my other oils, though there was nothing wrong with it, but I just felt others leave my skin in better condition. I used it instead of a silicone-oil hair seruma because it's light and didn't leave my hair too greasy looking like coconut oil does, so it my "morning choice" for a hair care product when my ends were dry. Nuxe Huile Prodigeouse is a better version, this I merely tried to use up.
Repurchase: No. 

SCHAEBENS Cell Therapy Hydrogel Maske Anti-Age Booster
So far the best mask I was able to find in local drugstores. It has about the same effect as brightening Asian masks, meaning it evens out the skin tone and makes the skin look more healthy. Only minus is the chemical scent, which is noticeable the entire time it's on the face, but it's not terrible. 
Repurchase: Done.

INEBRYA Ice Cream No Yellow Shampoo 
This is one of the strongest purple shampoos I've tried and it works really well on light blonde hair of level 10-9. It's an intensely pigmented indigo (deep purple-blue) shampoo that neutralises yellow tones and creates an ice blonde shade. It's so strong that if you have very pale hair, you have to be careful because it can tint the hair violet, but my hair was never so light that that would happen to me. Formula was never drying on my hair, so I enjoyed using it, though it's not a nourishing formula. It smells like grape, which was pleasant enough. This is quite expensive in my local drugstore, over 10 € and though it took me a long time for finish the bottle, I found a cheaper dupe by L'Oreal. This is much cheaper online and it exists in a jumbo size, still L'Oreal wins for me because it's easily accessible. 
Repurchase: Yes, but only if I can't find L'Oreal's purple shampoo.

This is the richest, heaviest treatment I know in terms of texture. It's like a thick balm and for anyone who doesn't have very thick and dry hair, this is way too much. Even I had to be careful with it not to apply too much leave-in products or it would make my hair feel "heavy", though not greasy. However, it's not as effective as their K-Pack Intense Hydrator despite the thickness. This was second tube and I used it rarely, only when my hair was super dry and honestly, it never helped as much as I hoped it would. 
Repurchase: Maybe, but a lot less likely since I found Cantu conditioner, which is the best thing I found for extremely dry hair.

I have to say I don't see any really results from these types of leave-in protein treatments on their own. I got this because I read it's like a liquid Olaplex only better - I don't find it has such a visible result on my hair, but maybe on thinner it's more effective. I see a difference only with proper masks/treatments, while I use these as an extra product. This is very light, so suitable for all hair types. I bought Joico K-Pack instead. I feel the same about that one as this one, so it really doesn't matter to me which one I use. The packaging broke on this one, the pump simply stopped working when I had a 1/2 left, so I had to transfer into another spray. 
Repurchase: I don't know, I'll get whatever is cheaper, though I don't want another spray that's going to break. 

I found this in some dark corner of my cupboard. It's a mini and I've never owned full size despite really liking it, but like always when I like something I start to obsessively save it and I forgot about it like any idiot. In the meantime I got a ton of similar products, however, this is one of the most effective products I've found for smoothing the hair when using a round brush and hair dryer. It's also very liquid and light, so suitable for all types.
Repurchase: It's really nice, but it has alcohol as the second ingredient, so no.

BALEA Fuss Maske 
This felt so promising when I started applying it. It’s very rich, thick and it’s actually like a mask, not just a thick moisturiser, so it stays in a thick layer on the skin. I did a pedicure before with my Balea machine and even used plastic bags to make socks just like in those more expensive masks. I left it on for about an hour, maybe two. Once it all absorbed, my skin wasn’t soft. It was nourished, but not as smooth as it was after a pedicure. It felt like those parts with thick skin (I can't reduce those completely despite using a machine) were even more pronounced now. My skin is very thick and often very dry, so I haven’t found a product that would make my feet soft (that includes those peeling AHA masks) and this sadly isn’t it either. However, I think for an average user it’s likely going to be more than enough. It smelled really nice, just a basic creamy cosmetic scent. 
Repurchase: Probably not, though I liked how thick it was and it did nourish well.

LACTACYD Intimate Washing Lotion Sensitive
This was nice and it did the job. I like this one most out of the ones I've tried. 
Repurchase: Yes.

I used to adore this wholeheartedly, but man am I glad it's gone. I just can't smell it any more, possibly because mine changed/has gone off, but all I could smell at the end is a sharp jasmine note and I really don't like jasmine because it gives me a headache. From the start it was a floral vanilla with a sea salt note, quite unique in my eyes. Now I much prefer the flankers, in particular the Intense version and Aqua Legere. 
Repurchase: No, not this version.

GARNIER Color Naturals 
9.1 Natural Extra Light Ash Blonde
I got this a while ago when they changed the packaging of my usual L'Oreal Excellence and I couldn't find shade 9.1 for some time, so I grabbed this one in the same shade. I ended up not using it that time because I stumbled upon L'Oreal a few days later, but so it doesn't just sit in my closet I decided to finally use it up. I was very concerned this will be a drying, terrible formula because it's cheap and this is Garnier's budget range, however, it's actually very decent. It's not as nice as L'Oreal's, but it didn't leave my hair all dried up, stiff, coarse and fried, which is an achievement at my hair texture. As far as the colour goes, I've made a lot of mistakes before and during dyeing, so I didn't get the perfect result that I get with L'Oreal and I won't blame it on this colour, but like I said L'Oreal's performs better even with my screw ups. It neutralised strong yellow tones after bleaching, but despite leaving the bleach on for enough time I was left with orange this time and this obviously can't cover that, so this is a shade for very strong, canary yellow tones only, aside from the natural colours it's recommended for. 
Repurchase: Maybe.

SUBRINA Colour Refresh Mask 
Diamond Blonde
One more tube used up. I talk about this mask a lot because it's the strongest such neutralising product I know, which means your need to be very careful with this, but also one rare products that is capable of toning on very intense warm tones. This isn't my picture, but you can see the results here
Repurchase: Done.

L'OREAL Excellence Crème
8.1 Light Ash Blonde
I don't know which in a row is this one, but I've used plenty of these. The formula is excellent even for my dry hair and there also a very good 60 ml conditioner inside. This particular shade is a fantastic one for toning brassy-orange tones, actually the only thing I've found so far that does the job. It also lifts my dark brown natural colour extremely well for a box colour and neutralizes at the same time. I don't get the colour on the box on my natural colour - I mean I do the one in the back, so light brown, but on my bleached hair it's a tiny bit darker than the box, so I actually use it just on the roots and then 9.1 on my length for an ombre effect, which also really helps to make my roots less obvious. 
Repurchase: Done.


REVIVA LABS  5% Glycolic Acid Cream
I had this for so long and actually I haven't used it in years, I just found it in one of the cupboards while I was cleaning. Reviva Labs doesn't have this particular product anymore, but they have other AHA creams and they might have the same texture. This was one of my first such product and even though it was considered to be strong for someone who never tried stronger acids before, I got nothing from this, which is actually exactly what's still happening with a lot stronger formulas. My skin simply doesn't benefit much from glycolic, I have no idea why. I kept giving it chances, but this did nothing. I did not like the formula because it felt heavy. It was a moisturiser-like texture that didn't sink it, instead it just sat on the skin like a sleeping mask. 
Repurchase: No.

CATRICE Metallic Liquid Liner
This was actually the only coloured eyeliner I thought was good out of the few I tried so far. Others I tried were always somewhat sheer, but this was pigmented like a black eyeliner. Sadly Catrice discontinued it. Colour was pretty too, a golden bronze. There no such replacements at the moment in their line-up.

L'OCCITANE Melting Honey Exfoliating Sugars
This is already gone I believe, but I'm not sure if current scrub versions are similar. The scent of this one blinded me from the start into thinking that I love it, but by the end I wasn't as impressed any more. It's not bad, there are just better. It's very thick and like a balm, so it doesn't wash off completely. This had a plus in a sense that I didn't need an extra moisturiser, but it's not ideal if you like the feeling of clean skin. The scrubby bits could be more dense for my taste.
Discontinued. (I also prefer Soap & Glory ones, but now I'll have to find something new that easily accessible).

DOVE Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum
Another one of these things gone. I love this product wholeheartedly, it was the best hydrator/tamer/shine product ever and Dove stupidly discontinued the entire line. I have a bottle still in stock, but I haven't found a proper replacement yet, though Olaplex n.6 and Tigi Blow-Out Cream/After Party are similar.

BALEA Rasiergel Exotic Coco
One of my least favourite LE scents. There's not nothing beachy, tropical about it, it was just very bland. But the quality of as always great and I'm still using only these after so many years. 
Repurchase: Done in another scent, like always. 

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  1. LJH (now Dr. Ceuracle, they keep changing the name) released a 30ml version of that serum so if you find that for a cheaper price, it could be worth it. Otherwise Cosrx has released a propolis toner in a big bottle that could be worth looking into.
    I think the only heavier product I've found besides that Joico mask is the Manuka Honey/Mafura Oil one by Shea Moisture. It did leave my hair quite silkier though and not as stiff, but I left it on for 30min once and my hair was too weighed down lol. Since you've been enjoying curly hair products, maybe look into the Palmer's Cocoa Butter oil. The smell is meh, but it's SO nourishing. My mom swears by it for her bleached extremely dry curly hair.
    Have you tried using acidic treatments yet, like the Joico cuticle sealer? I think it could work better than those protein primers for bleached hair. I've been recently doing the capillary schedule (rotating between protein, oil and humectant masks) along with pre-shampoo treatments (olive oil for me or whatever conditioner/mask/silicone oils I want to use up) and then sealing it off with LCO (l'oreal liss unlimited and sebastian dark oil) and that's how I've actually noticed a biiiig difference in hair quality over time. That Dove cream serum will be forever missed, RIP.

    I really look forward to your empties post every month. I've been diligently using up stuff as well and it really motivates and inspires me to keep doing it. :)

    1. So that's why I couldn't find a lot of them on eBay! I had no idea they changed the name. Thank you :) I have a few options selected for propolis product, but I'm also limited by the price because if I want to avoid extra changes (5 € + 22,5% tax) I need to find something under 22 € and it's proving to be harder than I thought. When did the prices go up so much? Cosrx was always cheap and this new toner is so expensive + shipping on eBay. iUNIK seems like the best choice for now.

      So Shea Moisture masks do leave the silky, because Cantu just moisturises very intensely. Like I told you on Insta, I have a couple on my wishlist, but we'll see when I'll have a chance to try them. For Palmer's I've also already asked you which exactly you mean.

      I've tried malic acid and it worked so well. But none other such products, though I'm aware you should use such products if you use bleach. There's not many around though. I heard only of Subrina Professional Colour shampoo saying specifically that it does that. I see Joico Cuticle sealer is only available in 1 litre version and is quite expensive. Reconstructor also has a low pH 4,5-5,5 , so maybe it's enough? Reconstructor and Hydrator always work so well on me.

      I do about the same thing as you. Alternate between moisturising treatments and protein ones, plus Olaplex and Matrix Re-Bond. Coconut oil as pre-wash treatment when needed. Thanks to mostly Joico K-Pack my hair is a pretty good condition now :) I mean it was never soft to begin with, I share the coarse, thick texture with the rest of my family, so I can only achieve a relative degree of softness, but Joico does a lot, as does Matrix Re-Bond.

      I'm glad you like these posts :) I also just gave away a massive bag of mostly PR products (I can't use everything, it's simply too much), so my collection feels a bit lighter now :)

  2. Joico Moisture Recovery sem včasih kupovala mini verzije za sicer tanke lase, ampak to je res uber gosta maska, čeprav za npr. na morje je odlična. Ko ti sonce izsuši lase. Zdaj sem celo videla neke minije na Lookfantastic of Joicoja, ampak te verzije pa ne.

    Ampak res, ta Essence gel se je pa kar obdržal :D. Slišim, da je dober, ga pa še nisem sama preizkusila.

    Balea geli za britje so top. Za to ceno sploh. Sem preizkusila tiste druge verzije - pene od njih pa se ne more primerjat z gelom. Ta se tako dobro oprime kože. Jaz tudi skoz kupim tega, pa pač vedno kakšno drugo LE verzijo vonja.

    1. Sploh nisem vedela, da obstaja verzija za tanke lase, samo, da je še balzam. K-Pack je meni boljši :)

      Kar malo neverjetno, da je po toliko letih še v prodaji in celo v nespremenjeni tubi.

      Enkrat sem ponesreči kupila peno, ko še nisem vedela, za razliko v pakiranju in mi ni bila pretirano všeč. Za porabit, ampak gel je precej boljši. Jaz isto kupujem LE, ampak tudi zato ker originala dostikrat ni na zalogi.