New in #78

sobota, marec 23, 2019

 *ESSENCE You Better Work! Volume & Curl Mascara
I'm a big fan of I <3 Extreme waterproof formula, so I had high hopes for this new mascara that also claims to be waterproof. There are two versions, one for length with a plastic wand and mine is a volume & curl version with a classic, but curved brush. I'm was immediately impressed with how nicely the brush combs the lashes in how much volume this mascara makes. It's definitely one of the nicest ones when it comes to effect, however, I'm unhappy about it not holding a curl. I spent quite some time curling my lashes and applying mascara, so I want it to last, unfortunately by the time I'm finished with the rest of my makeup, my lashes drop. For some reason Essence used a new formula for their waterproof version, one that is more wet than I <3 Extreme, which on me drops the lashes. I've tried gently curling them again and it worked, but I don't want to do that every time I use this mascara. It's hard to remove without an oil remover like a proper waterproof formula and I don't get any smudging with it, but still the fact it doesn't hold a curl is disappointing, especially since the general effect it's very pretty. I hoped it'll get drier in these weeks I got it, but unfortunately so far it hasn't changed, so I'm sticking to my trusted favourite I <3 Extreme. 
3.29 €

*ESSENCE The Dip Eyeliner Waterproof
This is an almost super eyeliner. I'll obviously compare it to my trusted favourite Catrice Liquid Eyeliner, which I use every day and I consider the best eyeliner I've tried. Formulas are both matte and Essence one actually dries even faster. Both are very black, but Essence one applies a bit sheerer on some points, which isn't that big of a deal because you can easily go over it. It lasts a bit less than Catrice, yet still very long for an eyeliner and I pretty much get a whole day with this with some minimal fading. However, my eyelids aren't greasy at all, so I couldn't say how it performs on oily eyelids. Formula-wise it's a nice one, definitely of the best, though not quite as good as Catrice's. My main complaint here is the applicator which is shorter and thicker than Catrice's, so drawing a nice line is much harder and I'm saying that as a person who's been using an eyeliner every day for years now. It limits you do only thicker lines and flicks are not easy to do, so I'd definitely pick Catrice's formula over this despite the slightly higher price. I already went back to Catrice also because the applicator feels softer and more pleasant.
2.78 €

ESSENCE Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara
My lovely fellow Slovenian blogger Sandra, whose blog you must check out, gifted me this, after she was also the reason I put this on my wishlist, since she praises it so much. She says that it's a mascara that can hold her lashes curled despite the fact it's a regular formula and I'm always on board to try such mascaras especially after a long string of disappointments. The volume this creates with just one coat is very impressive. This is definitely a mascara for those who want big, long, voluminous lashes. In that respect it's actually the same as the original Princess Lash, but the formula is noticeably less wet, which works in my favour as this doesn't make my lashes drop like a stone. In terms of holding my lashes curled, it can't compare to the waterproof I <3 Extreme version, but it keeps them lifted enough, about half way. I haven't experienced any eye irritations or it smudging, but I've received a few messages with reports of that happening to them. So far I like it, it gives tons of volume, doesn't look clumpy and the dry-ish formula is a plus for me as well as it doesn't weigh my lashes down.  
3.49 €

*DEBORAH Milano Il Fondotinta City Defence
Newest foundation by Deborah that according to the press release attached to it was developed with the intention to protect the skin from polluted air and blue light that electronic screens emit. It promises medium coverage, a hydrating effect, lightweight feeling on the skin and a semi-matte finish. I finally got sent the lightest shade by Deborah, which are usually very light, unfortunately that is not the case at this foundation as it's a shade darker than Catrice's HD Liquid Coverage 010. Shame because I actually really like this formula. I always mix it with The Body Shop Drops, so I make it work. It reminds me of Maybelline's Fit Me Matte + Poreless, except it's more hydrating and better suited for me in winter. Finish is indeed a similar non-flat semi-matte as at Fit me and the coverage is light-medium (instead of the promised medium), but the formula is more creamy, similar to some tinted moisturisers. It doesn't emphasise pores and it doesn't look too bad over lines, though I still apply less of it there. I like it a lot, but it's a shame about the palest shade because all this mixing every morning is getting a bit old.
15-16 €

*CATRICE Golden Dust Highlighter Drops
01 Spacegold
I've got a similar product from Catrice which is meant to be a primer and this just feels like they used the same formula, except they changed the colour and size of the shimmer. It's very weak, barely visible on its own on the cheeks, but it can be used all over or mixed in a foundation for an overall glow. I've got to say that I don't get why both Catrice and L.O.V, so Cosnova, insists on using these bottles with pipettes for these thick formulas because they don't work and I need so scrape the product off the applicator. Overall I just don't find this worth is it, at least when it comes to my taste in highlighters. 

5.39 €

*CATRICE 1 Minute Face Perfector
010 One Fits All
I used to have Essence's mousse concealer that I used as a pore minimizer and it worked a treat. This is a more cream-meet-mousse type of formula and it does a similar job, though not quite as effective. It hides/fills up more prominent looking pores and creates an even surface, but this also promises to hide wrinkles and it fails very miserably at that because it manages to make them so much worse, so it ends up quite ageing. I'd stick to only areas where you want to hide pores and want a matte look. Instead of making it clear or much more sheer, Catrice made an "universal" shade that is very dark and I need to be careful not to use a lot, blend it in well and put some coverage over it. I noticed it doesn't cooperate with all foundation formulas. With some it looks quite bad and there are some that this just make it so much better plus it prolongs staying power. It's really a mixed bag with this one, but for me the main minus is the shade. 
6.39 €

 *ORIFLAME The One Colour Stylist Ultimate Lipstick
Pink Flair, Cranberry Brush, Coral Ideal, Sunset Show and Trendy Coral
This is Oriflame's newest lipstick formula and it's available in 24 shades, which they arranged based on their suitability for cool, warm and neutral skin tone in the last catalogue. I was offered a set of these based on my undertone and since I'm neutral I got these five (if you don't know your undertone, I have a guide type of post here). All have an intense pigmentation, but in all the rest categories they differ so much that I could call them different formulas. Finishes range from semi-matte finish to creamy and the thickness of the formula varies too, but overall these are thicker than most lipsticks I've tried.  They didn't glide on the lips smoothly from the start, but they got smoother when I got through the top layer and I'm not bothered by that because it means they stay in place better with no smudging around. My five shades they picked for a neutral undertone are not entirely what I'd pick based on how well I know what suits me. Having said that I think they absolutely nailed shade Pink Flair which is the perfect mix of pale pink and beige nude - this is definitely THE shade for a pale neutral skin tone. Cranberry Blush is another fantastic shade for a neutral undertone, they again hit the that perfect spot of a muted berry that isn't too cool. I can't be 100% about Trendy Cocoa, but it looks like it would fit deep neutral skin tones well, but the shade is not for me. The coral and the red are the ones I have issue with, as they are such typical warm tone shades and there's actually no corals in their warm selection of colours. Coral Ideal is a less punchy orange I've seen in most ranges, yet for a coral on a neutral undertone, I'd definitely pick something with pink based on my experience. The choice for a red, Sunset Show,  surprised me as well as it's quite a bright, warm red and I think something like Russian Red would be a better choice. I'm really like shade Pink Flair and it's so going to be my go-to shade and Cranberry is a great one too. Staying power again differs so much for this range, Pink Flair is weakest and gone in a few hours, Cranberry, Coral and Cocoa last averagely well, while Sunset Show has an insane staying power for a classic lipstick, it survives eating intact and I got 9h with it before I took it off, at that point it was evenly faded and still vibrant.
Oriflame, regular price 11.90 €, but as is usual from Oriflame should be often on offer.

*MAX FACTOR Color Elixir Lipstick
610 Angel Pink
Max Factor was kind enough to send a bunch of bloggers and Instagramers their own personalised lipsticks with a name engraved on the cap. I was sent one of the lightest shades called Angel Pink, which I based on the base on the lipstick I thought it was going to be so my colour until I actually tried it on the lips and my very early teenage years came flashing back when we all wore that Labello Pearly shine (swatches of this shade and Oriflame lipsticks is my IG in a highlighter Beauty Updates story). It's a very similar pale pink with tons of frost - really not my thing, so I went to check other shades and though most shades are frosty maybe Rosewood looks ok enough that might get it and swap the cap. The formula is a pretty standard creamy lipstick that glides on the lips with ease, isn't drying and feels comfortable. Staying power isn't its forte, but we are dealing with a very pale shade in a creamy form.
9.69 €

*MAX FACTOR Creme Puff Pressed Powder
I use powders very rarely, mostly just in the summer on odd days when my skin is a bit shiny, but right now any foundation I wear comes off as matte to semi-matte since my skin is dry, so I can't say much about this powder's effectiveness. It didn't make my foundation go all patchy with time due to drying out the skin, so that's a plus. It's transparent as described, so it can be used on all skin tones. I'm going to get back on you with this in summer because right now I have no use for this, but I it's got that I got it because my only mattifying powder is very old. 
7.89 €

*MAX FACTOR 2000 Calorie Mascara
This is probably the first mascara I ever heard of and I still remember the old TV ads, but I never tried this version and my first mascara from MF was actually their Masterpiece mascara with one of the first plastic wands. I had the red version of Calorie, the curling one, which is probably my most hated mascara so far because it was so wet and messy. It's also the reason for avoiding the original and now I see I shouldn't be judging it so harshly. I like it. It's not amazingly volumising as it promises or like the Essence mascaras in this post, still it's a very good performer and it combs the lashes nicely, creates a nice fanned out effect and no matter how much I apply it, it doesn't got clumpy. The formula is not super wet, still it doesn't hold a curl, but it also doesn't weight my lashes completely down. In this respect Lash Princess and this mascara are similar. I can see why this is still sold after so many years, it's a nice gold classic. 
9.99 €

*ESSENCE Shine Last & Go gel nail polish
04 Millennial Pink
Essence decided to revamp their main nail polish line and switch from those cute hourglass bottles to these much less aesthetic ones. The formula however, hasn't changed at all, which isn't a bad thing because I always liked it. Two to three coats are required at this colour, it applies nicely enough with not much annoying streaking and these last fine on me. Millennial Pink is a pale pastel warm pink.
1.69 €

*CATRICE More than Nude Nail Polish
02 Pearly Ballerina
 Though I liked the look of these in the shop, seeing the price made me gasp for a moment. Not that's it's very expensive, but still this is a Catrice nail polish, pretty packaging or not. Formula is sheer and with three coats you get an about 80% coverage. These shades are meant to have a brightening effect and indeed that blue tiny shimmer in Pearly Ballerina gives it that effect. The base is a pale pink and together with the shimmer it ends up looking a pale lavender. The cap is in two parts, the rose gold cap is just a cover for a smaller handle.
4.79 €

 *BOURJOIS 1 Second Eyeshadow
02 Brun-ette a dorée and 06 Abracada brown
I really don't want to be too harsh here, but as soon as I've seen these I knew they were a bad idea. I've tried these 1-swipe-and-go concept with the Catrice version, which is less ambitions and only consist of two colours and this type of application just doesn't work as designed. First of the packaging is ridiculously bulky for 3g of product (those LOV eyeshadows below have 5g for comparison). The shape of the applicator is granted better than Catrice's and it does work to a degree, of course it all fails when it comes to the edges, so a separate brush is a must or at least some fixing with fingers. 06 Abracada brown is not as tragic actually and you can get a gradient application with some extra blending, however, it's most due to the well pigmented bottom shade, while the other two are much poorer performers. The 02 Brun-ette a dorée is a palette to avoid. I've genuinely tried hard with this one, even using regular blushes, but pigmentation is poor. I'm sorry, but I just can't say much positive about this, especially after trying to swatch these nicely for quite a while for pictures this morning. I'll post them on IG stories when I edit everything and maybe do an extra shot on the eyes. I only got these on Thursday, so give me some time play with these more, but overall I see it as a failed concept like their ombre lipsticks

 *L.O.V. The Galaxy Eyeshadow & Liner
500 Rosé exposed, 510 Precious copper, 520 Champagne sparks, 530 Magenta shimmer and 540 Dazzling emerald
I received a massive parcel filled with LOV products on Thursday just as I was about to post this post and I delayed it because of it, so my impressions about all the LOV products are very fresh and when I play more with these, I'll post my regular Beauty updates on IG stories. These are creamy eyeshadows with a glitter finish. In terms of texture they are like Maybelline's Colour Tattoos, so creamy, yet more powdery looking on the eyes. LOV named them as eyeshadow and liner type of product, but I don't see these working as a liner, except maybe Magenta Shimmer. Shades for the bottom row on the picture (500, 510 and 520) have a sheer base and are more about the glitter finish, so I would classify them as toppers. They can be used on their own of course, but you'll see mostly shimmer with these. The other two shades are much more pigmented. Dazzling Emerald, a smoky deep green with gold shimmer, can be built up to almost full coverage, but it's not easy to apply it evenly, while Magenta shimmer, a deep reddish-purple-brown with purple shimmer is a top performer with an opaque finish. Other three shades are Rosé exposed, a sheer pink with silver shimmer, Precious copper, sheer orange copper with gold shimmer, and Champagne sparks, a beige gold with gold shimmer (very similar to Essence's Metal Chrome eyeshadow 02 Ironic). I wore Champagne sparks yesterday which it's quite sheer, it lasted all day, but faded somewhat and there was some creasing. 
9.99 €

*L.O.V. GLITTERunexpected Sparkling Eyeshadow Palette
I've only swatched this and nothing more. Four shades are densely packed glitters and a creamy formula and the last pink shade is a "dry" satin eyeshadow with some larger glitter. Fame, a yellow-orange-ish gold, is a top performer with a foiled effect. Bright, a white with gold glitter, has a strange chunky texture. Bold, a mint green glitter, has the least amount of pigmentation and it's not the best. Dazzle, a smoky grey-purple with silver shimmer, is a bit chunky and doesn't have the best pigmentation, but can be built up. Daring, a deep purple with blue glitter is similar to, but better than Dazzle. Sparkle is a light pink with glitter that could be more pigmented. I'll report back when I use it more.   
14.99 €

*L.O.V. BLUSHment Blurring Blush 
n.30 beautiful minds empower other, n.50 yes she can and n.60 be the next She.E.O
I was most happy to receive these because I've been in "blush funk" and have been using only theBalm Instain Blush Houndstooth for months now. These are lovely, definitely some of the best drugstore blushes I've tried so far. They are baked blushes with super smooth texture and great pigmentation. These are actually the texture I wanted Max Factor Crème Puff blushes to be, especially shades 05 and 05 which have tiny shimmer that looks like a healthy glow on the cheeks. Shade 30 is a warm taupe-ish mauve, a strange looking shade in the pan, but it ends up a mute almost peachy shade on me. It has a satin finish and no shimmer like the other two. 50 is a very pale warm pink and even though it swatches very pale, it's quite pigmented and I can get enough colour fast even with a fluffy brush. The glow this shade creates is absolutely beautiful. 60 is a bright pinky coral shade. I haven't worn it on the cheeks like the other two, but swatching revealed it also has shimmer like shade 50.
9.99 €

*L.O.V. the GLOWrious Deep Metallic Highlighting Palette
Like I said I only got this on Thursday and I'm hoping this will get better when I get through the top layer, but I swatched this for the pictures today and I wasn't gentle with it, but this is so far quite poorly pigmented. Metal Glam and Rosy Radiance are useful, I just need to apply several layers with a thick fluffy brush, but I can't get Prismatic to work. It's a sheer peach with almost no glow to it. The other two shades are beautiful colours, Metal Glam is a lovely golden champagne with tiny glow-like shimmer and Rosy Radiance is a subtle rose gold with the same lovely shimmer as Metal Glam. I love the latter most and I can deal with applying more than I'm used to, but overall for this price, I'd expect the same pigmentation Essence's excellent Go for the Glow's first shade has. We'll see how this fares with time and more use. 
16.99 €

 *L.O.V. PERFECTitude Hyaluronic Serum Primer
This is more of less just pretty to look at in the packing and nothing much more, though ingredients are actually quite decent, since hyaluronic acid is high on the list. It promises a glow effect and appearance of tightened pores but it's basically pink glitter in a hyaluronic serum. It has no silicones, so no smooth feeling, instead the texture feels like that Hoffer Hyaluronic Serum I think a lot of us tried and stopped using. It sinks fast into the skin and after my skin is screaming for something more moisturising over it. No silicones also means no effect on pores whatsoever, for hiding pores try that Catrice primer I mentioned above. The radiance is none existent. It has glitter particles which are sparse once rubbed into the skin, so no lovely lit-from-within look that you see at primers that promise a radiance/glow effect. This is more a skin care product with glitter and it might be enough for normal-oily skin. 
13.99 €

 *L.O.V. Luxury Oil
Nowhere on the bottle, apart deep on the ingredients list, does this state it has gold particles in it. And LOV even used an matte bottle for this, so I don't get why they are hiding what looks like an obvious selling point, but what do I know. It's a shea butter based oil, something I haven't had before and it's not a dry oily, but it's also not super greasy. It takes some time to sink in completely, yet I've had greasier oils and once it sinks in it leaves almost a satin/silicone-feeling finish. The gold particles completely disappear when rubbed into the skin and I don't see any extra radiance, though the oily by itself adds shine. I find gold in skin care items excessive and gimmicky, though LOV claims has an antibacterial effect and it stimulates collagen production - I don't have the time to investigate further on such claims. Oil has an expected combination of beachy tiare flower scent mixed with cherries. I don't know if that's it, but that's how my nose recognises it and it's quite nice. I've only used it twice as a last part of my skin care routine and on my hair, so far I don't see anything special about it, but obviously I need to use it a lot longer to say definitely how I feel about it.
16.99 €

VERSACE Crystal Noir eau de toilette
I've wanted this for ages, possibly a full decade and I fully intended to finally treat myself with a bottle for my birthday, yet it was out of stock for months every time I was in the drugstore. I finally found it with a decent discount and grabbed the last bottle. This is what I call a spicy clean scent. It's like a super fancy fabric softener or a fabric softener mixed with a nice spicy fragrance. I think the "clean", soft part I'm smelling is a mix of gardenia, coconut and musk, while the spicy bit all the top notes, so ginger, cardamom and pepper. After all these years I still find it so unique among fragrances, there just aren't many clean yet spicy scents, they always drag patchouli into spicy scents which I hate. It also lasts so long on the skin. I've had a sample of this that I only used drops of and a little dab on the wrist lasted all day and it lasts ever longer on clothes. 
Top notes: ginger, cardamom, pepper 
Heart: orange blossom, peony, gardenia, coconut
Base notes: sandalwood, musk, amber
Müller, 31 €

ORIFLAME Amber Elixir eau de parfum
I had such high expectations from this, but for now I’m not convinced by it. I find it a bit bland and nothing at all as I’ve read in the reviews. I expected this rich scent, but it’s very soft, though its cosy and comforting start feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket, it later get this strange sharp floral note (it’s the same as in Posses the Secret) and that note persist all day (it’s a very long lasting scent). It just smells like an old perfume to me and not like a modern amber. Maybe I’ll change my mind in time.
Top: mandarin, red grapes, black currant
Heart: peony, heliotrope, almond
Base: amber, musk and sandalwood
Notino, 12.90 €

DOVE Deeply Nourishing Shower Gel
I was so happy to see this in DM. I'm not sure if we had this big size for long, but I've never seen it before. I'm a big fan of this creamy formula and every time I get a bottle, it's gone within two-three weeks like every shower gel in the house, so a big 500 ml bottle should finally last a bit longer. And it wasn't even that expensive for the size, especially since the regular size costs over 2 € here. 
DM, 3.49 €

BALEA Rasier Gel
Sweet Passion
I don't think I ever managed to catch the same LE twice. I like this one, it's a very sweet tropical scent with more prominent notes of passionfruit, while pineapple is not very noticeable. I've been buying these for many years and I don't plan to switch.
DM, 1.99 €

SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL Blondme Premium Developer 12%/40 Vol.
I talked about the bleach powder and a 6% developer in one of the previous New In posts and now I got the 12% which I original planned, but Amazon didn't sell it at the time I got this line. 12% together with the bleach promises to lighten up 9+ shades and I hear from reviews that this bleach is actually capable of doing that, but we'll see. I'm not in a hurry to colour just yet, I merely took an opportunity of the women's day offer to stock up. I detailed my experience with this line in the previous new in and said that this is such a fantastic bleach that caused no visible damage and didn't dry my hair. The bleach also contains bond builder, which is a similar thing to Olaplex, a must at all bleaching processes. The developer contains mineral oil quite high on the list and it maintains the good condition of the hair. I'll report with the result when I go about colouring my hair, but I don't think it'll be soon. 
Notino, 11.90 €

Steel Blue and Sand
At bleaching a toner is a must and I grabbed two to mix. I got Steel Blue which is Schwarzkopf's slightly blue-intense grey toner that counteracts brassy-orange tones (their more popular Ice is designed for counteracting yellow tones) and I got Sand, which is their neutral blonde shade. I got these because I read in a review this combination creates a nice medium blonde shade, though I was originally thinking about getting Ice instead of Sand. These can be mixed with a 2% or 6% developer. 2% just deposits the colour and should be used on bleached hair, while 6% add some extra lift and they recommend to use on natural hair, but I only have 6% and I'll probably use that one.
Notino, 11.20 €

JOICO K-Pack Intense Hydrator 
A repurchase. This is one of my favourite hair treatments and one of the rare of that has a great effect on my thick, dry hair. I currently have Moisture Recovery Balm which is much, much thicker and though it's nourishing, it's not as good as this and because it's harder to wash off, it can leave the hair feeling "heavy". Intense Hydrator has a medium thick texture that doesn't feel heavy, yet it does so much for the hair. I saw Notino sells a massive 1000 ml version for about 35 € and I'm seriously considering taking it because this is much better than L'Oreal's Absolut Repair Lipidum that I have in a 500 ml pot. 
Notino, 14.30 €

GOT2B #Oh My Nude Tame it Softly Dry Lightweight Oil Mist
Ever since got2b Oil-liscious spray disappeared from our drugstores, I've been saving mine like crazy and when I was checking the ingredients of new products in the shop, this looked like a similar thing (silicones + oil and no alcohol). It had a discount recently, so I grabbed one to compare them and see if I can stop saving Oil-liscious for only special occasions and I can confirm it's the same thing. It's just like the name says a dry lightweight oil in a spray from. I called Oil-licious version my shiny, healthy hair faker often in on my blog and that's what this is as well. If dry shampoo is a quick saviour for oily hair, this is a such a product for dry hair. It gives great level of shine, tames frizz and just makes the hair look more polished. It's pretty much like a regular silicone oil, just lighter and faster to use, so best for finishing touches when you already used hair spray or wax and you don't want to touch you hair much anymore. The difference between the two is the oil they used, Oil-licious had a small amount of argan oil, while #oh my nude has a slightly larger amount (but still very little) of olive and moringa oil, but at both of these it's the silicones doing the actual job of taming. Another difference is the scent, Oil-licious has a lovely lipstick type of scent and #oh my nude has a more musky-sweet scent that's not my favourite. This is worth checking out no matter your hair type.  
DM, 2.99 €

Sandra send me all these samples (thank you). She knows how much I love BBW mists and since we both have to do blind purchases online, she sent me hers to test. She also added some of her other favourite products. 

BATH & BODY WORKS Fragranced Body Mist
Maui Mango Surf
This smells similar to DM's mango summer LE shower gels they tend to release every year. It's a very fresh, uplifting and sweet mango scent. It gets more floral in a few minutes, I think it's ylang-ylang I'm smelling and not hibiscus, which tends to be fresher. It's just a very classic tropical fruity summery mist. It starts our strong, but quickly become more of a subtle, skin scent on me that's less fruity and more gently sweet floral. 
Top: mango, guava, hibiscus
Heart: sea notes, driftwood, mai tai cocktail
Base: sandalwood, ylang-ylang and musk

Honolulu Sun
Partly similar to At the Beach, but a fresher version of it. There's a touch of citrus from the start, but it's overall more of a coconut musky scent like At the Beach, however, as an addition it has fresh, green notes and more of a seaside feel to it from the start, but later it smells the same as At the Beach to me. It's too musky for my taste. 
Top Notes: Fresh Island Coconut, Ocean Air Accord, Pacific Palm, Sun-drenched Citrus
Heart: Creamy Coconut Milk, Exotic Island Nectars, Pink Passionfruit
base notes: Driftwood, White Sand Musk

Sea Island Cotton
A typical clean sheets scent. It's so fresh and clean, and to me this is completely a unisex scent. Nothing from the list of notes stands out, apart from powder notes, but the freshness must come from other notes and musk. I like it a lot. It's like a shower and clean clothes in a bottle.  
Top: pear leaf, bloody orange, tangerine, clear floral accords, cotton, "a breeze of fresh air", green pear and tangerine
Heart: lily-of-the-valley, orange blossom, water cyclamen, cotton blossom, freesia and jasmine
Base: white musk, powder, sandalwood and vanilla 

Fiji Pineapple Palm
First burst is pure pineapple and that note is the heart of this fragrance, while the rest is barely noticeable. Lime and palm leaf make it more green, than the usual pina colada type of scent and I get no coconut milk in this. If you like pineapple this is for you.
Top Notes: Lime, Palm leaf, Pear nectar
Heart Notes: Star jasmine, Tiaré, Mango pulp, Pineapple
Base notes: Mango wood, Coconut milk, Caramel, Birch, Musk

Tahiti Island Dream
This is completely different that the other four and more along the lines of Oahu Coconut Sunset, but not that similar, I just means that both are much warmer, less fruity fresh. There is some fruitiness to it, but mostly it's about heavy florals and vanilla/amber/sandalwood combination. If I classify the others as daytime mists, this is a night time scent with much more punch to it as well as staying power. It's almost syrupy sweet, and I think that what I'm smelling is the jasmine-frangipani combination, or it could be kiwi flower, though I don't know how that smells on its own. The base notes make it a warm scent and it time it settles into a more subdued floral-vanilla. I get no typical coconut/sunscreen/Pina colada vibe from this, it's not even properly beachy and it will suit those who like stronger sweet scents (at least from the start).  
Top notes: coconut nectar, mandarin orange, pear and kiwi flower
Heart: jasmine, water lily and frangipani
Base: vanilla, musk, amber and Australian sandalwood

BATH & BODY WORKS  Nourishing Hand Cream
Twisted Peppermint
The scent of blue Orbit chewing gum with just a hint of vanilla. It's a nice fresh scent that I enjoy, peppermint always makes me feel better. Texture is surprisingly nice, medium thick and absorbs completely in about a minute, however, I wish it just a bit more nourishing, so more like L'Occitane's Shea Butter. I like any hand cream that absorbs fast, so I might check BBW's other scents. This was a LE. 

L'OCCITANE Almond Shower Scrub
I had version in a pot many years ago and this the the version in a tube. There isn't a trace of that famous L'Occitane Almond scent and it's not the strongest of scrubs, while I like mine very harsh. It's averagely strong and that will appeal to many.

L'OCCITANE 5% Karite Foaming Face Cleanser 
This feels so nice on the skin, I'd massage it forever. It's nicely creamy, feels luxurious and it washes off completely unlike many creamy cleansers I've tried. However, it irritates my eyes so much and it left my skin too squeaky clean for my dry skin to handle, so it's not for me. 

RITUALS Himalaya Scrub Sweet Almond & Indian Rose
Unlike the L'Occitane scrub, I loved this. It's a great salt scrub that's just the way I like them, so one of the harsh ones and it's got oil that isn't as obnoxiously greasy as Afrodita's. I like it, though the scent is nothing special. 

THE BODY SHOP Vitamin C Glow-Protect Lotion SPF30
This isn't half bad for a sunscreen that's easily available and I don't have to order from Asia. It's a quite thick cream, yet it doesn't take long to sink in enough to not feel greasy and heavy. It works under foundation well and the SPF is enough for me because I don't spent a lot of time in the sun. I love the orange scent most, it's so refreshing and juicy. The vitamin C content is rather low, but I look at it as a sunscreen and not some fancy skin care. 

Have a great day!

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  1. The oriflame lipsticks look Amazing!! never tried anything from them :o

    Xoxo <3

    1. They are pretty good :) Especially shade Sunset Show is impressive in terms of staying power, but these are much thicker than most lipsticks and some might not like that.

  2. Essence Lash Princess sem tudi sama kupila po nasvetu Sandre, ampak je ena redkih maskar, ki se mi razmaže pod očmi. Ne vem zakaj. Moram jo še malo potestirat. Škoda, ker volumen je kar soliden.

    Pink Flair je čisto tak tvoj odtenek :).

    Moja MAX Factor šminka je tudi taka perlasta. Ne štekam zakaj podjetja še vedno delajo te formule. Meni niso všeč. Mogoče kot topper, ne pa same po sebi. Čeprav te še nisem preizkusila dodobra, da bi vedela, ali je preveč shiny za moj okus. Je pa vsaj odtenek bolj koralen, tak zame :). Škoda, ker ta osebna nota je pa res čudovita.

    Najbolj se bom veselila ocene L.O.V. Galaxy senčil. So mi takoj padla v oči, ko sem nekaj brskala po njihovi strani. Žal več v mojem bližjem avstrijskem imajo L.O.V., tako da ne morem swatchat. Upam pa, da so obstojni in bleščičasti :D.

    Za L.O.V. rdečila mi je še zdaj žal, da nisem vzela več odtenkov, ko so bili v DM-u znižani na pol. 030 je meni tak unikaten odtenek. Na meni je seveda bolj mauve. Ampak paše pa k vsemu. Omislila bi si še kakšno roza in mogoče koralno. Sem videla, da sta dve bolj metalik verziji tudi, ampak samo preko spleta. <3

    Moji lasje so spet utrpeli poškodbe zime. Sem jih zanemarila in bi si že rada spet kupila kaj od Joicota. Ampak čakam, če bo kje kak dober deal, pa nič. Včasih so imeli pakete šampona in balzama, ampak bolj na zimo. Meni je njihova celotna K-Pak linija fantastična. Skoraj boljša od Kerastase izdelkov.

    Se že veselim prihodnjih ocen ;).

    1. Na srečo se meni Lash Princess obdrži na svojem mestu. Ampak sem dobila par sporočil, da jim je maskara super, samo da se razmaže, tako da nisi edina.

      Pink Flair je super :) Me spominja na Jordana Matte 47 Nude šminko, ki je moja najljubša nude :)

      Res sem bila razočarana z izborom odtenkov MF Color Elixir šmink. Skoraj nič resno uporabnega. Kot, da so ostali v letu 1999, frost pač ni za danes. Mi je škoda zaradi pokrovčka. Ampak glose imajo pa lepe barve in super kvalitete.

      LOV The Galaxy so ok, ampak niso nek presežek. So dovolj bleščičasta, ampak glede na to, da grejo meni proti koncu dneva malo v gubo, bi bilo na tebi morda še slabše. Sicer sami odtenki so dobro obdržijo in bolj malo bledijo na mojih vekah. Sem pa zato veliko bolj pozitivno presenečena na kvaliteto palete GLITTERunexpected. Me je prav šokiralo, ko se sem videla po 12 urah - barva in bleščice vse na svojem mestu, nič niso potovale o celem obrazu in niso zlezle u gubo. Plus pigmentiranost je boljša z večjo koncentracijo bleščic, sploh prvi odtenek Fame je neverjeten. Niso moje barve, ampak kvaliteta je na mestu.

      LOV blushi so izjemni! Res sem navdušena nad kvaliteto. Sem pričakovala, da mi bo odtenek 30 naljubši, ampak je 50 tisto pravo presenečenje. Glow je neverjeten, bleščice so zelo dobre in obrži se ure in ure. Mislim, da sem našla svoje nove najljubše blushe :)

      Se samo meni zdi ali se Joico vsako leto podraži? Notino ima edini še neke normalne cene, ampak kolikor gledam po drugih straneh vse nekam leze gor. Tudi sama moram še dodatno investirat v več mask in dodatkov, ker nameravam še dodatno barvat in že zdaj drugstore stuff lahko samo še vržem v smeti .

  3. Me veseli, da ti je Essence Lash Princess maskara všeč. :) Zame je to edina poceni drugstore navadna maskara, ki mi v vseh pogledih ustreza. I love Extreme je pri privihanosti itak še boljša, ampak, ker na dnevni bazi ne uporabljam WP maskar, mi je Lash Princes naj naj. <3

    Za Sea Cotton Island meglico sem nekako slutila, da ti bo najbolj všeč. :) Prav tako za Rituals piling. Jaz sem ga dobila za Valentinovo in sem od takrat čist obsedena z njim, zdaj pa bi tak vse od njih probala. :D Sem ista, kot ti in nasplošno imam najraje ravno grobe pilinge. Mi je pa pri njem tudi zelo všeč, da je rahlo oljnat, a ne tako, kot Afrodita. Tisti te naredi celo mastno, fuj. :D L'Occitane pa mam najraje za pogostejšo uporabo, ker je tak nežen.

    Ta sončna krema od The Body Shop je meni res najboljša (trenutno sem že na drugi tubici). Dejansko edina neazijska, ki jo rada uporabljam, ker ni težka na obrazu, niti ko moraš malo večjo količino kreme nanesti, da dosežeš tisti faktor 30. Škoda, da nimajo še SPF50. Moram zdaj poskusit kakšno azijsko z višjim faktojem, ker jih vsi tako hvalite. Pri nas mi z 50ko nič ni všeč, niti lekarniške..

    Škoda, da ti ni všeč L'Occitane čistilec. Meni pa naredi kožo tako mehko, pa nič me ne zateguje. Je pa res, da nimam tako zelo suhe kože kot ti, imam bolj izsušeno povrhnjico na določenih predelih. Ampak deluje pa res luksuzno, ko ga masiraš po obrazu, jaz prav uživam, ko si umivam obraz z njim. :D

    Kako lep L.O.V paket si dobila. Mene res jezi, da ne morem nikjer dobiti teh slavnih lakov za nohte. Sem gledala na tisti nemški strani pa jih imajo, ampak je poštnina pregrešno draga. Me pa sedaj mikata ta prva dva odtenka blushev. <3

    Max Factor je pa res v temo brcnil s temi frosty šminkami. Sem imela identičen odtenek nekaj let nazaj, pa ne vem, če sem ga trikrat v življenju nosila.

  4. Lash Princess mi sicer ne premaga Beyu ali MF Voluptious, ampak je precej dobra, sploh za volumen je izjemna :)

    Sea Cotton je super in nekako točno tak kot sem ga pričakovala :) Je kot YC Clean Cotton v obliki parfuma, kar se super kot hočeš samo nek enostaven, čist vonj. Morda si ga enkrat privoščim :) Rituals piling je tudi zelo prijetno presenečenje :)

    Joj, L'Occitane Shea cleanser mi res ne paše, ampak tekstura je pa odlična. Škoda :/ Samo kot je prišel v stik z očmi je bil kot lava, sama uporabljam bolj nežne, pH friendly stvari.

    Blushi so izjemni, ti jih priporočam. Čeprav ta poštnina je res visoka in tudi mene odbija :/

    MF mora nujno posodobit odtenke. Frost je že dolgo časa preteklost. Sploh pa jim manjka nekih normalnih nude odtenkov.