Some Lipstick Swatches

torek, december 27, 2011

As promised in one of my previous posts, here are some better swatches of the Beehive and Rose Petal lipsticks. 

I'll start with Catrice Ultimate Color in Frozen Rose. I got this one from my cousin who didn't like it as much as she hoped she would. Despite it's demure appearance it is in fact quite bright, well at least on my skin tone. It is a cool, light pink shade, very similar to YSL Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink, however, Frozen Rose is a bit darker. I just find the shade a bit too cool for my skin tone, but I'd still wear it. The texture is very soft and creamy, I wouldn't carry the lipstick in my purse on a hot summer day. Staying power is decent, nothing surprising for such a creamy texture. I think it was around 4 € in Müller. 

Natural Collection in Rose Petal is one of the most beautiful shades I have ever seen. Hue being my favourite shade, Rose Petal is definitely a close second. It's a nude, warm light pink, seriously gorgeous and a perfect fit for my skin tone. However, I do have a couple of gripes. Firstly the staying power is quite weak, I'd say it lasts a couple of hours which is such a shame. Second, the shape of the lipstick is really odd and makes the application totally weird, however this is fixable, so no worries. The packaging feels quite cheap, but for the price I wouldn't complain too much. The texture is quite hard, though not dry. It definitely does not have a shiny finish, I'd say it's semi-matte, personally I prefer it that way. Considering it's only 2 GPB, it is an absolutely brilliant lipstick. If you have a chance, get it

Boots 17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Beehive is a very glossy, moisturising lipstick. The shine is gives is quite impressive, I'd say its comparable to the Stay All Day lipglosses by Essence. The shade is a light pink, however, very sheer. Staying power is really weak, but I have yet to encounter a super moisturising lipstick with an amazing staying power. The packaging is so cute. I have a thing for everything blue and the shade of the Mirror Shine lipstick is so pretty. The texture is very creamy and soft, even at room temperature you have a feeling it'll melt. I believe it was somewhere between 4-5 GPB in Boots. Out of the three new lipsticks, this one is the one I've been wearing the most, simply because I've been wearing it instead of a chapstick.
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  1. Love your picks! Though I must say I prefer the Boots lipstick of out of these 3, cause lately I'm in a phase of moisturising lipsticks... I can't bother to track it down on ebay so I'll prob look for the Essense glosses instead! xx

  2. I wear the Boots Beehive everyday as it's one of those my lips but better shades on me.