Revlon Colorstay Matte Lite Crayons

nedelja, maj 26, 2024

ColorStay Matte Lite Crayon boast with a claim that they are 30% lighter than your average lipstick and that they are so lightweight you'll forget they're on. I'd say their main advantage is precision and great colour payoff, while the formula may be lighter than most, but they've already launched a similarly feather light formula before, their Suede Ink. There are 12 shades in total, I have 6.

These have a great pigmentation and one swipe leaves you with a fully opaque colour. They feel creamy at application and glide smoothly on the lips. Eventually they set and are dry to the touch. They don't transfer to anything, but if you try to wipe them off, some of the colour will be removed, so they are not as resilient as Suede Ink. They are meant to be lip liners and lipsticks in one, but for absolute precision you need to sharpen them almost before every use - I never bother with it as the edges look fine to me. Finish is matte, on my pictures it's right after application and they set to a shine free look within minutes.

Staying power is great, which is usual for (new & matte) Revlon formulas. They don't last quite as long as Suede Ink, though. Formula contains mango seed oil, but these aren't particularly nourishing, as is usual for matte lipsticks. .

002 Clear the Air

002 Clear the Air is a brown-beige shade. It should look a better nude shade on deeper skin tones than mine.

004 Take Flight

004 Take Flight is a light-medium muted peachy-pink.

006 Lift off

006 Lift off is a medium warm pink.

008 She's Fly

008 She's Fly is a medium coral-orange.

009 Ruffled Feathers

009 Ruffled Feathers is a warm, tomato red.

010 Air Kiss

Air Kiss is a cool toned red.

The twist up mechanism works fine and there is an added sharpener at the back, so you can have a sharp tip when needed.
They have a vanilla scent.

These cost 11,90 €

*PR products. Paid promotion.

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  1. Thank you, I always enjoy your thorough reviews with expertly done pictures!