Catrice Spring/Summer 2014 New Products

nedelja, januar 12, 2014

Available from February 2014.

Khol Kajal - a violet-blue and a mint shade. 2.29€.
Eyeliner Pen Waterproof- a rainbow blue and a pearly nude shade. 3.49€.
Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof. 3.59€.
Eyebrow Lifter. 3.49€.
Lash Couture False Lashes - strip and individual lashes. 4.29€
Glamour Doll Curl & Volume Mascara. 4.29€        
Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara - black and ultra black. 4.49€.      
Eyebrow Pencil - a new dark blonde shade. 2.59€.

Absolute Eye Colour Mono - six new shades including a sun yellow, peach, pink, coppery brown, ice blue and royal blue. 2.89€.
Absolute Eye Colour Quattro - three new combinations. 4.69€.
Absolute Bright Eyeshadow Palette. 5.19€.

Prime And Fine Pore Refining And Anti-Shine Base (30ml). 4.49€.                                    
Prime And Fine Anti-Red Base (30ml). 4.49€.
Defining Blush - new shade called Rosewood Cheeks. 3.49€
Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing Powder. 4.99€ 
Multi Colour Blush. 3.99€.                        
Prime And Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof - one transparent shade with an included mirror. 4.99€.                                              
Ultimate Shine Lip Colour - three new natural shades – berry, nude and toffee. 3.99€.
Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish- a lipstick, lip tint and lipgloss hybrid in six shades. 5.19€.
Ultimate Colour Lip Colour - five new shades including berries, a light pink, a fire red and hibiscus. 4.19€.
Infinite Shine Lip gloss - three new shades: a poppy red, pink and warm berry. 3.29€.

Crushed Crystals Nail Polish - Endless Nail Dimensions. 3D effects set new limits and are the ultimate trend. The new Crushed Crystals offer a brilliant and sandy finish. You have a huge choice of fashionable shades with high coverage ranging from taupe and rosé gold to classic red, pink and coral. The fine crystals cover your nails like diamond dust to create an incomparable structure as well as an exclusive and wearable nail design. Available in a total of six shades. 3.29€. You can see one of them here.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer - thirteen new colours. 2.79€.

I'm interested in how those Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish will look and in that berry lip liner. Anything caught your eye?

Have a great day!

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  1. I'm curious about the lip polishes, lip pencils and the crushed crystals nail varnishes

  2. Meni so tudi ti Lip Polishi zanimiv. Pa zagotovo bom preizkusila enega izmed primerjev. Najraje bi kar oba:)

    1. Primerji res izgledajo zanimivi, ampak meni njihov prejšnji ni bil niti malo všeč. Upam, da ni podobna formula :)

  3. Oh yeah I'm also curious to see those smoothing lip polishes! great post :)


  4. Poleg lakov me najbolj mikajo Made to Stay izdelki za ustnice. Sicer se mi zdijo še nekateri drugi izdelki zanimiv, ampak za začetek bo to to, že pri Essence je moja WL predolga za mojo ubogo denarnico. :P