Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Colour

sreda, marec 27, 2019

These are far from being new, but only a couple of months ago they added them to the stands in Slovenia. It's so far this is the most long lasting lip product I've found. It consists of two products/parts, the actual colour and the topper that seal the lipstick in place. Sadly I have colour I'll never wear, but if I found this in a shade I like, I'd probably have it in my stash for times when I need a reliable lip product that survives everything.

Texture: Step one is similar to a matte liquid lipstick that when you swatch it, isn't fully opaque, but it's easy to build it up on the lips. It applies shiny and it takes a while for it to set to a complete matte finish. You can apply step two straight away even before it sets and the applicator doesn't get the peach colour on it - strange, but a very good characteristic. The second step, the topper, again applies shiny and sets matte, but it takes a while. Even though it's shiny for some time, it doesn't transfer. It's a lip colour that feels very light on the lip and doesn't feel tight.

Colour: 710 Kiss-off is an almost pastel, yet medium-toned orange. It might look more nude on medium warm skin tones, though it has some vibrancy to it.

Staying power: This is one of the most long-lasting lip products I've ever tried. It's so hard to get it off and I still had some on the next day, so I definitely would not get this in a dark shade or anything with that magenta tint they usually put in deep pinks and reds. I've tried it without the topper and again this lasted about the same, it's pretty much cemented on the lips for the day. Regardless of such a staying power, I didn't find this drying - not that I usually do when it comes to lipstick. I like lipsticks at which I don't have to care if it's still on and this one survived a Bacon Rosti which is probably the greasiest thing McDonalds sells.  

Scent: each side has a different scent. The colour side has a chemical scent that's nothing special and not strong, while the topper smells a bit stronger and nicely sweet.

Packaging: The dual sides packaging works fine at this. Both sides have a nice does foot applicator that works as it should.

Price and availability: It's sold in DMs here, but in only four shades, while I think 16 in total are available.

Such a shame I don't have this in a shade I like because staying power is very, very impressive. It's even better than the Maybelline's Super Stay Matte Inks, but it's also quite hard to remove and I heard some complaints about this being impossible to remove- it believe it was the red shade in that case. It's not easy to find a pale shade with such a staying power, so if you're looking for something reliable, I'd give them a try.

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. Te Provacalips sem enkrat kupila na FeelUnique, ko še niso bili pri nas in so kar fajn. Kot praviš je obstojnost res vrhunska, ampak meni je ta formula malo težka na ustnicah, ne vem kako to.. Drugače mam pa jaz rdeč odtenek in je res pain in the ass za odstranjevat, še naslednji dan mam trdovraten stain na ustnicah. :D

    1. Mogoče so temnejši odtenki težji, ker tale moj je čisto lahek. Glede na izkušnje s tem odtenkom si sama ne bi upala sprobat kakšnega rdečega ali temno roza odtenka. Res so že skoraj pretežki za odstranit.

  2. Zanimivo, mislim da jih bom šla takoj jutri pogledat... že nekaj časa iščem nekakšen 'stain' samo sem precej izbirčna glede barve, čeprav je tale peachy-nude odtenek čudovit, vsaj na tebi pride zelo lepo