L.O.V. EYEttraction Magnetic Loose Eyeshadow

nedelja, februar 24, 2019

There are plenty of powder/cream eyeshadow hybrids, but there aren't many eyeshadows formulas like this one. I've never tried anything like it, but it quickly became one of my favourite formulas. I've often looked at these in the shop, especially that one old gold/green shade (530 Magentize Me, I think), but never got it, which right now I regret, because these are really something. 

Texture: Compared to Colourpop Super Shock/Essence Melted Chrome/Catrice Metal Sensation type of formulas this similarly has the type of texture where the finger sinks into the eyeshadow and creates an indentation. However, those are closer to a cream, while this is more like a creamy loose eyeshadow. I get far more product with one dab of my finger than at any of those formulas and I can pack it on the lid quite intensely at lot faster. It blends nicely with a fluffy brush while I wouldn't recommend using fingers for that, but just for packing it on the lid. Since it's loose, there is some fall out and that it's only minus. You can see how much more pigmented it is on my swatch - that's two gentle dabs into the pot, while I really tried to build up Catrice and Essence eyeshadows.

Colour: I have shade N.510 METALfusion which is one of those classic taupes that I have tons of dupes for now, but the shimmer is much finer than the one is Colourpop or Essence eyeshadows so I prefer it. The pattern you see in the pan is an actually mix of two different shades and not the light hitting it a different way. You can see how it looks when I dabbed my finger in the pot.

Staying power: Most eyeshadows tend to last well on me and this is no exception. I mentioned fall out, but that occurs only at application while for the remainder of the day this stays put. This also doesn't crease on me like Essence and Catrice eyeshadows. 

Packaging: These come in a heavy glass pot.

Price and availability: Price is 6.99 €. Since it disappeared from Müller in Slovenia, L.O.V. is sold on Ličila.si (Pink Panda in other countries), but for now the amount of products available is limited and for some reason they don't sell these eyeshadows. L.O.V. is otherwise sold in drugstores in some European countries, while international customers can get it on kosmetik4less.de.

I enjoy this formula and the shade a lot, it really impressed me. I'm one of those who likes eyeshadows that have a lot of pigmentation, so I can do my makeup much faster and this definitely ticks the box. I regret not getting more shades when we had L.O.V. stand still in our drugstores, but I can manage just with this one, since I know that out of all shades available, it's the one I'd actually wear on a daily basis.

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. Midve imava očitno obraten okus glede senčil :D. Kar je meni všeč, tebi ni in obratno. Menipa ta formula ni bila všeč za nanašanje. Sicer z vlažnim čopičem res lepo pride in je definitivno zelo pigmentirana takrat, ampak suho je pa preveč messy za moj okus. Odtenek je načeloma lep, ampak tudi ni ravno moj. Mi je pa všeč, da se preliva taka rjava taupe in na meni deluje skoraj malo vijolično. :)

    1. Verjetno :) Nisem še sprobala s vlažnim čopičem, mi je suh nanos čisto ok na meni. Se mi ne sipa po licih in takoj dobim dovolj na veke, tako da sem zelo zadovoljna s to formulo :) In odtenek je čisto klasičen in nosljiv :)