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sobota, september 19, 2020


MAYBELLINE SuperStay Ink Crayon  
15 Lead the Way
I also have this in the shade 25 Stay Exceptional, which is a similar, but deeper shade than this one and since I like the formula so much, I got a lighter shade that I know I 'll wear more often. 15 Lead the way is a type of my-lips-but-better shade for my pale skin tone, a natural nude in a muted peachy-pink tone. Formula is smooth and matte, but what I like about these is that they are precise, yet big enough so it's like a lipliner and lipstick in one and I can use it to shape the lips. 

Notino, 6.17 €

A repurchase. It's my favourite liquid eyeliner because it's super black, matte, long-lasting and has a nice, soft applicator that doesn't get ruined fast. 
Müller, 3.79 €

*ORIFLAME The One Illuskin Aquaboost Foundation SPF 20
Natural Beige Neutral
A new foundation by Oriflame. This is almost exactly the same foundation as their Giordani Gold MasterCreation Foundation, which is one of my favourites. I got this in a shade that's too dark, so I'm just posting a review based on a few uses because I'm not going to wear a foundation that's too dark on a daily basis and there won't be an individual review post.
Texture, coverage & finish: It's got a creamy formula that's very lightweight on the skin, like an average liquid foundation and it's very easy to apply as well as blend with any method. It melt into the skin nicely, doesn't look patchy or dry and just looks natural. It's exactly the type of foundation I like. Coverage is hard to determine to me because my shade is much too dark, but it's in the light-medium range, so not a formula for those who want a lot of coverage. Finish is dewy-glowy, this is a foundation that fits my dry skin. Despite that it's not that type of foundation that would feel oily without powder and it sets well, though a touch of tackiness remains over the day on my skin. I'm not so sure this one would work that well on oily-combination skin, maybe with a good mattifying powder.  

Staying power: It lasted surprisingly well throughout the day - I could see that well at this one because the shade is too dark. It lasted 8h+ hours and it was never patchy, not even on the nose. It wore off nicely without even looking like an obvious foundation. 
Scent: Just like Mastercreation this is relatively heavily fragranced. It's got the same nice floral scent. 
Shade: I got Natural Beige Neutral which is several shades too dark for me and it's yellow toned. It think it's in the NC25-30-ish range. There are several shades that are lighter than this, but I don't know how the look. Mastercreation, which I consider very similar, has shade Rose Porcelain Cool, which is a great match for me. Swatch comparison between the two is below. 
Packaging: A glass bottle with a handy pump that so far it working great. 
Oriflame, regular price 13.90 € |current catalogue 9.99 €

*ORIFLAME The One Lash Extension Mascara
Newest Oriflame mascara with a classic brush that has a curved design. I won't open this one yet, since I'm still using The One Tremendous Fierce, about which I have lukewarm feelings (though, I love the original pink Tremendous). I mean it's good, but it's a regular mascara that doesn't hold my lashes up, so almost useless for me.
Oriflame 12.90 € regular price | current catalogue 4.49 €

*ORIFLAME The One Colour Unlimited Eye Shadow
Flash Rose
I'm not in love with this one. Formula is overly creamy and slippery, so it doesn't stick to one place like Kiko's (my favourite). Subsequently pigmentation on the eyes appears much poorer, since it moves so much during application and the slipperiness makes it impossible to layer well. I don't think these would work well on oily eyelids, as even on mine they need a dry base to stick to and they also crease considerably during the day, though most of the colour stays on. Flash Rose is a sheer champagne-coppery shade, whose tint is barely noticeable on the eyes, but the shimmery effect is intense enough. I see these working better as a base than on its own.

For the record I really tried to make this work for the picture. It didn't look as patchy in person. I think. But as usual the camera makes every imperfection a lot more obvious - that's or I'm just blind. Like I said above this moves a lot, so the more I tried to fill those gaps and I created a thicker layer, the more it shifted. Also when I applied it they way I'd wear it first, so one simple coat, my camera barely picked any colour.
Oriflame 7.90 € regular price | current catalogue 4.49 €

A repurchase. In my local DM this is marked as being removed from the shelves and it was more than half off, so I got both they still had left. However, it's still on DM's website with the regular price, so I hope it's not being discontinued. It's one of the best Balea skin care products in terms of ingredients as far as my preference are concerned. It has niacinamide high on the list, but it also has a small amount of a version of vitamin C (ascorbyl  tetraisopalmitate) and pinolumin which reduces redness, calms down the skin and fades age spots. I didn't get this for fading pigmentation marks because I only have freckles and nothing major, I just got it because of the niacinamide which works for my skin. It's a small bottle with only 20 ml of product and it's like a medium thick cream, but one actually lasted me quite a while. This works for my skin - the texture is nice, I have no spots and I even have a healthy glow.
DM, 1.46 €

Another repurchase, since my bottle is almost empty. I've been using this without fail every morning since I got it and my skin likes it. It has vitamin C in a less powerful 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid form, which works slower than Ascorbic Acid, but at least I get my dose without the terrible smell and after months of use my skin is looking pretty good. This also has hyaluronic acid high on the list, which doesn't break me out, so that's an extra plus. This is a light pink serum with tons of mini shimmer and I originally said I don't notice any immediate radiance from this, but now I do. This gives my skin such a pretty, subtle glow with no visible shimmer, though it's only visible in some lights. 
Müller, 6.99 €

A repurchase. This is one of the products I use every day almost without fail, as it just works for me. It's not a miraculous product, but it's a lovely thicker toner-like product that improved the texture of my skin. It has 95% galactomyces ferment, while the rest is combination of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and a couple more ingredients.  
Notino, 20.90 €

HADA LABO TOKYO Deep Wrinkle Corrector Eye & Mouth Area Cream
Hada Labo Tokyo's red line with retinol and collagen all but disappeared from my local DM and this was the last thing I could try. Shame. It's a semi-thick gel product that I recently started using around the eyes and mouth, and so far it's ok. It's light, spreads easily, is nice to layer over since it doesn't form clumps and it's not breaking me out. It works under makeup with no problems. It's too early to say anything about the results.
DM, 13.99 €

This is still new to me and I've only used it once in combination with several new things. Texture is thick, yet it has this similar characteristic as Olaplex and which is that is has so much slip a very small amount can coat a lot of hair, so you use up a lot less than other masks, especially compared to those with a thick texture. When I was rinsing it off, the hair felt very silky, which is always a good sign. Like I said I used this with several new products when I wanted to achieve a smooth blow-out, so I don't know how it performs on its own (I also didn't use in combination with the acid rinse), but it's not as amazing as I hoped when it comes to smoothing the hair and leaving hair frizz free. Reviews were great though, so for most it works. 
Notino, 24.50 €

I got the oil from this line as well, since it was recommended to me as a great tamer. It's a thick oil, like Orofluido and the likes, so it's quite effective at taming frizz on dry hair and I use it often, almost every day for that. I've only use it once on damp hair before blow-drying and I didn't get the straight, smooth blow-out I expected, however, it is a very heavy oil and it took a lot longer for my frizz to start popping up and it actually perform admirably on my face framing pieces which are not in best condition. Those pieces are very porous and dry super-fast and very frizzy, but with this they are a lot more tamed. Scent is not my favourite because it's very woody smoky, incense-y (the same as BBW candle Palo Salto), but I'll get used to it
Notino, 24.20 €

SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Barbary Fig Oil & Keratin Restorative Treatment
I was exploring which other oils to get, since I use a lot of this stuff and this one caught my eye got it because it has keratin right after the two silicones. Texture is medium thick, almost kind of like thick gel-oil like and less liquid than Orofluido, Joico and the likes, though still very similar. So far I like this a lot, as I find it tames my hair quite well when I use it before blow-drying and it's expectedly nice on dry hair too. Packaging needs some practice, though, as this has no pump or even just a large opening like at Orofluido, instead it's a squeeze bottle with a tiny hole, so if you squeeze a bit too hard you get half a palm of product, but I learned to squeeze just one side and you get the normal amount. For the price this is one great product.
Notino, 10.35 €

I've sung my praises to La Croa Protect & Shine spray which is one of the most amazing hair products I've tried and I got back up of the stuff, but then I also decided to order this, hoping it's the same, so I have even more of such oil-in-spray and this one actually comes in a 125 ml bottle, which is a very good thing, considering how much oils I use. Number one, which is also the reason I haven't repurchased the "regular oil" from this line - I still hate the smell. It's like a man's cologne and it lingers (I should add most people say they like the scent, including every one I've given this to smell). But putting that aside, it the same thing as La Croa, a silicone-oil spray that adds more slip than traditional liquid oils, which I really need, since my hair get tangled very fast This is more widely available to internationally, while La Croa is for now only in Műller Slovenia and Croatia, and they don't have an online shop, so you can get a similar thing online at Macadamia. I've already used up a 1/3 of this. 
Notino, 17.30 €

L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Smoothing Cream 
This is very new to me, but I got it because I was told that it's fantastic for taming frizz and achieving a smooth blow out. I've only used it once together with the Dark Oil and like I said that combination didn't get me the straight, smooth blow-out I expected, however, it took a lot longer for my frizz to start popping up and my face framing pieces looked a lot better. I still need to test this one more, but it's a medium thick cream that doesn't leave the hair weighed down or sticky.
Notino, 14.30 €

SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL Blondme Premium Developer 9% / 30 Vol. 
I have the 6% and 12%, both are running low. I got the 9% now since I had to mix those two together, as one is too weak and the other maybe a bit too strong (I just kinda don't dare to use it on its own). I use this together with Blondme bleach and they are great
Notino, 10.90 €

This is a new product to me and I've only used it once, but so far I'm liking the results. It contains the highest amount of Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate available in products that are available to consumers and not just salons. You apply it on dry hair, leave it for 10 minutes, then apply Olaplex no.3 on top, again leave it for 10 minutes, then wash the hair and use a conditioner. I did it my way like with most treatments. I washed my hair with Aveo's shampoo before using this, so I was applying it on clean hair with no extra conditioner or leave-in deposits. I waited for my hair to dry completely (naturally). It's 115 ml, which I was very concerned won't be enough for my long, thick hair, but shockingly I used up about a 1/5 of the bottle and my hair was covered well. I combed my hair well to make sure it was distributed well and after I applied no.3, which again I didn't need to use a lot because it's the type of product that spreads very easily. I left it on overnight (it was 12h in total) with a shower cap and wrapped in a T-Shirt, then washed it off (again Aveo) and added a conditioner (Cantu). This combination left my hair very soft and noticeably much nicer to the touch, so I'm loving this result of a feeling of renewed hair. However, just like at only no.3, there's no visible results, meaning my hair still dried equally frizzy, but my hair has always dried like that, so maybe it's wishful thinking to hope this would leave my hair more straight as opposed to the undefined waves I have naturally. With the help of other products (like their no.6) and by tying my hair in a bun, I got a nice smooth result. So I like this because it makes my hair feel nicer than just no.3 alone, but I still don't think Olaplex is all that when it comes to visible results, at least not without the help of no.6 and at least a blow-out. I will likely continue buying this along with no.3. This is still a new product and you get a mini Olaplex n.3 with it as a part of promotion.  

A repurchase. I'm never without this since I'm bleaching my hair. I don't see such drastic results than from Joico, but it makes my hair softer if I leave it overnight. Despite being a small bottle, one lasts longer than regular conditioners/mask because it's got a texture that's very easy to spread. I've gone through three or four bottles of this and I repurchase it before it runs out so it's always in stock. 

Another repurchase. This is one of my favourite hair products because it helps my hair look a lot more sleek when I blow-dry it. It can also be used on dry hair and I really appreciate it because of that. It reminds me of my all-time favourite Dove Super Quench Crème Serum, meaning it's not an overly wet formula of a leave-in conditioner, so on dry hair it tames frizz and doesn't leave it wet. It also nourishes the hair and detangles. Packaging it terrible, though and I'm still waiting they come to their senses and put all Olaplex products in a squeeze tube.  

All three were a part of a set on Look Fantastic for 20 % off. Price was €70.76

L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss 
1010 Marzipan and 801 Almond
I got these because they are demi-permanent colours, meaning they should be less damaging than permanent ones since the developer in such colours is usually about 3%. I've already reported about 1010 Marzipan on IG which I used after bleaching to tone. Basically it was crap. I couldn't comb through my hair despite using Joico K-Pack duo (that never, ever happens with those two) and it was just a dry mess. It also didn't tone at all, not even the lightest yellow. Subrina's Spectra Demi-permanent 8/10 Ice Blonde, which is the same level (10) is miles better, but I didn't have it in stock, so when I washed my hair again the next morning because my hair was just terrible both in terms of colour and how it felt, I used Revlon's Colorsilk and it was so much better. I still have an unopened 801, which is two levels deeper and with less ash, as it more of a natural shade, but I kinda don't want to use it now. 
Notino, 5.50 €

L'OREAL Elseve Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo
A repurchase. My standard most used shampoo that I've gone through numerous bottles of. It fits my dry, thick hair because it's like a shampoo + conditioner in one. 
DM, 3.29 €

Another repurchase. This is an excellent, strong purple shampoo that successfully tones yellow. I use it at every wash, either alone (2nd wash) or mixed with a bit of Extraordinary Oil one because thought it's not drying, it's doesn't leave the same silky feeling, so basically it's just a classic shampoo with a strong tint. 
DM, 3.99 €

AVEO MED 2 in 1 Duche & Shampoo
Repurchase, I think. I buy these pH 5.0 shampoos, but they have several and all in such similar packaging. I like this one a lot because it's not drying, it doesn't leave my hair a tangled mess and this one even washes off with a slight silky feeling. My scalp still feels the same like with L'Oreal shampoos, so it's no different or healthier when I use this, but I like how it works for my hair and that it has a low pH which at least in theory should help diminish frizziness (but my hair dries equally frizzy than when I use another shampoo).
Müller, 1.29 €

Another repurchase, I've gone through a lot of these. I use it as both a shower gel and shampoo. Formula is thin, but still ok. As a shower gel it's a nice, non-drying formula, but not as nicely creamy nourishing as Dove. As a shampoo it's not drying on my very dry hair and it doesn't leave it overly squeaky clean and tangled, which I appreciate. It's not outstanding, but the fact it has urea, it's cheap and non-drying makes me keep on buying this and frequently. 
DM, 2.29 € 

Repurchase. One of my favourite ever hand creams that rivals L'Occitane's shea butter. It leaves my hands nicely nourished and with this nice silky feeling so they feel softer than with other hand creams. It absorbs fast enough and is just overall a fantastic cream for the price.
DM, 1.69 €

DOVE Nourishing Secrets Restoring Ritual 48h Anti-Perspirant
With coconut and jasmine flower scent
Surprise, it's another repurchase. This has been my standard deodorant for a while now. It's works and that's all that matters. I don't notice the scent anymore, but it's coconuty. 
DM, 3.29 € 

BALEA Parfum Deodorant
Golden Moon
I've just used up the pink Pure Blossom, which smells like Lancome La Vie est Belle, but since I'm not a fan of that smell, I got the purple one Golden Moon which smells like Alien by Thierry Mugler, so another strong scent of jasmine, but a very warm, nice kind that so far hasn't given me a headache (like Lush's jasmine in Flying Fox does). Basically it's a nice floral, warm, ambery-woody and to me a childhood scent that I prefer to Pure Blossom. They recently made body lotions with these two scents. Both Pure Blossom and Golden Moon are strong enough to last for a few hours and don't just dissipate like other deodorants.    
DM, 1.19 €

AVEO Fresh Fruits Erfrischungstűcher
Just basic individually wrapped wipes that I'll keep in my bag and car. They smell faintly tropical and are moist enough, so they don't dry out in seconds. 
Müller, 0.75 €

I've already had this one and it works just like Asian masks, meaning it a week or two the dead skin just flakes away. My skin is very thick, so these masks don't do a massive difference in term of softness, but it's an easy way to remove dead skin. 
DM, 4.29 €

BARFUSS  Hornhaut Entferner Socken
First time trying the Müller's version, which is a tiny bit cheaper. I'll report back hot it compares to Balea's when I use it.
Müller, 3.99 € 

BABYLOVE Feuchttűcher mit 99% Wasser
Another set of baby wipes. Last time I took the classic ones, these one claim to have mostly water and are fragrance free. They are still in my backup stash, but if the prove to be anything special, I'll report back on IG.
DM, 1.99 €

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