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petek, september 25, 2020


My last such post wasn't that long ago and I still like all the foundations on that list, though I now harbour a deep resentment toward the Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 foundation because the pump broke and L'Oreal's Infallible 24h Matte is now too dry for my skin type, but I still consider it best for oily or combination skin and it's best at hiding pores. In the last year I've discovered a few new favourites that suit my normal-dry skin better.

Coverage: light-medium
Finish: semi-matte
My shades: 100 Warm Vanilla and 110 Porcelain
My favourite foundation that I slip into every favourites and talk about it relentlessly. I actually have two spares in my drawer and is the only foundation that I have a spare of. I just love how great this foundation makes my skin look, especially when I really take my time with it and blend it in with fingers. It's actually the only foundation I got compliments from complete strangers about how great my skin looks, but it's a formula that looks better in person than on pictures, while Lancome's TIU wins here due to higher coverage. Matte +Poreless ticks all the boxes for me: from being a very natural looking foundation that has a great finish on the skin, how light it feels and that I found a shade that matches me perfectly. The formula is light and pretty much invisible on the face when you blend it and the finish isn't that mask-like matte, instead it's more of a semi-matte and unlike a lot of foundations, it looks nice over pores as it somewhat fills them up a bit, therefore provides a very smooth base. It does betray me in winter when my skin is drier, so I don't use it all year round (I tend to swap it for Oriflame Mastercreation). I also think that despite the name, this might not be the best on oily-combination skin because it's not matte, neither does it stay semi-matte, but it fits my normal-dry skin for most of the year. Coverage is light-medium, so those who love a lot of coverage, you won't like it as much, but for me it covers enough. It just works for my skin and it deserves the praise yet again.

Coverage: light-medium
Finish: dewy
My shade: 50 Rose Vanilla
Ever since its launch I've been a big fan of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and I've used up several bottles, however, the lightest shade is too dark and yellow for me. I was not a big fan of the original Healthy Mix Foundation because it felt too greasy for my liking, but they changed it some years ago and added a pale shade, and as luck would have it this is almost exactly the same formula as the Serum and shade 50 suits me. Both Serum (which belongs in this post too, but I consider it the same foundation as this) and the foundation have a light texture and the same light-medium coverage. Finish is natural, the foundations blend into the skin well, so they look pretty much invisible with a nice healthy, dewy glow. It's a formula that doesn't emphasise uneven texture, which is the reason I fell in love with the Serum version years ago because regardless of the condition of the skin, for example dry patches, big pores or lines, it never makes the skin look bad, it just evens it out and creates a healthy looking finish. Shade 50 is a smidge too dark for me if you really pay attention to the difference between my neck and my face, so I occasional use the TBS Adjusting Drops with it, but on most days I don't bother because it blends in the skin nicely. This is great for dry to combination skin, but skip it if your skin is oily.

Coverage: medium-full
Finish: satin-matte
My shade: 008 Beige Opale
One of my last year's finds and this is the foundation I wear most often on my pictures where I'm showing products on the face because this is a beautiful foundation for photography. It's been so popular for many years and since they expanded the shade range, I found one for my pale skin tone. It's a satin-matte foundation with a medium coverage that doesn't emphasise texture, pores or lines nor does it make them worse with time, though it doesn't hide them - that's what I do actually miss at this foundation, since it was expensive and prefer Fit Me for every day wear. Staying power is also very impressive and it's holding so well though the day. It doesn't go cakey or slip into pores or lines, plus it lasts longer than my cheaper foundations and even when I don't use any powder or a setting spray. 

Coverage: light-medium
Finish: dewy
My shade: Rose Porcelain Cool 
I rarely talk about this one, but I wear it often, especially in colder months and I'm a fan of this formula. It feels light on the skin and provides about light-medium coverage that can be built up. Finish is dewy-glowy (more than Bourjois) and just like Bourjois and Fit Me it looks very natural, so it's yet another one of those foundations at which it's hard to tell you're wearing anything, but the skin looks better. Shade fits me well as it's pale and despite the name not strongly pink. It's heavily scented, which doesn't bother me, but it could be a problem for those with more sensitive skin. I recently tried their new Illuskin foundation and it's pretty much the same as this one, but cheaper. 

Coverage: light-medium
Finish: dewy
My shade: 095 Fair Porcelain
This is here primarily because of high SPF. It's a very lightweight, runny liquid formula with light-medium coverage that can be built up to a proper medium. It's another one of those that has non-makeup look to it on me, plus it doesn't sink into pores, nor does it emphasise lines. Finish right after application is natural with some radiance and it sets to an almost dry to the touch finish. Sadly in a couple of hours on its own it get that "sunscreen shine", where it almost looks oily, so a powder is needed with this foundation and oily skin types might struggle keeping it matte. Despite the extra dewiness it doesn't emphasise or slip into pores, it doesn't even look terrible on my smile lines as time passes, which is a big plus when it comes to what I'm looking for at foundations. I like it, but I have to use a mattifying powder with it despite having normal-dry skin. 095 Fair Porcelain is one of the lightest shades in my collection and it's just a smidge darker than Essence's #insta perfect 10. #cool porcelain Undertone is neutral pink so it fits me well. 

Coverage: full
Finish: satin
My shade: 0.75 Custard
The most high coverage foundation on this list. I've never been a fan of high coverage foundations because they look so obvious, but this one I can get along with. While based on the name you'd expect something heavy like It Cosmetic's CC, this is that perfect in-between foundation, as it's good for dry skin, but with a satin finish and not the overly shiny one with a formula that transfers and creases. It's still natural looking enough on the skin, it doesn't slip into pores or lines and it's a hydrating foundation with the best staying power I've found. Usually you get a good staying power only at matte formulas, but this one just hangs on for hours without migrating on the face (even at the test with a heavy moisturiser when it was tacky all day, it did not wipe off). Shade 0.75 is very pale, though with a more intense undertone than Maybelline Dream Urban (yellow), but it fits my neutral skin well. 

Have a great day!

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  1. I don't have any of these myself, but my eyes have been on the Maybelline matte + poreless for a long time.
    Tested and passed it a few times at the drugstore but didn't buy yet, because I overdid it with the bb creams a good while ago and still have a ton. And now you poke me with your beautiful post recommending it yet again :P Soon it shall be mine.
    Have a good weekend!

    1. I'd suggest trying a tester first if you have open tubes there and you can transfer some into a pot. It's a great foundation and so affordable, plus it has high feedback everywhere, but still not every foundation is for everyone and some don't like it :)

  2. Maybelline Fit Me je ena izmed podlag, ki mi je bila najmanj všeč od skoraj vseh preizkušenih, ampak seveda zaradi mojega tipa kože. Nimava istih favoritov, ker nimava iste kože in okusa. Mi je pa všeč objava, da vem kaj priporočat za vse s suho kožo :).

    Bourjois Healthy Mix še zdaj priporočam, sploh za bolj zrelo kožo, izgleda vedno čudovito. Še jaz sem jo nekaj časa nosila pozimi, ko sem imela bolj suho kožo.

    1. Za takrat ko imam res suho mi je najboljši od Oriflame, Fit me pa nosim bolj v poletnih mesecih. Healthy Mix je pa klasika in puder na katerega se lahko vedno zanesem, da bo izgledal ok :)

  3. Mateja, I always check your blog when researching new foundations. Thanks!