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sreda, marec 24, 2021

MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream RX SPF 42 PA+++
Missha's original Perfect Cover version is quite popular and they launched this RX version last year. I had their Signature BB in the past, which I originally wanted to repurchase, but I liked the look of this one more. I love the ingredients - it's makeup with skin care plus a high SPF, so a real BB. It has arbutin, niacinamide (these are before fragrance), adenosine, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, peptides, collagen, amino acids and several extracts. I had Signature BB in shade #13, which is one of the lightest shades I ever owned, but it has a greyish tone to it, while the new #17 is an updated version of the shade with a beige tone, so neutral and it fits me perfectly. Formula is light, very easy to apply-and-blend (I use a sponge), it just melts into the skin and looks so good. It reminds a lot of Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, in a sense that it doesn't look like makeup and that's exactly what I want from a foundation/BB/CC. It has medium, medium-full coverage and can be layered easily.  Finish varies on me, I don’t know why, but on some days it becomes glowy and on most it’s satin (without a powder). I think on oily skin a powder will be a must and it may in general be too glowy, but I can’t say for sure, just that it’s much less greasy feeling than the otherwise lighter Signature version (that one is lighter, but sets very slowly). It lasts well on my skin and doesn’t move around. I like that this one doesn’t make me feel old, as by now so many foundation slip into my smile lines that aren’t that obvious without makeup and this one tends to behave well on most days. I like this one a lot, it has everything I want: a fresh-looking natural formula, shade that fits me, SPF and great ingredients. 
Notino, 21 €

L'OREAL Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation
15 Porcelain
Currently it's the powder from this line that has all the glory, but there is a hype about this too, or at least it was. For me it was a before/after picture that convinced me to buy it, as I saw how well it blurred pores and it didn't look obvious. It's a matte medium-full coverage foundation that is very light, similar to Catrice's HD Liquid Coverage foundation, though a touch creamier at application. The latter is complication-free, formula blends into the skin well at the edges and doesn't look obvious at first. Pores look somewhat blurred and for a while it has a natural, slightly glowy finish on the skin, but it sets in the next minutes to a matte one. At that point it becomes more obvious on my skin because it's dry. Since it's so matte, I feel it's an aging formula on me, as kind makes me look dehydrated later in the day, especially when it gets into my lines, so I need to be careful and check during the day to blend it out again on that area, but otherwise how it wears and how it looks outside of those problematic areas, it's a nice one, as it fades evenly and lasts a long time. My skin stays matte all day with this one, though my skin is not very oily, as only my forehead usually get shiny, but not with this one. I got the lightest shade on Notino, but several lighter exist in the USA. It's a shade too dark for me and like L'Oreal foundation often are, it leans to orange. It's not a horrible match, but at times it can look a bit off. It's a nice formula, just not for my skin type. This is for someone with oily-combination skin.
Notino 10,24 €

EVELINE COSMETICS SOS Lash Booster Multi-Purpose Eyelash Serum 5 in 1
Eveline is a new brand in my local DM and I must admit I would 100% miss it because of their obnoxious, obviously overblown claims that annoy me more than I can say, but ingredients-wise they are actually quite interesting and that's the reason I got most of the stuff in this post. This one looks like a nice nourishing serum with some proteins, so it should help my lashes become and that stay stronger. I have my reservations about it making my lashes longer, but we'll see. Reviews are mostly positive, but not all find it effective. This works as a stand-alone treatment that you can use overnight or during the day if you don't wear mascara, or as a base under mascara. It's white, but most of the colour disappears in a few minutes. It's not a light product and you can feel it on the lashes, so I'm not super happy about going to sleep and waking up with lashes that feel like they have mascara on. I'm not a fan of it as a base for mascara, the thing is that it doesn't hold my lashes up and it prevents the waterproof mascara from holding a curl, so I use this as an overnight treatment and during the day when I don't wear mascara (but it consistently makes my glasses dirty). As a base it does add some volume, but it's actually not that big of a difference on me. I haven't seen any results yet, but it's been 2 weeks. So far I still have some lashes falling out in I rate I normally do, so effect isn't immediate. 

EVELINE COSMETICS Super-dry Top Coat 5 in 1
I'm on a search for something somewhat similar to Seche Vite, since it's hard to get. I saw this on the stand and decided to give it a go, though honestly expectations were low since there is nothing like SV which spoiled me and probably set my expectations way too high for life. It claims to dry the nail polish in under a minute, so you should apply a nail polish, leave it to dry for 2 minutes, then apply this, wait 1 minute and it should be dry. Except that it's not and you mess up your nail polish if you hurry with this one. So this needs more time to dry the nail polish, I think it was 3-4 minutes before it was almost set, but some damage could still happen. It's not amazing, but not terrible and so far the closest replacement I've found (competition is truly terrible), though it suddenly occurred to me that before SV I used Essie Good to Go and we should have it in DM. 

*ORIFLAME The One Unlimited Ultra Fix Lipstick
Ultra Nude, Ultra Red and Ultra Bordeaux
Oriflame did a great job with these. Formula is ultra-light, you can't feel these on the lips at all, especially when they dry they just feel like a part of your lips. Despite the matte finish and completely dry-to-the-touch non-transfer formula, they glide like a creamy lipstick on the lips at application and are completely different that that Wibo lipstick I'll mention below. They don't come off on mask or glass and they last well on the lips, several hours, but eating will fade them, so they are not quite like some liquid matte formulas. They aren't drying, but like I said these feel like there is nothing on the lips, so if your lips tend to get dry a lot, you'll feel the need for a lip balm, which unfortunately will make these disappear from the lips faster. At the end of the day my lips weren't all flaky or rugged, but that's just my lips that I extensively nourish overnight and then don't need to use lip balms over the day. One thing I'm not a fan of is the shape of the lipstick because it's hard to be precise with this one. I got three shades: Ultra Nude, a neutral nude that even looks good on me, despite looking suspiciously brown in the tube, Ultra Red, a warm red and Ultra Bordeaux, a cold deep red shade that is least pigmented in this trio, so not a true vampy colour, despite how it looks in the tube, so it's actually less bright than Ultra Red.
Oriflame, regular price 13.90 €, currently 9.99 €

I was also sent this lipstick case that you can add on the keychain or bag. It's in the current catalogue for 7.49 €. I don't know if in all countries. 

BEBE Pflege Gloss Shaker
Paris verliebt
I was surprised to see this in the shops already since it's very new, but I'm glad that for once we're not months behind. There are four shades and I took the lightest. I have Lancome's Shaker, which is already discontinued and was clearly an inspiration for this, and the sponge is actually much softer and nicer. Lancome's and Revlon's Kiss Cushion have a sponge layer around a hard plastic, while the entire applicator here is made from a single piece of sponge, so it's nicely bouncy. Formula is a thin oily gloss that is one of those pH adjusting ones, so while it's a clear or slightly tinted pink at application, it quickly reacts with the body chemistry and becomes a pink stain on me. Like all such products it doesn't tint the lips even despite all the scrubbing you may do beforehand, but that's just how stains are. My main problem with this, as cute and nice it is at application, it's lasts 30 minutes tops before my lips are dry. It just evaporates. However, it leaves the lips tinted pink all day, even the next day if you have any dry patches (those turn a hot pink shade on me). It's nice as a makeup product, but it's not a lip balm.
Müller, 4,59 €

ALVERDE Lippen Maske mit Bio-Honig
I was on a hunt for a decent lip treatment in a tube or stick here and this was a miss buy. I bought it based on ingredients and reviews, but this is such a lame product. It's a light oil/gloss hybrid, very thin with zero stickiness which obvious means that it lasts a grand total of 5-10 minutes on the lips. Just like Bebe it simply evaporates from the lips. Scent is typically for Alverde as bland as it can get, it's the scent of sunflower oil or something like it, so no honey anywhere (Biobaza honey ginger lip balm has a good honey scent if you're looking for something with it). It has a bit of a strange taste, it literally does nothing to smooth or soften dry patches nor nourish the lips, so this was money wasted. The new Essence Lip Butter with 10% Coconut oil is the best lip product in a tube form I've tried so far. 
DM, 2,79 €

BEE NATURAL BeesWax Lip Balm
After I shared my plight with the missing Palmer's lip balm in the post and my search for a replacement I can get right away in our drugstores, this was one of the recommendations and the cheapest one. I liked it straight away. It's not overly waxy, it glides well on the lips, it nourishes instantly and stays on for a long time. It reminds me a lot of Palmer's Swivel Stick, so instant two thumbs up. They had four scents in Müller (more exist) Coconut Vanilla, Acai, Pomegranate and Mango. Mango is a bit of a strange scent, I tend to love such tropical fragrances, but this one is like they tried to overpower the natural/herbal/somewhat pepperminty scent with mango and it's not really working. It's not bad, it's just not mango. I'll get a different version next time if I happen to repurchase it (I likely will).  
Müller, 3,49 € 

PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula Original Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm
While I was waiting 2 months for my Swivel Stick, I got this on Notino, hoping it's similar. It is, though Swivel Stick is still better or maybe I'm just more used to the jumbo design and there was an occasion when this stung a bit. It's another non-waxy, soft yet still firm lip balm formula that feels instantly soothing and nourishing on dry lips. It's shaped very odd, an oval shape of the tube and the balm, which doesn't bring anything new to the table as far as application goes. It has a weak SPF 15, they could have added a higher one in this day and age.  
Notino, 2,90 €

PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick
And then after two bloody months, I finally got my Swivel Stick! It's favourite lip balm for so many years and for a time it was the only one I used (before Laneige and SunDance SPF 50). It's actually a multi-purpose balm for any dry areas that's why it looks like a glue stick, but I use it mostly for lips. It's soft, but not too much and it nourishes the lips so well - instantly. At this one I don't feel like it's just a layer of product sitting on my lips, this feels like an actually good moisturising product for my lips. I don't know though how many of these I've gone through, one actually lasts a long time because of the size and  haven't been without ever since I discovered it years ago. Coconut version exists too, but I never tried it. From all the lip balms I've mentioned here, I'd still pick this one. If only we had this brand in our drugstores...
Feel Unique, 3,35 £ (while it did take two months to get here, FU is very unproblematic when it comes to replacements and refunds, so they are still ok in my books, I'm just going to stick to Notino for a while to calm my nerves).

PIXI Retinol Tonic
A repurchase. Results from this aren't anything to write home about in fact I don't even notice when I don't use it for a while, but this is a part of my triple toner combo, every day I use CORX Galactomyces essence (helps with the texture of my skin), Cezanne lotion (light hydrating goodness packed with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, amino acids and more) and this toner, which contains a small amount of retinol, peptides and vitamin C. It's a light, simple product that I can easily include in any combination of skin care routine.  
Look Fantastic,  £9.00 (also lost for 2 months, but just like FU, LF is very unproblematic and fast at solving these types of issues)

EVELINE COSMETICS Expert C Youth Activator 12% Active Vitamin C Intense Night Treatment 
This finally came to DM (v NM ni Tuš Drogerije. Eveline je tam že nekaj časa) and I got this because it has Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, a version of vitamin C that I find fits me well, but it also has rosehip extract on the second place and overall ingredients are nice if you aren't sensitive to any extracts. It's a thick, golden serum that I need a small amount to apply all over the face. I kind of underestimated this one because it has a mild version of vitamin C, but I was carelessly applying it all over the face (because I don't take time to apply skin care nicely, I just slap things on) and my lips got rough, I mean they felt strange, but looked ok. Still I'll be a bit more carefully when applying this. So far I don't see much, but I haven't been using it that long. It's a richer serum formula, but still can be layered over. It has an orange/citrus scent. 
DM, 5.99 € (18 ml)

BALEA Beauty Collagen Folien Tuchmaske
This has several types of hyaluronic acid and a peptide. It was a strange one. It was my first foil sheet mask, so it has a metal coat over a regular sheet. This means it felt thicker and more rigid on the face. There's plenty of essence and the latter is thicker than an most sheet mask, almost like a lotion and once I took the mask off there was so much essence on my face. Like always I just left it on and once it dried my face became super sticky and it felt like I had a suffocating coat of product on. Still I just left it, hoping it will absorb during the night, but in the morning that coat was still there, very uncomfortable, my face felt dirty, I was stuck to the pillow all night and it took a lot of rinsing off in the morning to get it off. Effects were ok, my skin looked nice, moisturised, plumped and had a healthy look to it, but this was quite an uncomfortable formula to use. 

BEBE Pfirsichfrish Fructige Cremedusche
This smells great from the bottle, a nice juicy scent, but in the shower it's weak and also gets a strange note at the end that reminds me of super cheap 1l shower gels/shampoos you get at supermarkets. Formula is thin and nothing special. Overall it's ok, but I don't think I'll repurchase, I like Nivea's Apricot more for a similar scent. 
Müller, 1.29 €

AFRODITA Lavender Relaxing Moments Oil Shower Gel
I've had a craving for lavender scents and this was one of the few shower gels with it that I was able to find. The scent is so nice, really relaxing, a proper lavender scent with a tiny bit of citrus that keeps it from smelling too herbal. Sadly the scent doesn't last long, not even under a shower, but that burst of fragrance is so nicely relaxing and pleasant that I will for sure repurchase this (I've already used it up). Formula is a simple gel, not the thinnest and far from being thick, but there is no nourishing oiliness as I expected from an "oil shower gel".
Müller, 2.29 €

PRIMARK Prep + Perfect Daily Smoothing Tonic
Cheap AHA toners in our drugstores basically don’t exist. There was one in DM from a brand Мой by Stefanie Giesinger with lots of alcohol, which I didn’t want and that was it from the cheap stuff (apart from L'Oreal ampoules with 10 % glycolic, 7 vials for 14 €), but we have REN, which is so expensive here. And then I stumbled on to this in Primark. Ingredients are simple, basically just water, glycolic acid, aloe vera and preservatives. AHA content is a very mild with only 3.5 % glycolic, so completely non irritating, also with slow results - possibly none on my skin that gets nothing with 30% AHA. For a total AHA beginner this is fine. I later finally found The Ordinary Glycolic toner and Lactic acid 10 % serum in stock, but I’m using this while I wait for those two.
Primark, 4 €

PRIMARK Sleep Relaxing Body Wash
Lavender & Vetiver
A shower gel with a very soapy lavender scent, this one really feels so bland compared to Afrodita, it just lacks freshness and it reminds me of bitter lavender scents in men's products . But the packaging is super pretty, I love the starry sky theme. They have a whole line of products with this scent in this packaging.
Primark, 3.5 €

EVELINE COSMETICS Luxury Expert Black & White Vanilla Deeply Moisturising Body Lotion
I don't need more lotions, but this one has panthenol, allantoin, niacinamide and a small amount of a version of vitamin A, though they are after fragrance, so the amount is minimal, but shea butter is higher on the list and even for the rest they are so uncommon in body lotions that I still wanted to have it. It's a lotion that is almost as thick as a body cream and it takes some buffing in to remove all the white streaks, just like at Balea's Urea lotion, so it's not the lightest, but I dislike light body creams, so I like this well enough. Scent is a bland vanilla, so there is nothing luxurious about it, but I'm a fan of the pump packaging and it's pretty to look at. 
DM, 5,49 €

EVELINE COSMETICS Extra Soft BioArgan Manuka Oil Face and Body Cream
This one I like a lot more than the Luxury Expert and ingredients are more interesting, as it has argan oil, honey, oats, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, cholesterol and that's before preservatives and fragrance that are allowed at only 1% concentration, though the main ingredient is mineral oil. It also smells nice, very similar to the super expensive L’Occitane Almond body cream, so this is more luxurious smelling than the Luxury version. Texture is a classic light-medium cream that is easier to buff in than Luxury and feels similarly nourishing.
DM, 3,19 €

PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula Anti-Aging Smoothing Lotion
This caught my eye because it has AHA's, lactic acid to be precise and I've never seen a drugstore body lotion like it, at least here. I had their original version a long time ago, which was a nice thick cream that smells like chocolate cake batter, but this is very different. Formula is a more liquid lotion that has a an odd scent that I had to get used to. You can smell the acid part of the formula overwhelming the cocoa butter. It's not bad though, just unusual. I've been using it every day for the first two weeks and I didn't notice anything, but my skin in general is so annoying when it comes to acids (almost no effect), so I didn't notice my skin becoming softer or smoother, still I find it's a good idea to insist precisely because my skin is not soft nor smooth. And if you're wondering what do I do with so many new lotions - I layer. This one first, then Eveline Extra Soft because it has ceramides and all the nice stuff. Packaging is terrible, this needs a pump. Since the lotion is so liquid and the bottle quite hard, I always get too much out and when it's going to be emptier, it'll likely be even more annoying. 
Feel Unique, 3,35 £

PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter for Pregnancy Stretch Marks
Notino didn’t have the original Cocoa Butter version in the pot, so I bought this one instead. It doesn’t matter what it’s marketed for, I wanted it for the texture and ingredients (this one has better ones anyway because of collagen). I’ve tried to tackle my very dry skin with this and a deep scratch I’m trying to heal. Texture is solid, but becomes more oily and easy to apply with heat, still for a massage you need a lot of it and I think for most their oil version will be nicer, but they also have a lotion.  On very dry skin I kind of feel like it's just sitting on the skin, forming a protective layer and it doesn't take that long to absorb. On my scratch it started slow, but then the improvement started to show and it will heal faster than usual for me. This is one of the most popular Palmer's products.  
Notino, 10,90€

L'OREAL Total Repair 5 Express Conditioner Double Elixir
A spray conditioner with proteins and aminoacids. It's a light leave-in formula that visually doesn't do much on me. I was hoping a bit for some frizz taming due to lactic acid high on the list, but it can't manage on my hair. Still ingredients-wise it's nice enough and it has that pretty Total Repair scent. Mist is very fine.  
DM, 3,59 €

SHEA MOISTURE Jamaican Black Castor Oil Treatment Masque Sachet
I got just the small size first and I planned to get a pot if I liked this. It's very highly rated online and I really like the look of ingredients because it looks rich enough for me, as it has coconut oil and shea butter are high on the list, plus some proteins. It's actually very, very similar to La Croa Repair mask. Same very thick, balmy texture that isn't easy to apply, but it can be done. I did like they suggest, so applied a generous amount, put on a shower cap (which I always do anyway with all conditioners), they advise to use heat, so I put my head on a hot water bottle for 20 or 30 minutes and rinsed it off. When I was washing it off, my hair felt very silky despite that this is silicone free and you actually have to rinse the bath after using this because it's not completely water soluble. Results are similar to La Croa, however, my ends are currently so far gone nothing will fix them (Olaplex didn't), so they were still somewhat dry after (I cut them a few days later). I might get it, or I'll try some other versions, I think there is one even richer, but it's so similar to La Croa and the latter is in my local Müller, while this I need to order online. 
Feel Unique, 3,49 £

AFRODITA Nourish Gold Nurturing Oil
I got this while I was waiting for Palmer's oil which was a part of the package that got lost. I picked this one because it's so far the only oil I could find in our drugstores that has shea butter, which my hair tends to like. It's meant as a massage oil, but I use oils for everything, mostly hair. It's an ok one, not super rich as I hoped, but it has sunflower oil as the first ingredient, so I should have expected a thinner consistency (it makes it better for a massage obviously). It's actually quite nice for dry ends because it doesn't look terribly greasy, but as a pre-wash treatment it's a bit on the light side. It has a scent I'm not a big fan of, it's not bad, it just reminds me of something I don't like. It's a vanilla scent with something extra, something that makes it slightly musty-oriental. 
Leclerc, 3.79 €

PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Hair Oil
I was recommended this is a great classic oil for very dry hair when I was looking for a replacement for La Petite Marseillais, which is a thick oil with argan and shea butter that I can't find anymore. It's a silicone-free oil, so one I use either as a pre-wash treatment or when my hair is excessively dry. It's much lighter than I hoped, more like a dry oil and on the skin it sink it very fast, while on the hair it's also not super rich, but ok for nourishing dry ends when I don't want something too heavy, but as a pre-wash treatment, it's kind of too light. It smells fantastic like chocolate and mint, so After Eight and the scent lasts for a while. It's not what I was looking for, but I actually ended up really liking it because my hair still look decent on the second day and I don't need to wash off the oil. Spray is ok and makes a fine enough mist. 
Feel Unique, 3,70 £

JOHN FRIEDA Frizz Ease 3Day Straight
A promise of 3 day straight hair isn't that impressive to me, but at least they are not exaggerating which is refreshing for a beauty product. Reviews for this are overwhelmingly great, though not every single person found this impressive. I bought it online, as though we have this brand in drugstores, they don't stock this spray. It's a light, clear, liquid product that sprays a fine mist and is easy to apply. My hair is very, very frizzy, like Hagrid frizzy if I let my hair air dry and I don't use a ton of hair products + heat, so I did not expect a completely sleek result from this and I also didn't get that glossy, waterfall of smooth hair, but it was a significant improvement compared to without and more importantly with this my hair still looks straighter by the next morning and in the next days (mind you I only blow-dryed my hair and they recommend to also straighten it), so it's pretty good, but there are things you need to do for the best result: 1. this needs to be the last product you apply before you start blow drying, which is something I need to be cautious about since I'm very, very liberal with the amount of products I use after washing. 2. it's best to start drying the hair while it's still wet/damp. I tend to wait for my hair to dry naturally, so I can reduce the amount of heat, as my hair takes ages to dry with a dryer, but here if I leave it to dry, this can't deal with the frizz that already popped up while naturally drying. 
Notino, 11,40 €

JOHN FRIEDA Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum
JF has a few different serums, this one is for thick, coarse hair and it's very thick, thickest I’ve tried. They say you should apply it on damp hair before blow-drying, but I didn't get a super smooth result with it, however, I prefer it on dry hair as a finishing product that holds down frizz, adds shine and makes the hair more polished. So it's a classic hair serum, just a very thick one only for very rebellious hair that doesn't get weighted down fast. 
Notino, 12,10€

*LOVELY Curling Pump Up Mascara
This is a best seller on lič, but I don't know this brand which is like Wibo and Eveline, Polish. It's a classic mascara with a plastic brush, so not super volumising, but this one also didn't catch every lash, but combed a few together, so it's only kind of defining. It doesn't hold the lashes up, so I'm not very interested in giving this mascara more chances to see if it becomes better when it dries a bit.  
Lič, 4.99 €

*NABLA Cutie Palette
Nabla eyeshadows are highly rated, so as expected this palette has great pigmentation and overall a nice formula. Both mattes and shimmery shades perform well, but I only gave them one test because these are not my colours. It's a very warm, rosy palette, just like most popular ones for the lasts few years. I wore Coral Amber and Anyway, and CA ended up a lot more orange-gold on me than in the pan. I like the look of their other Cutie Palette Platinum with nice looking cool tones. You can see swatches of Coral here.  
Lič, 23.50 €

*WIBO Adorable Matte Lipstick 
4 Shy One
This is a thick, very matte and pigmented lipstick formula, so it doesn't glide on the lips as easily and application can be slower, but it's not very problematic. The shape is not the best and a lip liner is needed for a sharp lip line, but it's cute with the lip relief, which has almost disappeared by now on my lipstick. Once it's on the lips this last really well, it's one of the most long lasting classic formulas I know, but it's also a lipstick that at least for a while you are aware it's on the lips because it's quite a heavy, rich formula, kind of old school like old matte lipsticks were. The packaging is wonderful and heavy. It's magnetized, so the cap holds firm and the whole tube feels well made. 
Lič, 8.99 €

This is basically just glycerine with kiwi seeds, as the third ingredient is already fragrance, which means everything after it is in very small amounts and they are actually mostly just preservatives and colours (water is listed after fragrance, which is odd) and not that many. I haven't opened it yet, but most reviewers like it for dry, dehydrated skin. 
Lič, 10.99 €

*REVOLUTION SKIN CARE Bouncy Bunny Ears Headband
A super cute and so fluffy headband which unfortunately felt too tight for me. I could barely put it on and I'm pretty petite. I gave it to a 5-year old to try and it fit nicely, so now kids have it to keep them warm outside. I use this type of headbad, which is either from Glov or Primark.
Lič (currently out of stock), 8.99 €

Lič ima do konca marca kodo za 20% popust na neznižane izdelke. Koda je GIRLS20.

*ADOPT' fragrances
These are sold in DM and we have 12 versions available, but Adopt has a large selection of fragrance if you check their website. I've tested most, which is very annoying with a mask and when DM has no tester papers, but overall all are nice. I'd wear all and hate none, but they are just nice, nothing really stood out to me and there was nothing that I feel instantly in love with (I was sent these two), though I was prepared to buy one. 
DM, 9.99 €

*Midnight for her
Top: blackcurrant, raspberry
Middle: rose
Base: patchouli
A very similar scent to Paco Rabanne Black XS, which used to be my favourite. Berries with lots of patchouli that gives it that earthiness and spiciness. If you like Black Xs, Good Girl,  La Vie Est Belle and other sugary-vanilla-patchouli fragrances, this is a similar scent for a lot less money.

*Absolu d'amour
Top: red fruit
Middle: Damascus rose
Base: musk
A sparkling fresh and sweet fruity floral scent. An uncomplicated, girly everyday fragrance that is nothing special and I know I've had such a scent before, I just can't remember which it was. I think that just like Midnight for her is (kind of a) a dupe for Black XS, this is a dupe for something.

*S.Oliver for Her
eau de toilette
Top: bergamot, lychee, pink pepper
Middle: turkish rose, peony, magnolia
Base: Iris, musk, amber

First burst smells very similar to Chloe edp, but it's a much less headache-y rose to me (I had Chloe, but had to give it away because of it), later it develops into a scent very similar to Gucci Envy Me (which I also had). It's a powdery musky rose scent, elegant and feminine, but not very strong or long lasting, especially if you're used to Chloe, this will feel like a watered down version, though for the under 20 € price tag can we really complain? And there's a eau de parfum version available, which is likely much stronger. Mine is a tester, so I don't have the pretty bow-adorned cap that only makes it a more apparent copy of Chloe. If you love powdery rose scent, you should probably check this one out. 
DM, 30 ml 11.99 €. Eau de parfum 30 ml is 27 €.

*AFRODITA 100 % SPA CBD Therapy line
A new line of products in their 100% SPA line. Afrodita is just one of the brands that jumped on the CBD bandwagon, though I don't quite get the fad, I won't deny that CBD oil has its own benefits. In skin care it's research has been made about CBD helping with acne, it's anti-oxidant and soothing properties. Products are enriched with hemp oil, encapsulated CBD and swiss pine extract, and are their greenest products yet. When I opened my parcel I was concerned about the smell because I can't stand TBS's Hemp scent, even though products are great, and I'm glad to report this one has nice, fresh scent that is not too herbal. 

100% Natural Oil
Naravno olje
Just that Gold Nourish oil above, this has sunflower oil as the first ingredient, regardless this is richer and thicker. Both are nice as a massage oil and for everything else. Oil are so versatile since you can use them for so many things.  
4.49 € in DM

100% Natural Salt Scrub
Solni piling
A creamy, yet light scrub with a moderate amount of salt particles. It's not as intensely scrubbing as their Sugar Scrub, which may have been discontinued or the just renamed it Gold Nourish, but still does the job, though it's better on skin that isn't too wet. It's suited for those who don't like very abrasive scrubs and unlike sugar scrub I had, this has no oily residue and washes off completely, but still leaves the skin nourished, since it has shea butter high on the list. 
4.69 € in DM

*99% Natural Body Butter
Maslo za telo
A thick, very rich body butter, just the way I like them and wonderful for very dry skin. Despite thickness it's easy to spread and though it takes a while to sink it, it's not too greasy. 
4.69 € in DM

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  1. Živjo, lepo je slišati da ti balzam za ustnice odgovarja. Če boš kupila balzam v drugem vonju ti predlagam kokos-vanilijo. Vonj ima po vaniliji in še nečem, jaz osebno kokosa ne voham. Ne predlagam ti granatnega jabolka ker je vonj še bolj intenziven in neprijetno sladek v primerjavi z mangom. Acai pa še nisem poskusila a predvidevam da je tudi sladek vonj. Ko ravno govoriš o aha tonikih (sem tudi jaz poskusila tega od primarka a me je obraz po njem pekel kar mi je čudne glede na to da sem pred tema uporabljala aha/bha tonik od cosarexa ki mi je odgovarjal) jaz sem v tuš drogeriji kupovala tonik z glikolno kislino od rosala a so tonik nažalost nehali prodajati. Sem pa v iskanju novega aha tonika v mullerju našla enega od olivala, ki stane cca 10€ a ga še nisem poskusila saj moram najprej porabiti mojega od rosala. Lp

    1. Res hvala za tvoje priporočilo :) Ja, mi je bilo že na parkirišču žal, da nisem poslušala in vzela vanilijo, ampak jaz vidim tropski vonj in ne morem mimo :D Formula je pa odlična, si me popolnoma razumela kaj točno želim.

      Tuš Drogerije v NM ni, v Müllerju pa ne vem, če sem videla Olival v našem zakotju. Poznam znamko, ker se jo enkrat videla v Tušu in imajo tisto dupe Nuxe olje, samo drugega pa še nisem. Sem itak že dobila The Ordinary Glikolni tonik in lactic acid 10%. Za zdaj sem odprla le prvo in je zelo nežen, spet ne vidim nekega učinka, čeprav ni dolgo kar uporabljam.

  2. Sem prebrala, da si naročila TO Lactic Acid. Jaz jo imam in praktično ne vidim občutne razlike. Sem pričakovala kaj bolj resurfacing, ampak ok, slišim, da je laktična kislina všeč tistim s suho kožo, tako da mogoče ti bo pa všeč.

    Te BHA in AHA zadeve je nemogoče najt pri nas. Jaz sem zadnjič šla v Missho po COSRX BHA in seveda ga ni bilo. Sem potem vzela Benton BHA, ki pa nima tistega "stinga" kot cosrx. Ne vem zakaj naše drogerije še niso ugotovile, da so kisline praktično norma dobre nege. Pa tudi retinoli.

    Misshin odtenek 17 mi je zelo všeč. Ampak seveda Prefect Cover ni v tem odtenku, drugače bi ga takoj kupila. Končno svetle odtenek, ki ni siv. Čudno, da niso razširili odtenkov na najbolj prodajano linijo.

    L'Oreal mi je zdaj takoj odpadel, ko sem spet videla oranžen podton. :D

    Ne spomnim se, da bi pri nas videla Eveline, ampak mogoče nisem bila v pravem dmu. Meni njihov dizajn ne potegne, pa ne vem zakaj. Sem imela ta serum za trepalnice in mini bil všeč ravno zato, ker se je občutil na trepalnicah. Potem ga pa tudi nisem več uporabljala, da bi videla kakšne rezultate.

    1. Ja, 10% Lactic sem vzela. Ga že imam pa še nisem odprla, ker sem najprej želela sprobat glikolni tonik 7%. In zdaj imam boleč podkožen mozolj na bradi in neko čudno diskoloracijo, kot modrico (nisem bila na soncu). Ne vem ali je od tega, ampak je edino kar se začela na novo uporabljat, hormonsko pa nimam pojma če je vzrok. Sčemi me pa ne, kar sem pričakovala in tudi spet nimam občutka gladke kože. Bo videla, če bo kaj z Lactic. Maska Ecooking ima največ lactic acid in me je vsaj ščemela.

      Ampak resno no, zakaj DM in CV od Müllerja po skoraj desetletju nimata nič z AHA/BHA? Imamo samo REN, ampak tisto je drago. Ostane nam internet. No pa nek Nuxe sem še našla. Pa to so osnova nege, jao.

      Nisem še sprobala Perfect Cover original, ampak mogoče je ta dosti podobna glede na to, da je samo dodana oznaka RX. BB je res še zelo nova, tako da je morda upanje, da če bo #17 zelo dobro sprejet, bodo dodali še v PC original.

      Me ne preseneča za L'Oreal. Tudi meni odtenek ravno najboljši. Po toliko letih še vedno vztrajajo off odtenki.

      Pri nas je Eveline stojalo (ličila) samo v največjem DM, v ostalih dveh je pa samo nega za obraz in telo. Te čisto zastopim glede dizajna, tako so tečni z obljubami, kot da gledam tv prodajo. Saj niso ravno izumili tople vode, ampak jim priznam, da so sestavinsko kar zanimivi, čeprav mi lahko manj rinili mineralno olje v toliko izdelkov. Serum lahko uporabljam samo ponoči in potem se moram kar trudit, da ga zjutraj spravim stran s trepalnic. Tudi če deluje je zoprn za uporabljat.