August Favourites, Updates & Wishlist

torek, avgust 31, 2021

My "fanciest foundation", since I mostly stick to drugstore, but it's my go-to when I'm taking pictures. It's the combination of higher coverage (medium-high) and a natural matte finish that make it best suited for photography and the skin looks great with it, though on a day-to-day basis I'll pick something like Missha's BB instead (due to spf + skin care ingredients). Despite being matte it's not too dry for my skin. I have the shade 008 Beige Opale, which suits me well.  

My favourite and only true nude nail polish. I found this so many years ago and then never searched for more similar shades because this was it for me. It's so old now, though this applies well and it hasn't thickened, but I was so glad to discover this wasn't just a part of a limited edition and it's in the permanent line (I guess it was added in the years after the first release). I can only find it online and it's not on the stands here, but it's nice to know I can get a replacement. Spin the Bottle is a nude that suits my pale neutral skin tone, since it's neither too warm nor too pink. It's fully opaque, though it needs two coats. 

PANTENE PRO-V Miracles Intense Hair Rescue
One of the best drugstore hair masks I've tried. I loved it so much that I went out to try some of the rest of the Miracles line, though they didn't wow me as much as this, but I got a backup of this mask already. It leaves my hair feeling silky, detangled and it's nourishing enough for my very dry hair. In combination with Moroccanoil All in One leave-in, my ends didn't dry out for several days, which is an achievement for a drugstore formula. Though I feel a bit cheated they have only have these in 160 ml pots, especially since their Repair mask has 300 ml. 

I've been a fan of this from the day I got it, but I always used it on dry hair on second and later days. Now started using it on damp hair after washing and it really helps the ends stay nourished much longer without leaving them oily. It might be heavy for most, though it's lighter than for example coconut oil, but it helps when I use mask that has a more temporary hydrating result on my very dry ends /hair. This smells like After Eight, so chocolate and peppermint. 

KÉRASTASE Resistance Masque Extentioniste 
Amazing mask, though I expected this given my experience with Kérastase and the exorbitant price. My hair is so dry and never really soft due to its thick texture, but this makes it feel so silky, softer and just genuinely incredible. I was a tiny bit worried it might not be enough, due to one review that said for dry hair Magistral is better (I got it as well, but haven't used it yet), however, it's definitely nourishing enough and I didn't even have to use a lot. My hair feels like new with this, though I'm not impressed with its ability to control frizz, but that's work for leave-ins and styling at every mask when it comes to my hair. This contains maleic acid, creatine (both care for hair bonds) and ceramides. 

NIVEA Magnesium Dry deodorant
I've tried some deodorant without aluminium in time when I was trying to give the natural approach a go (realised it's not for me) and they more or less sucked, so I was apprehensive about this one and didn't expect it to work, but it's surprisingly great. It doesn't keep me completely dry when it's hot, though my Dove stick one doesn't either completely and it has aluminium, but Nivea keeps me smelling fresher than Dove does at the end of the day. I don't like it's a roll-on because I've been used to dry sticks since my late teens and I hate that wet feeling, but I'll get used to it and I'm glad something without aluminium works.  


I almost had more products disappointing me or at least not wowing me in August. 
L'Oreal's Purple Reviving "Oil" is not new to me, but my roots are currently quite warm, since the colour washed off and I was trying to fix the situation by applying a generous amount of this. It corrects the colour somewhat decently, though not like a shampoo/mask, however, my dislike for it comes from the fact it leaves such an odd feeling on the hair. It's not like silicone-oils (that greasy-ish feeling I'd get along with), instead this left my hair so stiff, with an odd coating and feeling dirty, so I had to wash it the next day. It's simply not an oil. 
Catrice's Fix & Protect Spray is one of the new products for Autumn 2021 and it'd be a decent product if the spray weren't terrible. Or maybe it's the liquid that's not ideal for a spray packaging, but it sprays large droplets. It's not a fine enough mist and it doesn't apply evenly on the face. It also burns my lips for a minute after application. Finish is glowy, but since there are large drops it can look odd. 
I got two Pantene products after being so impressed by the mask. The 7 in 1 Weightless Oil is not an oil. This is a very light spray leave-in, best suited for thin hair that gets weighted down fast, but on my hair it's like I used nothing. I was hoping for some frizz control and extra hydration, but this is not enough for me, though at least it's a light heat protectant. Purple Shampoo looks promising straight from the packaging, since it's intense purple like L'Oreal's, but as soon as it starts to foam, the colour is barely lavender, which means on my hair it has pretty much no effect. Even my lightest ends I feel aren't very toned, though this shampoo might be suited for icy blondes (better than intense L'Oreal). Formula also isn't as nourishing as I hoped based on the mask, but decent enough, not drying. 
Lab System Enzyme Care Peeling is an enzyme scrub for the scalp and it didn't impress me that much. For one the texture is creamy and not easy to get all over the scalp despite the nozzle. I also ended up using a lot and I didn't even manage to get it to all spots - liquid would be easier. The result also wasn't that different from just using shampoo. My scalp admittedly had less of a layer of dandruff, but it was very temporary. It's actually more meant for oily scalps, but you don't see a scalp scrub every day in our drugstores, so I gave it a try. 
I've been a fan of L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil shampoo for years, so expected a lot from the latest Elvive Extraordinary Oil More than Shampoo, but there no extra conditioner effect on me. It's supposed to combine shampoo + conditioner/mask/treatment, so it's one of those 2-in-1 types if products, but it didn't leave me with that extra silkiness I wanted. It's thick like a conditioner, so I use a lot for one wash because it barely foams and it's twice the price of the regular shampoo. Not impressed.  

ESSIE Expressie Crop Top & Roll, ANNY Nail Polishes 300 Makeup and 290 Nude - I'm going to expand my collection of nude shades, since I wear them all the time and a lot of my nail polish stash is very old. These caught my attention in DM and Müller, and on swatches online. All look like nice skin-like shades, but I hope they fit my pale skin tone, since a lot of such shades end up a bit too dark on me  (which is why I have only one truly nude one) or they are see-though, my peet peeve or even too light. Anny's stands is really impressive in Műller with a large choice and testers. 

ESSENCE Fresh Fit Foundation - Essence just updated the bottle and changed the name of this foundation, but this brought to my attention that this formula has an ok ingredients list with vitamin E, A, B5 (panthenol), B3 (niacinamide) and a tiny bit of C, so now that they've expanded the shade range, maybe there's a shade for me.   

ESSENCE Double Trouble Mascara Waterproof - I was checking this out the last time I was in Müller and I was very tempted to take it because it looked very promising. I liked the concept of a half-half wand, it's a mix of a classic brush and a silicone one. 

CATRICE Youth Lip Serum - I was going to grab this when the new stuff was placed on the shelves, but it was mysteriously missing and not like it was already sold out. I hope we even get it here because I was waiting for the face serum for a half a year. This has hyaluronic acid, a peptide and "vegan collagen" which is a complex with acacia seyal gum extract. 

CATRICE Youth Repairing Sleep Oil - another new skin care item that wasn't on the shelves. It's Catrice's first product with retinol and a weak one, but might be worth a try. 

BALEA Verwoehndusche Sunny Side - there's a whole collection with this Sunny Side scent, which looks very exciting, let's just hope is smells nice. But why release it so late in the year? It's not in our DM's yet and I assume it's going to be sometime in the already cold autumn, but at least it'll remind us of summer. Aside from the shower gel the collection contains a hand disinfectant, shaving gel, deodorant, body lotion, hand soap, dry shampoo, shampoo + conditioner duo, sheet mask and bath salts. 

JOICO Defy Damage Protective Shampoo - L'Oreal Extraordinary shampoo and I had a bit of a falling out, since when I opened the new bottle, it wasn't like before. It says new formula, but I've had the new one, so I'm unsure what this is, anyway it doesn't make my hair feel as silky and like I already used a conditioner, so I'm now looking for a formula that does a bit more. This has proteins, amino acids and all the stuff for strengthening the hair and reviews praised it great particularly for very dry hair. 

JOICO Defy Damage Protective Masque - this whole line is highly praised, so apart from the K-PAK Reconstructor that I must repurchase, this is also on my list. 

JOICO Blonde Life Brilliant Tone Violet Smoothing Foam - this is a purple smoothing foam for blonde hair, so it tones and styles/cares. It may be a light for my blonde, but I like the ingredients list. 

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  1. Živjo, hvala za objavo. Predlagam ti, da poskusiš deodorante od biobaze, ki so brez aluminija ali alkohola. Imajo jih v dveh formulah - roll on in stick. Jaz osebno uporabljam v stiku z vonjem sivke in vanilije in četudi nimam pazduh popolnoma suhih na koncu dneva vedno lepo dišim. Če pa želiš deodorant brez aluminija, ki 100% zdrži in nimaš nobenega vonja po celem dnevu tudi poleti pa poskusi nelipotove. So sicer kar dragi a dolgo zdržijo. Jaz mojega uporabljam poleti, drugače pa uporabljam biobazo. Catrice ima prav tako zelo lepe nude lake. Osebno sem bleda in imam nevtralen podton z malo rdečice in uporabljam njihov odtenek 06, ki he mebi prfekten. Lp

    1. Hvala za predlog :) Sem ga sicer že preizkusila in ne iščem deodorantov brez aluminija, ker mi je vseeno, če ga ima :) Tega od Nivee sem kupila ker me je pač zanimalo, če je kaj na tej magnezij stvari :) Bo pa komentar pomagal drugim, ki morda iščejo kaj takega. Sem pa imela roll-on in je bil ok, ampak ne toliko poseben, da bi zamenjal Dove (ali Rexono, mislim, da sem uporabljala to takrat). Drugače pa imam še cenejšo "verzijo Nelipota", torej deo v kremi od Lidere, ki je isto brez aluminija. Učinek lahko zdrži tudi več dni.

      A misliš More than Nude 06? Imam 02 Pearly Ballerina in me prav živcira, da je prosojen. Catrice je ravno ukinil en kup lakov in sem ravno zamudila nude odtenke. Vzela sem znižanega 23 Nice Cream, ki je še bil na policah in mi je presvetel. Včasih so res imeli dober izbor, samo kaj ko se stalno nekaj menja. Drugače so bila prva stojali kamor sem šla iskat nude lak Catrice , Essence in Trend it Up. I'm cheap that way :) Pa Eveline tudi.

  2. Lancome podlago sem že sama tudi gledala. To ali Too Faced Born This Way. Lancomovo uporablja kar nekaj makeup artistov, tako da zdaj tudi mene mika. Cene niti niso večje od kakšnih MUFE ali MAC.

    Kerastase Resistance masko sem imela v preteklosti in mi je bila všeč. Ampak ok, kaj od Kerastase pa mi ni. :D Čeprav jaz še vedno bolj prisegam na Joico. Defy Damage linijo sem že skoraj imela v košarici pa sem si potem premislila, je pa tudi na moji wish listi. Sploh, če bo kak dober popust kje :).

    1. Lancome TUI je priljubljen že toliko let, da se ga kar splača sprobat. Ja sem ga kupila potem ko sem vzela v Müllerju tester.

      Nisi imela to. So dve in ta je nova z drugačnimi sestavinami, ki sem jo vzela ravno zaradi maleic acid, ki je v Matrix Re-Bond. Meni je krasno. Jaz kupujem Joico že en mesec, pa se mi ne da vzet tok časa za gledat spletne trgovine. Bom že :)