TREND IT UP Face Contouring Palette

petek, februar 24, 2023

I don't really use contouring products often, but my favourite shades are the old NYX Taupe blush (I hear shade is now different) and L'Oreal Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette 01 Light/Medium (which is creamy and I have no idea if it's still sold). Both those shades work on very pale skin, so a while ago I got this cheap palette to use on others and me, hoping it's more universal. It's got good reviews on DM's website and it's not like there are a ton of other similar products in the drugstores here. It's average at best, but I might be generous. Since I bought this I found a much better product - the new Catrice Holiday Skin Bronze & Glow palette, though that one isn't as cool toned. 

 I'm very pale and all three powders have poor pigmentation. They're not the smoothest nor are they creamy/buttery powders, but can be applied without looking patchy. Contour is a decent shade for pale skin, though I wish it were a tiny bit ashier. Catrice's old palette Ashy Radiance was really good in that respect, so of course they discontinued it and swapped it with something warmer. Bronze is too warm for my taste, though it's not (very) orange. Revlon's Skin Lights & Rimmel's Natural Bronzing bronzers, which both have some the best powder textures I've ever tried, are much better shades for my skin tone. Highlighter is a pointless shade in this palette, since it's matte and matches my skin tone, meaning it does squat of brightening/highlighting (considering it looks like contour fits mostly fair skins, the choice of a highlighter is odd).

It's just not very good, thought ok if you want something to just try contouring, but currently Catrice has much better quality powders in their Holiday Palette. Trend it up's powders aren't particularly smooth nor pigmented and colour could be better. 

It's 4,99 € in DM. 

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