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nedelja, februar 19, 2023

ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Pure Uforia Foundation
I really like Oriflame foundations, though unfortunately I only have one shade that fits me  (MasterCreation) and the other two I got sent, were too dark (Age Defying and Illuskin). So I used them on others when doing makeup and on everyone Oriflame's foundations looked great. I've been planning on getting matching shades for myself for ages, but I didn't end up getting one of the formulas I've already tried (it's still the plan), instead I was curious about this Giordani Gold foundation that was released last year. Oriflame says it's a medium coverage foundation with a luminous glow and a hydrating formula. It has an SPF 35+. It's a very light, fluid liquid foundation with a light to medium coverage and finish is glowy-dewy. It's a formula that suits my currently dry skin and the shade I have, Porcelain, fits me too. It's about the same depth as Revlon's 110 Ivory and undertone is cool. 

SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm SPF50+ PA+++
This is a sample size. I thought the shade will fit me, but it's about a shade or two too dark (I think green version is lightest) This one is a brightening version and it has arbutin high on the list, but there are also small amounts of adenosine, vitamin C, ceramides, retinol, centella asiatica, squalane, Q10, a peptide and a lot of extracts. Formula is thick, similar to It Cosmetics CC. Coverage is about a medium (it's similar to the It Cosmetics CC) and finish is more towards matte one me (dry skin). It blends nice into my skin and looks pretty, it's just a shame about the shade. 

MISSHA Magic Cushion Cover Lasting 
This was 5 € on Stylevania and I see it's out of stock everywhere, so it's maybe in the process of being discontinued. I wanted a different Missha cushion because this doesn't come in a lighter shade (at Missha's BB's their shade #13 and #17 suit me well), but it was out of stock or it would take at least a month to even send it, so got this instead. I thought their shade #21 is lighter and has a grey undertone, but this is too dark for me and leans to orange. A small amount covers a lot. It has at least medium coverage, but I apply a thin coat of product. It melts into the skin and looks natural when I apply it in my way, BUT build up it starts to sink into pores, emphasize texture and made me discover a new wrinkle (so I guess all those retinol products aren't really working). Finish is satin, however my skin is currently dry and just sucks up moisture, so it may be different on other skin types.  
Stylevania (ni bilo carine, čeprav pošiljajo iz Hongkonga. Trajalo je približno mesec).

ETUDE HOUSE Tear Eye Liner
01 White
This is a liquid glittery eyeliner that's quite popular on Asian cosmetics sites. Reviews say that once it sets, it doesn't move. There are three shades of these and I got 01 White. Shimmer in this is about medium density, on my swatch I build it up a bit, though I don't have to go over the line when I apply it on the eyes. Colour is kind of holographic with shimmer that reflects different colours, though base colour is silver. The applicator is a thin brush that's precise. I've had it last all day and disappear after some hours - I might be accidentality removing it myself. I'm glad I got it because it gives something extra to the look.

PHYSICIANS FORMULA Matte Monoi Butter Blush 
Mauvy Matter
I saw this it swatched here and it looked like the type of colour I'd wear, but it turns out I don’t like it on me. It was a disappointment to try this for the first time. Not that's it's bad, far from it, it's just not for my taste and it looks completely different on me than on that swatch. It's an interesting shade though, as you can create/adapt the shade depending on how you swirl you brush. It's made out of five shades: a deep burgundy brown, a peach, a peachy-bronze, a light pink and a mauve. The first three shades ruins this for me and if it were just the last two, I'd love it. It's hard to pick up just those two without touching any of the other three warmer colours. Pigmentation is very intense, mostly due to that deepest colour. I need to be very careful applying this one, as even with my fluffiest brush and a very light touch on the surface, it can be too much. The cheeks need to be dry to the touch for this to blend well, so applying it on fresh foundation like I do with other blushes, is out of the question as this applies very patchy then (I avoid powdering my cheeks because my skin is dry that's why I apply blush straight on foundation). It has a strong fragrance, that typical beachy scent with coconuts and tiare flower (like BBW At the Beach and similar fragrances that are described as a suntan lotion scent). Like all PH blushes it has a mirror and an added brush in the bottom compartment.   

REVOLUTION X Game of Thrones Forever Flawless Shadow Palette 
Winter is Coming
I watched a Youtube video with this and there's a blue shimmer in it that just looked amazing. It's not my daily style at all, but I also realised I have no (good) colourful palettes in my collection and I love blue - in the past I tried to find great quality blue shades, but they tend to be a disappointment. I had one of these Forever Flawless palettes and it didn't impress me, but I heard this was one better. It's inspired by the icy north of Westeros and it's Revolution's Halloween release. There's also a red version called Mother of Dragon. There's a similar palette in the permanent Forever Flawless range called Ice, but that one looks more blue-green and has less neutral shades. Winter is Coming is a typical Revolution palette, so despite hearing it's better than other FF palettes, it's just ok. Some shades have great pigmentation like Winterfell (dark blue), Wall of Ice (silver) and Wolf's Blood (medium blue), while The North (light blue), White Raven (shimmery white) and Courage (warm taupe) need a lot of building up. That gorgeous blue shimmer Motto was a disaster when I tried it - that typical densely pressed shimmer that Revolution and Catrice use for shimmers and colour payoff was abysmal. However, the more I used it, the better it got and it still needs to be built up with a finger and colour payoff it never fully opaque (it's a topper shade), but I get the icy cool shimmer look I was looking for. I prefer using fingers for all the colours in this palette for a decent intense look, but I never get looking as good as was on that video, regardless of the base I'm using. 


MAKEUP OBSESSION Tiffany Illumin_arty Kaleidoscopic Dreams Palette
Another palette that's so not my typical style, but I wanted something colourful, so I watched a couple of videos and picked this one from the "colour on a budget" bunch. Now this is a good quality palette! I don't know who Illumin_arty is, I just quickly glanced her IG, but this collaboration with Revolution (Makeup Obsession is one of their many spinoffs) really made them step up their game and do eyeshadows properly for once (or all their eyeshadows under this MO brand are like this, I don't know). It contains 35 eyeshadows, not just brights, but also some neutrals. Pigmentation is insane. I've been searching for a navy blue that actually looks navy blue on the eyes since I was a teenager, I even got one from MAC (Contrast) and now I finally have this. I only need to touch it with a brush or finger and instantly the colour payoff on the skin is fully opaque. Mostly of she shades are like that, super pigmented and they also blend ok for such intense shades, but those four big shimmers are that tightly pressed texture that can't be picked up with a brush, though they work as toppers. I'm very pleased with this palette. For carnival/Halloween looks it's excellent and it was only about 10€. Some shades stain, mostly the red ones, which is the only minus I see so far. 

A white liquid eyeliner that's opaque with one swipe. The applicator is stiff, though a good shape for making lines with a wing, but because it's so hard, it's easier to dab the line on the eyes rather than drag it. This quickly dries and then it's completely smudgeproof and waterproof. Removers also can't get it off, instead it's easiest to peel it off in a way or "scratch it away" as crazy as this sounds, but it becomes almost like a sticker. 

LOVELY Mr. Sparkle Holo Eyeshadow Pencil 
A creamy sparkly eyeshadow. The base is white, but the shimmer reflects silver-blue-green. It's nicely creamy and glides easily on the skin. It needs some building up, though not that much. It blends ok, but it not super long lasting, which considering the price I paid, I'm not surprised (I think it was 2 € on Lič Panda). 

This had a big discount, so I got one of the shades that was still in stock. It's meant for cheeks and lips. When I opened it I saw that magenta tint on the applicator under the product, which means it's one of those that stains. I only need a tiny dab on my cheek, otherwise it's already too much. This needs to be blended right away otherwise it leaves the skin where it was "dabbed on" stained bright pink and it needs some creaminess under it to blend more evenly, as on a matte base it can quickly feel too dry to blend out easily. I haven't tried that trick where you mix the creamy blush with the concealer or foundation before applying it. Colour on me is a peachy-pink, it leans more towards peach. It doesn't last that long on my cheeks. On the lips a more pink shade, almost fully opaque when freshly applied, but it quickly dries to an almost matte finish and then it looks only semi-opaque.  

S-HE STYLEZONE Color & Style Eyeshadow Palette 
I've been deliberately avoiding this brand after a string of poor quality products I've tried back when it first launched (nail polishes excluded, since they are ok), but I had quite a few of their products because for a while it was by far the cheapest brand we had here (before Essence) and I was trying makeup for the first time. I see sadly that after all these years the quality of their eyeshadows has not changed much. While the texture doesn't feel powdery or chalky, the pigmentation leaves something to be desired. I've tried it with Urban Decay primer and a concealer under it, but for one it's hard to build up the intensity in the first place and then when I manage to get some colour going, it fades quickly, leaving only a faint grey hue on the eyes. The colours are not as vibrant as in the packaging (not that they are the most intense blues in the first place), but I'd expect them to look less bland. The only shade I like is the white one, which works as an ok highlighter. It was one of very few blue palettes I could even find in the drugstores and it just did not impress me at all.

TREND IT UP n.1 Eyeshadow
This claims to have an integrated primer. It's a white eyeshadow, so I didn't expect much in terms of extra intensity on the eyes and indeed it's not fully white even when build up. It needs a white eyeliner or a cream eyeshadow under it for that effect. Compared to Colourpop's white eyeshadow I have in Stone Cold Fox palette, it's not as intense and the colour payoff on the eyelids is not as quick, but it works as a matte base shade. Texture is soft and creamy, easy to pick up with a brush. It fades quickly from the eyelids, without a primer and also with a primer. Honestly, if you want a good, still affordable eyeshadow, I realised Colourpop is the way to go. If only there were no shipping and custom charges.

ESSENCE Longlasting Eye Pencil 
17 Tu-tu-turquoise  
A bright blue eyeliner with shimmer. I have a shimmery brown in this formula (35 Sparkling Brown) and both are really good for the price. Full colour payoff isn't instant, but it can be build up to full opacity and it lasts really well even without a primer. After it sets, it doesn't rub off the skin. There's only poor transfer in the waterline and most of the colour ends up between the lower lashes. For a bit over a euro this is a good coloured liner if you plan to use it on the top lash line or under the lower lashes.

ESSENCE Kajal Pencil 
04 White
I don't know where my Max Factor's white eyeliner ended up, so I got this as a replacement. I tried it as a white base on the eyelids and it's not the best, though still decent, however, it fades quickly and not pretty. It transfers into the waterline ok, but not fully opaque. It tends to disappears from there fast. Too bad Essence doesn't have this white in the Longlasting range.  

S-HE STYLEZONE Color & Style Khol Kajal 
A light blue that's more "true blue" than Essence's. It's the poorest quality eyeliner of the three above. Formula is least creamy, but it glides on the skin ok and has a decent colour payoff. Sadly it doesn't last terribly well on the skin. There's zero transfer in the waterline. 

I got this bag for free with purchase and Lič Panda made a random selection of products, so you don't know what you're getting - honestly, I wish I picked one of their other options of gift with purchase. 

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Pastel Lights Shadow Palette
An average quality palette. Some shades are great, like those mint greens and orange, but the purples need more building up, especially the light one. I wore a purple look one day and the eyeshadows were mostly still on at the end of the day. 

NAM Wet Lips Lipstick 
03 Dark Nude
This smells like old (expired) lipsticks. I don't know if that's its original smell or mine is off. It's a basic creamy lipstick, not very glossy despite the name. Formula is smooth and fully opaque. Colour is a medium brown with some peach-rosy tones. 

PINK PANDA Nail Polish 
I didn't know Pink Panda has its own brand. I like this light warm pink shade. Formula is smooth and unproblematic to apply. This is two coats on the nails. Everything lasts well on me, as does this formula. 

A multi-use balm for face, body and hair that was in that shiny Lič surprise bag. I haven't opened it yet. Reviews praise it on Revolution's website, but everything is praised on their website. It has a security seal, but based on the pictures online, this looks about the same texture as the Palmer's Tummy Butter.

OPI Nail Polish 
The Pearl of Your Dreams
I saw this on one of the few blogs that still posts reviews and it immediately went on my wishlist even though I stick to cheap brands. It looks like the perfect winter-icy shade. I found it in Müller, which I did not expect, since it's a LE. One coat is fairly sparse, but three costs get you full opacity. Removal is difficult as with all glitter nail polishes, though this is one of those glitters that feels quite smooth on the nails, so removal is not as lengthy as with some others. 

I said I'll never buy an Eveline Gel Lacque formula again after the disaster the first shade I tried was (it forms bubbles), but I saw this gold and I got it because such shades are rare, especially here. It's much better quality than the creamy shade I had before. It's semi-sheer with one coat and looks like a very nice topper, while for the intensity in the picture I applied 3 layers. It didn't form bubbles or was in any other way problematic. The shade is more of a yellow gold than I'd like, but it's so far the gold shade with the smallest glitter particles I've found that I can get without ordering online.

CEZANNE Deep Moisture Skin Conditioner
A repurchase, though this packaging is different than my old one. I use every day morning and nights. It's a hydrating liquid that's easy to layer and contains all the good stuff - ceramides, different versions of hyaluronic acid, extracts, aminoacids, cholesterol,…. I have to order it from Asia, but at least one bottle lasts a very long time. 

COSRX Full Fit Toner Propolis Synergy
This is just a mini because I didn't want to commit to a full size, but 50 ml should last me a while. It's a toner that contains 72.6% of Black bee Propolis extract and 10% Honey extract. The texture is nice - thicker than toner, but not as thick as a serum. It reminds me of an Etude House Collagen toner I used to have. I haven't been using it that long, but so far my skin is behaving well. I like it a lot more than the renewed It's Skin Propolis serum, so when it runs out, I'll likely get a full size.

A'PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Oil
I've had Clarin's Lip Oil on my wishlist since forever. This looked similar based on reviews and it's only 4 €. It's soo nice. A super thick lip glos that isn't sticky and it just lasts on the lips for ages. It's nicely glossy, though like all glosses the shine eventually fades, but there's plenty of product left to care for the lips. It has no scent though, I wish it smelled like honey. The applicator is I think very similar to the Clarins one, a big doe foot.  

Milk Vanilla
Someone recommended me this a long time ago when I was asking for a nice lip balm (I found Bee Natural through those recommendations too). Reviews praise this highly and it has a SPF, which is said doesn't leave a bad taste. I picked Milky Vanilla because it was cheapest, but there are also honey, matcha and no scent versions. It's actually the same texture as Bee Natural, Palmer's Swivel Stick and Lip Smacker (that Panda and Unicorn I have), so yes an excellent lip balm, but also nothing I haven't tried before. However, it has an SPF and no bad taste because of it. 

Repurchase. My favourite sheet mask. Sheet is thin, there's plenty of honey smelling essence and it really makes my skin more even and brighter. It has tons honey extract and propolis.

Repurchase. Another favourite sheet mask. It has a comfortable, nourishing formula and a thin sheet. This one helps tone down any redness or irritation.  

SCHAEBENS Milch & Honig Tuch Maske
I finally found this in Müller. It's a sheet mask with propolis, which my skin loves. Ingredients looks like this should suit my dry skin, as it has macadamia oil, almond oil and honey, but also niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. Instructions recommend you put this in warm water before you open it, so I used this with Foreo UFO, as it heats the masks to 45°C. Formula is rich for a sheet mask - it's a milky lotion. There is a lot of essence is the pack and even though I went over the mask with the UFO three times (that device helps a lot of essence absorb so much quicker), there was enough of it left for my entire body. As for effect: I didn't notice anything special. My skin was nourished and that was it. Unusually propolis masks leave my skin with a bit of a glow, but this one is a standard nourishing mask. The mask not as thin as some Korean ones, but it was comfortable enough and size was appropriate. Would I buy it again? Honestly I don't know. If we had Korean masks for cheap here, I'd say no, but this has nice ingredients and it's available in Müller, so maybe I'll buy it again. I don't love it as much as their pink hydrogel mask (which looks like it's discontinued). 

CERAVE Reparative Hand Cream
A simple formulation with added ceramides, cholesterol and hyaluronic acid. I loved this straight away. It's thick and rich, yet it absorbs fast, so there's quickly no greasy residue on the skin. It reminds me of L'Occitane Shea 20% cream, which is also thick and fast absorbing. This has no fragrance. It replaced Balea Urea as my favourite affordable hand cream.

MOROCCANOIL Smoothing Lotion
This was on my wishlist for ages, especially since I'm a huge fan of the mask and recently the Smoothing conditioner. But mostly you can get only the 300 ml version and given that I wasn't a big fan of the Hydrating Styling Cream, I wanted to get a small size. My cousin bought me this mini. It's amazing. It makes my hair feel so silky and so much better. Together with the Smoothing conditioner my hair dries frizzy free, softer and feeling silky. It's doesn't weight down the like hair (like Hydrating Cream does if I don't use it alone) and it doesn't leave it sticky. Moroccanoil continues to impress me. 

LA RIVE Solare
This is a supposed "dupe" for Nivea Sun fragrance, which we still don't have here. It smells just like European sunscreens (Nivea and a bit like Sun Dance). It's summer in a bottle for me. It loses much of its strength quickly, but some of the fragrance still lingers hours later. 

CHRISTINA AGUILERA Definition eau de parfum
I got this as a gift. I remember it so differently, much more powdery. I loved it when I first tried it, put it on my wishlist straight away - but this isn't it. Did it go through a reformulation? Or is my memory off? It's very floral, I don't get any fruity notes in this. Base smells strange to me, I can't describe I, but the dry down is somewhat soapy. Maybe I'll change my mind about it when I give it another go in some time or when the weather is warmer.
Top notes: Red apple, italian mandarin and sicilian bergamot
Middle notes: Vanilla orchid and diamond orchid
Base notes: heliotrope, musk, hinoki wood and ambergris

ORIFLAME Love Potion Sensual Ruby
New flanker of Oriflame's Love Potion fragrance. It's classified as floral gourmand scent with notes of ruby chocolate.
Top notes: red berries, peony and orange
Heart: ruby chocolate accord, white floral bouquet and rose
Base: cedarwood, caramelised nuts and musk
I haven't tried the original Love Potion, I only remember the pink Secret version, which based on scented pages in the catalogue is less deep and smells like white chocolate with strawberries. Sensual Ruby is a deep, yet juicy fruity fragrance. I get plenty of red berries, some fresh orange from the start with a sweet, sensual deep base. If you like scents like Good Girl and Paco Rabanne Black XS, you'll like it. It smells very familiar to me, but I can't put my finger on it. It's mostly fruity from the start, then becomes more floral with a subdued rose note and a base that's sweet spicy-powdery. It's a strong fragrance that leaves a trace in the room and lingers on the skin for quite a while.    

WOMEN' SECRET Gold Seduction Eau de parfum 
Floral oriental
Top notes: Raspberry, Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin Orange
Middle notes: Jasmine, Peach and White Flowers 
Base notes: Vanilla, Cashmeran, Musk, Cedar and Patchouli
First burst is straight up bubble gum - a fruity-sugary scent. The dry down is completely different, as it becomes a lot deeper, richer scent. People say this is a dupe for Black Opium - I agree it's similar and if you walked past someone wearing it, they might say "it's Black Opium you're wearing, right?" because it has similar "DNA" and smells more expensive than it is. However, it's missing the coffee note, so that bitterness Black Opium has and it's more fruity when I put my nose to the skin (berries). For 19 € (100 ml) you can't miss if you like such scents, as it also lasts quite well, but it's not very unique and there are many fragrances with this fruity-floral-vanilla-patchouli mix. This has gold shimmer in it, which looks beautiful in the bottle and though with one spray there's only some glitter particles on the skin.

WOMEN' SECRET Rose Seduction Eau de parfum 
Fruity floral
Top notes: Tangerine, Orange Blossom and Apple 
Middle notes: Sweet Notes and Jasmine 
Base notes: Vanilla and Musk.
This is a purse size, but the bottle is the same as the Gold version. The liquid is pink and the bow is silver, but it again has shimmer inside. First blast is very reminiscent of La Vie Est Belle, so fruity-sugary sweet with vanilla. Later it becomes more powdery floral on me, almost soapy in an elegant feminine way. It lacks the praline-patchouli combination to be like LVEB, but the rest is similar, so it's like a softer sister. Both fragrances are strong and last well, though this one is weaker of the two. 

BETTY BARCLAY Wild Flower eau de toilette
Top notes: Lemon, Pink Pepper, Raspberry
Heart: Jasmine, Rose, Peony
Base: Cedarwood, Tonka Bean Vanilla
A basic fruity floral, nothing I haven't smelled before, but it's a simple fragrance to wear. It's fresh, sweet, floral and clean - it has that shampoo scent vibe. I actually carry their Dream Away always in my purse because it's a scent that's just nice and neutral, so I can spray it anytime. Wild Flower is a similar scent. I don't get tonka bean or vanilla in this, the base is mostly woody, so it comes off as an airier, lighter scent than the notes might indicate. I mostly get pink pepper and raspberry from the start, then it turns floral-woody with notes of peony and cedarwood. Staying power and strength of scent is not the best. 

A repurchase. This is one of the best drugstore hair masks I've found so far. It leaves my hair feeling silky, detangled and it's nourishing enough for my very dry hair.

BOROTALCO Deo Stick Original
My first repurchase. This replaced Dove's coconut version I've been using for many years, as I think it's discontinued and I don't like the original stick version. This is so far working well for me.

AFRODITA COSMETICS The Magical Story of Christmas Gift Set
I got this so long ago, so it's mostly gone (vidim, da je še nekaj škatel na Mimovrste) Set contains a shower gel and body milk that smell like sweet almond, orange and warm vanilla - set for 2021 had the same products in a different packaging. 

AFRODITA COSMETICS Happy Holidays Hand Cream
A scented hand cream with a fragrance with notes of nuts, warm vanilla and cookies. It's light, absorbs fast and the scent lingers. 

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