New in #127: Catrice New Products for Spring/Summer 2023

torek, februar 07, 2023

Nude Drop Tinted Serum Foundation 

As feathery light texture like a serum and a performance like makeup: the Nude Drop Tinted Serum Foundation has a highly fluid, weightless and breathable formula. It contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to provide 24-hour hydration. Specially coated pigments ensure long-lasting hold and a buildable, light to medium coverage for a radiant complexion with a natural matte finish. The formula is fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin. For perfect results, shake the serum/foundation combo well before application.

Coverage: light-medium.
Texture: featherlight, very fluid.
Finish: starts of satin/semi-matte with glow on high points of the face, then becomes matte with a kind of a powdery look.

This feels very similar to the HD Liquid Coverage foundation on my skin. I struggled with this one because my skin is dry, so I apply a lot of skin care and this does not work well with anything under it, unless it absorbs instantly and doesn't leave a layer on the skin. Applying my usual routine, it just didn't want to blend in and it peeled. It's a very fluid, ultra light foundation that has about light-medium coverage, so a bit less than HD Liquid Coverage, but it can be layered for more on areas where needed. I should love it and I'm on a fence about it, but although it starts looking so nice, beautifully natural with a thin layer of product that's basically invisible, it later becomes more matte and sinks into pores - it looks exactly the same as HD Liquid Camouflage and something is off on me. My skin is at its driest at the moment, so I'll have to give it a test in the summer again to see if it performs better on me. Finish is semi-matte from the start and then almost powdery matte. Currently powder only makes it worse. 

I have to complain about the packaging. It's pretty, but most of the time, the dropper doesn't get anything. The product isn't thick, so that's odd. I got sent the shade 010N, which is about a shade or two too dark for me, but 4 lighter shades exists (I don't know how many we have here). 010N is comparable to 150 Buff from Revlon and the undertone is neutral.

Invisible Matte Loose Powder
The Invisible Matte Loose Powder by CATRICE has an extremely light, silky texture that blends seamlessly into the skin. It gives the skin an instant soft focus effect and makes the pores seem smaller. It reduces skin shine and extends the durability of your make-up. In addition, the transparent powder is suitable for all skin tones. The formula is free of microplastic particles, parabens, silicones, fragrances, mineral oil additives and oil.

My skin is too dry to test this right now. Applying a mattifying powder over foundation at the moment makes it patchy, so I've been very sparing using this. However, I think I like it so far and it has a lot of potential for when my skin is more normal. It's very fine and silky, more than my other loose powders. I've tried applying it just on my pores around my nose and it blurs quite well. 

All Over Glow Tint
010 Beaming Diamond
Whether on the cheeks, eyes or lips: The All Over Glow Tint creates a gorgeous shimmer effect in no time at all. The formula with vitamin C, niacinamides and panthenol leaves the skin looking radiant and gives the cheeks, eyes and lips a soft glow. Let it shine!

There are three shades of these liquid highlighters and the stand had all three testers, but not the place for all the colours, just for 010 and 030. I liked the shade 020 more for my skin tone, which is more pink, but I had to settle for this champagne-golden one instead. It swatches beautifully, a lovely strong glow with no visible big shimmer ( I made a video swatching this, which shows the glow better than the picture). On the cheeks it's more subtle and it's the type of highlighter that looks like a natural glow. I find that it doesn't work well with all foundations or bases. I used it first over a hydrating, dewy formula (Oriflame GG Uforia) and it just did not layer well. It sank into pores and there were visible dots. Over a matte foundation (Catrice's Nude Drop is like that on me) it looked considerably better, it layered well and I could build up the glow, but not to a super intense layer. Formula is light and not greasy. It's not a liquid like Oriflame's The One IlluSkin Liquid Highlighter or L'Oreal's Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops, but effect is very similar. All are great natural looking formulas, but L'Oreal's is kind of greasy, so before this one I always used Oriflame's which is a gorgeous formula. This one doesn't beat it, but Oriflame is not an easy brand to get.

Holiday Skin Bronze & Glow Palette
010 Out of Office
A summery tanned complexion with just a few strokes of the brush? Not a problem with the Holiday Skin Bronze & Glow Palette. The palette combines a bronzer and a highlighter shade – both have a light, soft texture that is easy to apply and blend. A look like you're fresh from a holiday? Absolutely. The darker and lighter colours are also great for highlighting the contours of your face.

One of my favourite products from the new ones I've tried. Both powders are excellent. The bronzer side is matte, smooth and a nice shade that's not too warm, so it suits me as a contour. It's quite pigmented, so I don't need a lot for my fair skin and it blends evenly. The highlighter is a champagne shade and has very fine shimmer, so it looks really great on the skin. It's not the strongest, so I can apply it in a way that it looks more natural or build it up for a more intense glow. 
As a contour palette it's not as cool toned/ashy as the stupidly discontinued Prime & Fine Ashy Radiance, however, it still works and the powders are much better quality. This is meant as a bronzer, not really a contour and it's good shade for pale skin that doesn't look orange.

On the eyes: 5 in a Box Mini Eyeshadow Palette 080 Diamond Lavender Look. | Lips: Scandalous Matte Lipsticks 040 Rosy Seduction

Cheek Lover Marbled Blush 
10 Dahlia Blossom
The Cheek Lover Marbled Blush is a real eye-catcher with its distinctive marbling. Thanks to the highly-pigmented texture with a fine shimmer, it ensures radiant cheeks with a natural finish. Perfect for highlighting the facial contours and creating a visible boost of freshness!

A baked blush that has an intense pigmentation and a smooth formula. I need to apply this one slowly, as I can quickly get a lot of colour on my pale cheeks (it's one layer with a fluffy blush on the picture. Usually I really need to build blushes up for them to show on the camera, but not this one). Shade is a type of peachy-pink that's a lot more pink than peach. It has tiny shimmer in it that adds a glow, but since it's so pigmented and I need to apply little of it, the shimmer/highlighter effect isn't that intense on me - it should be on deeper skin tones (I apply Catrice's fantastic Glow Lover Oil-Infused Highlighter over it for more glow). Overall this is one of the best drugstore blushes I've tried, very similar to the discontinued L.O.V. blushes and better than Milani's Baked Blush (though I only have Petal Primavera, but it is less pigmented than this one). Let's just hope Catrice keeps it and expands the range.

Eyes: Catrice Art Couleurs Eyeshadow 360 Golden Leaf | Lips: Catrice Shine Bomb Lipstick 040 Secret Crush

Cheek Flirt Face Stick
020 Techno Pink
The Cheek Flirt Face Stick is ideal for giving your face a visible boost of freshness when you're on the go. Thanks to its practical format, the stick is sure to fit in any handbag and is always close at hand. The highly-pigmented cream texture is easy to apply and blends well for a natural-looking colour effect that lasts. Without glitter particles.

There are three shades available, both of the other two were peachy and such shades look orange-ish on me, so I got this one despite the fact it swatched a bit scary bright in the shop (swatches of shade 010 look so different online, so maybe we had two of the same testers? They looked so similar. I didn't even check the names). It is quite an intense shade for my pale skin and I need to apply this one gradually with small swipes or better said dabs. The stick glides ok on the skin, but it is more on the thick side, so blending isn't as quick and easy as I'd like. I can get a seamless blend by going over the edges with a sponge, while just with fingers it can end up uneven, especially if the base is dry-matte. It doesn't last as long as Catrice's powder blushes, which is not surprising, but it lasts well enough. Shade is similar to the Catrice's Marble blush I mentioned above, as both are intense (for my pale skin) warm pinks, except this one has no shimmer.   

Pure False Lash Mascara
No time for elaborate make-up sessions? No problem – the Pure False Lash Mascara creates a false lash effect in seconds to ensure great moments! The mascara comes with a curved fibre brush. This allows you to coat every single lash with the texture – instantly making your lashes look longer and thicker. The special feature? The fragrance-free formula has buildable coverage so anything is possible, from classic to eye-catching eye looks!

My least favourite product in this selection. It's not just that it's a regular formula (there are plenty good non waterproof ones), but it makes my lashes look so bland. It's poor at definition, doesn't fan out the lashes, instead it sticks them together, one coat doesn't do much and building it up doesn't create the amount of volume many other Catrice mascaras I've tried can. My lashes aren't short, but this mascara makes them look a lot shorter or to be more clear, it doesn’t make my lashes look as long as most mascaras do. Formula is too thin and too wet now that it's new, so I have hopes it becomes better as it thickens because now it's just not depositing enough on the lashes and it has zero hold. 

5 in a Box Mini Eyeshadow Palette 
080 Diamond Lavender Look
A perfect eye make-up look is always close at hand with the 5 In A Box Mini Eyeshadow Palette in a practical travel size. The palettes are free of microplastic particles and each contains five shades that can be used to create gorgeous, complete eye make-up looks in seconds. The highly pigmented shades with precious rose oil are super soft and blend easily.

I loved the look of this one already when I saw it on the website and I was excited to try it, but this is weak. I was most excited about that second purple-mauve-taupe eyeshadow, as I've been looking for something like it, but it's impossible to build up to a good level on intensity. Even with a finger and using a base. They just don't stick well to the skin. The last three shades are noticeably better, but compared to the Pro Slim palette, this just isn't that good. Blending also isn't that easy and I couldn't make the last shade into a nice transition. It's strange because Catrice usually makes great matte eyeshadows. 

PRO Slim Eyeshadow Palette Blushing Ocean 
010 MesmerEYEzing Moments
With the CATRICE Pro Eyeshadow Palette Blushing Ocean in high-quality paper packaging, "Pro-like" looks are guaranteed. The top-quality palette convinces with 14 highly-pigmented eyeshadows. The shades are inspired by turquoise oceans, bright sandy beaches as well as breathtaking sunsets and are complemented by earthy brown and red tones. Thanks to the different effects with metallic shimmering to matte finishes, you can create a variety of expressive eye make-up styles.

This is considerably better than the 5 in a box, however, it's like all Pro Slim palettes I've tried so far, a mixed bag in terms of quality of eyeshadows. The glitter/shimmer shades are problematic as Catrice still continues to make the same ones that can't be picked up with a brush. The lighter such shades (Crystal, Solei and Pink Sand) don't have an even colour payoff and need to be layered a lot, while the red Bonfire, Glam bronze and blue Ocean are better. The matte shades are great, in fact some are just excellent, especially Daydream, Beach Flirt, Palm and Cave, which have intense colour payoff and blend well.  

On the lips: Plump it Up Lip Booster 040 Prove Me Wrong | Cheeks: Holiday Skin Bronze & Glow Palette 010 Out of Office | Eyes: Faked Big Volume Lashes

Faked Big Volume Lashes
A WOW appearance is guaranteed with the Faked Lashes. You can choose between different lash styles with natural to dramatic effects. The ultra-light, false lashes with an integrated mini lash glue are reusable and can be applied easily thanks to the ultra-flexible lash strip. Bonus: The lashes come in reusable packaging that is ideal for storage.

Big dramatic lashes with a winged out look. I didn't like these on my eyes, as I felt they lack the length in the middle. They lashes itself are nice, the band is soft and flexible, I also didn't feel them on the eyes, so they're light. I used my Kiss glue, as in my experience the glue Catrice adds to these lashes is not strong enough to hold in the corners. There are several shapes of new false lashes.

Plump it Up Lip Booster 
020 No Fake Love and 040 Prove Me Wrong 
The Plump It Up Lip Booster by CATRICE is THE gamechanger for voluminous lips with a high-shine finish. The formula with menthol, vitamin E and jojoba oil nourishes the lips and leaves them feeling tingly and cool. At the same time, the non-sticky, soft texture feels very pleasant on the lips. Thanks to the integrated applicator with a thick, soft tip, the lip gloss can be applied easily and evenly.

Shade 040 Prove me Wrong was love at first try. I would never pick it up myself because in the bottle it not that special, but it's a perfect my lips but better shade for me (it's similar Revlon Vinyl Polish in Birthday Suit, but darker in the tube). Overall these are lovely. They are a bit richer and thicker than glosses usually are, but they are not sticky. The shine level is intense and these manage to hold on for a while, by that I mean longer than an average lip gloss. It's another Catrice formula that tingles, but it's not strong and it doesn't last - it's more cooling than tingling. I've been wearing these a lot in the last days and I don't even notice it anymore. Both shades are semi-opaque. 020 No Fake Love is a pale nude that lighten up the lips a bit and 040 Prove me Wrong is a rosy brown that perfectly suits my natural lip colour.

Scandalous Matte Lipsticks 
020 Nude Obsession and 040 Rosy Seduction
All that matters ... is the Scandalous Matte Lipstick by CATRICE. The lipstick with a matte finish has a silky-soft, light texture and impresses with a highly-pigmented colour payoff. At the same time, the formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid, shea butter and passion fruit oil, provides moisture and leaves behind a long-lasting, pleasant feeling on the lips.

By now I'm a bit confused why they made third line of lipsticks that is the same as their other matte formulas that are/were in the same packaging (I don't know what was discontinued, since bloggers don't blog news anymore and I don't receive such news, plus I haven't been in a drugstore in a while). Demi Matte and Vegan Collagen Matte formulas are exactly the same as this one. I loved those two and I love this formula as well. It's light, glides on the lips with ease, has good pigmentation, looks smooth and has a semi-matte finish (later it settles to a completely matte one when the creaminess goes away). Catrice knows how to make a great matte formula, but why do feel the need to change the name of the line ever so often and do a relaunch, I don't know. 020 Nude Obsession is a beige nude shade with a peachy undertone and 040 Rosy Seduction a muted rosy coral/peachy shade. They last well on my lips.

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    1. It looks amazing when freshly applied, but later it becomes too matte on my skin. It may stay this nice on skin that isn't dry, but I can't be sure.