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petek, maj 31, 2024

Initially I wasn't that impressed by this, mostly because I wasn't sure it does anything, but once I made pictures/videos for review I saw that it brightens the area up nicely. It's a very pale pink shade and that suits my skin tone more than the peachy corrector from Catrice. I find it's best to apply this over concealer instead of under it and it adds a nice final touch to the makeup, making you look more rested. I'm not a big fan of the formula and I hope Essence brings this shade in a liquid form. Though it is creamy and glides on the skin easily, it tends to look a bit heavy or it starts to look not that smooth a while after application on my dry skin. But I use it regularly now. I use either a brush or a finger, but I never swipe it on directly on the skin.

ESSENCE Blush Crush!
40 Strawberry Flush
This is beautiful shade for my skin tone. It's close to a natural flush colour and it makes the skin look so fresh. I could call it a typical peachy-pink with golden shimmer a.k.a. the Nars Orgasm dupe (in a loose sense. We all know how many alleged "dupes" exist), but this one has the perfect balance between pink and peachy tones. Pigmentation is medium and needs to be build up, but the glow shows up faster than the colour.

*REVLON ColorStay Xtensionnaire Mascara
A very impressive formula, even for a regular one. It adds a lot of length with one coat, it's also nicely volumising and it's very decent at definition because it has good hold. It can make the lashes look big and "glamourous". It can even hold my stubborn lashes up a bit, which I appreciate given that it's a regular, washable formula. 

ESSENCE Soft & Precise Lip Pencil
202 My Mind
I got several shades and this one is the closest to my natural lip colour. It's a touch deeper and pinker, but a good shade for a no makeup makeup look and for shaping the lips. It's very similar to the discontinued Soft Contouring 07 Lost in Love that I have been using a lot over the years, except that's it's pinker.

I finally got a chance to test this properly when my skin got unclear a few weeks back and I can say this worked so well on me. Formula is light, gel-like and it leaves a layer on the skin, like a primer. My skin was clear in a matter of days - not that the breakout was terrible, but I was happy with results.

ELIZAVECCA Cer-100 Collagen Ceramide Coating Protein Treatment + L’ORÉAL PARIS Elseve Glycolic Gloss 5-Minute Shine Treatment
I got these a week or two ago so I only tried them together so far, as one is a protein treatment and the other a kind of a finisher (it's best used after a conditioner). They made my hair feel amazing - light, nourished and silky. It's a similar effect to Moroccanoil Colour Depositing Mask (without the colour part). I used the protein treatment Elizavecca first. It's hailed as a dupe for Olaplex - it's not, but it's kind of a dupe for Joico K-Pak as both are packed with hydrolised proteins and aminoacids. The Glycolic Gloss added that silicone slipperiness I like and some extra shine, but not like a shine spray. I need to try them separately too, though I don't want to, as together these are such a great combination that rivals (professional) salon brands. 


CAUDALIE Vinergetic Instant Detox Mask - apparently this is quite popular. It's a mask that people say "shrinks" pores a.k.a. cleans them up well. It's probably about the same as GlamGlow SuperMud, but without AHA's, but it's worth a try.

L'OREAL PARIS Lumi Glotion 901 Fair Glow - a popular liquid highlighter/primer. I'm guessing it's similar to Hollywood Flawless Filter/Catrice Soft Glam Filter/ Essence Magic Filter and the likes, but I'm hoping it's a bit more intense, as I'm still looking for a new good liquid highlighter formula.

MAYBELLINE Sunkisser Blush - nice to see yet another brand come out with a liquid blush, though these are blush/bronzers.

L'OREAL PARIS True Match Radian Serum Concealer - these just arrived to DM here. I like the sound of radiant in the name, it usually means it's a lighter, hydrating formula with a glow instead of the popular high coverage matte ones that are everywhere. Concealers for dry skin are not easy to find (here).

SKIN 1004 Zombie Pack - this promises a lot: pore-tightening, lifting, a reduction of appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. It's an eggwhite based mask that dries tight on the face. I'm tempted to try it, since I hear it's one of the viral products that's worth it.

TREND !T UP Matte Contour Cream - Petra (Adjusting Beauty) says this is a nice cool contour. 

TREND !T UP Glow Highlighting Cream - Another liquid highlighter to try. Let's hope it's better than Essence'sCatrice's and Terra Naturi's I've tried recently.

BOURJOIS Healthy Mix S.O.S. Lip Oil - Bourjois is a bit late to the party with these lip oils. I'd be tempted to try them if I wasn't already happy with the Catrice ones. 

L'ERBORISTICA Perliánce Antioxidant Illuminating Face Serum - this has Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate high on the list and this version of vitamin C works best with my skin. 

BALEA Glow Perfect Shine Coat - a shine spray and heat protectant in one. It has some proteins too, but alcohol is the first ingredient.

GLAZE HAIR Super Color Conditioning Gloss - This is highly praised for giving shine to the hair, but it's essentially the same product as Moroccanoil Colour Depositing Mask/Wella Colour Fresh/Subrina Colour Refresh/Schwarzkopf Brilliance Gloss Treatment and the likes. I colour my bleached hair with such semi-permanent colours and many brown shades look very bland, without much shine (especially the cooler, deeper ones that match my natural undertone like the one I'm currently using Schwarzkopf Chocolate Brown). Maybe these have enough gloss in them to look more vibrant on my hair. 


*PR products. Selected for this post because they are good.

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