April Favourites

sreda, april 30, 2014

  Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in 009 Rich Sable
I've had this eyeshadow for more years that I care to remember, so I'm not sure if it's still sold any more. Rich Sable is a matte cool deep brown that I love wearing in the outer V of the eye to give it definition. The shade is similar to Faint in Urban Decay Basic palette only a bit darker and more cool toned. It's super pigmented and blends surprisingly well for a drugstore matte eyeshadow.

This is one of those perfect natural looking crease colours that every girl with a pale skintone should own. It's a cool medium brown with a matte finish that blends wonderfully and gives the crease subtle definition without looking like you're wearing a lot of makeup.

The season calls for coral shades and my first pick this month was Rose Boudoir. It's a vivid pinky-coral with a creamy finish that is a proper spring colour and it brightens up the face. It's actually very similar to Bourjois Rouge Edition 11 Fraise Remix if anyone is interested in a cheaper dupe.

I so like this shade on me. It's a colour I've searched for years - that perfect light coral that doesn't look orange on my pale skin and just goes with everything. The formula is one of those shiny lipsticks that is not my cup of tea since I'm more of a matte girl and it doesn't last long on the lips, but the shade is worth it.

This is my favourite scent in any tropical/summer edition by Balea. It's so juicy-sweet yet refreshing and similar to a grapefruit scent. They should make it permanent. 

Every time I put this shade on I'm astonished at how perfect the formula and the colour are. The application is always impeccable and the shade is the perfect pink-coral that doesn't look orange on me as most corals do.

It shouldn't be too surprising that this is in monthly favourites since I just raved about it in a review. It's another great base by Bourjois with a light-medium coverage and a satin/matte finish. I'm a fan of light covering foundations that look like you're not even wearing makeup rather that your skin looks so great and this CC cream ticks all the boxes.

I've had a craving for honey scents again and this in combination with Lady Gaga's Fame is divine. This body butter has a floral-honey scent that I've really grown to love and the texture of it is one of the best I've tried. Why do the best thing always have to be LE?

As I said, this is perfect in combination with Honeymania BB. Fame is a honey-floral fragrance with a strong apricot note in the beginning (which smells like grape on me) and a hint of smokiness from the incense. In combination with the body butter that honey note stands out even more making a super cosy, sweet combination.

Have a great day!

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  1. Cute as a Button si moram nujno kupiti. :)

  2. Ooo kako lepe slikice :)! Ta body shower izgleda super (oz se bere), in Essie Cute as a button je itak že na moji WL ;).

  3. Za tale Balein gel za tuširanje se strinjam, izjemno lepo diši. Na Coral Ambition pa sem že skoraj pozabila zaradi vseh novih pridobitev, sem ga imela letos parkrat na ustnicah, potem pa več ne, bo treba spremeniti to, ker je res super pomladni odtenek. :)

  4. Si bom zapomnila, da morem nujno kupiti Wedge naslednjič ko bom v bližini Mac-a :) Je pa meni tudi všeč ta Balein gel za tuširanje, čeprav mi je Melon tango še ljubši :)

  5. Oh, I love your picks this month! I already told you that that Bourjois CC Cream is a favorite of mine as well, and I am also totally crushing on all those coral picks :-)

  6. wau, ti dve rjavi senčili sta PREKRASNI, bi ju obvezno rabila v svoji makeup kolekciji. <3 :))
    mam pa sama tudi tale Lady Gaga parfumček, CC kremo in gel za tuširanje, pa sem tudi jaz zadovoljna. :)