Empties #10

nedelja, oktober 05, 2014

What a terrible concealer. I've disliked it since the first time I tried it, but I just kept it in my drawer for no particular reason, gave it a few more tries and still hated it. It's waxy, doesn't apply nicely, looks patchy on the skin and doesn't even cover well. The only bright side is that the light shade is very light, however, the time has come to toss it in the garbage.
Repurchase: No.

As I suspected, this didn't last me long, but I was still surprised when it ran out. I can honestly say, I've never used up a concealer so fast as this one, but since it has only 1.5 ml of product inside, it's almost like a tester - just for a full price. Even though the coverage was about medium, this concealer really grew on me. It looks incredibly natural due to a light, thin consistency and the shade is wonderful because it has a neutral undertone. It's become one of my favourite drugstore concealers for under the eyes, but the amount you get for the price is a complete joke.
Repurchase: Yes, despite the stingy amount.

I was never a fan of this foundation as it just never looked right on my skin and it leaves that awful greasy feeling like it never truly sets. However, the lightest shade 010 Light Porcelain is one of the best matches for my pale skin and I loved using this for mixing with other more yellow or darker foundations to get the absolute perfect match for my neutral skin tone. I talked about mixing foundations recently in this post
Repurchase: I would purely for the need to mix it with other shades, however, I have found that there is another Rimmel foundation that is as light as this and I'm going to try that one first.

My HG mascara. It does everything I want - gives plenty of length, volume, it defines, it's super black and most importantly it holds the curl all day. Fantastic stuff. It costs an arm and a leg, though. 
Repurchase: Yes.

This mascara is so tricky to use, but it produces some wonderful results. The brush is just a thin weird plastic comb, which doesn't really make the application easy, I would definitely prefer a standard wand with this formula. The formula is the blackest one I've ever tried to date and it's also quite thick due to the fibres in it. The fibres itself didn't make my lashes look any longer, they did however, ruin my contact lenses when a fibre crumbled off the lashes and fell into my eye attaching itself on the lens (it was so adorable *sarcasm off*). The fibres drop during the day landing under the eyes and on the cheeks, but the lashes keep curled all day. Basically, it's a mascara that gives a lot of volume and is intensely black, but the fibres are annoying as is the brush/comb thingie.
Repurchase: No. 

This was my favourite eyeliner before I discovered felt tip versions. It's really black with a glossy finish and lasts well on the lids. The applicator is precise, but needs to be re-dipped in the product during application if you want an intense line as the product on the applicator doesn't suffice for one eye.
Repurchase: Noalthough it is really good.

This is and was my favourite eyeliner, though currently Kardashian's version is kind of kicking its ass. These felt tip liners are the bomb for non-liner savvy kids like me because due to the thin, precise applicator, drawing a line on the top lash line is so simple and precise. This product made me fall in love with eyeliner after years of thinking that I just can't wear it due to my hooded eye shape. It's super black and on me it lasts all day. The nib stays saturated for several months of regular use, however, the tip doesn't get as much colour after a while, so drawing flicks is a bit more difficult once it's older.
Repurchase: Yes.

BOURJOIS Magic Nail Polish Remover
I've been loyal to these since their launch. These are the best invention ever - you just pop the finger inside the pot, swish it around for a few seconds and the nail polish is gone. The formula of this one is oily, which means that it moisturises the skin around the nails and it also smells lovely like forest fruits and vanilla. However, that oiliness was a bit off-putting because I needed to wash my hands right away. I'm currently using Ebeline's version, which is really good.
Repurchase: I think I might switch to Ebeline's, but I'd love to try that purple version for hands and toes.

I know it looks tragic that there is a third left, but once this thickens it's useless.  I bough the Seche Restore, but it didn't help, I'm guessing it's just too far gone. Despite that, this is my absolute favourite top coat because as a woman of little patience when it comes to nail polish application, I truly appreciate how this dries the nail polish in under a minute. Great stuff.
Repurchase: Already did.

Limited editions and discontinued products
The can lasted about three days on my holiday and you get drunk just by inhaling the alcohol vapours in it, plus it's greasy which is really "handy" when your trying to hold the can, though the application is a breeze due to it being in aerosol form. There wasn't a sunburn in sight, so it works very well. It smells like papaya and oranges, so sourly-juicy sweet or for anyone that's familiar, it smells really close to Balea's LE Mango Mambo shower gel (or last year's Brazil Mango). 
Repurchase: No.

This is one of those liquid highlighters that are quite subtle and can be used as a base, mixed with foundation or/and on top of foundation just like L'Oreal's Lumi Magique Primer. Mine was the pink toned version and it was a lovely product, however, L'Oreal's is better. Curently, Essence has a cream highlighter instead of this.
Repurchase:It was discontinued about a year ago.

Technically this was a limited edition, however, as far as I'm aware it's the same formula and scent as the regular Vanilla line, it just contains gold shimmer. Texture-wise it's a light lotion that is very average in terms of moisturisation and the scent was not as lovely or intense as at the shower gel (it's a vanilla extract for baking type of scent), but the gold shimmer was nice and gave that "glow" to the skin that looks nice when you're tan.
Repurchase: No.

I've only owned two pot gel eyeliners in my life, MAC's and this one. Both seemed exactly the same in terms of formula. It was super black, applied nicely and lasted well on the lids. Mine dried out, but I really liked it. Catrice's might be similar since it's made in the same factory.
Repurchase: It's discontinued, but I would.

I have thirteen more empties to talk about, so part 2 a.k.a Empties #11 with fragrance, body and hair care products will follow soon.

Have a great day!

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  1. super blog. tole vedno rada berem, ker potem vem, katerim izdelkom se je bolje izogniti in katere poskusiti. Komaj čakam naslednji post.
    xoxo. :)

  2. Amazing how much you finished :-D And it's pretty cool to see how many products that you emptied are also in my beauty cabinet, or at least have been in there at some point :-)

    1. I go through things so fast, I think. These empties just pile up in my drawer :) I already have several products that are nearing its end.
      It appears we have the same taste in beauty :)

  3. Se mi zdi, da sem zadnjič tudi v Mullerju videla Aveo odstranjevalec laka v lončku :) Sun dance sprej se pa sliši kot super 2 v 1 izdelek, zaščita in koktejl :)

    1. Saj zdaj se mi zdi, da ima večina znamk, take odstranjevalce, čeprav je kar trajalo, da so začeli kopirat Bourjois :)
      Tista sončna krema res diši, ampak ne dolgo je na koži.

  4. I like the Loreal pencil liquid eyeliner, but the tip gets dried out and limpy too fast so i can't really use it. :/

    1. Mine stood the test of time quite well, so I'm really happy with its performance :)

  5. Jaz pa se nekako nad temi odstranjevalci kot je Bourjois ne morem navdušiti, so mi še vedno bolj všeč stari odstranjevalci. :P Meni je ostalo nekje 1/4 Seche Vite laka, trenutno sem kupila Essencovega, bom pa SV verjetno tudi ponovno kupila (pri meni se nadlaki res hitro porabljajo). :))

  6. Huh tudi sama sem "nasledla" temu SUNDANCE Transparentes Sonnenspray mit Tropicduft SPF 30 :)) Nama s fantom je zdržal glih dan in pol :)) Izredno hitro se porabi, škoda :/