Catrice Cosmetics New Products Fall 2020

nedelja, oktober 18, 2020

True Skin Hydrating Foundation
002 Neutral Ivory

This foundation is not working well for me. While I'm glad Catrice finally has a shade that is light enough for my skin tone, this formula isn't best suited for my normal-dry skin despite having hydrating in the name. It looks obvious and powdery-dry, especially when I don't use a heavy moisturiser or an oil under it, which comes with its own set of problems. 

Texture: is deceptively light and very fast drying on the skin. When I swatch and blend it on the back of my hand, it's like a thick paste. I barely have time to blend it in with fingers on my face, as it just sticks to one place and the edges aren't easy to blend out. It's far better to apply it with a big flat brush in a small amount and blend quickly. I haven't tried it a sponge because I never use it. This doesn’t look good on my skin, as it’s too dry, matte, it looks obvious and makes my pores look terrible. Exactly the same thing happened to me with Liquid Camouflage (before I changed my skin care) and also Max Factor’s Facefinity All Day Flawless

Coverage & finish: The official description of this is right - it's a high coverage, matte foundation. Even with a small amount it covers a lot, so I’d say coverage is at least medium to high. 

Staying power: It lasts ok through the day and by 9h when I checked it was about half gone. It starts to look a bit better on the skin when my natural oils come through, but it wears patchy on the nose and it's still an obvious foundation. I've tried it with a heavy moisturiser and it just wore off quicker, yet it looked better. I got the nicest result with an oil, but then it creased. 

Shade: 002 is the lightest shade that exists (so far). It's similar in depth to Maybelline's Dream Urban Foundation 095 and Revlon Colorstay 110, and has a yellow-neutral undertone. It's a good match for me, but where application is thick, this can oxidise. I bought 002 myself and later got sent 010 Ivory Cool, which I didn't swatch, so I just added a picture next to the 002 (I think we all got the same PR parcel, here and in Croatia, so I expect some swatches will be appear online). It looks about two shades darker and is cool-neutral. I can't find any swatches Catrice made, which is odd because they usually have them on their website under the products. 

Scent: It's got a faint floral-powdery scent. 

Packaging: a glass bottle with a pump. Cap is plastic. 

Price: 7.09 €

I was treading carefully when reviewing this foundation on IG stories, thinking it has to be me that's the problem and I was convinced it has to at least work on combination-oily skin, but then I got messages from those with oily skin and they say it's the same on them - obvious and terrible over pores. Well, at least Catrice got the shades right. I find it's best to use this one in small amounts, blend quickly and with a large brush, otherwise it's just terrible on my skin. I urge you to try a tester before you get this, though I've tried it too and it didn't seem that bad in the shops. I know of at least one person who likes this foundation - Karin who did a full review and this foundation looks far better on her than me.

*Poreless Perfection Powder
010 Universal Shade
This powder promises to blur pores, lines and to mattify. I find it only mattifies, sets the makeup and nothing else, but it's a decent finely milled powder that doesn't look cakey, powdery and it doesn't emphasize dry patches. It's nothing special, but it does the job and it looks invisible enough on the skin. There's just one shade that looks yellow-ish in the pan, but on the skin it's transparent. I don't know whether this is because it's new, but I find brushes don't pick up a lot of the product at once. Maybe it's just the top layer that's so tightly pressed. 

Over Oriflame Giorgio Armani Age Defy foundation. Any powder would look a disaster of Catrice True Skin. 

*More Than Glow Highlighter
020 Supreme Rose Beam
I expected this to be a complete copy of the Glow in Bloom LE highlighters, but 020 is a different shade than all from that collection. Closest is C03 Magnolia Blossom, which a touch more pink, while Supreme Rose is closer to a champagne shade, though in a thick coat it's obviously pink on me. Sheer on the skin they look identical. Formula is also very close, I find the Glow in Bloom version slightly more creamy, but it could be because I broke through the top layer. I find both difficult to pick up with a brush because they are too tightly packed with a creamy formula, so you get a far better colour pay-off with a finger, but blending is not as easy then. Glow is moderate unless you really build it up. I tried it with a sponge as well and while it picks up more product, the glow is not as impressive as at some other highlighters. It's nice, but for some reason it doesn't completely wow me just like the Glow in Bloom collection didn’t. This is just not the highlighter you swirl you brush in and you instantly get an intense glow. Shimmer is fine and there's no chunky shimmer. Catrice had some better highlighters in my opinion (such as Luminice palette, which is still sold), but this is sure pretty to look at. 

More Than Glow Highlighter 020 Supreme Rose Beam and Glow in Bloom LE highlighter C03 Magnolia Blossom.

*The Coral Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette
010 Peach Passion

I missed these while I was checking the stands for new products. I found the "Natasha Denona-lookalikes" 5 in a Box poorly done and the Clean ID palettes excellent, and these are another set of good quality eyeshadows. All shades are nicely pigmented, even the light "base" swatches creamy and in a thicker coat than most similar shades. Both the shimmers and mattes are well done, but they crumble under a brush, so they are loosely pressed in the palette. Mattes don’t transfer fantastically with a medium fluffy brush, so some building up is needed in such a case. Best performing is the shimmery bronze under highlight, which I'm wearing in the picture below. Staying power is good, I got over 9h with no creasing and no base. I like the shade range in this one, though I'll never wear that coral. I appreciate that though they included a bright shade shade, they kept the rest of the palette nicely neutral and wearable. 

*24h Brush Liner
010 Ultra Black

I always buy the Liquid Liner version with a felt tip and I was concerned the brush at this one will be too flimsy and clumsy for me, but I quickly got used to it. It's another great quality eyeliner by Catrice - very black, it sets matte (it's glossy at application) and lasts all day on me without a primer (non-greasy eyelids). So far I got no fading and tears haven’t smudged it either. The brush doesn't allow quite as much control as a felt tip, but I can do a crisp line with it, even a wing, though that part can be a bit more challenging because the tip isn't sharp like at felt tip ones. It's a good one, just no for beginners. It’s difficult to remove fully from between the lashes and I wake up with a smoky eye). I suspect this will last me a while, but we'll see how long that will be. 

*CATRICE Plumping Lip Liner
020 What a Doll

I love the shade of this one, it's perfect for my skin tone. It’s a light natural pinky-peach shade, a my-lips-but-better colour and great for defining the lips. Formula is on the thick side and it has a peppermint scent, but it doesn't tingle. It’s “plumping” only if you overdraw the lips. It's smooth and easy to apply all-over the lips, but I can already see I'll use it up quickly because you use up a lot at once because it’s quite soft. I'm fan of this one and I got a spare. Staying power is average, a few hours.

CATRICE Powerfull 5 Liquid Lip Balm 
050 Fresh Acai Berry

Catrice had great balmy lip glosses before, starting with their Beautifying Lip Smoothers and recently their Dewy-full ones, so I was certain these will be another great formula for dry lips. I was right and the formula is very similar to the previous Dewy-full formula. Both have the same super comfy balmy texture and make an excellent replacement for a lip balm. These have an improved staying power, which comes at a price, since now the formula is somewhat sticky when it wears off a bit, but it's not that big of a deal and by now it doesn't even bother me at all. These come in several shades, mine is a semi-opaque warm rosy shade.

Müller, 4.19 €

*CATRICE Luminizing Lip Booster 
140 Rosewood Hills
A very likeable semi-opaque gloss with a comfortable formula and plenty of shine. This has peppermint in it, so it tingles, but it takes a few seconds before you start to feel it. Some like this, some don't, I haven't had a product like it in several years, so I enjoy a bit of tingling and minty scent, but it does nothing for the size of the lips, not that I expected anything. Rosewood Hills is a rosy-brown shade. I applied a thick coat for a swatch, but I wear it more sheer and it looks pinker because my natural lips are visible through.

*CATRICE ICONails Gel Lacquer 
100 Party Animal

I was recently introduced to the wonderful gel formula od ICONails. This one is another super smooth one coater that's a delight to apply. Shade is impossible to capture with an camera because it's a frosty duochrome, in this case a rose gold pink shade that shimmers differently in any light. I've applied just one coat and usually when I apply just one at other nail polishes, they chip within a day or two on me, but this one has been on for 5 and it's fine (I get over a week with two coats at pretty much any nail polish). I didn't use a top coat. It's probably because it's shimmer, the latter always lasts long, which makes me a bit concerned about removal, but we'll see.  

CATRICE Pore Minimizing Serum 10% Niacinamide

I was excited for this product because it's so far the only serum with so much niacinamide in my local drugstore, but things did not go the way I had hoped. After a week I had to stop using it because it broke me out. It wasn't just that, but also the texture of my skin got worse so quickly and due to the fact it's clearly clogging my pores, I saw no classic niacinamide “healthy, bright skin” effect that I usually do with other products (my skin is already fine now after using my usual routine, so it was a fixable situation). However don't understand this as a bad review of the product, this is just an unfortunate reaction my skin had to this serum and it's not for me. You likely won't experience the same, unless you are sensitive to the same ingredient as me (I don't know which is breaking me out though. It's none of the usual suspects). Texture-wise it's a light serum that doesn’t absorb completely, but leaves a lightly sticky layer on the skin and is easy to layer over. If I don’t apply a moisturiser quickly, my skin starts to feel tight. It has a fruity-ish scent that isn’t strong and doesn’t linger. 
Müller, 6.09 €

This post is a combination of stuff I got myself (foundation, niacinamide serum, liquid lip balm and lip liner) and PR products of which I don't know the prices of.

Have a great day

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  1. Se strinjam z večino tvojih opisov izdelkov, ki sem jih tudi jaz že preizkusila. Zadnjič sem spet preizkušala True Skin podlago in je bila tokrat prav descent. Ne vem v čem je trik...opažam pa, da je na moji koži ta podlaga kar hitro svetleča. Moj naravni sebum dela svoje in sem čez nekaj ur res glowy, bolj kot po vseh ostalih podlagah, ki jih imam. Sem pa prepričana, da ni za suho kožo, čeprav tudi na mastni ne vem če bo.

    Tekoči eyeliner mi je presenetljivo všeč, sploh zaradi mat učinka. Po navadi so ti tekoči linerji vedno malo svetlikajoči, razen seveda tistega od Catrice, ki ga tudi ti najraje uporabljaš. Ampak meni je ta ljubši ravno zaradi čopiča :D.

    Lip liner je pa res tak univerzalen nude odtenek, ki je tudi meni bil takoj všeč. Jaz čutim malo mentola, ampak hitro izzveni. Pri tekočem lip glosu mi gre pa ekstremno na živce, ker po navadi mentol samo še bolj iritira suhe ustnice in ga niti ne upam uporabljat, da si jih spet ne "zapravim". meni osebno je to odveč v vseh izdelkih za ustnice.

    1. Malo je res čuden ta puder, ker sem tudi jaz brala, da je pri nekaterih z mastno kožo hitro svetleč, pri meni izgleda pa kot, da bi čez dala preveč pudra v prahu. Če ga nanesem v tankem sloju čez gosto Balea kremo se še da kaj z njim naredit, ampak ko sem ga nanašala s prsti je bil kompletna katastrofa. Mimogrede, upam, da ne izpadem grammar nazi, ampak descent = spust, decent = spodoben :)

      Eyeliner mi je kul, sploh ker se mi do zdaj ni še nič razmazal. Čopič mi sicer ni tako ljub kot od Liquid Linerja, ampak se znajdem z njim.

      Ja, mentol je bolj tako-tako, še po mojem mnenju brezvezen v izdelkih, sploh kar se tiče tistega učinka, ki ga oglašujejo. Mene ne moti, ampak ga v tem glosu tudi ne čutim dolgo na ustnicah. V liplinerju ga pa samo voham. Se mi zdi morda malo narobe, da so ga dodali v PR škatle, ker je zadeva, ki tistim z občutljivo kožo ne ustreza in mi je malo čudno, da niso raje dodali Liquid Lip Balme.