Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Daily Energising Gel Scrub

nedelja, julij 20, 2014

Is that the longest name of a product, or what? It's been a while since I used a gel cleanser, even though they used to be the predominant version of cleansers I used, however, since I have discovered that they are the cause for my recurring dry patches, I swapped them go for more moisturising, less stripping options. Recently, I did find myself in need of a quick, morning cleanser and since Amelia recommended it in one of the videos as well as mentioned that it's similar to the new Origins Vitazing scrub, I gave it a go.
By the way I have the German version that is called Hautklar Fruit Energy Belebendes Peeling-Gel, but it's the same thing.

Texture: It's a thick gel with micro beads that aren't too scratchy. Most gels I tried were usually thinner, but this one feels nice, almost slightly cushiony.

Performance: Basically it just cleans well, though I wouldn't use it on it's own to remove makeup. The skin is left clean, fresh and matte, the gel washes off completely, so there is no residue left and it doesn't irritate my eyes. The exfoliating beads are very gentle and I wouldn't describe this as a scrub in the real sense of the word.
The first day when I used it as a part of my night routine and then just applied Nuxe oil, I was very pleasantly surprised at how great my skin looked in the morning - radiant, healthy and with a completely clear forehead like someone ironed it. I was like: damn, am I having a good skin day or what? It just looked good and I would sport a no-make up look if it weren't for a few old blemish marks on my chin. Unfortunately, with more uses my skin started to get drier with a dry patch forming on my cheeks as usual any time I use gel cleansers for a longer period of time. So I'm currently using it sporadically to avoid potential dry patches, but it's a great quick refreshing cleanser for the morning. I also think that I might only be able to use it in the warmer months, since in the winter my skin is a lot more prone to drying out.

Scent: It smells fabulous - freshly fruity like pomegranate.

Packaging: A simple squeeze tube that works as it should. I like that it's clear, so I can see how much product is still in.

Price and availability: 5€ and available pretty much everywhere, I've even seen it in smaller supermarkets.

I think it's a nice, simple cleanser for those with oily or combination-oily skin and it does it's job as well as smells delicious. However, I have since found a better morning cleanser (and much cheaper) for my skin that I use daily and I will discuss it in my future New in post.

Have a great day!

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  1. tale fuuul diši in bi ga kr zaradi tega kupla :D

  2. Seems like a nice cleanser for Summer, my skin isn't as dry so this might work on it. I've been using neutrogena naturals for awhile now and I really enjoy it but i'm always open to trying new things (:

    Krissy |

  3. I use something similar- Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit daily scrub. It`s great, and it helped me get rid of some nasty comedones on my jaw-neck area. I`m waiting to see that other cleanser that will be in your new in post. :-)