Products worth the splurge #2

sobota, julij 12, 2014

I am a fan of bases that give that skin-like finish and Dior's BB does exactly that. The coverage is light and it looks like you have no foundation on your skin, but it still blurs imperfections as well as somewhat diminishes the circles. My favourite bit is that it's immediately dry to the touch meaning it sets super fast to a semi-matte finish. It goes on so smoothly and blends so well that it's one of the best products to apply in hurry. Rather surprisingly the lightest colour is actually pale enough for me, which is a rarity especially when it comes to shades selection in my country, although 001 is pink toned. Basically, this just is the best BB I've tried.

Snow Whites like me know how ridiculously hard it is to find pale shades of foundation and concealers. Chantilly is the lightest shade I ever found and it's actually neutral, so it fits me perfectly when I'm at my palest. The formula is super creamy and the coverage is almost full, so it can be used under the eyes as well as on spots. It's no wonder it's one of my favourite concealers.

Whatever is in this stuff is just amazing, since out of all cleansers I've tried so far, this is the one that makes my skin look its best. Since I started using it, I had zero dry patches and before they were my perpetual nemesis. It's a balm cleanser, but one with small oatmeal scrub particles that provide gentle exfoliation, and it removes all but "industrial strength" waterproof mascara while leaving my skin feeling clean yet moisturised.  I'm currently trying some more affordable cleansers and I'm already missing this one.

This was the first silicone-oil that I tried and despite trying loads of the competition, it still remains firmly at the top of my favourites. What I love about it is that the texture is quite thick, which really works well for my thick, dry, coarse hair and I need to use only a small amount, so the bottle lasts me ages. I use it on damp as well as on dry hair and it tames flyaways, gives shine and in general makes the hair more manageable. It also smells bloody amazing, I'd describe it as a rich oriental vanilla-amber scent, but I have notes of the fragrance posted in my original review.

 THE BODY SHOP Body Butters
My love for TBS body butters began at 16 when I visited the shop for the first time during my stay in Berlin. I remember feeling very overwhelmed at the bountiful selection of differently scented products and I quickly grabbed one of the premade gifts for Christmas that included bits from the Shea butter line. Since then I may have developed a sort of an addiction and I've tried quite a few scents. They really are so good. I haven't come across a scent I wouldn't like, the texture of them is so lovely (though it depends on the version) and they are so moisturising. My favourite is Vineyard Peach, which I bang on about all the time. Also currently in my stash is the one from the Honeymania collection, which has a spectacular texture. I highly recommend you try one the next time you're around their shop.

Have a great day!

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  1. super post. tale body butter bo treba probat. :))

  2. Orofluido mam že na seznamu za kupit. :) Balance Me Face Balm pa tudi zgleda zelo zanimivo. :)
    TBS izdelke (sploh masla za telo) pa si že itak dooolgo želim preizkusit, ampak žal nič ne hodim v središče Graza, da bi lahko šla pogledat. :/

  3. Hahaha, prav vse te stvari, razen Orofluido, imam na WL :D
    Orofluido sem pa po celi večnosti pred kratkim porabila, in zdaj uporabljam L'oreal Mythic oil ampak še nisem prepričana, če mi je všeč :D

  4. SEm sestri pod nujno naročila naj mi prinese breskov putrček iz Body Shopa in moj bog kako božansko diši. Včasih ga samo povoham in nazaj zaprem, da ga neporabim preveč ;)

  5. Orofluida mi bo ravno zmanjkalo. Sicer je meni osebno malo pregost, ampak še vedno super.