More Inell Skincare bits: Mousse Nettoyante Hydratante and Démaquillant Yeux Spécial

ponedeljek, avgust 25, 2014

I already spoke about the incredibly affordable micelar water by Inell (the house brand of Leclerc), but I have more skincare bits to talk about.

Mousse Nettoyante Hydratante
Hydrating Cleansing Foam
1.51 € in E.Leclerc.

This product was one of those unintended, spur of the moment purchases that turned out pretty bloody brilliant. I have been searching for a nice, quick and gentle cleanser to use in the morning, but I wanted to avoid gels because they tend to dry out my skin. I have mentioned before that I used L'Oreal's Happy Derm mousse in my teens and it was one of my favourite ever cleansers until it disappeared from the shelves. After years I have finally found a dupe for it and this is it.  

I am not impressed by those "mousse" cleansers that produce some pathetic watery foam, but this is a whole other thing. The texture of this cleanser resembles a super light whipped cream, but in a foam way. It cleans well, feels super comfortable, doesn't dry out the skin and is in general a very fun product to use. The packaging is just as one of those whipped creams in a can and it has the same dispenser. It smells amazing to me, pretty much identical to L'Oreal's 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil which is one of my favourite scents ever. It's so difficult to describe it, maybe as powdery-floral, but to me it smells like the beach for some reason.

For me this is the perfect morning cleanser and it's so affordable. If you stumble upon it in E. Leclerc, I highly recommend it.

Démaquillant Yeux Spécial Waterproof
Special Eye Makeup Remover Waterproof
2.03 € in E.Leclerc.

I wear a waterproof mascara on a daily basis so my lashes stay curled and I need a good oily remover to get every last scrape of it off at the end of the day. My favourite such remover is from Maybelline, but recently I have been trying some removers from other brands. One was from Nivea, which I don't like, and the other is this one, which didn't quite impress me either.

It looks and it is a regular two phase remover that feels a bit oily on the skin, but it's not as greasy as using an actual oil. Texture-wise it's somewhere between Maybelline's and Nivea's meaning it's not as oily as the first one, but not so light as the second. It removes mascara and other makeup quite well, though it does require a bit of rubbing to get all the mascara off, but what bothers me at this remover is that it leaves me with a strange sensation in the eyes. Not irritated in a sense that my eyes would water or become red, but it's like a strange cooling sensation. I consider myself a very hardy person when it comes to beauty products and none so far (*knocks on wood*) has ever irritated my skin, but this is the product I would not recommend to someone with sensitive eyes. Similarly to Nivea's, it doesn't leave my eyesight foggy, while Maybelline's does.

Despite it's shortcomings, I must praise the packaging. It has the most practical lid I've encountered at these dual phase removers and it's the only one where the product doesn't run everywhere, so I am keeping it to put in other removers.

It is a very affordable remover, but I can't get pass the strange feeling it leaves my in eyes. I'm sticking to Maybelline's for now or I might try L'Oreal's next.

Have a great day!

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  1. Jaz sem se pa vedno te znamke izogibala, ne vem, zakaj :D

    1. Je kar prepoceni, da bi verjel, da je dobra :) Pena je krasna, jo je kar užitek uporabljat :)

  2. Peno kupim naslednji teden ko pridem domov, sem fan teh pen, čeprav so za mojo kožo občasno celo prenežne, so zabavne za uporabljat. :) Dvofaznih odstranjevalcev pa ne morem sploh uporabljati, mi preveč vzdražijo oči. :/ Nič z oljem, če ne sem ko krt.

    1. Pene imam jaz raje za zjutraj, medtem ko zvečer uporabljam malo bolj učinkovite čistilce. Tale je res kul, ker je tista prava kompaktna pena, podobna tistim za britje. Pa še tako poceni :)

  3. To peno bom pa definitivno kupila naslednjič ko bom v bližini Leclerca, se res super sliši :)

    1. Ti priporočam, za tak drobiž se jo definitivno splača sprobat :)

  4. I've found my perfect cleanser and I can't say I'm tempted by these. Thansk for the review though!