Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint Road Rage

petek, november 13, 2015

A while ago Barry M released a new range of nail polishes that promise to dry very fast, but I actually don't care about that part. What actually got me was the prettiest shade range I've seen so far. It's mostly made up of pastels, which is totally up my alley and not surprisingly I have a huge chunk of the line on my wishlist, but for the first time I went with the good old classic mint green. 

As I said Road Rage is a mint green. It's a greener Mint Candy Apple and a brighter version of Kiko's Jade Green. I expected a completely other colour based on the swatches I've seen online, I though it's a bit darker and brighter, but I can't say that this shade isn't gorgeous, I just love mint green. 

The formula is so annoying. Almost the whole nail polish world switched to the gel formulas, but this is still that pesky pastel formula that drives you crazy. It's thick, it takes three coats for a decent even finish (if you can manage it). But's it's not useless, just terrible to work with. The brush is a classic one.

If you plan on getting one mint green nail polish to have in your collection, go with Kiko's Jade Green as that is by far the best formula of such a colour I've tried and tried a lot of them. I would still like to have all those shades that caught my eye (I like to torture myself like that). I have, however, heard that formulas differ quite a lot in this range. The yellow one (On your Marks) is another difficult one, but coral one (In a Heart Beat) is supposedly nice.

It costs £3.99 on Boots International.

Have a great day!

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  1. Oooo prav obožujem take mint lake, tale mi je dejansko lep!! :)

    1. Jaz tudi :) Jih imam že nekaj, ampak so večinoma že zelo stari in se jih sploh ne da več dobit.