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ponedeljek, november 23, 2015

MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara
I heard this was close enough to Benefit's Roller lash, but even if it's not I wanted to try it, since it has plenty of positive reviews. We only have regular formula in Slovenia and I had the hardest time finding the waterproof one, until it magically appeared on Look Fantastic. It has a plastic brush that is shaped almost as a curved comb and it has short bristles on one side and longer on the other. I did not like this at all from the start, it stuck the lashes together, so it looked like I only have half of them, but then one random day, it became soo good. It gives me massive lashes, not perfectly defined, but good enough and it hold the curls amazingly well. Do I like it more than the 3 € Essence I love Extreme mascara? Actually I find these two perform the same on me, so the deciding factor would be the price where Essence clearly wins. But if you don't have Essence and you have the same stubborn lashes as me, try this, it's amazing.
Look Fantastic, €11.26

MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Matte Lipstick
 975 Divine Wine
It's a bit ironic I ordered this online a day before I saw the news they are finally available here as well. But, I haven't seen this shade in our drugstores. A lot of people have been urging me to try these, since my love for matte lipsticks is well known. I chose Divine Wine, I don't know why, as I utterly adore Laetitia and I fear that'll be the reason I won't end up wearing this one that often, but I just love vampy shades on me. First thing that surprised me was how creamy it was, almost slippery in fact. The finish isn't as matte as at Laetitia or Milani's Mattes, at least at first, it then settles into a more matte finish. The colour is a deep brownish burgundy that is very similar to Mac's Diva, but a smidgen more brown (I'm not calling them dupes, my standards are very strict when it comes to that word. Picture of swatches here). Laetitia is much different as its base is berry. So far I can say, it's a really good matte lipstick, but Milani's (it's bellow) impressed me far more. 
Look Fantastic, €9.85

ESSENCE Longlasting Lipstick Nude
05  Cool Nude
I think just about everyone around here owns this lipstick, but I avoided it because I always found it too cool-grey when I swatched it on the back of my hand. I decided to give it try anyway and see if it works for me. I'm still not sure about it. I don't think it quite works for me to be honest. It does indeed have that grey tinge on me and I wish it were warmer. Formula is a typically Essence one -  light, almost excessively creamy and doesn't last long. 
Müller, € 3.49

REVLON Colorstay Foundation Normal/Dry Skin
110 Ivory
I was on a mission to find the lightest shades of foundation in our drugstores because apart from Nars Siberia and Rimmel's Lasting Finish Nude (the latter I still dislike), everything in my stash is too dark for me. I had an extensive research online and found an astonishing amount of utterly useless reviews that made me incredibly angry at the beauty community (where are pictures, swatches, maybe even before/afters? Come on! I hate it when my time is wasted by giving me so little information on a product), but there was one bright spot on the internet, Godfrina and her Kalter Kaffe blog, who made a fantastic series of reviews of the lightest foundations. It's all in German, though and my German is plainly said rubbish, but I got the point. I found three candidates: Revlon's Ivory, Manhattan's Easy Match in Soft Porcelain and Deborah Radiance Creator in 00. I took samples in the drugstores of all three (I always carry pots with me) and this one was most impressive. It has medium coverage, a lovely satin finish and lasts so well on the skin. This isn't my first encounter with Colorstay. The version for oily/combination skin was my second ever foundation and I really didn't like it, but mind you I was 15-16 at the time. This version suits me so much better. The colour is amazing and even though it's a bit pink, it blends so nicely into my skin. 
I got this one first because there was 30 % off in Műller (where it's over 15 €!). I also got Manhattan's Easy Match, while Deborah's Radiance Creator is a shade darker than these two (it matches me ok-ish, but I love the finish of it as it's true to its name. I'll probably get it one day).
Müller, 10.91 € (-30%)

MANHATTAN Easy Match Makeup
Soft Porcelain
The other foundation I got for my winter pale skin. You may think I'm excessive for buying two foundations, but I am so sick of wearing foundations that are too dark and I'm saving the Nars' Sheer Glow for special occasions because it's too expensive to wear it every day. In terms of shade, Soft Porcelain is about as light as Revlon's Ivory, but it's warm toned, though compared to the very yellow Siberia, it looks neutral. What hit me first was that this is incredibly similar to Rimmels' Match Perfection in everything to texture to how it smells, only the shade isn't as intensely pink and this one has a more satin finish. Both Revlon's and Manhattan's foundation will get proper reviews, I'm almost done, but if you're on a hunt for a very pale foundation, check them out. 
DM, 9.99 €

Finally we are reunited. I've already gone through two tubes of this, it's my favourite cleanser ever, not just because I love the texture, but also because it suits my skin so well and keeps it in nice condition. I was trying to find a suitable replacement that wouldn't cost as much and I also experimented with some high-end stuff, but I really regret that I took the detour. All that happened was that I had to struggle though a plethora of mediocre cleansers that just didn't work for my skin (L'Occitane Immortelle oil is the exception here, but it's again very expensive). I have to note that I got three tubes of this so far and each one was slightly different. I don't know why that is, but this one is definitely the thickest and I'm not too happy about it. It's a balm cleanser, but much waxier and thicker that Emma Hardie's one and it also contains mini scrubby particles. It's the type of cleansers that doesn't completely melt on your skin, unless you keep it in a really warm place. As soon as I started using it, my skin got a lot better. I was using The Body Shop's Silky Oil before because I was trying to use it up, but my skin doesn't like that one too much, despite the fact it's lovely to use and does its job very well. Balance Me and Nuxe oil are my power combination - I should really learn to stick to it.
Look Fantastic, €22.56

edp 50 ml
You have no idea how long I wanted this fragrance. Actually since it launched here, two or so years ago.  But I set myself a goal of using up old fragrances before I got a new one. I used up seven! Mind you they were all over five years old and embarrassingly already a bit off, but I did it. And like a Christmas miracle this fragrance was -45% off in Műller, so there was no better time. I could have gotten a bigger size for about the same price on Salma, but given my track record with fragrances, it decided it's wiser I stick to smaller sizes. I love this fragrance, I actually love most Hugo Boss fragrances (apart from Orange), even though they are considered generic and super boring. Just like Nuit Pour Femme, it's another fragrance I love, this one is again what I call an office scent, or a scent that is appropriate for any occasion because it just makes you smells clean, yet very sophisticated, however, this one has to me almost like tropical vibe (no such notes inside though) . It's stronger than the black version, with notes of cactus flower, pink freesia, jasmine, rose buds, warm woods and cedar. I'm also a huge fan of the bottle. It's simple, elegant, and I love that it's pink.
Müller, 39.99 €

One of my staples. I've been using it regularly for about three or four years now. This is the one of the strangest lip balms I tried, it's shaped as those glue sticks, so you look weird applying it, but it's very moisturising, not waxy and it just feels nice. It has a sweet cocoa butter scent, so it's quite pleasant, but I don't notice it any more after all these years. Great product that lasts forever.
Feel Unique, 3.10 €

THEBALM Mary-Lou Manizer
I finally have it! I wanted it mostly because Petra sings such praises about this and I trust that woman. It's a gold toned highlighter with an intense shine that is almost at the point of being too golden for me, but it's still fine. I didn't get it the first couple of times I used it, but I just had to get though the top layer. Now I already love it and thinking of getting Cindy as well. It gives just a lovely glow that super glamorous, but actually not that different in terms of intensity to the discontinued Jemma Kidd cream highlighter. 
By the way these theBalm products were sent to me, but not for review purposes. It's more as a thank you for me helping the distributors with some things. I don't consider them PR products that's why there is no star.
Müller, 23.99 €

THEBALM What's Your Type? Mascara
"the body builder"
I honestly had no idea theBalm even has mascaras. I've never heard anyone talking about them. I got the volumising one, "the body builder", I don't have the box, but I think there is an actually body builder on it. The brush is so…retro. It's really the most standard, basic brush that every mascara had in the 90's/early 00's, which to me isn't a bad thing at all. It's a regular formula, quite thick and wet when you first open it. It gives a nice amount of volume, but it's currently too wet for any definition. It's not bad, but I've tried better ones, however, I have a feeling it will improve a lot once it dries a bit. 

Eyelid Primer
It's been years since I had an eyeshadow primer. In fact, I only bought one in my life, Urban Decay's Primer Potion when I was 17-18, but I never repurchased it after I used it up. I've been using Max Factor's Facefinity All Day Primer also as an eyeshadow primer and it works brilliantly, but I'd like to see how this one works. I love the packaging, the squeeze tube is the best form to hold an eyeshadow primer (I had the original packaging of Primer Potion and when I cut it, there was at least a third product left), it's slightly yellow tinted, but it doesn't leave any colour on the lids. It goes on very smooth, not completely dry siliconey, so it's a bit thicker than UD's. It dries relatively quickly on the lids, but you can feel that you added a layer on which the products will stick better. With this primer my eyeshadows look perfect at the end of the day. There is zero creasing and everything still looks nicely blended. Maybe they fade a bit, but it's difficult to say given that I check in artificial light by then. I really like this.

THEBALM Autobalm California Face Palette
I also didn't know this existed, I think it was meant as a LE last year and it's not on their official website, but it's sold in Müller (where it's cheaper) and on Feel Unique. I immediately loved this. It has a mini matte peachy-pink blush, a champagne highlighter, a warm taupe crease shade and a deep reddish brown liner shade. The quality is the same as at their Nude'Tude palette and their blushes, so it's brilliant. This is definitely what I'd take with me because it has the colours I would use, all of them and it's so cute. It's in a form of a driver's licence and it even has some map designs, which obviously appeals a geographer like me. I've been really enjoying using this, since I got it.
Müller, about 17€

*MILANI Matte Lipstick
I adore this. It is one of the most impressive lip products I tried recently. First off, I love the matte formula. It's a bit thicker than most I tried, but I like that because it's a true matte finish. It actually reminds me of Mac's Retro Matte. The colour is stunning, it's very close to of one of my favourite lip pencils Catrice I got you Babel, so it's a medium peachy-pink. I also lasts really well for a light shade. I'd really love to get my hands on more of these. Swatch of it here.
Click2Chic, 6.83 €

*JORDANA Matte Lipsticks
10 Red, 28 Natural, 48 Pink Passion and 60 Plum Obsession
Jordana is a new brand that is now sold on the online shop where I'm a blogger, so I got a lot of stuff to swatch for the website. I selected the shades myself based on what I though you might like and those that will fit into my Christmas posts there. Jordana products were partially selected based on great rating on Makeup Alley, so there are some good stuff and matte lipsticks appear to be very popular - now that I've tried them, I get why. For a very affordable price you get a fantastic, properly matte, fully opaque lipstick. Granted the packaging is cheap, but they didn't save on the actual products. This is the type of lipstick I expect for a budget product. I don't care about the packaging, the formula is way more important and these are miles better than Essence's Longlasting lipsticks or something from Makeup Revolution/Freedom Makeup and the likes. I selected four shades:
10 Red - a warm red
28 Natural - a warm beige-peachy nude
48 Pink Passion - light pink that I read is supposedly very similar to Mac's Please Me
60 Plum Obsession - cool violet pink (I just had a feeling people will really like this and even I like it, despite not being a "me" shade.
I really like the formula of these. It's nicely pigmented, a bit thicker, but still applies nicely and lasts well, which isn't as surprising considering they are matte. 
Click2Chic, 2.60 €

*JORDANA Twist & Shine Moisturising Balm Stain
These again have a very high rating on Makeup Alley. I chose two of the more new shades I believe, Gorgeous Peony, which is a light muted pink, so a very every day appropriate shade. Fresh Fig will appeal to all of those who like a bit more colour. It's a semi-transparent burgundy shade, so a gateway "vampy" shade for those who fear proper versions of such shades. These have a lip balm-like texture, meaning they are moisturising, but at the same time quite waxy, so they stick on the lips quite well.
Click2Chic, 4.20 €

*JORDANA Modern Matte Lipsticks 
These are the other (newest) versions of matte lipsticks by Jordana. How do they compare to the others ones? Well, I think both formulas are very similar, but these do feel a bit more quality, especially when it comes to the packaging. I chose two shades:
01 Matte Bare - a rosy-brownish medium nude. 
12 Matte Style - gorgeous blue toned red. I chose this one first out of all.
These are again such great matte lipsticks. I guess I could compare them to Catrice's matte shades. They glide nicely on the lips and have a nice staying power.
Click2Chic, 3.79 €

*JORDANA Best Lash Extreme Volumising Mascara
I've heard so much about this mascara. Many people love this and even though I prefer my mascaras waterproof, I wanted to review it for you. Even the first use gave me a nice amount of volume, so I can't wait for it to thicken up a bit and I'll see its true potential. The brush is a classic one, but more defining than that TheBalm mascara. 
Click2Chic, 5.00 €

*JORDANA Easyliner in Rock n' Rose
This was again chosen due to the high rating on Makeup Alley. So many people love this particular shade and I wanted to properly swatch it. I was a bit taken aback when I saw it in person - it's very brown. It' more of a taupe brown, but it has some hint of rosey tones. Actually the name says it all. The texture is a bit like Essence's Longlasting lipliners, so a great balance between being soft enough for it to transfer easily, but not too fragile, so it would break constantly.
Click2Chic, 3.00 €

*L'OCCITANE Pamplemousse-Rhubarbe Hand Cream
I have a thing for L'Occitane's hand creams. They really are something worth splurging on. I used to have the Almond version that I loved because it sank in in seconds and this one has the same type of texture, but a much stronger and fresher scent. I'm still on the fence about the latter. It's like a mix of refreshing grapefruit, sweet rhubarb and spices (clove, which I'm not a fan of and nutmeg). I know this scent from somewhere, I just can't remember from where.
A whole collection with this scent exists including a fragrance, shower, gel, body lotion, perfumed soap, hand cream and a lip balm.
L'Occitane, 7.60 €

*L'OCCITANE Jasmin-Immortelle-Neroli Body Lotion
I really like the scent of this. I've tried a few jasmine scented products and this is the best one. I still have Lush's Lust somewhere, which is sooo strong, almost headache inducing jasmine, but this one is fresher, more sophisticated and despite being a strong scent, so much easier to wear. The texture of the lotion is light and moisturising enough for an average person, but not enough for very dry skin. The scent is strong and it lingers, so you can use it even as an improvised fragrance and I think it will work fabulously in combination with the actual fragrance from this line.
A whole collection with this scent exists including a fragrance, shower, gel, body lotion, perfumed soap, hand cream and a lip balm.
L'Occitane, 23.40 €

*L'OCCITANE Miel Mandarine Lip Balm
Me and L'Occitane's lip balms share a long history. I had so many of them, but stopped purchasing them since they stopped making good scents (honestly, it all went downhill after the cherry blossom one, but I will check out the new honey one. Fingers crossed its the same yummy goodness from before). This one is a bit lighter than I remember their lip balms being. It's also tinted orange, which actually isn't the first time as their old orange version was similarly tinted. The scent is actually very subtle for L'Occitane. It's a mix of honey (if anyone remembers their awesome old honey balm in a tube from somewhere around 2006-07) and citrus notes, like that orange version I talked about.
A hand cream in this scent exists as well.
L'Occitane, 7.60 € 

H&M Owl and Cat Lip Balms
I wanted such lip balm for so long, well, this or a hand cream, it really didn't matter as long as I get an owl design. When I saw these in H&M I basically ran to the register with them. The lip balm inside is just the most boring one in history. It's the most basic, bland waxy lip balm with no particular scent. You're really paying just for the cute decorating item, but I love these. The owl exists in a bubble gum pink version. If you can't find these either at the register or the beauty/accessories department, check the children's section.
H&M, 2.99€

CADEAVERA Belebende Reinigungstücher
I haven't bought makeup wipes in such a long time, which is ridiculous considering how much swatching I do. I got these because they were the cheapest. These smell like the rest of the Young line, so like lilies of the valley, but with a fruity twist. They aren't super soft, but not harsh and I often have a problem with makeup wipes being too structured and rough. They managed to remove my base, eyeshadows, eyeliner and lipstick, but only about a half of my waterproof mascara, though considering these aren't oily, it's not a surprise. I takes a bit of rubbing to get of the swatches, so I think next time I'll try some different ones.
Müller, 1.45€

I got a generous bag of samples at Look Fantastic at my last purchase. I was later told these are the exact contents of their beauty box from the previous month.

MONU Firming Moisturiser
For dry skin
I expected this to be thicker, but its texture is quite pleasant and not at all heavy like Emmy Hardie's face cream. I haven't used this much because I really don't like the strange herbal scent.
Look Fantastic, full price  €31.95 for 50 ml

ELEMIS Hydra-Balance Day Cream
Day cream for combination skin
A light, fast absorbent hydrating face cream for combination skin. It's quite nice, especially under foundation and it smells exactly like Emma Hardie's Moringa Balm.
Look Fantastic, full price  €58.95 for 50ml

NUXE Réve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream
15 ml
I heard many praises about this and even though I'm not a hand cream person, I really like this. I find it quite light, but that means it absorbs very fast and I can't stop smelling my hands afterwards. It's nothing like honey, but just addictive. I would consider getting a full size.

Look Fantastic, full price  €15.45 for 75 ml. It's probably cheaper in pharmacies in Slovenia.

PERCY & REED Volumising No Oil Oil
30 ml
I'll talk about this in my New In: Hair edition, but I love this and would buy a full size.
Look Fantastic, full price €19.95 for 60 ml

MURAD Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
30 ml
A gel cleanser with some small exfoliating particles that it's quite creamy, but still foams well. It's a nice cleanser, but not 50 €-nice.
Look Fantastic, full price  €47.95 for 200ml

A flat shader brush that is synthetic and quite dense. It's ok, but doesn't pick up eyeshadows as well as brushes with natural hair, so I actually use this more for blending because its quite thick and works well in my crease. I ended up using this daily and really liking it. This is brand that was formed to help women combat the visible side effects of their cancer treatment, so some of the profits is meant for charity. I can't find this particular brush on Look Fantastic, but they have several other ones.
Look Good Feel Better on Look Fantastic

Have a great day!

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  1. Kok dobro priporočilo za Kalter Kaffe blog, hvala! :)
    Nuxe krema za roke je pa res krasna zadeva. <3

    1. Ni za kaj :) Jo že leta spremljam in tale njena serija objav o pudrih mi je res prišla prav :)

  2. Ta revlonov puder je bil v Lecler drogeriji (MB) prejšnji vikend znižan :) se splača kdaj tam pogledat, mislim da so tam pudri že v osnovi cenejši :) drugače pa lepe pridobitve, najbolj me mika matt šminka od Maybelline

    1. Vem, da so stvari v Leclercu cenejše (v Iliriji tudi), ampak živim 80 km stran od Ljubljane in 150 km stran od Maribora, tako da ravno ne morem it tam vsak dan pogledat kot v Műller :) Bo pa ta informacija prišla prav drugim, hvala :)

      Matte šminka je super, škoda na nimajo tega odtenka pri nas :)

  3. Super objava kot vedno:) a mogoče veš kateri odtenki maybelline mates pa bodo ma voljo in ce bodo v kateri slo spletni trgovini? Tudi milani in jordana se slisijo super pa sovici sta tako lustni ane:)

    1. Maybelline Mattes so že na stojalih v Műllerjih in DM-ih :). Imamo pa samo štiri odtenke, dva rdeča in in dva živo roza. V naših spletnih trgovinah jih nisem videla, tudi Salma jih trenutno nima.

  4. I am in love with the Maybelline mascara! it is great and I am on my second tube! :) Great haul

    Annie | DrugStoreDreamer

    1. It's really good and I'm very demanding when it comes to mascara :)

  5. OMG! Such good products and all those The balm ones and Jordana ones look so cute. I'm really impressed by the lovely colors of the lipsticks and your Jordana recommendations has finally made it to my wishlist. Gonna buy them soon:)
    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. Jordana's Matte lipsticks are really impressive. The packaging is super cheap and flimsy, but the actual product inside rivals much more expensive brands :)

  6. You are always sharing great information, I love your posts very much, you are really working good.

  7. Thanks for the recommendation on the Revlon Colorstay Foundation Normal/Dry Skin! I need to try it soon. Also, I think you might enjoy knowing that Jordana is a sister company of Milani. Sometimes, Jordana releases products that are basically the same as Milani, but for cheaper prices.

    1. I'm usually not a fan of medium-high coverage foundations, but Revlon's is pretty good. The shade is just excellent for me :)

      Really? I had no idea, thank you for sharing that information :) The quality of Jordana's products is truly impressive and now I know why.

  8. That is such an wonderful list of products. I am drooling over your collection now

  9. I agree with your frustatrion about the reviews. I can't stand it when it just says 'the shade is right for me and I love it' and that's it :P That's why I enjoy your blog so much! :) I need to get my hands on that Milani lipstick, I've been eyeing Matte Naked since, well, forever. I heard Milani and Jordana are somewhat the same brand, maybe that's why you like both of those lipstickformulas? It has awoken my interest in the Jordana lipsticks as well, that's for sure!

    1. Just a few swatches, is that so much to ask, right? Or at least explain what other foundations fit the reviewer.
      Milani's lipstick is fantastic, I would like to own several other shades :) Yes, I just heard Milani and Jordana are sister brands :) Now it all makes sense :)

  10. No končno nekaj pametnih besed o the Balm primerju, ga grem definitivno kupit ko bom naslednjič blizu Müllerja :)