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nedelja, januar 10, 2021

Colorstay Looks Book Palettes 
Dreamer and Rocker
The newest colour combinations of Looks Book palettes. I already have one of these in colour combination Enigma. Just like in that one eyeshadows are nicely pigmented and blend well. All brushes pick them up fine, even fluffy ones and you get a lot of colour at once on the lids. I'm particularly surprised about the light silver in the Rocker palette that ends up nicely metallic (swatched below). Just like Enigma, neither of these are my type of colours, though Rocker is more my style, especially because of that pretty silver. The Dreamer palette is more of a boring one to me (warm & rosy, a bit too modern for my taste), though all matte and shimmer shades are nice, but they are close in depth, so there's not much variety to create a look from my perspective (I'm one of those who follows light-medium on the lid, dark in the corner). I did the look with the violet and the deeper one of the pinks, which I would never normally wear and I'm terrible at showing you looks, but the purpose of my pictures is so you can see how intense they end up. The Rocker palette is a nice smoky one, which may look very boringly monochrome, but due to differences in finishes it's the more interesting one of the two. There are some nice silvers in there and that deep emerald green is very intense when swatched. I made a look with 2nd silver shade and the emerald. These have some fall down due to the more loose texture, which is similar to the Revolution Pro Supreme palettes. These palettes are quite small with narrow stripes, so I have to turn my Mac 239 brush sideways a bit, but it doesn't take much space in the drawer, which is a plus. 


Rocker left, Dreamer right.
Click2Chic (Dreamer | Rocker), 12.99 €

Colorstay Eyeliner
Sparkling Black, Bronze and Taupe
I had no idea that this formula is so popular in the USA, as Revlon's says it's "America’s #1 long-wear eyeliner". I tend to go read reviews before I try something so I have an idea what to expect and these are indeed highly praised. I can see why. While I still find Maybelline's Colour Tattoo the ultimate long-lasting eyeliner (black, of course), these very pleasantly surprised me, in particular the lightest shade Taupe which managed to stay in the inner corners of my eyes pretty much all day and I wear glasses. Formula is soft, but not overly creamy so it would move about, this stay put where I applied it. I've only tried Sparkling Black in the waterline where it transferred ok, less intense that some other black eyeliners, but to be fair this shade isn't really black, it's a smoky deep grey with shimmer. It held on surprisingly well in the waterline and a lot of it was still there at the end of the day. Bronze is the least pigmented of the three and needs building up, but it lasted well on my eyelids and the colour is a pretty warm brown, my favourite of the three. Taupe is a light gold shimmery-ish shade, so the name is just confusing. It's a nice shade to highlight the inner corners of the eyes. Overall these are quite good and I for some reason haven't heard about them in any review or IG story. 

Click2Chic, 5.80 €

Powder Blush 
004 Rosy Rendezvous
I was already impressed with the quality of the 020 Ravishing Rose, which is a deeper pinky-coral shade that is super pigmented and for my light skin tone I have only touch it with a brush and still take some of the colour off. This has the same type of very pigmented formula, one swipe can already be enough for my skin, but this shade is lighter so more forgiving when it comes to potential over application. I feel in love instantly, this is just the type of my shade, a muted pink with some peachy-brown tones that make it that "nude" shade that goes with everything, in particular with more vibrant and red lips. Finish is matte just like at Ravishing Rose. It stays well on my cheeks, but that more often than not depends more on the base under it. 

Colorstay Endless Glow liquid highlighters 
005 Topaz and 001 Citrine 
These are the most intense liquid highlighters I've ever tried. They are more like opaque liquid eyeshadows, as a swipe with an applicator leaves a fully opaque streak, so moderation is needed when applying this. Formula is quite fast-drying and this dries much faster than my L'Oreal and Oriflame liquid highlighters, so it needs to be blended fast. Glow is intense, it's actually harder to blend this to look like a subtle highlighter than strong glow and that goes for both shades. Both shades are warm, Citrine is a light gold, which is similarly to The Balm Mary-Lou a touch too warm for my skin tone, but it's a shade that would fit warm light-medium skins. Topaz is already quite dark, more like an eyeshadow shade for me and even when blended out it's noticeably too dark. It's a golden bronze shade that might be best for medium skin tones and darker, but I'd have to check some reviews to be sure.


Click2Chic, 12.59 € 

Super Lustrous Luscious Matte lipsticks
024 Fire & Ice, 023 Cherry in the Snow, 016 Candy Addict, 014 Shameless, 005 Heartbreaker, 004 Wild Thoughts and 003 Pick me up
For a time, by now close to a decade ago, Revlon had these fantastic matte lipsticks that they inexplicably discontinued and they never offered a true replacement. I've tried one of two of the matte shades from their classic line of lipsticks and they weren't matte at all. With these Revlon finally launched a worthy successor to their old matte formula and a competition to all of the classic matte lipsticks that other drugstore brands released years ago. Formula is just like a majority of (good) matte lipsticks we can get now, I find these are most similar to Maybelline's Crayon ones because they have a similar very smooth formula that feels kind of silicone-y. They glide on the lips with ease and aren't drying. On my swatches they might look a bit creamy and that is because when I was taking pictures, it was very warm where I was and they kind of melted a bit, but the finish is matte when the lipstick is keep in a normal temperature. I got all of the shades that are available in Slovenia, while in the US there are plenty more (though I think we got the best of the lot as some of the shades are kind of extreme).   

 003 Pick me up - a standard light-medium peachy nude. Revlon describes it as nude mauve, but it has no purple hue in it. 
004 Wild Thoughts - my new love. A natural light-medium pinky shade. Again Revlon descrubes it as rose mauve, but this isn't a cool shade that would lean to purple.
005 Heartbreaker - a bright cool fuchsia. This one is least pigmented in this selection, but you still get plenty of colour. 
014 Shameless - a medium warm brown. Apparently Revlon loves tossing that mauve description, but it's not a cool-purplish shade.  
016 Candy Addict - a pale bubble gum shade. As pretty as it looks in the tube, it's very 2008, a corpsy nude that has a bright pinky kick to it.  
023 Cherry in the Snow - the classic. Deceptively red in the tube, just like the classic version, this is actually a deep purple-pink-red shade
024 Fire & Ice - another classic. Just like the original a warm, tomato red. 

003 Pick me up 

004 Wild Thoughts

005 Heartbreaker 

014 Shameless

016 Candy Addict 

023 Cherry in the Snow

024 Fire & Ice
Chic2Chic, 11.69 €

ColorStay Brow Fiber Filler Brow Gel
Medium Brown and Grey Brown
Revlon's website says: "Get instantly fuller eyebrows that last up to 2 days with a fiber-infused waterproof gel." I tried the cooler shade, grey brown, which is the perfect match for my colour of eyebrows. I don't wear such products, so I my experience is too limited for a good review, but it's a lightly tinted product with a plastic wand that combs the brows well and has good hold. I feel weird with product on my brows because mine are dark and thick enough for me, but it's a likeable product. It makes the brows feel a bit crunchy, as you might expect if you want a good hold. 

Click2Chic, 12.69 €

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  1. Odgovori
    1. I really like it :) It's such a great every day colour :)

  2. Revlon mi je vedno bolj zanimiv, ampak vseeno nikoli nič dejansko ne kupim. Mogoče me bodo tvoje objave kdaj prepričale v to :D.

    Odtenek rdečila je čudovit. Tudi po moje okusu. Obožujem te umazane odtenke.

    Njihovi odtenki so vedno navedeni kot klasike - sploh oba rdeča. Cherry in the snow ti res paše! <3 Pogrešam več rjavkastih in muted svetlih odtenkov. Jaz očitno vedno pogrešam nude nabor v drogerijah, ker se mi zdi, da so to pač najbolj nosljivi odtenki za večino. Vsaj po mojih izkušnjah.

    Osvetljevalec me pa spominja na theBalm Mary-Dew Manizer. Tisti je prav tak po opisu, precej gost in res izredno pigmentiran, da ga rabiš zelo malo.

    1. Revlon je drag, vsaj pri nas in tudi jaz cincam forever preden kaj kupim. Čeprav zdaj ko sem našla Candid korektor ga mislim kupovat ne glede na ceno ker je awesome :) Mi je Revlon zdaj postal druga najljubša znamka (za Maybelline), ker je skoraj vse res dobre kvalitete, ampak priznam, da ne bi sama nikoli sama od sebe preizkusila stvari ravno zaradi cen.

      Blush je res perfect vsakdanja barva :) Paše na vse.

      Hvala :) Cherry in the Snow sem imela že original formulacijo in me je prav presenetilo, da je roza, ker v tubi je temno rdeč. Mja, tudi jaz še vedno čakam, da bo ena znamka naredila lep izbor odtenkov, sploh nude, ampak ponavadi grejo v neke ekstreme (presvetlo, pretemno, pretoplo, npr. zadnji poskus Catrice). Tale je povprečen, ampak tak odtenek kot je 004 pa nisem še našla med klasičnimi šminkami, ker bi ga že zdavnaj kupila. Čisto pravi je za moj okus :)

      Misliš tistega tekočega Mary-Dew? Je tudi meni takoj padel na pamet, da je verjetno podoben :)

    2. Ja tekoč. Po slikah sodeč sta res kar podobna :).