Empties #7

petek, marec 28, 2014

 L'Occitane repairing shampoo
dry and damaged hair
 I bought this after a very positive experience with a sample and I never posted an actual review for this, so here we go. I had a 500 ml bottle, which comes with a very handy pump, but surprisingly it didn't last me nearly as long as I would have wanted. It's a sulphate, silicone and paraben free shampoo and a lovely one at that, but the lack of soap shows in terms that I needed to use at least five pumps of product to get it to lather. It also didn't help that the pump doesn't dispense much product in the first place, so I ended up using over 10 pumps per wash for my hair that is lower-back-length. The product itself is very liquid and light, it cleans the hair well, leaves it very light and fresh. However, I felt at times it wasn't moisturising enough, I don't want to say it's stripping, but it doesn't have that creaminess like most shampoos for dry hair do. Actually, I would say it's appropriate for all types of hair, even oily. It was very gentle on my scalp and I particularly loved using it in combination with baking soda as a sort of a cleansing shampoo to get that dandruff and flakes that are stuck on my scalp off at least temporarily.The scent is something I never got used to. It's the second L'Occitane product I've had with this particular strong herbal, slightly sharp scent and I honestly don't like it at all.  It's a lovely gentle shampoo and one of the best out of SLS free ones, but my two gripes are that you need to use a lot of product and the scent. 
Repurchase: No.

A lighter sister of my beloved Oil Care treatment. I have really dry hair and due to coarseness and thickness of it, the only way most (drugstore) products work for me is if I use a lot and I leave it on for about 20-30 minutes to get the maximum effect (for someone with thin hair 5-10 minutes is enough). Used in this way it leaves my hair sufficiently moisturised and feeling nice, however, I once left it on for only 15 minutes and the effect was minimal, moreover my ends were still dry. I'll stick with Oil Care version, but it's a nice treatment for moderately dry, thin hair. 
Repurchase: Probably not.

Balea Power Volume Hairspray
This is just bad. It has no hold whatsoever, especially for a hairspray that claims to be extra strong. The mousse from this line is good, though.The scent is nice, a bit fruity, but that's the only positive thing about it.
Purchase: No.

My favourite hairspray so far. It has a nice hold without feeling crunchy, in fact I can't even feel it on the hair. It's similar to Elnett, but with a more tolerable scent, even thought this one has a pretty strong oriental scent itself. By the way, I noticed that on thin hair, this has a tendency to make it feel stiff, but again this is not the case on my thick hair.
Purchase: Already bought the full size version.

L'Oreal Elnett Extra Strong
A very decent hairspray that doesn't feel crunchy at all and has a nice hold, but it's not extra strong, actually I'd say it's closer to medium. I know a lot of people hate the strong granny scent of it, I find it a bit like a more annoying version of Chanel n°5, but I don't find it horrible, just too strong and sometimes suffocating. 
Purchase: Not sure, but probably not.

A nice, thick shower gel with lots of glitter which washes off. I believe it's the same thing as their regular vanilla shower gel and this was only a glittery limited edition version for Christmas. The scent is like vanilla extract for baking, great for those who like gourmand scents.
Repurchase: Maybe.

One of the more whipped and creamy body butters, yet still deeply moisturising. The heavier texture means it takes a bit more time to sink in, so I preferred to use it right before going to bed. It smells like Miss Dior Cherie, so the same super sugary, but sophisticated young lady-like scent. Great product for colder months.
Repurchase: Yes, if we had Soap and Glory around. Currently, I have no desire to track it down on eBay again.

Aveo nail polish removing pads
Hated these. They removed nothing as the remover is disappointingly weak. They feel moisturising due to some oil inside and they smell lovely, like a classic tropical fruit scent they put in cheap products. Honestly, don't bother with these.
Repurchase: No.

I really liked this. It's nice even for dry skin due to a lovely creamy texture, the ingredients are nice (SLS free, has glycerine and loads of extracts) and it smells lovely, like apples. I don't know if you can get this without joining their programme, which I not wiling to do anyway.
Purchase: I can't, beside even though it's good, it's not worth tracking it down.

Yes, I know it's pointless to put a shower gel that is not available any more here.
This smelled amazing like Nesquick cocoa and I really wish it were they'd make it permanent.
Repurchase: it was a LE, but I would if I could.

A super nice shower gel that is very cheap. It's creamy and similar to Dove versions that are three times the price. The scent is generic, but nice for something that cheap. It's sold in Lidl.
Repurchase: Yes.

A nice peach scented shower gel. Though marketed as hydrating shower gel for dry skin, I find the runny gel texture too light for dry skin.
Repurchase: I don't know, but most likely not.

Have a great day!

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  1. I love empties post and the quick reviews :)
    I am looking forward to post one on my behalf..


  2. I've tried that L'Occitane shampoo too, and I remember liking it a lot. I can still remember the smell :-)

    1. I agree it's nice and I imagine I lot of people like it regardless of their hair type, but I prefer creamier shampoos and I'm really starting to dislike SLS-free shampoos :)

  3. Soap&Glory res pogrešam pri nas, meni so njihovi izdelki super- sploh piling in krema za roke <3

    1. True, samo če bi prišli k nam ne dvomim, da bi imeli tako bolne cene kot so v Avstriji. Se že bolj splača kupovat na eBayu, če ti že ne uspe v VB pridt :)

  4. Meni so pa ful fajn te Aveo gobice za odstranjevanje :) Ful fajn mi lak odstranijo, tako da ne vem :)

    1. Prav ta verzija? Ker jaz sem rabila kar drgnit da je sploh kaj laka šlo dol :/

  5. Meni pa prav diši ta L'orealov lak za lase :) Si pa tudi jaz želim, da bi bil ta Balea tuš gel v redni ponudbi, je res super dišal...

  6. Meni so od Topshopa gobice za odstranjevanje super. Ne odstranijo laka tako hitro kot kakšen aceton, ampak so več kot zadovoljive za kakšna potovanja. :)