Empties #9

nedelja, avgust 03, 2014

I must say that I completely get why Batiste is so popular and it has fast become one of my favourite formula of dry shampoos. It's not white (except if you apply it on one spot too close), it really refreshes the hair well and it doesn't leave too much of the powdery residue. I had the massive 400 ml can of Tropical version, which smells like coconut bread or coconut pastry and personally I'd prefer something more Rafaello like, but it's all right.
Repurchase: Batiste dry shampoos in general - yes (currently I have the Wild version). Tropical version: Maybe.

I've often sang praises about this hair hero and for good reason. It has come to a point where the mere though of being without for a single wash is almost unbearable. I am being dramatic or what? But in all seriousness, I find it a brilliant product that nourishes my hair, keeps it hydrated longer, reduces frizz and it has made my hair a lot more healthy since I started using it - a fact even my hairdresser noticed. I should also note that it's extremely light-weight, so I would recommend this to pretty much all hair types. I've been using it after every wash without fail on damp hair and one bottle lasted me about a year - at about 12 € per bottle (on Beauty Bay) I consider this a bargain.
Repurchase: Already did.

Now this is what every shampoo should be like. It's the one shampoo that I consider as being exceptional and well worth the price. My hair is dry, as I've often complained, and this is like a shampoo plus conditioner in one in a sense that it leaves my hair clean, yet nourished, untangled and smooth. The scent does become a bit annoying with frequent use because it is one of those that has a sharp, potentially headache-inducing note in it, but it's worth putting up with it. I currently have Elixir Ultime version and Oléo-Relax is much better for my hair type.
Repurchase: Without a doubt.

As I've said in my Hair Oil series, I find there is very little difference between this one, Macadamia oil and Orofluido. All three are seriously good and I believe the main difference is just in the scent as well as the price. This one has my least favourite scent out of the three because it's sort of a generic fabric softener type of scent and I much prefer the rich, oriental version of Orofluido (which is also cheaper). 
Repurchase: Maybe, but I prefer Orofluido.

A nice, simple and affordable shower gel that smells very lovely tropically fresh (I described it before as similar to a grapefruit scent, but sweeter). Out of all summer LE by Balea this one is my favourite so far. 
Repurchase: It is a LE and I have enough of shower gels at the moment, so I suspect not.

I love these Alverde oils and I use them for so many things. This is my second or third bottle of this scent, which is a coconut muffin type of smell and it's ok, but I've grown a bit tired of it. One of the best features of this oil is the packaging, which is just perfect due to the brilliant pump.
Repurchase: Already did, but a different version.

I'm quite sad I've used this up. This is my favourite cleanser so far because it just suits my skin so well and it looks its best when I use it. It's a balm with scrubby particles and it cleans well, removes makeup and leaves the skin moisturised, so the dry patches are the thing of the past. It smells wonderful, the texture is nice and I love that it comes in a tube, which makes it very hygienic. The only bad side is that it's expensive. I have three other cleansers at the moment and none live up to it.
Repurchase: Yes.

I actually liked this one. It worked ok for a spray deodorant and it smells pleasantly generically fresh, but I've used up this little 50 ml bottle in about a week or two. Currently I have the Pearl & Beauty version.
Purchase: Maybe.

I'm a huge fan of tropical scents, with Escada's yearly LE's being my favourites, but this YR version was the one I never truly loved. It's a very simple, fresh, yet sweet scent that doesn't last particularly long and it does smell like a tropical drink with a prominent note of mango, while the passion fruit is more subdued. Both mango as well as passion fruit are my favourite scents in products, but in this combination it just didn't really work for me. 
Repurchase: No and I believe it's not available any more.

This was a blind buy for me because it was 50 % off at the time of the purchase. It was never my favourite scent, but it's still a lovely, everyday fragrance. It's a mix of fresh bamboo, juicy apple and floral notes (gardenia, freesia) with subtle sweeter notes of coconut and vanilla that get more prominent with time. I think the bottle is adorable and I'll keep it as decoration.
Repurchase: No.

Since 2007 there hasn't been a day when I was without this shower oil. I keep repurchasing it and I buy these eco-refills with 500 ml (that's two regular bottles) with which fill my old bottle. It's a fantastic shower oil and it provides a true pampering experience in the shower due to a super luxurious oil texture that transforms into a thick, creamy foam when water is added, not to mention that it smells bloody fantastic. It is a great product for those with dry skin as I find I never need to use a moisturiser afterwards. You should try it at least once in your life.  
Repurchase: Yes.

This is just a simple, super thick ointment with panthenol (B5) for treating any type of damages on the skin from cuts, grazes and wounds. It was fine, nothing more to say about it.
Repurchase: I found something cheaper, so probably not.

ESSENCE 4 in 1 nail file
I buy these all the time. It's just regular nail file with four different textures that vary in roughness. It does its job and it does it well.
Repurchase: Already did.

I never liked this for it's original purpose as I find it not moisturising enough for my cuticles and I am not a fan of the strange herbal-lemon scent, but I did love this for my very dry soles.
Repurchase: Probably not.

BALEA Hygiene Reinigungstűcher
I bought a few packs of these before even trying them out first and I'm not a fan of them. They are nice and thick, but they have a strong hospital-disinfectant scent and Preven's don't. They do their job, but I probably won't repurchase. 
Repurchase: Probably not, I prefer Preven's ones.

 MAX FACTOR Khol Eye Liner Pencil
20 Black
I used to like this one and before the gel/khol hybrids such as Supershock by Avon came on the market, it was one of my favourite khols, but now I find it not black enough, too smudgy and not long-lasting. It has nothing on my favourite black eyeliner UD's Zero.
Repurchase: No.

Things that are discontinued:
TIGI Curls Rock Curl Booster
After years of collecting dust, I'm finally tossing this away. I never got this product. Is it a hairspray that's just super wet or is it like a replacement for mousse? I tried using it in so many different ways and it did nothing. Curls Rock Amplifier, on the other hand, I loved and I've gone through several bottles (if you'd like to define your natural curls, try it). 

BALEA Body Spray Aqua
I used this on hot days as a refreshment and it worked a treat. I also sprayed this on my face, when my foundation/powder looked cakey. I really liked how the spray did a very fine mist and it never just dripped. However, I'm still not sold on the whole water in a can fad, so I've refrained from purchasing the more expensive version from pharmacy brands.

BALEA Hawaii Deospray
I really liked this version of scent and I've owned several cans, but it's now discontinued. These Balea ones are, as described, just deodorants, so fragrance in a can, rather than actual antiperspirants such as Nivea's, but they always have some nice scents.

I loved the scent of this - it was a good peach scent, but I didn't find it moisturising enough for my legs as the skin was dry again in the morning. It was simply too light. I presume the still existing coconut version is similar.

After almost four years of blogging and more that a million views, the day has finally come and I have created a Facebook page, Instagram as well as decided to finally start using my Twitter account (which is also four years old). If you'd like to follow me on any of these social media, feel free do to so and if you decide to check them out on a later date, the links are also in the side bar. I can't promise you I'll be particularly interesting, as the tittle of my biography could be named: The Unexciting Life of the Unremarkable Woman,  but you might see new posts faster than now. Out of all social media, I still love Pinterest most and I'll probably be most active there.

Have a great day!

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  1. Fajna empties objava ^^ Tale Batiste tropski vonj mi je ful všeč !

  2. super objavaa. :D sem nabrala kar nekaj izdelkov, ki bi jih bilo dobro preiskusiti. :D

  3. Toliko dobrega si že napisala o Sexy Healthy Hair, da zdaj pa je res na moji to do listi za avgust.:) Obvezno si ga moram kupiti. Moji lasje so namreč spet v fazi "slame" - kot vsako poletje. Jaz pa še kar vstrajam, da ne bom ustvarila Facebook in Twitter profila, ker se mi te dve omrežji enostavno ne zdita več uporabni. Mogoče sama sebi delam škodo:)

    1. Ti ga priporočam, meni je izjemen :)
      Te čisto razumem in mislim, da si ne delaš škodo. Meni je šlo čisto v redu brez štiri leta, sem naredila te strani zaradi drugih razlogov, ker meni se za večji promet ravno ne gre :)

  4. obozavam baleine gelove a aovaj još nisam probala. dezodoransi me guse i nista mi ne pomazu tako da su mi sve majce zute od znoja

  5. Sem te polajkala, čeprav ne uporabljam kaj dosti FBja. Imam raje blog in Pinterest. :) Sicer pa eno vprašanje, glede suhega šampona, imaš potem kaj težav s prhljajem? Imela bi namreč suh šampon, se mi zdi zelo uporabna zadeva, ampak Syossov (ja, vem, ni ravno znamka za dol past) mi je naredil prhljaj. Oz. meni nič ne naredi prhljaj, imam ga zmeraj, samo poslabšal mi je stanje kar precej. S tem Healty Sexy Hair me res skušaš, najraje bi si ga takoj naročila, ampak moram nujno vsaj eno leave in stvar porabit predno novo kupim. Sploh, ker sem zelo zadovoljna z L'Orealovim, fantastičen je. Nimam izgovorov. :D Kerastasov šampon se tudi super bere, čeprav sem zdaj zelo zadovoljna s Paul Mitchellovim, lasje so krasni. Z Vichyjevim za prhljaj, ki ga dam na lasišče, super klapata, odgovarja lasem. Se pa čisto strinjam z napisanim glede L'Occitanovega tuš gela. V bistvu ne maram preveč te znamke, zmeraj sem se počutila ogoljufano, ko sem kaj kupila, ampak ta tuš gel je pa perfekcija.

    1. Hvala :) Saj meni se ne gre toliko za številke, ampak sem pač dodala par možnosti za sledenje če kdo prej vidi tam kot na Bloglovin'. Pinterest je tudi meni najljubši :)
      Ne opažam razlike če uporabljam suh šampon glede prhljaja. Je kar na enaki stopnji, sem pa imela Syoss in mi je bil zelo ok.