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ponedeljek, maj 04, 2015

MAX FACTOR Excess Shimmer 
I've heard some raves about these eyeshadows, but I find them so expensive, so I waited for a discount. This was one of the two shades I found appealing, however, the other shimmery taupe-light brown shade was out of stock. Bronze is a medium-deep warm brown shade with some bronze tones in it, so it's definitely more of a smoky eye colour. The texture is so soft, almost like a cross between a mousse and liquid eyeshadow, plus it's very pigmented, so I only need to touch the surface very lightly or I end up with too much product. It's not as easy to use as Maybelline's Tattoos mostly because it's messier, though it still blends easily. I noticed this only after I was taking pictures for the review, but it doesn't look nice when I close the eyes. It looks uneven, so it's better if you put an eyeshadow on top. It also creases.
DM, 9.99 €

L'OREAL Les Blancs Nail Polish
858 Ocean Porcelaine
I wanted a proper pastel blue nail polish for a long time, but always forgot to check which ones we actually have here. This one is without a doubt the prettiest one in my eyes, as it's a white base with a touch of sky blue in it. It looks so pretty on the nails, I just can't stop looking at them. The formula is quite a sheer and light for a pastel nail polish, so I need three coats for a nice even opaque finish. The bottle contains only 5 ml, which is very little for the price, but I adore the colour.  
DM, 5.19 €

I mentioned this in my best buys in 2014 post and I also ranted in my review that there is only 1.5 ml of product inside, which is a rip-off. However, I adore the texture of this concealer. It looks so natural on the skin, there is no cakiness whatsoever and it pretty much looks like skin. It's no surprise I waited for a discount when I was repurchasing it because 8 € for 1.5 ml is ridiculous.
DM, 7.99 €

ESSENCE Longlasting Lipliner
03 Yummy Berry
These are all over the blogs I follow, and though I am not a fan of Essence lip liners, I gave them a try. The colour of Yummy Berry surprised me because I expected a warmer, redder shade, but it's a cool toned fuchsia on me, which is a very different shade than I'm used to and it makes my face look paler, but I think it's a nice colour. Formula is nothing special, just as I suspected. They are less creamy than their old lip liners, but better than Catrice's when it comes to comfort because those are a bit sticky and thick.
Müller 1.59 €


ESSENCE Effect Nail Polish
32 The Black Cat
I got this solely to fix scuff marks on bags. Compared to their Black is Back nail polish, this has a thinner formula and yet just like at that one, two coats were enough for full opacity. It takes a longer time to dry and it ends up with a what I can only describe as latex finish, so like medicinal gloves, but in black matte way.
Müller, 1.49 €

ESSENCE The Gel Nail Polish
13 Forgive Me
This looked like a dusty pink in the shop, but at home I realized it's Miss Piggy pink colour. I don't think I ever even owned such a pink nail polish, but it's cute. It's darker on the nails than in the bottle, so it has a very Barbie vibe. The formula is a nice one, two coats was enough for full opacity and it's very smooth. I applied this with no base or top coat and it survived a rigorous firewood collecting/stacking (well, two. Oh, the glamorous life I live) intact except for a barely noticeable chip on the tip of my left index finger.
Müller, 1.69 €

I repurchased this even though I haven't run out of my can yet, but Leclec isn't exactly in my backyard, so I seize every opportunity I get. This is my favourite morning cleanser and there is nothing I dislike about it. It's a dense mousse that's comes in what resembles a whipped cream can, so it's super fun to use and it's also gentle, does its job and smells nice. Plus did you see the price of this thing? It's almost cheaper than bread.
E. Leclerc, 1.51 €

BALEA Enzym Peeling
First off this smells amazing. It's a tropical scent, but still warm, I think it might be passion fruit. The product itself is an enzyme scrub or chemical peel, but the only thing I can find is papain, which is quite low on the INCI list. I've been using it for the past few weeks and I'm not terribly blown away by it, though I might just be used to stronger stuff like Ren's concentrate. The texture is similar to the Power Maske, so it's like a moisturizer and easy to apply. I leave it on for the recommended 5 minutes and during that time I feel zero tingling that might indicate it's working and after I rinse it off, I don't see any particular change in my skin condition. It is a nice hydrating product because it has some nice moisturising ingredients in it, however, as an AHA product, I can't say I noticed anything. 
DM, 1.99 €

CADEAVERA Peel Off Maske
I don't know who was it, but someone said: "I forgot how great these peel off masks feel" and it just got stuck in my head. I remember using one that I got as a sample a million years ago (yes I'm that old. I did my driver's licence on a dinosaur), but I probably used it wrong because I was even a bigger idiot back then than now. So gave them another try and just grabbed the cheapest one in Müller. There is a ton of alcohol in it, but I'll only use it a few times. It's like a thick glue when you're applying it on the skin and though it says to apply it in a thin coat, I remembered from first time that was a bad idea. It smells strongly of some sort of herbal schnapps, so sharp and alcoholic. You're supposed to leave it for 10-15 minutes and it starts getting tighter at about 10 minute mark, but I left it on for 15 to be save. Much to my surprise and contrary to expectation, I pulled it off remarkably easy, which is a complete difference from torturefest I remember from the first time. The pain was minimal, only at the edges where there's more hair. Did it do anything? I'm not sure. The pores looked about the same and there wasn't anything on the dried up mask, but the skin did look clearer.
Müller, 0.69 €


BALEA Bodybutter Nuss
This was on my wishlist for ages, but I refrained from buying it until I used one of mine up. Sara from Passing Fancy teased us with the description that this smells like Monte, our childhood essential, so naturally the huge sweet tooth I am, I knew I needed this in my life. Turns out Sara was completely spot on, this smells exactly like our beloved dessert. It's an intense chocolate hazelnut scent and when I was applying this, I once got so confused that started looking around if I left a chocolate on my bed. For some reason when I gave other people to smells this, they disliked it. Those people have the same sweet tooth like me, so they must have their head examined. The texture is very, very thick, if you had their Cocoa version, this is the same. It sits on the skin for a long time, but moisturises the driest of skins and is great for emergencies with dry patches and the likes.    
DM, 2.99 €

REXONA Invisible Pure Anti-Perspirant
I don't know which repurchase of this deodorant in a row is this, though this one has a different label than my usual one, but I'm sure the content is the same. So far it's still working well, which is a minor miracle as far as my deodorant history goes and it's only downside are white marks.
DM, 2.99 €

BALEA Pflegecreme Sail Away
With raspberry scent
This is the newest version of these small universal creams. I must say Balea outdid themselves with these, they are so adorable, you could just stare at their cute retro designs for hours and the texture is amazing as well. This one smells like raspberry fragrance, so it's a soapy version of the scent rather that sweets. I mostly use these as hand cream because they sink in so fast, but they can be used for a lot of purposes and are great for emergencies to carry in the bag.
DM, 1.19 €

I got the "old" version as well, just because I really like it and I'm worried it might disappear from the shelves, but I still have my old one left. This one smells like cherry candy.
DM, 0.99 €

SAUBÄR Badestern
Honig LE
Bath star with honey scent
This smells amazing in the packaging, like some proper honey stuff, just as L'Occitane makes them. It's shaped as a star, so it looks cute as well, however, in the bath is boring. It fizzes gently, the honey scent is not present any more and it turns the water lime green. The latter part is the most interesting one. It contains some jojoba oil and indeed my skin wasn't flaky on my legs as usual after a bath. 
0.99 €

YVES ROCHER Raspberry Fizzy Bath Cube
I'm trying different bath bombs on a budget because a couple of months ago I had absolutely nothing to put in my bath water and that had to change. I haven't used either of these Yves Rocher ones yet, but through the packaging I can smell a raspberry tea fragrance. I'm planning to do a collective post about these budget baths.
Yves Rocher, 1.40 €

YVES ROCHER Strawberry Fizzy Bath Cube
This one smells like strawberry sweets through the packaging.
Yves Rocher, 1.40 €


L'OREAL Elseve Extraordinaire Oil Nourishing Shampoo
This was already in my monthly favourites because I've been using it for a month now and there's 1/3 of it gone already. Since I can't find my beloved Glat-Intense version anywhere (why?! Just why?!), I've decided to try if this new version I've been seeing everywhere compares. The texture looks exactly the same and it foams the same, the major difference is the scent, which is a bit cinnamon like. As far as result go they are indeed very similar. It's again a fantastic shampoo, which cleans well and isn't at all stripping. This shares it's first place with the Glat-Intense version as my favourite drugstore shampoo.
Interspar, 3 €

DOVE Pure Pflege Schwerelos Ől Spűlung
Quench Absolute Conditioner
I've been using the other version for years, but haven't had the chance to try the ones in the new packaging. I've used it twice and the first time I hated it as it left my hair dry and at the same time it didn't felt like it hasn't rinsed off completely. The second time I used baking soda as a cleansing shampoo before and this worked a lot better. It's still an average conditioner with a medium thickness texture and a surprisingly non-Dove scent (it's still a clean, albeit a bit sharp scent). It works ok, but I find it's not as good as their old version. I need to use it more to tell you how I truly feel about it.
Müller, 4.95 €

PHYTO Phytosquam Intense
I already talked about this in latest empties, so this is an one week of use update. After initially being pleased with the effects of this shampoo, especially when it comes to removing that stubborn layer of dandruff that is stuck on my scalp, I noticed that on the second day after washing, there is a new layer of dandruff again. I've been using it every second day as recommended, which is much more often than I'm used to washing my hair and I don't see much improvement. I'll try to use a thicker layer of it on dry scalp and leave it for a bit longer because as far as long term effects go, the way it's suggested to be used, doesn't appear to be working. The nozzle is super handy, but it is leaking if it's turned down or the tube is lying on its side. The shampoo foams well for a natural one and it smells a bit like burned rubber.  I will update you with results at the end of the treatment.
Leposana, 20.50 €

L'OREAL Studio Line Hot & Go Thermo-Föhn Spray
This must be new because I've never seen it anywhere before and I literally just grabbed it without any prior research. I liked the idea of an aerosol heat protectant because most such products make your hair wet and you can't use heat tools immediately. I am unsure about this product. It works ok on damp hair, however, it's nothing spectacular, it just works as a basic heat protection that doesn't weight down the hair and it super easy to distribute due to the aerosol form. But I got this to use on dry hair before curling and it's wetter than I expected. Also on random strands it felt a touch sticky, but what bothered me most was that it has a hairspray feel to it. It does have a tendency to make the hair a bit stiff, which is not necessarily a bad thing if your hair is limp and fine as it will give you texture and therefore some extra hold, but on my hair that effect is drying, which doesn't terribly please me. It smells somewhat like a classic hairspray.
I used it on this picture here. This is third day hair without a hair spray or texturizing spray that I usually use. I also used Phytosquam and Dove conditioner.
Müller, 4.89 €

L'OREAL Elvital Ől Magique Nährende Balsam-Maske
Elseve Extraordinary Oil Hair Mask 
If the German name confuses you, it's because I got it in Müller and they sell stock meant for German markets, while Interspar and the likes have products with English names, but it's from the same line as the shampoo. I got this after liking the shampoo and I'm unsure about it. The texture is thicker than that of Total Repair 5, yet it does less for my hair than the latter. On my hair it didn't feel enough and I expected it to work great in combination with the shampoo. It has a similar scent as the shampoo, but a bit different. I'll find me so weird for saying this, but it smells like when you go to Croatian seaside in one of their apartments when they've been just cleaned. Maybe there's a cleaning product with this scent or I'm just plain weird. As with Dove conditioner, I need to use this more before I say my final words about it.
Müller, 5.99 €

ARGAN OIL Hydrating Hair Mask
This is utter, total crap. It ruined my hair by making it look and feel like straw, people genuinely couldn't believe that a masks could do this when they touched my hair. I saw this whilst exploring the never-ending treasure that is Leclerc's beauty department. It caught my eye because it's very cheap and the ingredients looked decent (argan oil on 7th place plus even a bit of keratin). Though it's a thick mask, it has zero moisturising properties. My hair felt awful when I was rinsing it off and I couldn't even run my fingers through my hair when it was dry, that's how tangly it was. Horrible, horrible stuff. If you see this in Leclerc, just ignore it. There was also a shampoo and heat protection spray in this line,  both for a bit over 2 €, but I sure won't be trying those.
E. Leclerc, 2.19 €


Sol za kopel
When Alpstories contacted me if I'd like some products, I was on the verge of declining, though I have an unwritten rule to help Slovene based companies. I'm not a natural cosmetics enthusiast, but once I saw their customising tab I got so excited. They allowed me to custom mix my own bath salt, which is something I actually really wanted. I absolutely love the idea, so well done Alpstories for this option. I've seen some Youtubers talk about The Bathory doing the same thing, but it's ridiculously expensive. You can also make your own label, which is just the coolest thing ever and I decided on a simple lavender theme with my logo, though the initial draft was mint green (maybe next time). This mix cost 10 € for 400 g, so it would make an excellent gift idea, plus it's so much fun, especially the label part as you can upload your own pictures. You can also create your own body lotion, massage oil, shower gel, liquid soap and face oil. 
Alpstories, 10.38 €

*ALPSTORIES Organic Shampoo with Aloe Vera
Organski šampon za lase aloe vera
They also send me this shampoo, which was a surprise on their part. I've had bad experience with natural shampoos, they just don't work for my hair nor scalp, but I'll give this a go and let you know how I like it. It smells nice, not at all herbal like most such shampoos, but closer to pharmacy shampoos.
Alpstories, 12.96 €

*ALPSTORIES 100 % Pure Damask Rose Floral Water
100% organska cvetna vodica damaščanske vrtnice
So many people rave about Melvita's rose water and this looks so similar, so I'll finally give this rose water hype a try. I'm not a fan of rose scented products and this has the same type of scent than Super Facialist Calming Creamy Cleanser, but slightly sour, so it's not my favourite. I've only been using it a few days and I'm not sure if I see any significant benefits, perhaps they should reveal themselves long term. I do have a complaint about the spray pump as it doesn't spray a fine enough mist.
Alpstories, 10.34 €

*BORN PRETTY Smooth Liquid Eye Liner with a Panda Design
I've been avoiding Born Pretty mails for the last years, but I finally caved to see if they're decent or not. I had to rename this liner because the name sounds like a search engine score in an eBay way (name on the liner is Sweet Pink Smooth Liquid Eye Liner). I didn't expect much from a liner that looks like a toy and is made in China, but man this is good. After a streak of seriously rubbish liners (looking at you Artdeco and L'Oreal), I've finally been able to do a proper thin line with a flick. The formula does remind me a bit of Artdeco in a sense that it dries a bit fast, but contrary to that one it's not useless. It's a nice black, smooth formula and I love the applicator. If this doesn't dry out in weeks, I'll be repurchasing it. I absolutely adore panda the packaging, it's seriously so cute.
Born Pretty, $5.99

*BORN PRETTY Matte Lip Cream
Another thing I decided to rename. The name on the tube is Me Now Generation II Long Lasting Lip Gloss #36 and on their website it's another "search engine" name. I am genuinely scared of wearing this. Not because it's of Chinese origin, but because this lasts until Christmas on the lips. Seriously, the staying power is insane and it stains, so you have to commit yourself to wearing bright pink for the entire day. The colour is not what I expected based on their swatches and I now wish I've chosen a more demure colour, but I got a compliment on it straight away. If you thought Bourjois' Pink Flamingo was bright, this is like the sun compared to it and those who love long lasting brights, you'll love this. This dries matte fast and into that true matte finish that I love, but it dries into an uniform layer, so for the first few minutes it's not that comfortable, but it gets better. 
Born Pretty, $2.59
I got a code to that gives you 10% off your order MKOH10, which is also in the sidebar.

*L'OCCITANE Pivoin Sublime Créme Perfectrice 
Izboljševalna krema za obraz Popolna potonika, 50 ml
Isn't the packaging of this just too die for? And the scent, my word is it amazing as well. I'm a huge fan of L'Occitane skin care, I've been since my teens and my favourite ever moisturiser is their Angelica Hydrating Cream (dreams are made of that stuff). In fact since I used that pot, I've been without a proper moisturiser, so you have no idea how happy I was to receive this in the mail. The texture is very similar to the Angelica one, meaning it's a medium thickness cream and it sinks in fast, so it's great under makeup. I will enjoy using this pot of cream, that's for sure. There will be a full review.
L'Occitane, 38.10 €. 

Obarvani balzam za ustnice Popolna potonika SPF 25, 4 g. Naravno rožnati odtenek
I already reviewed this here and you can also see there how it looks one the lips. I'm not a huge fan of tinted lip balms, I just prefer wearing proper lipsticks and I didn't expect to wear this a lot either, however, surprisingly I reach for it often. I like that it's not that classic cherry red that pretty much all such tinted lip balms are, but it has this rosy tone to it that looks so pretty. I also love how it smells, but the price is plainly put outrageous for my budget, but there are plenty of people in the world how can easily afford it.
L'Occitane, 16.30 €.

*I HEART MAKEUP Black Velvet Eyeshadow Palette
I just got this so I can't say much about it. I gave it a quick swatch and it's very mixed quality with most of the eyeshadows matte and there are a few satin-shimmery ones. I feel like there is just too many shades that are too similar, though there is a nice mix of interesting neutral shades. That matte purple in the last row seems to be the best shade in the palette and you don't find many good purples. The packaging is dressed in black velvet, which gathers dust like crazy. 
Lič je za vas pripravila posebno kodo za 15 % popust: BRALKABLOGA15. Velja do konca maja, popust pa ne velja za izdelke v akciji, ter znamke Sigma Beauty, Kardashian Beauty in Anastasia Beverly Hills.
Lič, 10.95 €


I adore the scent of this. Truly it's one of the most amazing scents ever. But I burned this one and the room didn't smell much which was disappointing. Most candles are terribly disappointing anyway, so I prefer to use essential oils or in YC's case, their melting waxes as they work a lot better
Műller, 2.49 €

Profissimo Candle Wild Fruits
It's rare that I buy candles and I have them mostly for emergencies when the power goes out, but I got this one for two reasons: I wanted the glass pot it comes in, which should be useful for storing makeup and second, I find that a lit candle in the back of the pictures brings some warmth, therefore gets rid of odd colour tinges. This one smells exactly like the pink Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape chewing gum, but like all candles, it doesn't give much fragrance to the room.
DM, 2.99 €

VEET Easy Strip Wax Strips
for sensitive skin
I've decided to give wax strips a go after several years and they are just as rubbish as I remember. This doesn't grab everything it should, so it only does the job half done. The wax residue is easy to remove with oil, plus you get a few wipes as well.
Interspar, 4 €

Thanks to the lovely Katja from Viva La Vida, I got tons of samples of Yves Rocher skin care. I've tried all already and I plan to put these in a future empties post. In general, I'm very pleasantly surprised by their skin care, these are some very good products. The stand out would be Hydra Végétal 24h Intense Hydrating Gel Cream, which is a dead ringer for L'Occitane's Angelica cream, while the BB cream is highly disappointing. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Meni ima tale malinova kremica tak smotan vonj :/ tista lila lavendlova mi je pa tako dišala! :)
    Kakšen vonj ima pa kakavovo maslo od Balee, če si ga že poskusila? :)

    1. Ta malinin vonj je res najslabši od treh, ampak meni je kar všeč :)

      Sem imela samo starega kakavovega, pa ne vem če je še isti vonj. Ni mi bil všeč, ker ni bil ravno čokoladno-kakaven, ampak je imel nek čuden umeten plastično-sladek vonj. Nikoli mi ni bilo jasno zakaj je toliko ljudem všeč.

  2. Jaz sem imela balzam od Argan Oil pa mi je bil tudi porazen, sem šele potem ko sem začela ta Dove balzam uporabljat dejansko videla, kako grozne lase mi je naredil.
    Morem pa čimprej Excess Shimmer sprobat, me prav zanima kako se bo na meni obnesel :)

    1. Omajgad ta Argain Oil masko bom direkt čez okno vrgla no. Katastrofa :O Z zakonom prepovedat prodajo, takoj :D
      Še nisi? Pa saj jo imaš že kar nekaj časa :D

    2. Hahaha :D Nee, nisem je še. Če nič ne nosim senčk zadnje čase, ups :D

  3. Danes sva mentalno povezani. Sem tudi fotografirala new products in zdaj urejam, ampak si me zdaj spomnila, da sem pozabila pofotkat Essence lip linerje. Jaz sem vzela še 3 odtenke:). Super, da si me zdaj odvrnila od Baela pilinga. Ga vsakič pogledam, ko pridem v DM:). Eyeliner je res luškan. Veš, da je večina šmink iz Kitajske ekstremno pigmentiranih:) Meni je to drugače všeč.

    Sem zadnjič v Müllerju preučevala heat protecterje. Sem našla dva od L'Oreala in sem enega vohala - ne spomnim se katerega - in me je vonj ekstremno spominjal na GHD. Tako da zdaj sem prepričana, da bom vzela tistega, ko porabim Got2Be:)).

    1. Jaz kar sproti delam slike in pišem. Tako lahko vse začnem takoj uporabljat :D
      Mene resno mika še tisti Frapuchino odtenek, čeprav točno vem, da bo izgledal čudno na meni. Balein piling sem tudi jaz gledal že par mesecev, ampak zdaj se mi ne zdi ravno vreden nakupa, ker je enostavno prešibek.
      Sem predvidevala, da bo ta lip cream pigmentiran, ampak tako močno pa ne. Res se zelo dolgo obrži in mislim, da bo super za tiste priložnosti, ko rabim da šminka ostane cel dan.
      Tista L'Orealova zaščita proti vročini, ki je v kremi je zelo priljubljena. Kakšne pet let nazaj so vsi samo to kupovali preden je prišel ta črni got2b, ki pa očitno samo meni ni bil všeč. L'Orealove zaščite so precej osnovne, ampak dobre :)

    2. Jaz sem vzela Frapuccino. Samo ga še nisem preizkusila. Je res, da je bolj temen. Jaz očitno takrat še nisem googlala, ko je bil L'Orealov popularen. No upam, da mi bo všeč. Diši že odlično:)

    3. Na moji roki je Frapuchino izgledal zelo temen. To je čisto tisti scenarij ko hočem drezat nekam, kamor mi ni treba :D

      Uh, to je bilo že toliko let nazaj, ampak pri nas imamo vseeno ves čas eno flaško tega L'Orelovega, ki jo uporabljam na drugih :)

  4. Ko sem videla swatch BPS lip creama, sem takoj vedela, da je to izdelek zame. Čeprav z njihove strani naročam samo izdelke za nohte, nekako si ne upam naročiti makeupa. Tudi jaz sem vzela vodico damaščanske vrtnice in tako kot ti ne opazim nobene razlike, mi je pa všeč svežina na obrazu, ko se pošpricam. :D

    1. Takoj sem se spomnila nate ko sem sprobala ta lip cream :) Direkt zate je :D Jaz sem kar tvegala z mejkapom, čeprav sem si res želela še kakšne trepalnice.
      Uh meni je pa kar malo neprijetno se špricat po obrazu, ga dam dostikrat kar na vatko :)

  5. Hehe, danes je dan za new in products, jaz sem tudi škljocala. Hvala za fair warning pri Excess shimmer, da leze v gubo in ni enakomeren, sicer bi ga gotovo kupila, mi zmeraj zgledajo tako lepi v teh potkih. Inellov mousse sem preizkusila in je res super, ampak zame mičkeno premalo, prenežen. Sem se potem vrnila k črnemu milu.Za Phyto review se pa, kot zmeraj, priporočam. :) Jaz imam tudi nov šampon proti prhljaju, res upam, da bo deloval.

    Haha, ja, Born Pretty Store ima zmeraj taka imena, da sem jih nalašč prepisovala na blogu, ker so bila res ebay search engine neumna. takle mamo. :D Mejkapa pa nikoli nisem hotela kupovati čisto zato, ker se mi je zmeraj zdelo, da so barve čisto off na spletni strani. Kaj pa vem.

    Mene so tudi lepo presenetila, mi je pa izbor barv v Obsession bolj všeč. Je pa res, da je niti poswatchala še nisem. Bom ta teden.

    1. Te New in itak sproti pišem, tako da sem čakala samo še zadnji paket :D Boš videla pri objavi o Excess Shimmer kako izgleda na očeh. Je boljša kot baza in ne samostojno senčilo.
      Bom poročala o Phytu, ampak moram rečt, da sem bila zelo negativno presenečena, ko sem opazila novo plast prhljaja, ker tale stvar je bila pa preveč draga :/
      Tale lip cream meni ni izgledal pol tok živ kot je v resnici, ampak ok. Mi je malo žal, da nisem vzela rdečega :)
      Paletko sem pa samo na hitro preizkusila in naredila en easy nevtralen look :)

  6. Tile Menow glossi so kar ''nahajpani'' na Youtubu, sem ravno zadnjič našla med njimi dupe za Lime Crime Cashmere. Če ti potrjuješ, potem pa morem naročiti (skopuh pri 1$, bravo). Sem bila kar živčna kako ti bo butter všeč ampak je izgleda upravičeno dober. Hm...mogoče ni dobro da berem tvoj blog vedno tako pozno ker sem ravno prejšnjo noč sanjala o tebi haha xD In še v soboto sem srečala podobno punco tebi, ampak je imela krajše lase. Obliko oči, barvo las pa isto :D

    1. Sem videla, da je kar nekaj videov posvečenih tem glossom : ) Zmagajo že zaradi obstojnosti, tako da razumem to priljubljenost.

      Body butter mi je pa res všeč :) Imam poleg vonja rada tudi to gostejšo teksturo.

      Hahaha xD Upam, da si kaj dobrega sanjala in da te nisem kje lovila s kakšno sekiro :P A veš, da si že četrta, ki mi je rekla, da je našla mojo doppelgangerko? Prijatelj mi je našel eno azijko, prijateljica gruzijko fotr pa eno punco, ki tukaj iz okolice. Mogoče sem pa od enega poštarja, ki dost potuje :D

    2. Prisežem da sem že razmišljala da je kakšna tvoja sestrična, ki jo velikokrat omeniš xD

    3. :D Moji sestrični mi zanimivo nista kaj dosti podobni, pa smo vse iz iste veje družine :D Saj pravim, zihr sm od poštarja xD

  7. The essence polishes are so pretty! i love that brand

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer

  8. That panda liner is so adorable! You've posted so many great products in this post. I love the Loreal polish. That light blue reminds me of the original Hard Candy polish color that started the whole Hard Candy line ^^


    1. I'm keeping the panda liner once it dries out as a decoration :) And that L'Oreal nail polish is such a stunner on the nails :)

  9. Pred kratkim sem želela poskusiti kaj novega in se odločila za Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream. Strinjam se da ima zelo lepo strukturo, vendar je embalaža resnično majhna,čemu takrat nisem posvečala tolikšne pozornosti. Verjetno se bom vrnila k Bourjois Healthy mix korektorju ali pa poskusila kaj novega, morem malo prebrat tvoje starejše zapise! ;)

    1. Se mi zdi, da v petih letih odkar imam blog v Sloveniji še vedno nimamo enega res dobrega korektorja. Mogoče je kandidat L'Orealov touche magique, ampak ga še nisem preizkusila. Vsi v tujini priljubljeni korektorji kot so Maybellinov Fit Me, the Eraser in Collection Lasting Perfection seveda niso na voljo pri nas :/

  10. Forgive Me looks super pretty. And that Balea body butter looks pretty good too. My man uses that Phyto line by the way, works really well.

    1. Forgive me is super cute on the nails - a very girly colour :) At this point I am very unsure about the Phyto shampoo :/ It's just not as effective as I hoped it would be.

    2. There are three different strengths, so maybe you need to go up one?

    3. Well this one say it's for severe dandruff, so I'm not even sure there is a stronger version. Or is it?

  11. Wauu, koliko stvari :D Par stvarc iz dma imaš tako luštnih, ki še jih tam niti nikoli nisem opazila. Bo treba v lov :P

    1. DM najraje raziskujem :) Grem prav na njihovo spletno stran vsake toliko časa pogledat kaj je novega :)

  12. Love your blog Mateja! We have very similar hair issues, so everytime you recommend a hair product I know that it's going to work on my hair too! :D

    For the dandruff you should try the Nizoral shampoo (the one with 2% Ketoconazole) or the Redken dandruff shampoo (although the later is not as stronger as the first one). I have dandruff too, and the only treatments that work are the one with salicylic acid or ketoconazole. The rest is just a waste of money.

    Have a nice day! :)

    1. Thank you :) I'm glad you find my blog useful :)
      I don't think we have Nizoral here. I was just googling where to get it and it could have a different name here. If it's the one I think it is, then I already tried it, but I haven't tried Redken's version though. Thank you so much for your recommendations :)

  13. Zgleda, da je včeraj bil dan za New In poste. :P
    Meni je tale Bourjois korektor tudi zakon, škoda, da mi je ta CC krema čisto nasprotje. :(
    Moram pa tudi jaz enkrat sprobat ta Inell 'mousse', sem enkrat iskala v MB pa niso imeli.
    Ta eyeliner od BP je ful luškan, pa takoj bi imela ta 'lip cream', ker že Bourjoisov Ole Flamingo odtenek obožujem. <3
    Joj, pa res sem ti nenormalno fouš za L'occitane izdelke, izgledajo božansko. :3

    1. Yup :D Ne maraš CC kreme? Meni je pa izjemna, čeprav si res želim, da bi imeli svetlejši odtenek :)
      Teh pen imajo v ljubljanskem Leclercu polno. Sem mislila, da sta si z mariborskim čisto podobna po ponudbi, ampak predvidevam, da je potem ljubljanski večji.
      Boš videla v objavi kako ta lip cream izgleda na ustnicah :) Slike so že narejene.
      Še zdaj sem tako vesela za to L'Occitanovo kremo :D Me pa ful mika ta komplet minijev, ki ga imajo zdaj.

  14. Tole je pa en super new in post :D ogromno izdelkov pa še sami super so in kar nekaj od teh (DM svečka, DM maslo za telo...)je šlo na moj wishlist za mesec maj :D

    1. Hvala :D Obe stvari sta krasna dosti poceni nakupa in taki so najboljši, a ne :)