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sobota, avgust 17, 2019

This is one of my favourite ever concealers formulas and so far I had two shades: 01 Light, which is much too dark for me and 03 Fair, which is passable, but not the best match. I was thinking about getting shades Brightening or Neutralizing which looked lighter, but both have such strong undertones that I was postponing buying either and then I saw this new shade on the stand called 00 Ivory. People we have a winner! It's pale enough for me and plus the undertone is not strong, so it fits my neutral skin tone best out of all concealers in my collection. I've long been a fan of this formula because it's incredibly natural on the skin, it covers about a medium which is enough for me (for spots I have to pick up a full coverage formula instead) and the sponge is really helpful because at most times I don't need anything else to blend (unless there is a lot of product on the sponge). Using this really feels like an eraser due to the applicator. Discovering this shade just made my year, now all that needs to happen is for Bourjois to release the same shade as this of Radiance Reveal.

Müller, 9.99 €

 ESSENCE Stay True Lipliner 6h Waterproof
08 Thank you berry much 
I'm a fan of the Soft Contouring formula, especially the shade 08 Big proposal which I wear so much, but the staying power of those is not the best, though a big improvement on the previous Essence lip liners. This one has the waterproof and a reasonable 6h claim. Formula is very soft and glides with such ease on the lips, it's most like the old lipliner formula out of Essence liners available now. There were no testers on the stand, so I picked this one based on the colour of the back part, which made me believe this is a lighter colour than it actually is. 08 Thank you berry much is a medium warm pink and not really a berry despite the name. I was thinking about getting the other two shades I was interested in because I like the soft formula, but now I not so sure because staying power is no better than the Soft Contouring line.
Müller, 2.19 €

ESSENCE Draw the Line Instant Colour Lipliner
07 Eternal Beauty
I have the shade 05 un-grey-ful which looks very draining grey on me, but I remember liking the formula because it was very long-lasting, so I got one of these as well in a neutral shade that I can wear a lot. I prefer this shade to 08 thank you berry much and it's a real beauty that I know I'll wear a lot. 07 Eternal Beauty is a light-medium muted pink, definitely a colour for my skin tone. It's a lot more thick and waxy than Stay True as well as the Contouring versions, almost to the point of being slightly sticky, but it's still possible to apply it all over the lips with no significant problems. I was warned on my IG that these dry out quickly and I managed to dig out my old 05 shade, which really is not useful anymore, so you have to use it up in the first months. I already featured this in my monthly favourites.
Müller, 1.59 €

 *CATRICE Ten!Sational 10 in 1 Dream Primer
I wanted this because it has niacinamide 5th on the list after water and it doesn't sound like a typical silicone primer that be too dry and flakey on my dry skin (depending on how matte is the formula). I've been looking for a replacement for Max Factor's Facefinity All Day Primer, which they pulled from our drugstores, though it still exists. That one is unlike most primers also not a typical mattifying primer with that silicone feeling and Ten!Sational feels similar to it, but it doesn't beat Max Factor's for me. I suspected will be tinted based on the description and I was right. Luckily it's not as dark as their 1 Minute Face Perfector I got at the last update, but it's still not my match and I need to be careful to blend out the edges well. It doesn't leave a smooth dry-to-the-touch base, instead it's one of those moisturising primers that leave a slightly dewy-sticky feeling.
In terms of actually claims:
1. Priming - Yes, it looks like it's prolonging the staying power of makeup.
2. Hydrating - yes, it's good for my normal-dry skin.
3. Anti-wrinkle -  when it comes to immediate result this doesn't hide lines, however, it also doesn't make them worse like I experienced with 1 Minute primer. Niacinamide is considered an anti-ageing ingredient and it might have the long-term skin care effect with regular use.
4. Natural Glow - yes, it has a very small amount of mini shimmer that looks like a subtle natural glow. Unlike most glowy primers I tried which look just too much, this I like.
5. Anti-pollution - I have no idea.
6. Anti-oxidation - I don't know either as I have no foundation that oxidises to test at the moment, but primers overall tend to fix the problem of oxidation because they prevent direct contact with natural oils.
7. Pore minimizing - no, it's not comparable to mattifying silicone primers. It helps a tiny bit, but I've had better products, sadly all were very matte.
8. Evens out the skintone - a bit, due to the tint, but it's less than 1 Minute Primer. The added niacinamide high on the list might help even out the skin with regular use.
9. Blurs imperfections - no, again it's not like mattifying silicone primers. The tint helps a bit, but this is pretty sheer.
10. UV protection - it has an SPF 15, but with the quantity that gets applied, you don't get that much protection. Another higher SPF under it is a must.
The 10 claims are of course exaggerated, not that I believed them in the first place, I've been in the makeup world for too long to be that naïve. Regardless I'm not disappointed by that because based on the ingredients list I knew what to expect - a hydrating primer that won't feel like a coat of silicones and has niacinamide - one of my favourite skin care ingredients. The natural glow this gives is finally something that doesn't look over the top. Two things that could be improved: 1. they should have added an SPF 50 and 2. remove the tint or make several shades. One never ever fits all, I don't know why companies insist on doing that. For blurring pores and for oily skin in general I'd pick a mattifying primer instead because you'll hate this doesn't set.
6.39 €

*CATRICE Eyeconista Lash Millionizer Volume Mascara Waterproof
This has the smallest brush from regular mascaras I've tried and strangely it works. The name Lash Millionizer is not far off because this can catch almost ever lash, separates them creating an effect on many lashes and at the same time, the formula is very volumising, so it's not just about definition, but also volume and length. I really like the effect of this one, but it has a minus - the formula is too wet for a waterproof formula and that means it drops the lashes when I'm applying it. It can later rectify the situation by gently curling the lashes again, but I've never been a fan of doing that. I'll see if this dries a bit in time and gets better at holding a curl, but for now my favourite waterproof mascara remains Essence's I <3 Extremes
5.39 €

*CATRICE Gold Effect Nail Polish
20 Fascinating Grace
This has a lovely effect on the nails. It's a ton of fine shimmer that is fully opaque with two-three coats and looks very glamorous. It applies with ease, like any normal nail polish and it doesn't feel gritty on the nails like glitter usually does. My shade is a pale pink metallic shade. 
4.79 €

 *CATRICE Luminice Highlight & Bronze Glow Palette
020 Feel Gold
Unlike the L.O.V. GLOWrious palette which is overall very similar to this, Luminice is a top performer from the start and there is no need to get through the top layer to reach the more pigmented stuff. All three shades great, unexpectedly if I'm honest because the first shade looks matte in the palette. The first shade is my favourite because despite its deceiving appearances it gives a good amount of glow and it's the most neutral "iced gold" shade in the palette which suits my neutral skin tone. It's also got the finest shimmer. Second shade is a gold champagne shade, another wearable one with a much stronger glow than the first. The last is very pigmented and not suitable for my skin tone. It's an orange toned bronze shade that looks more like an glowy orange blush on me than a bronzer.
7.29 €

*CATRICE Blush Box Glow + Multicolour
020 It's Wine O'Clock
This was the first thing that caught my attention among the new products because Catrice almost never disappoints when I comes to their blushes and this shade looked quite unique to me. This has such strong pigmentation, almost too much and I have to be careful with it. It's described as glowy and when I swatch it in a thick coat it has a healthy satin glow to it with very fine shimmer, but on my cheeks I can't get that and it looks matte. The shade is indeed unique in my collection and I like it a lot, it's a medium muted pink-berry, a slight deviation from the regular cutesy pinks, though it has a similar look on the cheeks.
4.39 €

 *L.O.V. Eyetracttion Magnetic Loose Eyeshadow
510 Metalfusion, 520 Metalight, 530 Magnetize Me, 550 Positive Attraction and 530 Metalure
In my last monthly favourites post I had these on my wishlist and the most amazing PR Natalija saw it and sent me the testers they had left. I have shade 510 Metalfusion from before and since I got it, it's pretty much the only eyeshadow I've been using, so in the entire 2019 so far. I love this formula, it's my favourite ever because it's so pigmented and so easy to use and blend. I just apply it with fingers, quickly blend and I'm done. The texture is somewhere between a loose and pressed eyeshadow, I know of nothing like it, but it's everything I want from an eyeshadow. Sadly these aren't sold in shops here anymore, so they are only available online, which is such a shame because these are great. 

510 Metalfusion is a purple taupe shade, similar to Satin Taupe and its dupes. 520 Metallight is similar to 510, but a more brown-bronze taupe - of course I loved it immediately. 530 Magnetize me is my dream shade, an old gold shade, so the type I've always loved. 550 Positive Attraction is a reddish copper and it wouldn't be my first choice until I tried it on my eyelids. It's a shade that compliments my eye colour and it's probably the most "on trend" shade, since all the popular palettes right now have a warm reddish theme. The last shade 530 Metalure is a deep taupe, again very much my style and more for a dark smokey eye. All are super pigmented and not much is needed for a fully opaque effect. I have a full review of shade 510 here.
€ 6.99

 *L.O.V. LIPaffair Color & Care Lipstick
501 Gesine's Rosewood, 521 Verena's Rose and 551 Christina's Red
This was a very generous extra in my PR parcel. I already have a review of this formula for another shade, where I described it as a very high-end-like. It's a super smooth and lightweight creamy lipstick with surprisingly good staying power for a creamy formula and the heavy, metallic packaging with the magnetic closing system gives it that premium feel. 

 501 Gesine's Rosewood is a medium rosy brown (very surprisingly to me, a lot of you loved this shade on me. It's not my favourite), 521 Verena's Rose, my favourite, is a lovely light warm pink and 551 Christina's Red is a classic neutral red.
€ 9.99

*ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Magnifying Metal Lash Volume Mascara
Something new on the mascara market – Oriflame made a metal brush. I had my predictions when I first saw this on Instagram and it turned out exactly like I expected. The brush only has small grooves that are supposed to comb the lashes, however, in practice this proved to be far from ideal. It very much feels like you’re just deposing the formula with a stick, while the grooves are simply not deep enough for defining my lashes. It deposits a lot of formula and you get the volume, it's just a very messy one, with lashes stuck together and my unruly lashes are all over the place with this mascara. We’ll see if it gets better as it dries, but I prefer regular brushes. For getting a lot of formula on it’s ok, but a separate brush is almost a must, at least at my lashes, however, if you have nicer lashes than me, don't be afraid to try this one if you're interested in the concept of a metal brush (my lashes are squashed behind the glasses most of the time and have splits, plus some are growing down). In Slovenia this is sold only online until the end of August, but I have no clue about other countries. 
Oriflame, regular price 16.90 €, currently 10.90 €

I'll have skin care and hair stuff in another new in post, as one wold be too long.

Have a great day!

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  1. Pravo presenečenje, da smo dobili nov, svetlejši odtenek pri Maybelline. Sedaj samo še upam, da dobimo nazaj color tattoo kremna senčila

    1. Res je mini čudež :) Sploh nisem opazila, da jih nimamo več, ampak zdaj ko razmišljam jih pa res že dolgo nisem videla. Za Tattoo je pa res škoda, ker so dobra.

  2. Se strinjam s Catrice ocenami. Meni je sploh rdečilo in paleta osvetljevalcev zelo všeč. Paleta je še taka zelo praktična za nošenje s sabo. Imam najraje take embalaže z magnetnim zapiranjem.

    Kako lepo od Natalije za senčila. :) <3 Mene taka formula ni tako navdušila. Jaz imam raje bolj mazljive zadeve. Positive attraction mi je najbolj moj odtenek :). Zdaj sem se spomnila na L'Oreal Color Infallible senčila v tistih prozornih kvadratastih lončkih. Imam še dve doma. Se mi zdi podobno temu, samo bolj mokro. Joj kako mi je žal, da nisem kupila več odtenkov, ko so šli iz prodaje. Pa taka dobra pigmentacija :D.

    1. Sva highlighterje sprobali še na sestrični in je srednji izpadel mega šajni. Catrice ponavadi ni imel tako dobrih highlighterjev, vsaj to kar sem jaz sprobala, amapak tale paletka je pa najs. Meni je sploh prvi highlighter izjemno lep.

      Res sem zelo vesela teh senčk in celo vse so mi izjemno všeč, kar mislim, da ni nobenega drugega izbora odtenkov, da bi mi bili všeč več kot trije odtenki :) Taka tekstura je meni najbolj všeč. Ja, L'Orealove so bile top, jih še imam v predalu čeprav so ancient. Sahara Treasure in Bronze Goddess so moje najljubše. Zdaj sem videla, da imajo neke nove, samo so pri nas še zaprti testerji polomljeni pa jih nisem nič še sprobavala.

  3. Morem počasi nabavit ta Eraser of Maybelline, vse ga samo hvalite :D Gold Effect od Catrice pa je taki lepi efekt, sem ravno zadnjič ga slikala na nohtih, ampak mi ga ni uspelo dobit na sliko, bo treba še enkrat :D

    1. Glede na to, da ti je všeč Radiance Reveal, ti bo skor zihr tudi Eraser :) Ja, Gold Effect izgleda expensive na nohtih, ampak so mi bili prejšnji #peeloff vseeno bolj všeč :)

  4. Catrice Gold effect mail polish je fantastičan, ja imam tri nijanse:) 💖💖💖

    1. Peel off su se mi jako sviđali, ali i Gold Effect su krasni :)