October favourites and wishlist

sobota, oktober 31, 2020


MAYBELLINE Total Temptation Waterproof Mascara
I've wanted to try this even since it first launched, but it never reached our drugstores, as like usual we only got the regular version. Reviews are average to terrible, but I loved this the moment I tried it. Formula is strange as it looks rubbery on the brush where there's a larger clump, but this mascara has got an even nicer effect than Essence <3 Extreme, though it's very similar just with a more manageable brush. It defines well when I apply it slowly and adds plenty of length, while I think most would consider it average in terms of volume, but with waterproof mascaras that the best you can get. It holds my lashes up, it leaves them still flexible and doesn't crumble. I'm a fan and I like more than L'Oreal's Paradise Extatic wp.

ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Volumising Fortemente Mascara
A regular mascara that holds a curl - you don't see many of these. It's not the most impressive mascara in terms of volume, but it's makes enough of a difference. It lengthens well and defines ok. It makes the lashes stiff, so I need to make sure my lashes are well curled before applying this one, or it's not that pleasant when my lashes hit the glasses, but I'm fan of this one. The brush is a classic one with a wobbly design that doesn't do anything special, just what it's supposed to do anyway.

ARTDECO Eyeshadows
I said I was going to build my own palette because I'm tired of a overload of warm toned palettes on the market as well as having palettes where I like 4 shades at most and this finally "my" palette. I've been a fan of Artdeco eyeshadows since before my blogging years, they are nicely pigmented, blend well and they have a big selection of cool-neutral shades, so I had plenty to pick from. Three in the palette are old (you can see my old shades here) and the rest are new, carefully selected after a series of "swatchfests" in front of the stand. Shades I got are 12 chocolate cake, 180 pearly golden olive, 188 pearly catwalk show, 190, 214 iridescent copper, 242 pearly brown illusion, 520 matt light grey mocca and 574 matt tender mauve, the other three old ones are 16, 98 and 245 (very similar to the new 188, while 245 is discontinued). They are set in a palette numerically (it's turned upside down on my pic, so top left is 574). They are not the cheapest, but at least I now have a palette with actual cool-neutral shades and I like each one. Missing is a very deep brown, as 242 was the darkest I could find and it could be darker, but it combines well with all other shades. 

MAYBELLINE Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer
05 Brightener
I've been a big fan of this formula for many years now and Ivory is my perfect match. I've been on a hunt for brightening concealers and I got this one despite that it looked darker than Ivory. It actually does brighten due to the pink tint. It doesn't counteract the dark-ish purple-red I have under my eyes, so I need to find something for that too, but the difference between with and without this under the eyes is noticeable, slightly more than at Revlon's Eye Primer + Brightener, thought they are very similar. It works for my skin tone despite that I'm so pale. 

REVLON Photoready Candid Anti-Pollution Concealer
005 Fair
This was love at first try and I did not expect that, as I got it for ingredients and I've tried the foundation, which felt too dry for my skin, so I fully expected this to be the classic matte high-coverage formula similar to L'Oreal Infallible More than Concealer and I was prepared to suffer through, since to me this is kind of like skin care + makeup kind of product. So I was so delighted when I discovered it's instead very similar to my favourite Essence Camouflage+ Healthy Glow Concealer, meaning it's still covers a lot, but it's not dry matte and blends nicely on my normal-dry skin even if I don't wear a foundation under it. I'm a big fan. This has a bit of niacinamide, vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate), aloe vera, green tea extract and some caffeine, so even though they are more on the middle to end of the list, they are still there, which is more than at most concealers.  005 fits me well, plus the undertone is not too strongly yellow like it is at Colourstay concealer that I have.  

MAYBELLINE Master Chrome Extreme Highlighting Powder
200 Diamond
This arrived completely shattered because Look Fantastic just wrapped it in a bit of paper and chucked it in box two two big Cantu bottles. I checked my options and thought it's too much hassle for a product I got in a 3 for 2 offer, so I just fixed it with some alcohol and it's fine. Who cares if doesn't look pretty. This is one glowy highlighter. It rivals Colourpop's Flexiterian and a swirl or two with a brush gives an intense glow on the skin. Shimmer is fine like at most highlighters nowadays. Formula is powdery-creamy to the touch and it swatches very intense with a finger, shade is similar to Flexiterian too, so a champagne shade and great for pale skin, while for deeper skin tones they have 3 other shades. Stupidly we only have one of the deeper shades in Slovenia, at least that's all I've been able to find and I've been checking DM's and Müller's for a month, so I ordered online.

I loved this immediately and so much, that I went to get a backup a couple of days later. I wear these types of shades when I go somewhere and I want to look natural, yet polished if that makes sense. My other choices are Maybelline's lipliner in Dusty Rose and Essence's Big Proposal, for some reason my favourite shades are only found among lipliners, though lately I've been wearing Revlon's Colorstay Overtime in Unlimited Mulberry a lot, especially when I want the lip colour to last all day. Catrice lipliner is another excellent shade for my skin tone. It’s a light natural pinky-peach shade, a my-lips-but-better colour and great for defining the lips. Formula is on the thick side and it has a peppermint scent, but it doesn't tingle. It’s “plumping” only if you overdraw the lips. It's smooth, easy to apply all-over the lips and quite soft. Only bad side is the staying power, which is merely average.

This is just a nice little drugstore gem full of glycerine, niacinamide, almond oil, vitamin E, panthenol, caffeine and a type of hyaluronic acid. It's fragrance free which is a the best part considering I found this among the men's cosmetics. I keep this my the computer and apply it when my eyes are tired, as well as every morning and in my night routine.  I don’t expect much from it, just hydration, but I like the ingredients list (niacinamide) and it’s nice for tired eyes. 

 This combination got me the sleekest blow-out I’ve ever been able to get, which is an achievement on my super frizzy hair. I’ve already praised L’Oreal in my last monthly favourites and I said I’m looking for a combination that would make it work its best and Moroccanoil is an excellent partner. Cantu is for extra moisture because Moroccanoil on its own isn't nourishing enough and my hair is very dry overall. They leave my hair smooth, not tangled, ends are fine and hair feels light. I've been using this combination now and I can go without curling or straightening my hair and my hair stays nicely straight, only I need to use a hair oil every day because of the frizz. This combination does sadly have a downside and that is that it takes much longer to dry my hair, but results are pretty impressive. 

Another nice shampoo for my dry hair I discovered or possibly rediscovered (the packaging might have changed since I had it or it was something different altogether). It's not drying, doesn't leave the hair tangled and is just overall nice, one of best in the drugstores.    

This lay abandoned in my stash for quite a while, so I've dedicated myself to using it up. I knew it was good, I was just swamped with other stuff, then came Pantene and there was never really time to use this up properly. This is a really nice drugstore mask for very dry hair, it's thick and very nourishing, it only fault is that the effects last maximum two-three days like a majority of other budget stuff. This is the mask I've been using with the combination above and I got a nice sleek blow-out. Cantu is obviously better (in terms of lasting hydration), but this quite a nice drugstore buy and more widely available. 


MOROCCANOIL Color Depositing Mask Lilac - This looks like the cool purple I've been wishing for since I started my colour experiments. Subrina’s Colour Refresh Violet, which is currently on my hair, is more of a warm purple-pink compared to this. It exists in a small 30 ml packet too. Tjaša Kokalj Jerala shows how it looks on her IG. 

SCHWARZKOPF GOT2B Color Shampoo Lila - I spotted this last time I was in Müller. A purple shampoo and they also have a silver and pink one. Might be nice for a super quick pastel, depending on how pigmented it is.

ESSENCE Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation - One of you told me this is a fantastic formula and that I should try it. Lightest shade here and online to buy I’ve been able to find is 04. I need to check it out again if it’s suitable because it didn’t look that dark in the shop, yet it wasn’t as light as 01, which is the shade of their previous foundation that fit me.

SALLY HANSEN Insta-Dri Chip-Resistant Top Coat - I asked about a Seche Vite alternative and one of you reminded me of this. It doesn't dry as fast, but I hope it's close enough. I can’t find it in our drugstores even though I've seen SH in either a DM or Müller catalogue, but it’s sold on Spletična for a reasonable price.

HADA LABO TOKYO Anti-ageing Super Hydrator - I’ll buy this when Cezanne lotion runs out, provided, of course, it’s in stock in my local DM when that happens. Sandra gave me a generous tester and it doesn’t break me out unlike all other Hada Labo hyaluronic products. 

NATURE BOX Recovery Mask - This brand never peaked my interest, but I randomly went googling for ingredients. This has shea butter high on the list, so worth a try. 

BATH & BODY WORKS Sunset Glow Fine Fragrance Mist - Notes of sparkling cherry seltzer, coconut & moonflower. Sounds interesting enough to try. I’m a fan of BBW mists, but it sucks ordering online from eBay.

GARNIER Ultimate Blends Hair Mask Coconut Milk  & Macademia Treatment Nourishing for Dry Hair - I heard good things about this hair mask, though this is the old version that's still sold in my local drugstores and the new one looks like those hair food masks. It’s worth a try. 

L'OREAL Elvive Full Resist Fragile Hair Brush Resist Cream with Biotin - Something new in the drugstores. The whole line contains arginine and ceramides, including the giant 680 ml mask, but this leave-in caught my attention. The orange line, which I’ve also been eyeing for a while has proteins.

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  1. Wow, tale palete izgleda super. Sem poskušala sama ugotoviti od katere znamke si jo kupila (sama ne maram nositi toplih nevtralnih odtenkov in tale tvoja izgleda perfect tudi zame) in ko nikakor nisem mogla ugotoviti, preberem, da si jo sestavila sama iz ArtDecojevih senčk :) Res je čudovita in najbrž si jih bom nekaj zabeležila in tudi sama kupila

  2. Ovaj fructis sampon je jedan od najboljih! Ma super

  3. Res je prav bedasto, da ni nikjer več za dobiti all cool toned palet. Zdaj sem še jaz včasih naveličana toplih odtenkov, pa jih res rada nosim. Ampak se ponavlajajo vedno eni in isti v paletah. Saj po mojem se bo počasi spet obrnil trend. Sestavila si si pa tako pravo hladno nude paleto. :)

    Jaz opažam, da včasi kdo uporablja presvetel korektor pod očmi in je zato težko zakriti podtone, ker s svetlim odtenkom samo še bolj poudariš ta predel. Jaz sem npr. zdaj začela uporabljam malo bolj temne korektorje ali pa temne zmešala s svetlejšim pod očmi, da sem bolje zakrila razbarvanosti.

    Misliš, da bi mi bil Revlonov korektor všeč? Ker podlaga mi je, nimam pa primerjave kakšen je ta. Je kaj podoben Revlonovemu običajnemu?

    Jaz tudi nikoli ne najdem pravega odtenka med Maybelline osvetljevalci. Sicer se mi zdi, da sem zadnjič videla celo 2 odtenka v DMu. Ampak noben ni po mojem okusu, pa saj ne da rabim še več osvetljevalcev.

    Balea roll on sem že iskala, ampak ga v našem DMu ni bilo. Polica je bila prazna. Tako da, ko bo na voljo, preizkusim.

    Jaz še imam ta Sally Hansen nadlak, čeprav je zdaj že trd. Niti približno ne posuši laka tako hitro kot Seche Vite - ker Seche Vite pač nima konkurence - je pa soliden. Se mi zdi, da je v osnovi mogoče celo bolj tekoč, ni tako debel na nohtu, ampak se tudi ta čez čas strdi v vedno bolj gelasto teksturo. Mogoče ne tako hitro kot Seche Vite. A ga nimajo več v DMU? Čudno. Ker sem prepričana, da sem ga tam videla.

    1. Res je, hladnih paletk praktično ni. Še nova Colourpop Stone Cold Fox je zajebavanje s strani Colourpopa, ker ko sem gledala swatche na Temptalii, so vsi bolj nevtralni ali rozkasti in nekateri celo topli. Brezveze.

      Jaz sploh nimam presvetlih korektorjev :) So vsi ali v mojem tonu ali pretemni. Sicer se ne sekiram toliko, da se čez vidi še malo rdečkasto, ker imam zdaj vedno očala, ampak za takrat ko jih nimam pa rabim malo več. Rumen barvni korektor iz Catrice paletke se je izkazal za še kar učinkovitega. Samo tekstura je tečna.

      Ja, mislim, da bi ti bil Revlonov korektor v redu :). Je sicer manj mat kot Colourstay, je pa prekrivnost podobna in tektura boljša. Še najbolj je podoben Essencemu Healthy whatever, ampak boljši, bolj gost.

      V naših drogerijah sem do zdaj videla samo temno zlat-oranžkast odtenek Maybellinovega highlighterja, torej v bistvu ta odtenek za katerega resno dvomim, da kateri tukaj ustreza. Ti imaš res dovolj veliko zbirko in ne rabiš kupovat :D. Sploh, ker ga je težko dobit in kot vidiš kot ti ga pošljejo se razbije.

      A potem so že pobrali roll-one? Verjetno ker je Ana dala na IG story. Je pa super in vreden nakupa. Zdaj imajo itak spletno trgovino, kar je fino zdaj ko je vse zaprto.

      Saj močno sumim da me bo Sally Hansen razočaral oz. Seche Vite me je preveč razvadil. Pri nas ga ni v noben DM, pa jih imamo 3. Si zihr, da si videla pri nas in ne v Avstriji?

    2. Ja jaz sem tudi mislila, da je zaradi Ane že vse pošlo :).

      Veš da nisem ziher, če je bilo v Avstriji ali pri nas. Zdaj pa že nekaj časa nisem šla v DM, da bi preverila.

    3. Ker tega laka na naši DM spletni trgovini ga ni. Predvidevam, da je gor vse kar imamo pri nas.