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sreda, oktober 21, 2020

Reviews of Catrice and Oriflame products on the picture can be found this these two posts: Catrice Cosmetics New Products Fall 2020 and Oriflame Giordani Gold Fall 2020

REVLON Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener
This caught my eye because I see it as a potential YSL Touche Eclat dupe, though I haven't tried the latter and I can't compare them, but I needed something to brighten under my eyes and make me look more rested. Just like with the L'Oreal's Lumi Magique one (which is the only such product I had before and now I can't find it anymore) the difference is subtle, but the pink tone does make the area a bit brighter. This is expectedly a thin, light formula in a brightening pale pink tone that is meant to be used as a primer under eyeshadows or as a brightener over a concealer, but on its own the level of coverage is low. 
Click2Chic, 9.59 €

REVLON Photoready Cheek Flushing Tint 
I've had cheek stains before and this one is by far the nicest - nicer than the famous Benetint or Poseytint. It's got a lot of pigmentation, so I need a dot or two for a nice flush on my cheeks (I'm very pale) and it blends much nicer, smoother than others I've tried. I've never been a fan of cheek tints because they tend to leave a stronger stain just on the place you applied it first, while this one blends out evenly. It looks very natural on the cheeks because the texture is light. Spotlight is a warm pink that adds a classic babydoll pink flush on my cheeks.

Click2Chic, 12.49 €

REVLON Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor
Unlimited Mulberry
I have this also in Always Sienna. I've said in my original review that this is the most longlasting lip product in my collection. I can apply this in the morning and at the end of the day it pretty much looks the same on the lips, only the shine is less intense or gone. It's pretty amazing what this can survive. I won't claim this is the most comfortable lip product when you apply it so it's fully opaque in two coats, in fact you are aware it's on all the time because it feels like a layer that also a bit sticky when I press my lips tight together, but I can get past that and it doesn't feel drying on my lips. In one coat this looks more like a stain and on my pale skin tone it just defines the lips without looking much like makeup and applied like that I can't feel it on the lips. It's in two parts: like I said the colour part is more like a stain with one coat and on my picture there are two, the finish of it is matte. The glossy part seals the colour and it stays shiny for quite a while. The colour part doesn't wipe off on anything, only the glossy one comes off. Unlimited Mulberry is a light-medium pinky mauve.

Click2Chic, 11.90 €

REVLON  Kiss Cushion Lip Tint 
Naughty Mauve
Müller had a 1+1 offer on Revlon lip products and I was buying another of their Colorstay Overtime lipstick as a birthday gift for someone, so since I was getting one free, I decided to get another one of these Cushion Lip Tints (I also have 210 Pretty Kiss and 270 Wine Trip). I’ve raved about the amazingly comfortable formula before, but honestly I don’t like any of the shades they have. This one looked the most wearable to me in the shop, though I’d prefer if it were lighter and more pink. Applied in a semi-sheer way I kinda like it, but in a thick coat, it's so dark. Maybe I should have gotten a red instead, but this is worth it for the formula alone. Naughty Mauve is a brownish-rose on me and almost vampy when applied fully opaque, but it wears off to lighter stain. 

Click2Chic, 10.89 €

A repurchase. I saw these 50% off at the register and I just grabbed one so I'll have a backup for when I'll have only rubbish (PR) mascaras in stock. It's my favourite regular formula, though it's not amazingly volumising because the formula isn't particularly thick, still it's a very good performer and it combs the lashes nicely, creates a nice fanned out effect and no matter how much I apply it, it doesn't got clumpy. The formula is not super wet, still it doesn't hold a curl, but it also doesn't weigh my lashes completely down. 
Müller, regular price 9.99 €

A repurchase meant to be another backup. I talk a lot about this mascara and I've use up several tubes. It holds my lashes curled all day like I expect from a mascara and it gives a lot of length+ volume. 
Müller, 2.99 €

CATRICE ICOnails Gel Lacquer 
88 Pink Makes the Heart Glow Fonder 
I featured this already in my September favourites. It was my first ICOnails nail polish and I quite like it. Formula is great and easy to apply, especially compared to some other gel ones I've been using recently (like Oriflame) and this one is so much smoother. Shade 88 is a medium muted pinky-mauve shade that's somewhat similar to Essence's 56 You & Me that I still adore, it's just a bit deeper and less nude. I have my eyes on another nude shade or two.

Müller, 2.89 €

I got this in a PR parcel, but I had this formula before and there is an old full review about it. I'm not a fan, so mine will go to someone else. It's a mascara that is great at defining the lashes, as you might expect given the plastic brush, but it's not very volumising and it doesn't hold a curl.  

*WET N WILD Color Icon Glitter Single 
This is a cream glitter eyeshadow with a good colour payoff when I swatch it, but it sucks on the eyelids. I'm quite useless when it comes to makeup tricks and maybe I just don't know how to make this work, but all I get is a sheer wash of colour with some metallic patches. It's so soft and greasy that it keeps moving when I apply it and I just can't get an opaque transfer on the lids even if I try to tap this on either with fingers or a synthetic flat blush. I've tried it with a base and without and this just creases so fast. Toasty is a copper glitter shade that looks very orange on me. 

*WET N WILD Megaslick Balm Stain 
Coral Of The Story
I thought this will be completely sheer, but it has a decent colour pay-off. It's not fully opaque, but close. Formula is nicely balmy and feels comfortable on the lips, I could even call it moisturising. Colour is quite surprisingly not orange at all on me, instead it's a warm pink, but a bit bright for my taste. This has a strong scent of cherry candy.

 *WET N WILD Silk Finish Lipstick 
Pink Ice
A frosty medium-pink lip colour with a creamy formula. This one is considerably smoother than their Megalast formula, but it's not as long-lasting. Just like at Megalast the packaging feels cheap and this one is not easy to open. The colour of this one was an immediate nope from me (frost!), so I didn't even wear it more than once. 

BALEA MEN Energy Augen Roll-on
I finally found this in my local DM. It caught my attention when I was checking what stuff is potentially interesting on DM's website and I liked the ingredients list of this one. They are as follows: glycerine 2nd, niacinamide 3rd, almond oil 5th, vitamin E 6th, panthenol 7th, caffeine 8th and sodium hyaluronate (9th). It also has no fragrance, which makes me very happy because I was concerned it’ll smell like men’s cosmetics (Balea’s stuff tends to be scented). It’s a light liquid almost-lotion type of texture, so it’s best stored downwards because sometimes it stops flowing from the sides of the metal ball. It feels nicely cooling and refreshing, so I keep it by the computer and use it as needed. I don’t expect much from it, just hydration, but I like the ingredients list (niacinamide) and it’s nice for tired eyes.
DM, 3.99 €

BALEA Beauty Effect Retinol Nacht Serum
This is one of the more new products in DM and I believe the first one with retinol. The percentage isn't stated and I doubt there is a lot. Retinol is in the first half of the ingredients list (7th), but followed by fragrance, which might bother some. It also has hyaluronic acid, but low on the list. The texture of this serum is odd and it reminds me of Revolution skin care Salicylic acid 2%. It's a slippery serum that starts to emulsify on the skin when I'm rubbing it in. It's also not hydrating enough for my skin and it starts to feel tight, not just because this leaves a film on the skin. It’s only been a few weeks, so I don't see anything from this one, except that it's overall not as nice in terms of quick effects like Balea's Vital Konzentrat (brightening and improves general health of the skin). It’s not breaking me out, nor do I see any retinol connected issues, so no extra dryness, peeling or sensitivity. This is more of a product retinol newbies might be comfortable with trying, but don’t expect a lot.
DM, 4.99 €

BALEA Vital+ Straffende Nachtcreme
Firming Night Cream
I also found this while checking ingredients on DM online to find something interesting for my skin type. I recently ran out of my favourite moisturiser which I'd have to order online from Asia and right now I don't want to do that (I'm still getting parcels I've ordered in March), so I've found some interesting choices. This one has niacinamide third on the list, so obviously I needed it. The rest of the list is more bland, it has the promised calcium, which I'm unsure how effective it is and right at the end of the rather long list also honey and propolis. If it had propolis higher on the list, it'd be perfect. Texture is thick and rich, very balm-like, but easy to apply and doesn't feel like a suffocating coat on the skin. I've used this for about a week, then decided to give the retinol serum a go on its own and when I was using this, my skin wasn't clear and now with just retinol serum it's fine, so I have concerns this is clogging my pores, but we'll see that later. Overall it's a nice, thick moisturizer for dry skin.  
DM, 4.49 €

BALEA Vital 5 in 1 Anti-Müdigkeits Augencreme
5 in 1 Anti-fatigue Eye Cream
I got this because it was reduced to only a 1€, it was the last one and I was curious about it, since I love the Konzentrat. Ingredients are quite nice, some oils and butters at the beginning of the list (sesame, jojoba, shea) and there is also some caffeine, which granted I'm doubtful about. This is tinted, which I knew before I bought it, so I was aware there is a high chance this will be completely too dark for me. It's quite dark from the tube, however, the tint is so sheer you can't really see it on the skin, provided of course you make sure to blend it well at the edges. I got this before the Energy Roll-on, which I like a lot more, so I think I'll give this to my mom, as she's got a deeper skin tone than me.
DM, 1.19 € (original price 4.19 €)

CV Overnight 7 Tage Intensiv-Kur
Another product I found online while checking the ingredients. This one has retinol, niacinamide, Q10 and panthenol, though again the percentages aren't stated. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll report back when I do. 
Müller, 2.95

NEUTROGENA Cellular Boost 100% Hydrogel Eye Mask
These eye patches have niacinamide (4th), adenosine (5th) and bit of Ascorbyl Glucoside (a form of vitamin C) on the ingredients list. They don't stand out among other patches, for example Yeauty or Oriflame, which also means they are another really nice ones. Lovely to use when the eyes are tired because they are nicely cooling. Hydrogel is thick, yet soft and comfortable. They are moisturising and a tiny bit plumping, just enough to hide the smallest lines for a while, but I didn’t notice brightening. I'd consider buying these again, though they are so expensive, especially compared to Yeauty, which are the same thing and 0.99 € (Müller), just with no niacinamide or vitamin C.
Müller, 3.49 €

*ESSENCE Hello, Good Stuff! 3 in 1 Face Mist
A hydrating mist that has the ingredients of a toner, so it's a refreshing spray rather than one that will help the makeup last longer. Ingredients are nice, it can be used before and over makeup or as a part of a skin care routine. Mist is nicely fine. This should smell like watermelon, but it's more of an unidentified fruity scent. 

*ESSENCE Hello, Good Stuff! Face Serum
A hydrating and as Essence says glow serum. It has pineapple extract high on the list, which I assume they mean as the glow giving ingredient, and it also has hyaluronic acid and glycerine. It feels like a decent hydrating serum that absorbs quickly. It has a pineapple scent.

*ESSENCE Hello, Good Stuff! Tinted Beauty Cream
20 Medium
This is way too dark for me to test, so I can't and I won't. This is a very dark medium shade. I tried mixing it with Adjusting Drops and I'd have to use more than the cream. I can't assess the coverage, but the texture felt on the thick side based on the swatch. Someone else with review it, I'm sure, I wasn't the only one that got this PR parcel. 

ESSENCE Hello, Good Stuff! Face Primer
I wouldn't call this a primer as much as a face cream with decent looking ingredients. Aside from the promised hemp seed oil, it also has squalane and aloa. It's a medium thick cream that doesn't absorb fast, leaves a nourishing layer of product on the skin and not a smooth primer-like base. It's looks like a nice product for dry skin, whether you use it under makeup or by itself. It has the obnoxious herbal scent. 

Serum, tinted moisturizer and primer. 

AVEO MED 2 in 1 Duche & Shampoo
A repurchase. I raved about this recently in my September favourites and I got a backup, since I use this now at every wash. It reminds me a lot of my favourite L'Oreal Extraordinary oil, which is weird because this doesn't have silicones, yet it leaves me with a very similar silky feeling, though despite the low pH, my scalp still feels the same like with L'Oreal shampoos, so it's no different or healthier when I use this, but I like how it works for my hair.
Müller, 1.29 €

BALEA Soft-öl Dusche
I grabbed this when I was already at the register, so I wasn't thinking a lot what I was taking, but I ended up liking this. It's not as creamy rich as Dove, but nicer than average Balea shower gels and it indeed feels like there is a bit of oil in it. It's got a classic creamy, clean scent. I'll repurchase this. 
DM, 1.99

L'OREAL Elseve Color-Vive Purple Shampoo
Another repurchase. This is an excellent, strong purple shampoo that successfully tones yellow. I use it at every wash, either alone (2nd wash) or mixed with a bit of Extraordinary Oil one because though it's not drying, it's doesn't leave the same silky feeling, so basically it's just a classic shampoo with a strong tint. 
DM, 3.99 €

MOROCCANOIL Smooth Blow-dry Concentrate
My first Moroccanoil product from the Smooth line. I've been struggling with getting a smooth blow-out and all my hopes were pinned on this. It's described as a product for very coarse, unruly hair, which is precisely what mine is like. It's a silicone serum that's thicker than the original Moroccanoil Treatment and it has the same scent. First time I used a lot of it before blow-drying, but on its own just after conditioner and it only kinda worked, also my hair got dry so fast when I used only this. So next time I used Cantu Leave-in Cream for extra moisture and I combined this with L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Prokeratin Liss Unlimited Smoothing cream. This combination got me the sleekest blow-out I’ve ever been able to get, which is an achievement on my super frizzy hair. I’ve already praised L’Oreal in my last monthly favourites and I said I’m looking for a combination that would make it work its best and Moroccanoil is an excellent partner. They leave my hair smooth, not tangled (which I’m loving! I don't even have to use La Croa), ends are ok and hair feels light. I’m quite impressed and I actually only used drugstore masks with these (first time last week I used Sebastian Dark Oil mask and it simply wasn’t enough for my hair together with only Moroccanoil). This combination does sadly have a downside and that is that it takes much longer to dry my hair, but results are pretty impressive. 
Click2Chic, 28 €

An interesting product by Subrina Professional, a butter for hair and body. The only similar product I had was from The Body Shop called Coconut Oil Hair Shine, which is discontinued and was more waxy-feeling. This has cocoa butter as the first ingredient followed by shea and mango butter, then coconut and kukui oil, so this is a very rich product. This is solid in the pot and you need only a small amount, then you melt it in between the palms before applying it on the hair. It's one of the most effective product when it comes to taming the hair and especially frizz, however, as you might expect, since it's a balm it just sits on the hair and I find that it doesn't absorb overnight (given the ingredients I wouldn't expect that apart from the coconut oil part, while the rest form a "shield" that prevents the moisture from leaving the hair), so this for me is more of a product I would use on days before washing, just like regular oils. When my hair is straight, I like it a lot for giving the hair a polished look, while when my hair was in its natural state I felt this didn't do its best. On straight hair it pulled the look together, banished all frizz, yet didn't feel or look heavy, but on my naturally dried hair I had to use a lot more and then I didn't like it as much as La Croa Protect & Shine spray because hair lacked slip, as this treatment is silicone free. It a nice product, I'll likely use it a lot (I already do), but it's most useful just specific situations. 
Click2Chic, 18.70 €

*CREATEURS DE MONOI Face, Hair and Body Oil
A second bottle, I've mentioned this several times that it's my favourite "regular oil" especially for hair. It's not just because it's feel lighters/less greasy that coconut oil, even though it's mix of the latter and jojoba oil, but also because it smells really nice. Scent is floral, a version of monoi scent.
Click2Chic, 15.99 €

My favourite conditioner for very dry hair. It's the only one I've found that keeps my hair moisturised for a long time (about a week), much longer than every other formula, even the very expensive ones. I was recently told on IG that it doesn't weight down or feel heavy on thin hair, which is good news because my hair is thick and I really don't know how products work on thin hair. This and Pantene are my drugstore favourites, Pantene leaves the hair more silky, but doesn't have such lasting results, while this is silicone-free, so it doesn't add as much slip, but it leaves the hair much softer and like I said moisturised for a long time. The packaging has 400 ml, which is superb and it smells of Pina colada.
Müller, 8.99 €

SCHWARZKOPF GLISS Oil Nutritive Nourish 2-in-1 Treatment
This caught my attention because just like Cantu, it has shea butter, and high on the ingredients list, plus it has an impressively high feedback everywhere I checked. However, this just sucks on my hair, which makes no sense given the ingredients. It's actually the third Gliss mask I've tried this year, which by all accounts should work for me (good ingredients and nice thick formulas), yet disliked them all. It left my hair tangled and so coarse, worse actually than just using an Aveo shampoo and leaving my hair to dry naturally, which is insane. I had to use a ton of La Croa spray to comb my hair and even with it, the hair was just quality tangled by the morning. Hair was already very dry on the second day and my ends felt like an old broom. I had to wash my hair again on the third day. My hair just does not like Gliss masks, I don't know what why that is, but all leave my hair with almost no slip. Reviews of Gliss stuff overall are very positive, so don't rely on my opinion too much. 
DM, 5.99 €

SCHWARZKOPF GLISS Oil Nutritive Express Repair Conditioner
Gliss has a lot of versions of this and I actually used to use version 19 for years in my teens (until I found Healthy Sexy Hair). They all have about the same ingredients list - moisturisers with some proteins, so from that point they all look very good on paper. I picked this one because it has several oils and looks best for dry hair. It's nothing to write home about. Like at most leave-in conditioners I don't see much of an effect. It's light, non-greasy and doesn't weight down the hair. In combination with the mask, it didn't contribute much to the extra nourishing and definitely not detangling. It's a product I could live without, though I like it has hydrolysed keratin and oils high on the list. It smells so nice, kind of like Nivea or similar scents. 
DM, 2.99 €

GARNIER Fructis Oil Repair 3 Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner
I saw these two in one of those baskets where they put stuff that's being removed from the shelves, so they were 50% off. I remembered liking the shampoo in the past, though I'm not sure this is the same one, but was definitely similarly named. I've only been using the shampoo and it's great. It's very similar to L'Oreal Extraordinary oil and it's wonderful for dry hair. I have yet to try the conditioner. These have a classic Fructis fruity scent. 
Interspar, 1.34 € each

SUBRINA Colour Refresh Mask
Diamond Blonde and Violet
I stocked up on these because they were -35% in Müller. I use Diamond Blonde at every wash now. I mix a small amount with one of my other masks and leave it on like I normally do masks, so about 30-60 minutes. It doesn't overtone because I don't use a lot. Since my roots are golden-yellow I use a stronger mix of Diamond Blonde + conditioner there, than on lighter lengths were L'Oreal's shampoo does the job anyway. Subrina is the only thing that is strong enough for my roots that I can't bleach all the way in one go, so they when colour washes off the are golden yellow. Purple tones nicely too, but in a very small amount. 
Müller, 4.99 €

BALEA Body Spray
Caribbean Feelings
I had a shower gel with this scent, which I liked, though at times it was a bit plasticky for a coconut scent. This was either re-released or we just got leftovers from Germany or Austria, but when I was looking for this a few months ago, it was sold out everywhere. It's nicer than the shower gel, it's the same summery coconuty scent, but with no plastic note. It doesn't last long even for a body spray, so this isn't terribly impressive overall, but it's super cheap.
DM, 1.79 €

BALEA Kräuter Bad
I got this for the scent. It's got a strong eucalyptus scent, which is what I was looking for and it foams nicely, as expected. 
DM, 1.29 €

BALEA Fuss Bad Urea
This is thicker than regular baths and it contains 15% Urea. I don't feel my feet are more moisturised after use, but it's nice enough and it foams a bit. 
DM, 2.19 €

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  1. Draga Mateja, kad stignem da nosiš toliko kozmetiku, naročito sad što tako često nosimo masku i skoro nigde ne idemo.
    Icon nails by catrice Is super! Ja sam probala dosta nijansa , ni ja ne znam koliko:) i ponovo bih kupila.
    Tečni blush i cream blush jako volim,radujem se kad vidim da ima još takvih jer stvarno to su retkost, bar u mojoj zemlji🇬🇷 .uopšte nisam nikad probala u prahu. lakše i zdravije je prstima nego četkicom. Među omiljenima mi je inglot amc,a sad koristim onaj novi od mac faktor miravle sheer gel 002. Rezultat je super a mada izgleda da je boja jarka, daje prirodan sladak izgled. 🥰🙂Probaj i ti.

    1. Sheer gel imamo sada ovdje kao "nov proizvod". Možda budem isprobala, ali sad imam ovaj Revlon :)

  2. Revlon cheek tint si bom privoščila, če bo kdaj fajn znižan. So mi vedno bolj všeč te kremne zadeve, sploh pa za pozimi.

    Te Essence zadeve meni dišijo kot trdi bonbon (ananas) in Five žvečilni z okusom lubenice :D. Se ne pritožujem, je pa res, da nisem grozen fan odišavljenih skin care zadev.

    Balea ima včasih prav zanimive sestavine v njihovi negovalni kozmetiki, ampak me moti, da je se tako parfumirano. Jaz zdaj uporabljam Vital + Intensiv Serum in mi je kar všeč. Taka mlečna tekstura in lepo vlažilen. Ampak spet, odišavljen - sicer tak prijeten nežen vonj. Ampak...Could do without.

    1. Ti maš itak Tuš tako, da ne dvomim, da bo kmalu popust :) Samo ne vem, če je že na stojalu. Pri nas sem videla samo nov highlighter.

      Ja, Essence serum lepo diši :) En ki ga bo dobil od mene bo že vesel :)

      Balea je pa res skoraj vse parfumirano, imaš prav. Ta serum sem tudi zase že večkrat gledala, ker ga ena priporoča na IG oz. pravi, da je porabila že nekaj flašk, samo kar mi nima zanimivih sestavin. Manjka mu nekaj, da bi ga pripravljena bit kupit. Samo če od tebe slišim v objavi po daljši uporabi, da naredi kaj posebnega, si ga pa bom privoščila :)

  3. Odgovori
    1. Yeah, it's good a nice selection of neutrals. Everything apart from the coral are wearable :)