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sobota, februar 24, 2024

Highly Rated Lash Extensions Mascara

This is a tubing mascara, which means it can be removed just with warm water. It's interesting to see how the whole coating comes off in a single piece of the lashes when removing it, but I like to follow up with a cleanser, even though water gets pretty much all of it off. So removal is very easy at this formula.

The brush is a silicone one with short bristles and a pointed design. True to the name, this is a great mascara for adding length. As far as volume goes it's ok, but it fails at definition, as it starts to stick lashes together - I blame the short bristles. It's best to keep a separate clean brush at hand. It's a regular formula, so it doesn't hold my lashes curled. 

I find their Highly Rated Anti-Gravity has a nicer effect, though I'm not a fan of either. From Milani mascara's I've tried, I prefer their Most Wanted formula. However, I do appreciate how easy Lash Extensions is too remove. 

Stay Put Eyeliner

This quickly became one of my favourite eyeliners. It's intensely black, super pigmented and it manages to stay in the waterline even at the end of the day, though it is a bit faded. It transfers easily into the waterline, while for the top lash line it's not as creamy as Maybelline Colour Tattoo, but the line it draws is intense and is very long lasting. 

The pencil has a smudger in the back and a sharpener. So far the pencil hasn't broken, as such twist up designs often do.

Baked Highlighter
120 Champagne d'Oro

A highlighter for those that like a strong glow. It's very pigmented and despite looking beige-champagne in the packaging, on my pale cheeks it ends up golden. On warmer, deeper tones than mine, it should look great, but this is not my colouring. It's intense quickly on the cheeks and the shimmer is more on the larger side compared to my other highlighters, but it's not chunky. 

Baked Powder Blush
05 Luminoso

I believe this is the most popular shade of these baked blushes. I imagined it very differently, a classic peachy-pink, so I was surprised when I first saw it in the shop at how orange it is. That time I picked Petal Primavera instead and have since set my eyes on Dolce Pink, both are pinker. Luminoso is an apricot-orange shade. On my pale neutral skin tone there isn't even a hint of pink, but such shades usually look peachy-pink on deeper skin tones, which is also how it looks on Milani's pictures.

Pigmentation is strong and as it's such an intense shade, I need a light hand. However, even with a small amount, the glow is visible, as it has very fine shimmer - at a lot of the glowy blushes that are very pigmented, so I can only use a small amount, the glow is barely visible, so it's nice to see that's not the case here. When these blushes are new, the powder is very loose and it flies everywhere. In time that layer gets used up and it's a nice smooth blush after that. Staying power is excellent, as it lasts all day on my cheeks. 

Fruit Fetish Lip Oil
Passion Fruit Coconut and Raspberry Peach

I've tried a few lip oils by now and this is another nice, nourishing formula. They aren't as impressively glossy or long lasting as the Catrice ones, but they beat regular glosses. Their main plus for me, is that they are scented. The yellow passion fruit coconut version has a warm, tropical scent and the red raspberry peach has a sweet berry scent. They also have a sweet taste. Both shades are clear or in a thick coat have a gentle tint. 

110 Passion Fruit & Coconut

130 Raspberry Peach

Stay Put Liquid Lip Longwear Lipstick
120 10/10 and 150 Snatched 

I had the original first Milani's matte liquid lipsticks, Amore Matte Lip Crème, which according to their website still exist. These are pretty much the same. They are full opaque with one swipe and start to set to a matte finish quickly. They can feel tight on the lips, especially if your lips are often dry - but that's the deal with liquid matte lipsticks. Staying power is ok, they last hours on the lips, but they don't stand out among matte liquid lipstick.

Shade 10/10 is a deep beige on my pale skin and it should be a nice nude shade on deeper skins.

 Snatched is a medium neutral pink. 

Make it Last Setting Spray

I have a LE version of this spray, Flora, which is scented. This one has no scent, but it’s otherwise the same. It does the job of prolonging the staying power of makeup and it can be used as a priming mist too. It's not my favourites, as that honour goes to Revlon's Colorstay Lock and in the second place is Urban Decay's famous All Nighter Spray, but this one isn't far behind those two and I like the ingredients of Milani's most, as it has niacinamide. The spray pump is not the best, as I wish the mist were more fine. There are several large drops when I spray it and it takes some time to dry, but like I said, it does the job of keeping the makeup looking fresh for longer. 
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