ponedeljek, 22. september 2014

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I'm a complete newbie when it comes to setting sprays and though my skin isn't oily, getting makeup to stay all day is not an easy task. I had a few special occasions coming, so wanted to invest into some products that would keep everything in place for as long as possible and All Nighter comes highly recommended. I had my heart set on the travel size for ages, but it was always sold out - luckily I managed to get a hold of it about a month ago. I can say that it definitely delivers.

The spray feels wet when applied, however, once it dries in about a minute it feels undetectable on the skin. There is no stickiness, no tight feeling, absolutely nothing - it's like an invisible shied on your face. It is also unscented. It says to spray it 20-25 cm away from the face 2-4 times in a T and X formation - very straightforward and simple. The spray works great and sprays a fine mist so it's evenly distributed on the skin. Some say that spraying All Nighter makes the foundation and powder look less cakey, but I don't notice a difference.  

I love the small, travel size packaging, I'm sure it'd prefer it to the full size as it's easier to handle. I don't quite get the function of the double lids, but I'm not too bothered. I'm really happy about UD also selling small sizes so you can trial the product before you splurge on the full size and they are always cuter than the bulky full-sizes. Sprays last me so long anyway, so I'm set for quite a while with these 30 ml. 

For this review I did a one day test. I took the first picture at 12.00 (A.M.) about an hour after applying makeup and the second at 22.00, so ten hours have passed between the photos. 
I wore Catrice Nude Illusion foundation, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, L'Oreal Lumi Magique concealer, Bourjois Poudre the Riz powder, Catrice Defining blush, BeautyUK Eden palette, Kardashian Deeply Felt Liner, Bourjois 1 Second waterproof mascara and Dior Addict Fluid Stick. First picture was taken in natural light and the second under Phillips Economy Twister Cool Daylight bulb.

Eyeshadows, liner and mascara were perfect, the foundation has rubbed off a bit though not completely, the under eye concealing was still great, the blush was long gone and I did apply a lot,  Dior lip gloss was gone as well (obviously, it's a lip gloss) and there was some shine on the skin, but not excessively. You can see from the pictures yourself it looks pretty damn good for eleven hours. 
I used it on me and my cousin when we attended two weddings and our makeup lasted all day. All in all, this is pretty good stuff.

The pictures speak for themselves - All Nighter really helps to prolong makeup. It's quick and easy to use in addition to the fact that you can't feel it on the face. However, it does have a high content of Alcohol Denat., which can be drying, but I haven't noticed any ill effects from using this spray. Despite it being very good, I actually think that Max Factor All Day Primer works a bit better, especially when it comes to containing oiliness, however, the combination of the two is absolutely fantastic and perfect when you need your makeup to stay all day.

I bought mine from Feel Unique for 11.70 €.

Have a great day!

nedelja, 21. september 2014

4 Year Blogiversary and my Gift to You

My forth year blogging! To me it actually feels a lot longer because I've been posting reviews and swatches on other sites way before I decided to create my own blog on that faithful 21.september 2010, when I've made one of the best decision of my life. I have to say that with each year I'm enjoying it more. This year in July my blog received its one millionth view, which is just amazing and I still feel over the moon about it, even though it may not even be such an amazing feat. I've also revamped the layout to a version I'm really happy with and finally added my blog on more social media - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I've done a celebratory post for the millionth view as well as shared a few bits in The Secrets of Blogging Tag, so I've pretty much exhausted my celebratory material, hahaha, but I want to thank you again, all of you who are subscribed or just read my blog occasionally and even to those who just happen to pass by - you are all amazing, brilliant people and I wish you all the best in life. I hope you'll enjoy my future posts as well.

Now for my gift to you, dear readers, well bloggers. It's not going to be a giveaway in a traditional sense of the word, but I want to give something back to you. I know many of you have your own blog, so I've decided to create a page called Blogs of my Readers, where your blogs will be advertised (for free of course) if you wish. I already have the Blogs I Heart page, which is one of the most viewed page on my blog and where all Slovene blogs I know of are featured as well, so the general layout will be the same - a thumbnail of your blog and a link. I'll post the image with the link in the sidebar through which you'll be able to access the page.

Here is your time for shameless promotion, advertise your blog in the comments under this post, but please refrain from follow me lines, I get a bit itchy. You can also put a link of the post you're most proud of and one request for me, I'd love to know the country you're from (also of those who don't have a blog).

I'd really love it if you created your own thumbnail as well and leave me a link to the uploaded image on Google+ Photos/Flickr/Slikomat/Shrani.si, whatever you're using. I'll do 200x150px images, you don't have to have the exact same size, but please keep the height at 150px so there'll be an even line. If you don't know how to do a thumbnail, I'll do something from your banner myself.  

I'll be collecting your entries for a week and then do a post in which I'll present the new page and you'll have the chance to check out what others are writing about.

Slovenski beauty blogerji, ki še niste na mojem seznamu pod Blogs I Heart, mi tudi prosim pustite link v komentarjih pod to objavo in boste dodani na seznam na Blogs I Heart strani. Ta seznam lahko kopirate tudi na svoj blog - sharing is caring. 

I hope you like my gift to you, I'm sorry to all of you who don't have a blog that I'm not having a traditional giveaway, perhaps sometime in the future, but I wanted to do something that would include as many people as possible instead of having just one winner.

Again thank you for these four years - you are amazing!

Have a great day!

petek, 19. september 2014

Catrice Nude Illusion Foundation (010 Nude Ivory)

My first Catrice foundation. Nude illusion is a newly launched foundation by Catrice, a part of the semiannual revamping of their line for Autumn 2014 and its launch would pass me by just as most of their base products do if it weren't for a couple very favourable reviews I stumbled upon, one even comparing it to the Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk, which we can't get here, but it's a favourite of many. My first impressions were marvellous, though during my month of use, I discovered it has its good and "bad" days, regardless it is a wonderful foundation and I've already used up a quarter of the bottle. 

Texture and finish: It feels very much like an old school foundation in a sense that it's very thick and I think it could benefit from a touch more silicones to make the application a bit smoother, easier and faster. Nonetheless, it blends in well, despite the lack of the silicone slip and has a dry to the touch, matte finish, but not a draining matte one, rather a natural matte finish. I said before that it claims to have a luminous matte finish and on good days that is exactly what you get - that is what I call a perfect finish. It doesn't really emphasize dryness, though it can catch on an occasional dry patch and doesn't look particularly well over dried up spots, however, it's not that tragic.

Colour: I have the lightest one in the selection of five called 010 Nude Ivory. The undertone is brilliant, neutral which suits me perfectly, however, I wish it were a half a shade lighter, as in that case it would be my perfect match.

Coverage: Is medium, but can be built up to medium-full, though it's never full coverage and my darker freckles still show through. It gives a relatively flawless finish, even covers circles well enough if you layer it. Of course, the more you use, the more obvious it is on the skin.

One layer:

Another comparison of pictures but with two layers of foundation here.

Staying power: This wears so well. Even after seven hours after application my skin looks matte, but in a healthy way, even if I haven't used powder or a primer. On good days it looks flawless, the pores look disguised and the skin looks fresh, the foundation doesn't look at all patchy and even on the sides of the nose it looks very decent. When it's not performing that well, it settles into pores and lines, but for some reason all foundations started doing that on me recently, so it might just be a weird skin day for me. At the end of the day there is a  lot of foundation on the pad when I use micellar water.

Scent: This has no detectable scent during application or when it's on the face. Straight from the bottle, it does have a faint paint scent if you really put your nose to it.

Packaging: A glass bottle with a good pump that dispenses the desired amount of product. The matte glass makes it look a lot more expensive than it is. 

Price and availability: Mine is from DM for 7.69 €.

I really like this foundation, despite it not being the perfect match due to being a half a shade too dark. On a good day it can look fantastic, disguising pores and with a luminous matte finish. On not so good days it's can look more obvious when it settles into pores and lines (again it could just be my skin's problem), but the natural, matte finish as well as it's lasting power is a winner. For the price, it's a great buy.

Have a great day! 

sreda, 17. september 2014

Best Buys Under 5 €

It's actually not that easy to find a good product that is under 5 € and I admit I struggled to get a nice bunch of products for this post. I have loads of products that I love which are just above the price mark (literally a few cents more), but I won't cheat and I plan to show them in a another drugstore favourites post. I selected 11 products that are available either in drustores or online or even in larger supermarkets and all are nice cheap thrills. So here is my selection.

2.89 €.
Yes, I could select a lot of products from Essence for this post, but you know what - I don't find them that thrilling and I much, much prefer Catrice, especially when it comes to quality. Although L'Oreal's eyeshadows are my uncontested favourites in the drugstore ranks, Catrice's are a close second. I love the colour range, there are some gorgeous neutral shades as well as a few brighter colours and you can create a selection that rivals any combination in the popular neutral palettes. The pigmentation of these is great and they blend really well, even the matte shades are excellent quality. If you're looking for some inexpensive fun products I highly recommend you check them out. My favourite is a taupe shade called 350 Starlight Expresso.
By the way, I just quickly swatched the new velvet matte eyeshadows by Catrice and they are fabulous as well. 

3.79 €.
I just can't shut up about these blushes. The formula of these won my heart - it's just perfect - smooth and pigmented, these blend so well, but foremost they actually manage to stay put on my cheeks a lot longer than any other blush I tried, except Benefit's Coralista. My favourite shade is Rose Royce which is an amazing rosy-neutral shade that goes with everything. 

4.95 € (might be more expensive depending on where you buy them).
These really are so good! They boast with a lovely creamy texture that is super pigmented, blends well and once it sets stays put for hours. I tend to use them for a quick eyeshadow look or, my preferred way, as a base. There are a lot of shades to choose from, but Permanent Taupe, a matte taupe, is without a doubt my favourite cream eyeshadow as well as one my favourite colours in general.

1.85 €.
These could easily be described as the most convenient product to satisfy the craving for a cheap trill. Everyone needs lip balm, you use it all the time and they are usually in every grocery shop at the registers. Fruity Shines are one of the most fun ones with is a nice selection of tinted balms with juicy scents. My favourite is peach and I find it has one of the best peach scents out there as well as a lovely natural peach tint. These aren't the most moisturising lip balms, but they are nice for everyday use. 

2.95 € , only in DM (not in Slovenia, sorry).
I never expected such a brilliant brush for such an affordable price. It's an excellent super soft blending brush that I use also for applying a gentle wash of colour in the crease or on the lids. Basically, I can do almost an entire eye makeup with it, though due to its softness it's more for subtle looks and it performs best with high quality eyeshadows. 

£3.75 (4.7 €), E.l.f. website.
I love how dense, yet still soft this brush is and it's just feels so well made. I use it for so many things from blending concealer, applying setting powder under the eyes and around the nose, applying a base eyeshadow colour all-over the lid, blending and even contouring. Truly a versatile brush.

2.29 €, only in E.Leclerc.
Micellar waters are a part of my everyday routine when I'm removing makeup, so I use a lot of them. This one is incredibly affordable and just as good as the rest drugstore versions. As most micellar waters it feels super light - like water and it removes makeup effectively, leaving the skin clean and refreshed. 

1.51 €, only in E.Leclerc.
This is such a wonderful, gentle cleanser that is also really fun to use. It looks like those whipped creams in a can and the mousse actually resembles whipped cream a bit due to the super dense texture. It also smells so lovely and it really makes the morning cleanse an enjoyable experience.

DOVE Nourishing Shower Gel
2-3 €.
I wouldn't be surprised if there was another version of this lying somewhere in the house - I think our house might be the fan central of Dove Nourishing shower gels. These are seriously so good - incredibly creamy and luxurious feeling due to a thicker formula, they are especially loved in my household because they are nourishing and don't leave the skin feeling dry or itchy. I love the scent of these, all three actually: the classic original Dove scent, the sensuous coconut milk with jasmine one and the sweet almond with hibiscus one. If your skin is dry, give them a go.

£2.99 (3.7 €), online on Boots International and Asos.
Though my hair is far from greasy, I don't shy away from dry shampoo on days between the washing. I've tried a few so far and Batiste is my favourite. It properly refreshes the hair, giving it more life and body as well as makes it smell nice, it's like an additional fragrance. When it comes to dry shampoo, for me the most important features are that it doesn't leave the hair white and that it smells nice. My hair is dark brown and Batiste can leave a white cast if I spray too close, but it's easy to blend it in. However, what I really appreciate is the large selection of scents and Wild is my current favourite. It has a lovely oriental scent, I smell notes of chocolate, vanilla, musk and wood that combine into a nice perfume version of a scent rather than gourmand one, like the Tropical version has.

3.08 €, eBay this seller.
These are so awesome. I could never find decent sectioning clips for a reasonable price here, so I ordered these from eBay and they are so good. They feel so professional and well made with the matte rubberised texture, you'd never think they were so cheap. I use them all the time when I blow-dry my hair to clip the hair out of the way or to create volume or curls - just brilliant stuff. 

Do you have any recommendation for great affordable products? Have a great day!

ponedeljek, 15. september 2014

Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock 36h Gel Liner

While Benefit's They're Real Push-up Liner caused quite a splash, Maybelline quietly released their version of what looks to me pretty much the same product. What they hoped to achieve was to create an eyeliner with a gel formula that doesn't require a separate brush, rather it has a build-in silicone nib to do the job. Well, they certainly got the formula right, but the application method needs some improvement.

It's a twist-up eyeliner and the product comes out of the silicone nib, however, there is no way that you can apply it straight on the lid, but you have to apply it on the back of the hand first, get the nib covered with the product and then go ahead to do the line. The fact that you need to apply the product on the back of the hand means that there is a lot of wasted product which I'm not to happy about. The nib has a nice shape that due to the diagonal cut enables to create a flick very easily. I managed to do a very thin line, however, it took a lot of time and patience, so it's more of a liner you'd use to create a thick line. The problem is that it is incredibly difficult to create a super sharp, even line, instead it's more like a diffused line on the edges, which is not a bad look, but I'm just warning you that's it's not as precise as felt tip or liquid liners. 

The formula is a complete winner for me. It's intensely black and stays on like nobody's business. I even tested it on my holidays and I can confirm it is pretty much waterproof, though I wouldn't exactly go snorkelling with it. It is almost impossible to remove it without an oil based remover, micellar water removes it just partly and it smudges everywhere, so for that reason, I would advise you use a sticky tape on the back of the hand during application or a small plastic plate (even an old DVD is nice), since it's ridiculously hard to remove it from the skin and you wouldn't want to walk around with a black smudge on your hand all day (soap hardly touches it).

I don't want to show you just the eyeliner looks came out nice, but also when the application wasn't the best. The fact is that it's a hard product to work with and I want to show you what to expect. I spent a lot of time applying it, but I just couldn't get the edges even, however, from far away it really wasn't that noticeable.

I love the formula and I plan to check out whether their pot version is the same one. The silicone nib was a lovely idea, however, it leaves much to be desired. The ability to do flicks easily is nice, however, it takes a lot of time and faffing around to apply it decently and I really wish the application would be smoother as well as more even. This is not an eyeliner for beginners or for those with little patience and I still prefer my L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim for a quick and precise application, but I like this for those days when I want my eyeliner to stay all day.

At 13 € it's not the cheapest liner, but it's worth checking out if you're looking for a very long lasting formula and are prepared to put more effort into application. By the way, it's not available in Slovenia yet, so check for it online or in other countries.

Have a great day!

petek, 12. september 2014

L'Oreal Color Riche L'Ombre Pure 106 Breaking Nude

Lets talk about my recent love - L'Oreal Color Riche L'Ombre Pure in 106 Breaking Nude. Since I got it about a month ago, I rarely reached for another eyeshadow, actually on most days my eye makeup consisted of eyeliner and this in the crease. I was already a huge fan of L'Oreal's Infallible range, but since most of those shades are shimmery and I'm very much a matte girl at heart, these new L'Ombre Pure eyeshadows, which also include some matte shades, are right up my alley.

It combines all the good stuff of the Infallibles, so excellent pigmentation, texture and staying power, on top of that it's matte. The texture is absolutely perfect - similarly as at Infalibles it resembles pressed pigments making it very soft and pigmented, not to mention it blends like a dream. There is no chalkiness that appears to be the standard for matte drugstore eyeshadows - this is closer to Urban Decay/high-end quality. On me it doesn't crease, but I always put a face powder as a base. Basically, I just adore it.

The shade is a beautiful matte taupe, exactly the type of colour I love. I love wearing it in the crease  for more definition and it looks great all over the lid as well.

Granted, it's not the cheapest at 8.99 €, but it is definitely worth it. I'd love to have more shades, but those that interest me aren't available in my country, so I'll probably resort to Boots.

I highly recommend it.

Have you tried any L'Ombre Pure eyeshadow? Have a great day!

sreda, 10. september 2014

Catrice 59 First Class Up-Grape Ultimate Nail Lacquer

I am very boring when it comes to nail polishes. I change the colour on my nails once a week or less and I always wear the same few colours. So it's rare that a nail polish grabs my attention in the shop as I'm the one who likes to see things swatched on the blogs first, but this one caught my eye, due to a very intriguing colour. In the bottle it looks like a beautiful warm plum with tiny red shimmer. I expected to have the same result on my nails, but on me it's a lot more purple than in the bottle. I'd love it if it looked like it does on Nihrida's nails (who does way better swatches and nail polish application than I ever will), but I guess it doesn't work that well with my skin tone. Nonetheless it's a very pretty shade.

I know the application looks shoddy, but my Seche Vite has thickened to an useless state. 

The formula is irritating, though. I find it a bit too thick and it's difficult to get an even application - uncommon for such a shade, but like most nail polishes it needs two layers. The brush is ridiculous. Sure it looks like it might work and it's wide, but the rounded shape was just a bad idea.

Have a great day!