sobota, 24. januar 2015

Essence Longlasting Lipstick 13 Love me

I wanted this lipstick for quite a while because I fell in love with the shade when I swatched it the shop the first time, but avoided purchasing it because honestly, I don't like the formula of these. I know so many people love Essence Long lasting Lipsticks, but I find them so mediocre and I'm not a fan of the formula. I have (had, actually) three other shades and I almost never wear them simply because I have so many lipsticks of a far superior quality. So, this is one of those lipsticks of which I love the shade, but the formula is very average, especially compared to lipsticks from Essence's sister company Catrice.

The formula is very light, in fact, too light, meaning it emphasizes imperfections. I miss something more waxy or siliconey in this formula, so it would make it stick on the lips more or at least a denser formula that would be more moisturising rather than just sit on top of the lips. I find that Catrice lipsticks are far superior in terms of formula and the price is still reasonable. However, I really like the shade range of long lasting lipsticks. There is one shade called Natural Beauty that I really, really like, but again avoid buying it because I know I'll find the formula disappointing and I won't wear it.

Staying power is nothing to write home about. Most shades in the range usually disappear in a few hours, this one even faster due to lightness of the colour. But the shade… isn't it just stunning? It's a warm pink with peachy tones that is hard to find if you're as pale as me, since most similar shades either look too orange or too cool toned. If you're darker than NC/W 10, keep in mind that this shade will most likely look more nude on you. The pigmentation of this shade is nice and doesn't need to be built-up much. The lipstick smells strongly of crayons, which to me it's not that annoying, but it is to some people I know.

The shade is a beauty, but I wish Essence put more effort into the formula of these. They aren't bad at all, but you get what you pay for and there are a lot of really good lipstick for an even more affordable price. If you don't mind reapplying regularly and exfoliating the lips before use, it's worth checking out.

Long lasting lipsticks cost 2.49 €.

What's your relationship with Essence's lipsticks? Have a great day!  

sreda, 21. januar 2015

Deborah Smalto Gel Effect 01

I'll start by saying that this is one of my favourite nail polishes I've bought in the past few months, not just because of the colour, but also because of the formula. I have a thing for opaque nude nail polishes and this is one of the most beautiful as well as best performing ones. 

It's a nude with a rose-violet-taupe tone and I just love it on my nails. It's close to my skin tone, but those cool hues keep it from looking like mannequin fingers. If I compare it to Essie's Spin the Bottle, this is a cooler and darker shade of nude, while Essence's Candy Love is a lot lighter, brighter and warmer.

The formula is so smooth, especially for a nude nail polish and it feels like such a nice quality. It performs so much better than Essences Candy Love because, even though both formulas are thick, as I said before it's smoother and therefore a lot less streaky.  I apply two coats for that perfect, even finish. This nail polish is super shiny. Seriously, the shine lasted all week and usually on my nails the shine disappears very quickly (I don't know why). The brush is one of those great wide ones and it performs great.

This is just a top performer to me and I know I will wear it a lot. I'm really interested in the rest of the range as I find most colours really pretty.

I got mine in DM for 5.59 €.

 Have a great day!

ponedeljek, 19. januar 2015

Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick Berry Much

I made a huge mistake when I did a blind buy of this shade, but I really wanted to try at least one of these lipstick pencils. Berry Much is nothing like I imagined it'd be based on online swatches, however, the texture of this is marvellous, so I really regret not going with another colour. 

Colour: Berry Much is a deep plum shade with an intense purple tone, while I expected it to be a classic burgundy shade, so something like L'Oreal's Laetitia. Unfortunately for me, purples don't suit me well and it doesn't help that this has a hint to greyness in it, so it's a draining colour on me, but of course that doesn't mean it won't suit you. I don't know why, but when freshly applied this colour makes my lips look a bit bee stung and overdrawn (it's clear on the picture bellow that I didn't overdraw my lips, but on most full-face shots it looked just ridiculous). By that I mean obnoxiously pouty-looking, you may notice that on the last picture (top lip), though I deliberately chose one where I don't look like a douche as I hate pouting.

Texture and staying power: Despite the shade being a miss for me, the texture is fantastic. It's like someone took the best formula of a classic lipstick and put it into a pencil form. It's so pigmented and creamy, so it applies very smoothly without any dragging or tugging of the lips. The finish is creamy or creamy-matte once it sets a bit. It's similar to Revlon's Matte Balm pencils, but with a better staying power. The size and shape of the pencil is a hit as well as it enables a very precise application meaning there is no need for an additional lip pencil. It does require frequent sharpening if you want a super precise edge every time (by the way it fits into Essence' sharpener). The staying power impressed me as well as it lasts several hours (though admittedly darker shades last long almost by default) and it also fades so nicely into this lovely even stain

Price and availability: It was  £4.99 on Boots International. These haven't reached Slovenia yet, but I hear they're already available in most European countries including our neighbour Croatia.

I should have just bought Red Essential and I really regret buying a miss shade because the texture is amazing. I just assumed that it'd be a nice berry shade, which usually suit me very well and I tend to wear them constantly in colder months. It's not awful, but I'd prefer something less purple and more red (I have tried mixing it with a red on top, but it doesn't look that good). Maybe next time.

Have a great day!

sobota, 17. januar 2015

Konjac Sponge with French Pink Clay

(Besedilo v slovenščini je na koncu objave) 

Though I'm a beauty blogger, I'm slightly ashamed to admit that these konjac sponges escaped my notice completely. I'm dubious about these "miracle do-it-all" products such as these and when it comes to skin care I prefer not to experiment too much. I was offered to try one sponge and I remembered Jana praising one of these, so I accepted. I was recommended the version with French Pink Clay which is meant for tired and devitalised skin after describing my skin as normal/combination but at times partly dry and prone to dry patches. There are several versions designed for different skin types and you can see them here

The concept behind konjac sponges is that they're made from fibres of a konnyaku potato or konjac plant native to Asia. They are supposedly 100 % natural, vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable. The sponge comes packed in a plastic bag and it's bone dry, so it's hard as a rock. You're supposed to wet it and then gently squeeze out the excess water by flattening it between the palms, so you don't damage it. Once it's wet, it's so squishy and soft, it's like jelly and actually fun to use. No soap is required, unless you plan to use it to remove makeup. It does feel like there is a light layer of something soapy on the sponge and the lightly textured surface provides a gentle exfoliation. Both of these features appear to be responsible for an incredibly silky feeling on the skin, almost like a silicone primer was applied. The skin is so smooth and there is a light layer of something moisturizing left behind. I really like to use this in the morning because it's so fast and convenient, it takes seconds to wash my face. I prefer to use it without any soap, but I have tried using it with it and I didn't really like it, as it took forever to get the sponge free of soap again, plus it didn't perform any better than without soap. I would, however, not consider this as a stand-alone cleansing method, especially if you wear makeup often. I still like to use a "proper cleanser" at the end of the day to make sure that my skin is completely clean. When it comes to long term performance, I must say I haven't noticed any particular effects and my skin is just the way it usually is.

After washing, I rinse it off and put it on a radiator (though, you're supposed to hang it in a dry place) so it dries completely and reverts to its hard state. I disinfect it by pouring boiling water over it, however, I have noticed that this process is slowly removing that soapy layer and  after a month of use that silky feeling isn't really present any more. The sponge is supposed to last 1-3 months before you have to change it.

I wasn't going to address this originally because I've only had experience with this particular sponge, but I was informed by Tamara from Cherry Colours on Instagram that there are much cheaper sponges that could be found on eBay, so a little debate formed there and was later contacted by our importer to explain to me why these particular sponges cost so much. I find it important to share these information to perhaps help someone decide in which direction to go. These particular sponges are cruelty free, vegan and comply to the highest EU regulations, which sets them apart from other similar products since as we know, the origin of products on eBay can be sketchy (especially from China). The plants used to make these sponges grow in an area under UNESCO protection (Jeju island) meaning the pollution levels are regulated and minimal. The konjac fibres used are the highest quality and their company esteems themselves on high work ethic. So basically the decision of what to get is completely yours based on what you find more important.

In general I do like this sponge. It's quick and easy to use, it provides gentle exfoliation and I loved that silkiness that it left behind in the first few weeks of use. These cost 11.99 € where I live and 7.99 GBP on the official website.

Konjac gobice so narejene iz posebnih gomoljev, ki izhajajo iz Azije in so 100 % naravne, veganske in biorazgradljive. Sama imam gobico s francosko roza glino, ki je namenjena utrujeni ter občutljivi koži in ta dobro ustreza moji kombinirani dehidrirani koži, ampak obstaja več verzij gobic, katere lahko vidite tukaj.

Gobica je zapakirana v plastično vrečko in ko je suha, je trda kot kamen. Potrebno jo je namočiti, da se popolnoma prepoji z vodo in nato nežno iztisniti odvečno vodo. Ko je mokra je kot kakšen žele - tako mehka in pravzaprav zabavna za uporabo. Dodatno milo sicer ni potrebno, ampak če nosiš ličila je vseeno priporočljivo uporabiti še kakšno čistilno sredstvo, ki pa se ga z gobico porabi veliko manj kot brez. Na gobici je nekakšen rahlo milnat, skoraj sluzast sloj (v dobrem smislu, seveda) in poleg tega pa ima gobica še luknjičasto strukturo, ki omogoča nežen piling kože. Kombinacija obeh lastnosti prispevata k na dotik zelo svileni koži, pravzaprav je na koži kot nekakšen silikonski sloj, tako gladka je. Meni gobica najbolj ustreza za uporabo zjutraj, saj je zelo hitra za uporabo in mi ni potrebno uporabiti čistilnega sredstva. Sicer se jo preizkusila tudi z gelom za obraz, ampak kar se tiče učinka nisem opazila nobene bistvene razlike, samo tega svilenega občutka praktično ni bilo, pa še trajalo je da sem spravila ves gel z gobice. Vseeno pa sama ne bi imela to gobico kot edini "čistilec", saj ob koncu dneva vedno uporabim še (trenutno) čistilni balzam, da sem tako prepričana, da je moja koža popolnoma čista. Kar se tiče dolgotrajnega učinka, nisem opazila nobene pretresljive spremembe v stanju moje kože. Po čiščenju je gobico potrebno popolnoma posušiti. Jaz jo dam kar na radiator, poleti pa bi jo verjetno obesila nekje, kjer ni prevlažno. Gobico imam že kakšen mesec in ta milnat sloj je že skoraj izginil, deloma tudi zato ker jo razkužujem v vreli vodi. Gobica naj bi zdržala 1-3 mesece preden jo je potrebno zamenjati (staro pa se da zanimivo uporabiti kot gnojilo za rože).

Na Instagramu pod mojo sliko te gobice se je razvila zanimiva debata glede teh gobic, saj me je Tamara iz Cherry Colours opozorila, da obstajajo verzije gobic, ki so zelo poceni in se prodajajo na npr. eBayu. Prvotno sicer o temi nisem imela namena razpravljati tukaj, ker sama pač nimam nikakšne izkušnje z "eBay gobicami" torej jih ne morem primerjati, ampak jo bom vseeno vključila zraven. Zastopnica gobic za naš trg, Maja, se je zelo potrudila predstaviti razloge zakaj naj bi bile prav te gobice boljše kot cenejše različice in ker sem prelena, da bi samo kratko obnovila vsebino sporočila, jo bom enostavno citirala. Morda bo to komu pomagalo pri odločitvi. 

"Vsi gomolji vzgajani za izdelavo naših Konjac gobic rastejo na otoku Jeju, ki je pod UNESCO-vo zaščito, kjer je onesnaževanje okolja nadzorovano in tako minimalno. Konjac vlakna, ki jih uporablja The Konjac Sponge Company so najvišje kvalitete in tako prehranske kakovosti ter ročno predelana v gobice. Vse sestavine (dodatki francoskih glin, bambusovo oglje) imajo znano poreklo, vrhunsko kakovost in zelo pomembno, so vse 100% naravne. Vse gobice izpolnjujejo tudi najvišje EU standarde varnosti in kakovosti in so prestale vse mikrobiološke teste. In še ena značilnost naših gobic, visok nivo etike, vse imajo certifikata Cruelty-free in Vegan ter so izdelane v The Konjac Sponge Company tovarni kjer skrbijo tudi za visok nivo etike na delovnem mestu. Gobice, ki se preko eBaya prodajajo za 1-3$ so večinoma Kitajskega porekla. Kot pri drugih vrstah izdelkov, to sicer zagotavlja nizko ceno, a na račun popolnoma nenadzorovanega okolja v katerem nastajajo in popolnoma nereguliranih pogojev delavcev, ki kitajske izdelke proizvajajo. V nekaterih primerih pa vsebujejo tudi dvomljive dodatke, npr barvila, parfume in konzervanse. Čeravno smo danes vsi pozorni na ceno, sem mnenja, da višja kakovost same gobice skupaj z naravno in etično  filozofijo produktov The Konjac Sponge Company, odtehta razliko v ceni."

Meni je gobica precej všeč, še posebej zaradi tega svilenega občutka, ki ga pusti na koži, čeprav zdaj ko je gobica že starejša, tega učinka praktično ni več. Je enostavna in hitra za uporabo, edino kar je manjša nevsečnost je da jo moraš nekje posušiti, torej ne more biti ves čas shranjena med ostalim izdelki za nego kože. Gobice stanejo 11.99 €, več informacij, spletno trgovino ter seznam prodajnih mest lahko najdete tukaj tukaj

Have a great day!

*The product was sent to me // Izdelek mi je bil podarjen.

četrtek, 15. januar 2015

Empties #13

This was a nice drugstore makeup remover, however, it's not as good as Bioderma. It feels the same, so like water and it's also unscented, but it just wasn't as effective and I needed to use a lot more of it. But considering the price, it's a great drugstore buy.
Repurchase: Yes.

This was one of the two drugstore creamy cleansers I tried when I was searching for a decent, budget-friendly replacement for Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm, but unfortunately this didn't wow me at all. It's a standard creamy cleanser that cleans well and keeps dry patches at bay, but my skin didn't like this as much as the cheaper Good Things one. The strong granny-ish rose scent wasn't appealing either.
Repurchase: No.

I did not like this at all. I picked it up quite a while ago when I couldn't find my regular remover from Maybelline and I was struggling to use it up. It's a classic two-phase oily remover that's meant for removal of waterproof make up, however, the two "phases" wouldn't stay mixed after shaking the bottle for more than a few second. It's not particularly oily and that's probably one of the problems as it proved to be much less effective than my usual one and it required a lot more rubbing to get the mascara off (and even then I wasn't convinced it removed all). There are better drugstore ones.
Repurchase: No.

Pure Melt has such a unique texture that starts off as a thick gel, which when massaged into the skin turns into a thick oil and when water is added it emulsifies. It does a great job of removing make up, especially when it comes to waterproof mascara (it is an oil based cleanser after all). There is a slight filter left when just rinsed off with water, so I prefer using a washcloth to completely remove it and as most oil-based cleansers it makes my vision very foggy. I liked it because it removes makeup very well and has a unique texture, however, my skin didn't look as good as when I used other cleansers and my forehead became bumpy again. 
Repurchase: I don't think I will.

My favourite ever moisturiser and I will miss it so much. It's light, yet intensely moisturising, sinks in super fast and leaves a semi-matte, velvet finish on the skin, so it's a perfect choice for under make up. If only it weren't so expensive…
Repurchase: Yes.

This was such a hit and miss. Each of the strips worked differently (there were three). I followed the instructions exactly for the first one meaning I re-wetted the strip before peeling it off, but instead of pulling the blackheads out, it separated and left sticky blue goo on the skin that needed to be washed off.  I used the second one as I'd normally use any other, so just peeled it off after 15 minutes and it worked very well giving the strangest feeling of satisfaction when looking at all that gunk on the strip. The third one again malfunctioned and did a mix of the previous two experience - it worked on some sections, but still left the blue goo on some areas. These smell weird, like that red stick glue everyone had in school (Pritt, I hated it). I'm going to try strips from some other brand. Any recs?
Repurchase: No.

This is my favourite foundation and it has been for years. I love it because it looks incredibly natural on the skin and gives a light-medium coverage. The shade is very yellow, but it still blends well in my skin tone. I'm on my third or fourth bottle.
Repurchase: Already did.

LIP SMACKER Coca Cola Cherry and Coca Cola Vanilla
I found these lying somewhere in the drawers as I must have completely forgotten about them probably due to them being unremarkable or just because of my general indifference to most lip balms. Cherry version smells just like the real stuff in the bottle, so that candy sour-sweet scent, while Vanilla smells close to the original Coca-Cola. The formula is creamy and moisturising, and I can't deny they're not good lip balms, but I barely used them because I always use Palmer's Swivel Stick or Labello Peach.
Repurchase: No.

Average. That's the best way to describe this shampoo. It foams marvellously and it smells great as well, but it's not moisturising, in fact, it stripped my hair a bit, but not dramatically. It's a nice shampoo for those whose hair isn't particularly dry and it might even work for those with oily hair, but I can't be sure. I just really loved the bubble gum smell.
Repurchase: I don't know, maybe.

I often raved about this in the past and it was in my top 5 favourite drugstore hair treatments post. I have very dry, thick hair that demands a lot of moisture and quality products, and this just delivers. The bubble gums scent is a huge plus as is the packaging. I'm happy that they finally started selling these in Slovenia, so I don't have to keep ordering online.
Repurchase: Yes.

(old packaging)
You may know that I'm a huge fan of Kérastase, especially of their Nutritive line which just suits my dry, coarse hair like nothing I've ever tried. Nectar Thermique is my favourite heat protectant because I really notice the difference on my dry hair. It feels more nourished and even silky after blow-drying. When my hair feels especially dry (usually it's in winter), I apply this more generously than usual and it fixes the problem. This is the old packaging and I must say that getting the last bits out was a chore, but I already have a new one, which is in a soft squeeze tube.
Repurchase: I've already got a new one.

I think it's safe to call this my HG and to this day it remains to be the only stick deodorant that I've repurchased (several times now). Every deodorant so far stopped working on me before I used it up, but this one is really doing its job. It keeps me fresh, but keep in mind I don't sweat a lot, the most important thing is that it keeps BO at bay. This with Nivea Pearl & Beauty one are my power combination.
Repurchase: Yes.

I really, really like this deodorant. It smells so lovely - powdery floral and just very feminine. It's far better than any of those Balea deodorants, which are just fragrance because this one has powder in it that absorbs moisture to a certain degree.
Repurchase: Yes.

I enjoyed this a lot. It looks like a cheap scented shower gel, but it actually lathers well and feels expensive. It has the same scent as the fragrance, which sort of reminds me of a vanilla version of Chanel N°5 as I find it has the same soapiness in it, probably from the jasmine note.
Repurchase: Maybe.

When I got this scent, it wasn't like I expected it to be. It's not a Rafaello type of coconut scent, but less sweet and has that touch of artificialness especially from the start. Otherwise it's a lovely coconut scent, in fact the closest to the real thing I found. It has a nice staying power and it's very inexpensive. I liked it especially for mixing with other fragrance to add a coconut note to the scent (vanilla-coconut-amber was a particularly nice combination). I've had this bottle for a really long time, too long in fact and the liquid turned grey, which was my cue to just use it up already.
Repurchase: Maybe.

Loved this. It's one of my favourite scents ever and one of those that could be worn on any occasion. I get a nice burst of peach from the start and then it settles into a nice clean-but-sophisticated/ fabric softener kind of scent. I purchased the La Rive Moon dupe of the same fragrance and it smells pretty much the same.  
Repurchase: Yes.

I will probably always have a bottle of this in my collection, you just cannot ever really let of the scent that was for a time "a signature scent". It's a scent for sweet tooths with a combination of kiwi and lychee notes over an even more gourmand vanilla with white chocolate base. It's the definition of űber girly and yet when someone wearing this walks by me, I can't help myself thinking: ''Man, does she smell great.'' Great fragrance and you can get it for a very reasonable price online.
Repurchase: Yes. I already ordered The Nice Remix version, which is very similar. 

Have a great day!

torek, 13. januar 2015

Clarins Gloss Prodige 03 Rose

I'll start by saying that this was given to me to review, since as you may have noticed, it's not a colour I'd normally wear, at least not any more. I used to love such pale nudes when I was really young, but now I find that I need some colour on the lips to keep me from looking too washed out, but such pale shades look really good with a smoky eye. 

I have no idea why Clarins chose to name this shade rose as it is nothing rose like, unless they meant yellow roses, but this lip gloss isn't yellow despite of how it may look in the tube. It's a very warm nude shade and I presume the yellow tones in it are meant to counteract the red tones, so the gloss actually looks nude on the lips (MAC has/had Spring Bean Lustreglass that works in the same way). It's very similar to Mac's Florabundance and Underage in terms of how it looks on the lips, so it's like it slips into every line and crevice under close inspection, but surprisingly it appears relatively even when looked from afar. The finish is more of a creamy glossy shine rather than mirror one.

The formula is very, very similar to their Instant Lip Perfectors, perhaps just a bit thicker and it's stickier, but it's so incredibly comfortable on the lips, like a little cushion for the lips and I think that it even nourishes the lips like an expensive lip balm. Staying power is nothing special when it comes to how long the glossy finish lasts, but the creamy layer stays a lot longer.

It smells so good, like candy, Kiki soft candy to be more specific. I love any candy scent, so this is a big plus for me.

The packaging is beautiful with the gold cap, but I'm not a massive fan of the applicator as it is big and therefore on the clumsy side.

If you're a fan of nude glosses and have quite reddish lips, this might work better for you than classic nude glosses. The formula of these is so lovely and comfortable, but in other aspects it's still a normal gloss.

I've seen that these costs 18 GBP on Boots International, but forgot to check the price in our shops. It's probably somewhere around the 20 € mark.

Izdelki Clarins so na voljo v Müller drogerijah, Maximarketu, Nami, Beautique drogerijah in Kompass shop-ih.

Have a great day!

ponedeljek, 12. januar 2015

New In #26

L'OREAL Super Liner So Couture
Words cannot express how disappointed I am about this product. I was originally going to repurchase that fab Kardashian Beauty one, but decided to try this one before, since it's sold in our drugstores. Not so funny story about this one -I grabbed one at the back of the stand like I always do, since I know how ill-mannered some women are (there is a special place for you lot) and when I came home it was completely dry. People at DM replaced it for me without any issues (and put mine back on the stand *awkward cricket sound*), but I'm still peeved. The nib is smaller than at the Super Liner Perfect Slim, which I actually find to be not such a good thing, while the formula is definitely not as good because it's not as black and it dries up before I have the chance to do both eyes. I must shake it constantly to get the nib saturated with product and sometimes it's so dry I can't do anything. I regret not sticking to the plan, it was really stupid of me because now I have no decent liner to use.
DM, 9.99 €

ESSIE Nail Lacquer
Bahama Mama
I wanted this for ages, but only recently splurged for it. When I say splurged I mean I bought it when it was 50 % off. Man, am I happy I got this. It is exactly what I wanted - Tyrian purple, so a deep berry or the perfect mix between purple and pink-rose, which is my second favourite colour after mint green.The formula is spectacular as most Essie's meaning it's really smooth as well as easy to apply evenly and it's fully opaque with two coats.
DM, 9.90 € (regular price)
ESSIE Nail Lacquer
Another shade I was considering buying for at least a year and it was totally worth it. It's a warm medium pink and has an even better formula than Bahama Mama. If you have Cute as a Button shade you know what kind of formula I'm referring to. It's super pigmented, basically a one coater and you can easily get it right with one swipe of the brush due to a smooth formula. Excellent quality nail polish.
DM, 9.90 €

ESSENCE Colour & Go
167 Candy Love
Thanks to Katja from Viva La Vida for this recommendation. Candy Love is a warm, peachy nude with barely-there silver shimmer. The formula is like at classic pastel polishes, so quite a thick and streaky one, but two carefully applied coats should work just fine. I noticed that even with Seche Vite on top, it doesn't shine much. 
Müller, 1.69 €

ESSENCE Colour & Go 
175 Be Berry Now
This is Bahama Mama's lighter, rosier sister. It's a beautiful colour on the nails, even better than in the bottle. I couldn't stop looking at my nails when I wore it.
DM, 1.69 €

DEBORAH Smalto Gel Effect 
I saw this on Makeup and More blog and immediately fell in love with it. I actually expected it to look warmer, but it's a nude with a strong rose-violet-taupe tone and I just love it on my nails. The formula is so smooth, especially for a nude and it feels like such a nice quality  nail polish. It performs so much better than Essence's Candy Love and it's super shiny. I'm currently wearing this on my nails and it's definitely one of my favourite nail colours at the moment.
DM, 5.59 €

MAX FACTOR Glossfinity 
155 Burgundy Crush
In the bottle this looks like a slightly redder Bahama Mama, so another variation of my beloved warm purple-red colour, however, on the nails it's much more mundane and it's a classic bordeaux colour, so it's basically a deep red, but it does have that purple hue in it (again it's a nail colour that looks different on the nail wheel than on my nails). The formula is thick, in fact it reminds me of pastel nail polishes, but due to the darkness of the shade it performs less streaky than for example a mint green nail polish might. It's a one coater that's how intense the formula is. It's still a touch streaky on some nails, so I do a second coat purely because I'm used to, but I could easily leave it at just one. The brush is one of those stone age thin ones.
6.99 €

BALEA My Golden Twenties Pflegecreme mit Rosen-Lavendel Duft
Universal cream with rose-lavender scent
Since I love the 50's Forever cherry version, I got the other one as well. These are fantastic. Seriously. I use them as hand creams because they absorb so fast, yet do the job well and I even started using them on my face, since I ran out of my moisturiser and they are great. Ha, I just found a face cream for a euro. Score! This version has, as the name suggest, a rose-lavender scent, however to me it smells a bit like honey mixed with lavender, so I love it. 
DM, 1.19 €

YVES ROCHER Pear Caramel Shower Cream
Last year's Christmas collection by Yver Rocher was very fruity inspired and I was super lucky to win this in a giveaway they organised (I never win anything!). I really like this, it's actually my favourite shower product at the moment. It smells exactly like pears and I mean exactly like it. It feels like an expensive shower product and it is pleasantly creamy while it still foams very well. My only complaint is the packaging. It's just a simple bottle with a screw off lid, so the content just run out of the bottle, but it looks so pretty in the bathroom. This thing needs a pump.
Yves Rocher, 6.60 € (400 ml)

GOT2B Volumania Volumising Hairspray
I have the whole Volumania range now. I'm a fan of the mousse and the styling powder is a lovely product as well, so I took a leap of faith and I grabbed this without researching, since I had a 50% off and I couldn't find my favourite Lee Stafford one. I hate to say this, but this is the dud in the line. It's wet once applied, therefore sticky and it leaves the hair too stiff. I'll probably end up using it next year to spray the Christmas tree so it stays fresh for weeks becuase on the hair it's just to noticeable.
DM, 5.89 €

LE PETITE MARSEILLIAIS Huile Elixir Karité & Argan
I saw this pre-wash treatment in E.Leclerc and it intrigued me instantly because it's a nice combination of oils without silicones (soy oil, argan oil, shea butter oil and a couple of vitamins. Ingredients here.). My hair is super dry at the moment (central heating and using mostly drugstore masks is just bad for my hair), so I'll take anything to make my hair not dry out the second day after washing. This oil is in spray form, but the nozzle is rubbish, so it's better to spray a bit in the hand and then apply it.  I've applied this very generously overnight and it's fantastic. My hair hasn't felt this nourished since summer and it didn't dry out for several days. I must say, so far I'm impressed. I've tried using it on the ends of the hair on second and later day hair to cope with the dryness, but it's very, very greasy so even I have to apply it very moderately. The scent is kind of a nutty one, but it's not the best.
E. Leclerc, 5-6 €

LEE STAFFORD Hold Tight Hair Spray
Oh, how happy I was to see this in Celje's Műller, it's long gone in my town. I didn't hesitate to grab it and run to the register with it. This is hands down the best hair spray I've tried so far. No stickiness, wetness, stiffness, it's like nothing is in your hair and yet it holds so well. The Angel-like scent is not my favourite, but I will gladly put up with it, just so I have this in my life
Müller, 4 €. (Original price probably around 8 €. If you can't find it anywhere, since I know DM sells only shampoos and conditioners, it's on Boots International)

EBELINE Nagellack -Entferner Express
Nail Polish Remover
I bought the second one of these, though I have noticed that it dries my nails and the previous one got "dirty/coloured" way quicker than Bourjois one. It's cheap that's why I got it. The one thing that it is better than at the Bourjois one is that the foam is softer and feels better quality. 
DM,1.99 €

EBELINE Polishing Nail File
This is one of those files that is designed to polish the whole nail. I haven't polished my nails in a while, so they desperately need it and I really like how glossy they look after polishing, almost like I used a clear nail polish. I used to own the Essence version a long time ago, but Ebeline's one has only three different textures compared to four at Essence's file. 
DM, 1.59 €

Have a great day!