Essence Happy Girls are Pretty TE

I bought something from Essence's TE - I know, hold the phone, what is happening? But to be fair Sanja (Sparkle with Laughter) made me do it. We have such a similar taste in makeup that every time she posts one of her Sparkles post, I end up with a new list of products to try. Honestly, Happy Girls are Pretty was to me just another in a long line of TEs that I just glanced at the press release and said to myself: I can't be bothered with tracking this down. Then I saw the sheer lipbalm at Sanja and it just appealed to me, so I actually went to the drugstore with an intention to get this. Luckily I live near a town where these TE's don't tend to disappear so quickly and I found an almost full stand in DM (Műller didn't have it any more, so I'm guessing these are the last days of this TE).

Happy Girls are Pretty Sheer Lipbalm
01 Pretty You
Even since I found Bourjois' Nude-ist (which I think might have been Sanja-inspired as well), I had this urge to experiment with more rosy-brown lip colours. Pretty You is precisely such a shade and it's one of those classic autumnal shades that it's safe to say was very 90's inspired, but thankfully they restrained themselves from making it too brown. I think it might even look like a my-lips-but-better lip colour on medium skin tones, especially because of the texture. 

Ironically, the one time Essence could call their lip product a lipstick, they call it a sheer lipbalm. The pigmentation is far from sheer, it's almost fully opaque with one coat, however, this starts disappearing from the lips in about 15 minutes or even less, so it does end up looking more like a tinted lip balm or one of their Sheer & Shine lipsticks. The texture is thicker and creamier than their usual lipsticks, which makes it very comfortable on the lips and this is definitely the product for those with dry lips. The finish is quite glossy that's why it's disappearing from the lips so fast and I must admit I'd love a more matte version a lot more. I don't know why Essence does this, but they put the nicest fruity scent to their limited edition lip products, but not to their regular line. I really enjoy the scent of this, despite it being a bit teenage-y. The packaging is a slim tube, but after only two days of use, the lipstick broke off the base, so it doesn't twist back inside any more and I have to push it manually.

I like this. It's not amazing, but I had a chance to experiment with some interesting new shades for me for a very reasonable price. I got mine in DM for 2.49 €

Happy Girls are Pretty Multi Colour Blush
01 you sweeten my day
This one, on the other hand, was totally spur of the moment purchase and I kinda, sorta regret it. I got this because the colours looked so "me", though admittedly the design of the blush was part of the reason as well. This has almost no colour pay-off on me. I was told that only the top layer is like that, but I've been trying to get something from it and I'm still failing miserably. I did some rubbish swatches, the heart is a light pink with brown tones and the other part is a pink-ish highlighter. It looks rosy-brown on my cheeks, but it's subtle, I took a picture, but my camera isn't the best at taking pictures of very pigmented blushes, let alone a sheer one and it's been so rainy for the past few days, so it's not the best. 

I also got this blush in DM for 3.29 €

Have a great day!

Freedom Pro Blush Palette Pink and Baked

I never owned a blush palette before, so this was exciting, but I also never tried any of these "cheap" blushes and I have to report that they pleasantly surprised me. I got the pink version of the palette (a few other versions exist), so it's a different direction from my usual natural, warmer pinks and peaches. 

There are seven blushes in the palette, three are matte, three have a bit of shimmer and one is super shimmery, plus there is a highlighter as well. Cool pinks dominate the palette, but I think the real stars are the warm reddish-pink, the peach and the deep reddish-plum one. Let review these individually, blushes on the cheek correspond to the text bellow the pictures.

1.row 1. blush - a light neutral pink. Looks pink on the cheeks, so nothing surprising there. The pigmentations is nice. It's just a cute looking blush

1.row 2. blush - this looks very intimidating bright pink fuchsia in the pan, but the pigmentation is the least impressive in this palette. It's actually lighter than the one above it. They look about the same on the cheeks
1.row 3.blush this is the winner for me in this palette. It's kind of a muted warm pink and it looks so pretty on the cheeks. The pigmentation is very impressive and it's a soft blush.

The highlighter - oh sweet heavens, who thought this was a good highlighter to put on the cheeks? It's so shiny you need sunglasses to keep you from going blind and I'm pretty sure the aliens can track the signals that bounce of the cheeks. It's an almost white, cool toned pink, which is another minus, so this doesn't get points from me. There is no way anyone can wear this, sorry. It looks way less shimmery in my pictures than it's in real life.

Highlight blush - Swatched it looks so intimidating, it's a cool toned pink with intense violet-blue reflect, so another sci-fi shade, however, on the cheeks that shine is not as intensely cool toned, though it definitely won't work on warm skintones and it gives a nice pink-berrry flush with that glowy effect. But moderation is advised at this colour.

3. row 1. blush -  a cool toned pink with some gold shimmer. It's no different on my cheeks that the two other pinks, but the quality is nice.

3.row 2. blush - this is a stand out shade, a peach in a predominately pink palette - I like that they did this. It's a classic peach shade, very pigmented and soft, so all in all a nice one.

3.row 3.blush - the darkest and most pigmented in the bunch. It's perfect for medium-dark skin tones, but I need to use a very light hand at it. The quality is similar to the peachy shade, so really good. 

If I say one complaint about these blushes it that I feel like they don't blend quite as well as most I tried, but it's not such a big deal. They all last well on the cheeks. 

It's a surprisingly nice palette. Some shades are really similar, but most are nice quality. The highlighter is a massive miss, but the blushes are lovely. 

Slovenes can get Freedom Makeup on Lič for 8.95 € and international readers can buy it on Freedom Makeup official website.

Have a great day!

*PR product

Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Bronzer

It's been a very long time since I last got my hands on a new bronzer. When I found Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess four years ago, I simply stopped experimenting with bronzers and it remains the only one I found that works with my pale neutral complexion. Physicians Formula has an extensive collection of bronzers, each more beautiful than the last one (have you seen the Paris and New York one? Divine), but this one from the Argan Wear Collection is one of the most stunning ones to look at. It's infused with argan oil, though I don't really know if that makes any difference and it has a very strong oriental scent that is actually its more definitive feature aside from the beautiful pattern.

The bronzer is made out of three shades, while the gold glitter line is just an overspray. First few brush strokes will be very gllitery, however, the gold overspray disappears quickly. The texture is very soft and buttery, consequently the pattern is disappearing fast under the brush. This part actually made me very sad, so I'm only using one side of the bronzer. Due to the soft texture is blends nicely even with my ancient brushes.

To my initial shock I discovered it swatches shimmery golden yellow. I must confess I was very concerned about this, but thankfully it actually does not look bad on me, in fact I kind of like it despite the golden sheen, the only snag is that I need to wear very warm toned makeup. But will it perform the same on someone with a medium or cool skin tone? That I doubt. They do sell a darker version of this bronzer (my shade is Light Bronzer), just not here unfortunately. On my cheeks it creates a warm, golden-tan glow, I think you can see from my picture that it's not at all as terrifying as the swatch and I applied a lot of it otherwise my camera wouldn't be able to pick it up. I think this might work as a subtle gold highlighter on warm, medium skin tones, but I can't say for sure as I haven't tried it on anyone else. 

The one thing that will hit you even before you open the packaging is the intense oriental scent. I think it's lovely, so does everyone I gave it to sniff, but I think that a lot of people won't like it either because they find it too strong or because oriental scents don't suit them. I can't smell it on the face, just in the packaging.

The packaging is similar as at Happy Booster Blush. It's plastic, so quite light, but bulky. That's because there is an extra compartment under the blush where you'll also find a small brush and a mirror. 

I got this bronzer as a part of my job on Click2Chic where it costs 17.90 € (objava v slovenščini tukaj) and they have another bronzer from this brand - Bronze Booster Glow, which is probably darker. I believe they also ship to Croatia. International readers can get it on iHerb.

Have a great day!

Freedom Makeup Jewels and Riches Collection Pro 32 Eye Palette

These cheap palettes absolutely flooded the market in the past couple of years. Even I have a few, but none that truly wowed me and neither did this one, but it is my favourite out of those. Initially I though I'll just swatch it and wear it a few times for testing sake, but it proved to be very versatile and I ended up wearing quite a lot. I'm a neutral girl at heart and it'll take some ungodly power to separate me from my Urban Decay's Naked Basics (wrote this before I got my hands on theBalm Nude'tude. I should really post my reviews faster), but this one has some cute shimmery neutral shades that I've really been enjoying wearing.

The palette contains 32 eyeshadows ranging from matte to shimmery and from neutrals to a bit bolder colours, but none are super bright, which is a good thing because I have no idea what to do with those. I won't go into details about every eyeshadow, but there are some classic base shades, one decent transitional matte taupe (Reward), shimmery browns, taupes, copper (Fortune) and bronze (Riches) shade, there are some purples, blues, an emerald green and a pink that's a bit out of place. There are also three identical black shades (Precious, Funds and Rare), just because I guess (too much spaces to fill, eh Freedom Makeup?).

The quality varies from eyeshadow to eyeshadow as is standard for these palettes. Mattes aren't the best, but also not bad. There are two blues, Plenty and Aquamarine, that look so similar, but the quality is miles apart. A similar thing happens at purples (Gemstone and Chalcedony). Those cute neutral shimmery shades are all good quality, some are really buttery and pigmented, especially one coppery one (Fortune).  

These do crease on my lids without a primer, but only several hours after application, the staying power is pretty good, way better than expected and with a good primer you can squeeze almost a day out of these (on normal lids). 

The packaging is the same as at Makeup Revolution, a classic sturdy black palette with a very handy big mirror.

For the price this is a pretty decent palette and I've been using it quite a lot, which I didn't expect to. It will certainly come handy when I'll want to wear something coppery or rosy because I don't have such shades from before and I enjoy wearing them. It's a nice palette for beginners or for those who would like to expand their shade range, but don't want to spend much. However if you're an eyeshadow snob like me (forgive me, you know I've been doing this for years) then you'll probably quickly forget it and go back to more high-end stuff.

I got mine from Lič, where is costs a very reasonable 10.95 €. International readers can get it on official Freedom Makeup site.

Have a great day!

*PR product

eBay Bargains

I'm no stranger to eBay and I've bought everything from dainty jewellery, makeup brushes, clothes to batteries for power tools. I order for several people because I stupidly let myself to be used like that, but I'm well in my hundred purchases there. My purchase history is mostly made out of, believe or not, LED bulbs, but I'll focus just on things that are beauty related and/or are my favourite purchases I made there. I'll try to include as much information as I can because I always search for more decent reviews than those 80 characters of (usually useless) feedback on eBay, so I hope this will be helpful to you. Prices are in different currencies simply because I wrote down the original price and not the converted one. I added lazy links for quick searches on eBay to make things easier for you.

Cat Ears Gold Headband with Crystals
I'm sure you've seen this a million times by now, since I use it a lot as decoration in the pictures. It's fun, girly and super cute, though not something you'd wear to the office, but I adore it. Much to my dismay it arrived broken, but I didn't complain to the seller and I just fixed it myself with super glue. Then one the rhinestone fell out and ended under a freaking fridge, which was so much fun, but again it was quickly mended and since then I've had zero problems. My head is small, however, this does start to hurt at the ears after a while, so bear that in mind if you plan to get it. I actually got two more for my friends because they loved it so much and those two arrived perfect. There is version with pearls as well and you can also get it in silver.

Gold Leaves Headband
The ultimate autumn accessory. Asos has something similar for a lot more money, but you can always count on eBay for a better deal. It's a circle headband half made of metal leaves and half is plain black elastic, so it's much more comfortable to wear that the classic ones. Due to the shape of the leaves, it tends to get tangled in the hair, so you need to be careful when putting it on and taking it off.  I've had it for about a year and it's more coppery looking now, but still in really good condition.

Gold Leaves Hair Pins
I'm sure you recognize these as well and I have quite a few of such metal pins. All are the same in terms of quality, basically way better than I expected. The quality is nice and they look so cute in the hair. They are very, very strong, which means they do not fall out, but you need to be careful when taking them out, otherwise it'll damage the hair. Bobby pins have nothing one these, so I prefer using them for buns as they don't just randomly fall out of my hair. Two versions exist, tri-leaves ones like mine and five-leaves ones

Gold Bee Hair Pins
I saw these on a very popular Pinterest picture, but when I was ordering them I thought there is no way they look the same as on that picture. But they do! Though I think there might be two versions of these floating around. The ones I got are brilliant and so well made. The quality is the same as at the leaves ones, but when I purchased them, only one arrived and when I complained to the seller, he sent me another and that one it's a centimetre shorter. It's not a big deal at all, but I just want to say that sizes vary. These are also available in silver.

Gold Starfish Hair Pin
Again it's the same type of pin as the leaves ones and bees, though this one isn't as gold, but already more copper-gold. I think it looks so pretty tucked in a braid. This one is available in silver and there is also a version with sea shells.

Gold Starfish Hair Clip
My largest hair accessory and even though I can realistically only wear it in the summer, I wanted to have it. It's heavy since it's metal, but holds well and does not fall out. It's perfect for a mermaid Halloween look if you need any ideas.

TONI AND GUY Sectioning Clips
I've always wanted sectioning clips, but I could never find more than a pack of 2 for a completely unreasonable price in our drugstores. Then I resorted to eBay and ordered these for a few euros not expecting much, but the quality of these blew me away. They are made from that "NARS" like rubberised, matte plastic and the spring is a really good one, meaning it's not too weak, but neither too tight. I use these every time I blow dry or curl the hair to keep them out of the way as well as to  pin the just blow dried strands in a ring shape to let it cool and in that way create a loose wave. I've had them for almost two years and they are still like new.

10 Spiral Hair Pins
I was contemplating whether to include these or not. I sort of have a love-hate relationship with these. I have a pair from before, they sell a 2-pack of these in Müller for 5 freaking euros, but they are brilliant and one substitutes five regular bobby pins. These eBay ones do work, no doubt about that, but the problem with these specific ones is that the ends are sharp. No one bothered to sand them down or add a bit of plastic at the end like at bobby pins, which means they are sharp and can damage the hair. 

3D Shells Nail Decoration 20 pc Mixed Gold and Silver
I got these for one specific manicure, so I decided to get a mix of colours and sizes, but you can get a much better deal than just 20 pieces for the same price. I used two coats of Seche Vite on top to glue them on (I don't have a proper nail glue for the job) and they lasted much better than I expected. One fell off on the fourth day and I had to remove the second one when I was taking the manicure off after about a week. The do lose colour after a couple of days of wear and look more copper-bronze. 
On the nails are the small ones.

JESSUP 5 pc Eye Makeup Brushes
I have plenty of cheap brushes, well almost all them, but these are the only ones I bought off eBay. There are many sets to choose from, but I chose a set of 5 eye brushes for start. I'd say four are excellent as they are super soft, but one, the pointed one, is simply too dense and I still don't know how to use it. One is a classic dome brush, though too big to fit in my "crease", so I use it for blending. The other three have a flat surface, but are cut differently - straight and slanted. These are excellent for blending concealer. They are also great for applying a base colour on the lids, or applying powder under the eyes so the concealer won't crease. In general, I'm very happy with these and they are well made. They come in tons of colours and combinations.

Wallet Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S5
I bought a ton of phone cases from eBay for just about everyone I know, but this is my only wallet one (I bought another wallet one with the owl design like the one of the right for my friend and he said it was ok as well). It's a proper wallet with spaces for credit cards or documents and you can put cash in the side pocket, the change might be a problem though. The size of the card slots is a bit snug, it could be a millimetre bigger, but cards do fit in. The plastic phone case is the one I have a slight problem with because the fit is off for S5 and it covers up the side buttons. But in general the outside is made out of a really nice material and it looks much more expensive than it is. It was advertised that there is a mirror included, but it's just a rubbish silver sticker that I accidentally threw out. Six colour combinations are available and it's available for some other Galaxy models as well as iPhones.

Mint Green "Sleep Owl" Silicone Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S5
One of the many silicone cases I bought, this is the second one for me and my favourite because, well it's mint green, it has an owl and polka dots, so to me it's a triple score, but I also love that it's not too thick, yet still protects the phone well. I got mine from Germany because I needed it fast, but you can get it cheaper from China or Hong Kong.

KDK LONDON Mint Green Jersey Skater Skirt 
Size UK6/ EU34/ US4
I got this almost two years ago, when skater skirt were in short supply in Slovenia and a mint green one was unheard of, so I got it off eBay. I actually got two different ones, but the first one was so plastic that I threw it away. I wear this loads, so it doesn't look its best any more, but the fabric is a nice thick jersey. It doesn't have much stretch, but it's durable. The colour is perfect, just what I was looking for and it fits me well, which tells something, since I can't buy clothes a lot of our shops. I'm petite and this ends less than 5 cm above my knees, so it's a good length that you're not concerned about bending. The elastic is strong, so it doesn't stretch as much as for example H&M skirts, so get a 6 only if you're really skinny because you might have problems getting it over the hips.
Length: 46 cm
Waist: 60 cm
Material: Thick jersey
Wash on: 30°C
15.31 $, from this seller

15mm Fold Over Elastic (2 m each)
You might know that already, but I make my own hair elastics. I've got several colours of fold over elastics and. from 2 m I can make about 9-10 hair ties, which comes at 0.14 € per one. My tutorial on how to make these is here. These are my favourite types of hair ties because they are soft and don't damage the hair.

Polka Dot Scarves
Light pink with black polka dots and deep red with beige polka dots
One of my most recent purchases and I'm completely obsessed with these. They are far, far better quality than I expected. The fabric is so soft and lovely, especially considering the price, but the fabric of the pink one is better than of the red one. Both of them are gorgeous, however, I've been wearing the pink one non-stop since I got it. They are sheer, made from chiffon (not sure it's true, but it's a lovely material) and are not too long, which is perfect for us short girls on whom long scarves look ridiculous.  
Length: about 210 cm
Width: 66 cm
There are no labels sewn on, but I presume this is hand wash only.
£0.99 each, got them from this seller.

White Infinity/Convertible/Multiway Dress (Grace Karim)
One Size
I feel in love with infinity dresses since I first saw them in an Avon catalogue and on New Look, so I became obsessed with the idea that I need it. I actually made one of these myself, but more as a test outfit because I used a completely inappropriate fabric since it was the only big enough piece I had, but I did wear it. I would totally make the real deal, it's three pieces of fabric quickly sown together, but the fabric in Slovenia is so expensive, it's become literally insane. I scoured the internet for a very cheap option, but all were quite expensive and then they just started selling these one day on eBay and I got it in a second. It's actually quite good for the price, but I'm not a clothes snob, in fact I'd describe myself as having low standards and you won't see me in designer clothes. Yes, the fabric is thin, but not too see-though and nobody bothered to hem it, however that's fine at such a dress. You could hem it yourself, but only the skirt because the strips need to have all the stretch they can get. It's really pretty worn, it offers a great variety of styles, so I truly love it and I'd like to get more colours. However, this precise dress is only for us shorties, so under 160-165 cm because it's made for Asian girls. It's more of a beach dress, though you could wear it as a maxi in summer, but not for special occasions because of the fabric. It would be a nice dress for Halloween if you plan to be a Greek goddess. Ideas for ways to wear it. 
Length of the skirt: 105 cm
Waist: 54 cm, it stretches a lot because the elastic is very loose, I measured at least +34 cm.
Material: thin, stretchy T-Shirt-like fabric, semi-see through. I suggest getting dark colours. 
$6.47 + US $7.95 shipping. Got it from this seller and here are alternatives.

Rose Gold Love Bracelet 
This is the one item I'm not really pleased with, but I knew there is a high chance this would happen. I'm very skinny, which means that bracelet are mostly a no go for me, unless I find a child size, but I hoped that since Asian girls are tiny like me, this would fit me nicely. It's a bit more battered than it looks in the eBay pictures, but I'm sure you're wise enough not to trust those completely. The colour isn't the best rose gold, I put Physician's Formula Nude Wear blush next to it, so you can see how much less rose it is, but you can also see that it's not gold compared to the leaves pin. The problem of this bracelet is that it's too narrow and I have concerns that not many people will be able to put this on their wrist. The gap is small, so it won't be much help, the bracelet is too wide on me and it's close to slipping of my wrist. I need to reshape it, but the metal is very thick and hard. It's going to be a nice decoration at least. I gave it to three other people to try with all types of wrists and it fit nicely on someone whose wrist was much larger than mine, but it wasn't easy to put on, same happened with an "average" sized wrist. Available in also in gold and silver.
Widest part: 7 cm
Narrow part: 5 cm
Gap: 2.5 cm 

Black Rhinestone Bow Adjustable Ring
I love bows, so I always wanted a bow ring and I already have such black earrings from Tally Weijl. It's an adjustable one and originally it's way too large for me, which means that I'll probably suit a lot of people. The bow is plastic or some sort of resin, it doesn't look cheap to me, but obviously it doesn't exactly scream Tiffany. It's the type of ring that gets caught in fabric, so you need to be careful especially when wearing wool sweaters. For the price it's lovely.
Original width: 18 mm 
0.70 $, got it from this seller.

Blue Chevron and Pink Polka Dot Paper Straws
I've seen these in some Pinterest pictures when I was preparing a baby shower and though they were so cute. I've seen them in one of our shops recently for a price that brought tears to my eyes - those weren't as pretty as these anyway. They are made from paper, but they aren't flimsy at all, however, it does feels a bit strange to drink from them due to the material. There are many different design and colours of these. 

Washi Tape 15 mm
Pink with black polka dots, white with moustache patern and mint green with symbols
My first washi tapes and I haven't seen any here yet (kje se to prodaja pri nas?). They are sticky tapes with patterns and an item that you get because it's cute and only then actually research how to bloody use them. I got them in three pattern/colours that I adore: polka dots, mint green and moustache pattern. The polka dot one is much shorter that the other two, while the moustache one is the most see-though. I used them to decorate the caps of Refan fragrances and Essie nail polishes because both of those look so dull, I also taped over a boring pen I have. They also came handy when I was labelling cables. If you need any ideas for how to use these just check Pinterest.
£0.99 each, all from this seller.

I was wondering if you'd like to see an eBay wishlist as well one day? I hope this was helpful and have a great day!

September Favourites

It took me ages to properly review this foundation, but this month it finally happened and I still love it to bits just as the first time I tried it. This is my never-fails foundation that looks incredibly natural on the skin, has light-medium coverage and not matter how much you layer it, it won't look cakey. I simply adore it.

New love alert - this just shot up into my favourite blushes ever the moment I applied it on my cheeks. It has the glow! I'll cheat a bit because I haven't done a proper review yet here (I'll post it only after it's on the other blog where I write), but here is a pic of it on my cheeks. It's is the perfect mix of a highlighter plus blush that gives me that famous "lit from within glow" (such a stupid phrase, but there is nothing else to use in this context). It's a mix of two shades, a peachy-pink and the hot pink in the middle, and it's a bit difficult to use them individually, but I always focus on the peachy pink more. The blush is nicely pigmented (the peachy-pink shade could be too light for medium skin tones), the size of shimmer is just perfect and it even smells like vanilla. The packaging is beautiful and there is a mirror plus a brush in the back. Great job Physicians Formula.

I'm really impressed by this brand and I'd like more of their product. I was researching what other stuff is good on Makeup Alley and I love to have at least three other things: Nude Wear Touch of Glow powder (I hear it works similar to Hourglass Ambient Powders), Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette for Face & Eyes Natural and Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Natural. Let me know if these are any good.

And another new love. I've found a brilliant waterproof mascara from the drugstore that is very affordable and holds my impossibly stubborn lashes curled all day. It's also impressive in terms of volume it gives, it separates well enough, it doesn't smudge or flake -  it's just an all-round winner. The brush is huge, but not terribly clumsy, so the only thing that isn't to my taste would be the packaging, which might prompt someone to ask you if it came in a set with a Barbie.  

I'm happy to report that after months this liner still works. Normally this wouldn't be much of an achievement, but it's a cheap liner of Chinese origin. We've had a pretty good run, but we shall see how much longer it will last. This is a pretty bitchin' eyeliner that isn't just inexpensive, but also majorly adorable with the panda cap. The formula is really black, it applies smoothly, lasts well on the lids and so far it hasn't dried out (five months and counting). 

These two were the star products in my Three Reds posts and I'm well aware I'm completely boring your with constantly talking about these two lipsticks, but they deserve it. These are the best matte lipsticks I've ever tried. They apply with no dragging, the pigmentation is outstanding and have nice staying power. Things that might bother you at these is the typical L'Oréal lipstick smell (I've always liked it, but people describe it as granny-ish) and if you're lips tend to get dry, you might find Blake tight on the lips after a while. But the colours are simply stunning and I think that Blake especially is the type of shade that everyone should own as it's that one super glamorous red for special occasions, while Laetitia is my favourite autumnal burgundy that has been on my lips a lot this month.

My feet have become impossibly dry, so I've been slapping generous amounts of this to alleviate the problem and I've been using it on the rest of my body as well. I'm not sure if this is sold any more, probably it isn't because you know, why keep selling something that's clearly super popular (#balealogic), but I'm sure they have a replacement in another scent already (Cocoa?). This one smells like Monte dessert, so it's a rich chocolate-hazelnut scent that just makes you want to eat it. Balea's body butters are very thick, so they suit very dry skin well, but it also means they are greasy and don't sink in fast, which is not that big of a deal to me as I apply it before going to bed. The important thing is that is fixes dry skin and it works fast.

This has been my face moisturiser for a month and a half, and we are getting on pretty swell. For a majority of that time my skin has been pretty much perfect, so no spots, white heads or dry patches, which is what I want from a moisturiser. It has coconut oil in it and that has always agreed with my skin, but some say that it's comedogenic, so it has the potential to clog pores (it clearly doesn't on me). The moisturiser is pretty rich, but not too thick and it smells lovely to me, kind of a professional like Yves Rocher stuff (floral). It's not too expensive, especially compared to my favourite L'Occitane moisturisers, so I'm pretty happy with it.

I do apologize if you feel like I might be rubbing it in a bit with the "oh look at me, I've got a fancy curling wand", but I genuinely love this. It gives a me tons of variety, it's light, there is no annoying clamp and it shows how it's heating up. I've truly been enjoying trying out different barrels and creating hairstyles with this, I especially loved the modern retro waves that I made with a 25 mm barrel. It's soo expensive, but worth the investment if you love curls. I've already used it on other people as well and they loved the results.

Another product I finally took the time to actually review, even though I've been using it constantly for almost a year (well, since December) and already have a back-up of it. It creates texture, which means that it helps achieve volume, it also makes the curls look more lived-in and helps them last longer. This one has a bit more hold than the rest I tried, so it's like a hair spray mixed with a dry salt spray and it can make you hair feel a bit crispy if you use a lot of it, but in moderation it's fine. This is one of my essential products for creating all of those curly hairstyles I wear all the time.

As much as I love Kérastase, this didn't impress me as much as their other products right off the bat. I'm a huge fan of Oreo-Relax shampoo, which works so well on my hair, but this one felt too light for me because it doesn't nourish it as much. However, I've been trying to purge my shampoo stash, so I've been using this for the past month and my hair just feels good. I think this is the type of product that works long term, which I would have discovered before were I not so impatient. It's expensive, but if your hair is dry and you like the squeaky clean feeling, this might work well for you.

Have a great day!