New In: Hair Care Edition

LABEL.M Honey & Oat Conditioner 
My hair started to get obnoxiously dry again as in every autumn and drugstore treatments aren't cutting is at all, so I wanted to expand my conditioners/treatments stash. I've never tried Label.m, but it was recommended to me and I read quite a few positive reviews about it, so decided to try something out, besides, it's quite affordable for a salon treatment. When this arrived at my doorstep and tried it the first time, I noticed a remarkable similarity with Tigi's Oatmeal and Honey. I then  went to research the brand and I realised it was created by the same people as Tigi as well as Tony & Guy. The ingredients look completely different to me, but the texture and scent are the same. It's good, nourishing enough for my hair and it makes it look healthy, plus it smells like christmas cookies (cinnamon, cloves and all the rest), however, it's not amazing and my hair dries out soon again. I feel than my hair desperately needs more (I should have just gotten some Kérastase), but it's a nice conditioner for dry hair.
Look Fantastic, €14.60

LABEL.M Mini Blow Out Spray
This has outstanding reviews and I'm the biggest sucker for mini sizes ever (my lifelong dream is to raid the Sephora mini travel size section), so it landed in my basket. It's a spray you use before blow-drying and it protects against heat, it contains UV filters (great if you dye your hair) and gives volume plus texture to your hair. It kind of doesn't smell of anything really, that was the first disappointment as I adore scented haircare, but the effect didn't wow me either. It kind of made my hair feel drier and more frizzy, which now that I look at it, I shouldn't be so surprised about, as it promises volume and texture. Perhaps this is better suited for thin hair with no volume. I need to use this a bit more and combine it with other products, so I might change my mind about it, but so far it hasn't blown me away.
Look Fantastic, €4.79 (50 ml)

PURELOGY Hydrate Condition 
This has fantastic reviews on Makeup Alley, so I took a chance and got it. First off this smells strongly like toothpaste. I'm serious. The mint actually tingles and feels cooling on the hands after application. It's so strange. My hair smells like mint for the entire week after using this and even more in contact with water when I go to wash my hair again.  I've never experienced anything like it, but it's really strange having your hair smell like toothpaste. The texture is quite thick for a conditioner, but not too much, so it is easy to apply. So what's my verdict on this? I'm afraid I'm not terribly impressed. It didn't wow me, my hair isn't as sleek as with some other conditioners and it feels a bit dry, so I have to use a lot of leave-in treatments and Orofluido to keep it in check. I guess it's ok for moderately dry hair, but my hair needs so much nourishment and this doesn't quite deliver. Still this has tons of amazing reviews, so don't be afraid to try it.
Look Fantastic, €15.90

I can't be without this. Seriously. Every time it's start running out, I rush to get a new one before the bottle is empty. I hit a bit of a snag this time and the package got lost, but luckily it was resent and it arrived safely. This is my absolute favourite leave-in conditioner, it nourishes my hair, keeps it hydrated noticeably longer, reduces frizz and it has made my hair a lot more healthy since I started using it. They changed the packaging, now it's a bit darker and the writing has been changed a bit, but I think it's still the same thing. 
Feel Unique, 16.60 €

PERCY & REED Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil
30 ml
I got this as a gift with purchase when I last ordered from Look Fantastic. I've never heard of this product, nor of this brand and I'm a hair junkie, but this is pretty cool. I like the name and it is indeed not oily, it is clearly a very light silicone serum. The instructions say to apply one or two drops, but that is just waaaay to little for my hair and I just go to town with it. The texture is incredibly light, it almost feels like water, so you can literally apply tons of this on the hair and it won't weight it down. It's recommended to be used on towel dry hair, but I tried it on dry hair as well and it doesn't really do anything, but applied on damp hair it makes my hair really sleek after blow drying. It does such a great job at taming my hair. I don't know how this is so great because the ingredients are awful. The scent is so familiar to me. I swear I had a hair product with this precise scent before, but I just can't remember what it was, anyway it's an indescribable chemical hair salon scent. It also works as a heat protectant. It costs 19 € for 60 ml, which is a price that is within acceptable range for me, I used it a few times so far and there is only a couple of millimetres of product missing, so I think I'll get the full size when this runs out (which will probably take a while).
Look Fantastic, full price €19.95 for 60 ml

TANGLE TEEZER Compact Styler 
Black & Gold
I actually wanted Shawn the Sheep version for years, but I got the gold one because it looks so stylish and cool. My cousin bough a pink one sometime this year and it was the first time I saw the compact version in person, but I have the original one for probably around seven years. I immediately loved the smaller version. I love it so much more that the original one, as than one is quite big for my child-sized hands, but this one is the perfect size, plus it has a cover, so you can carry it in your bag. It feels better made than the original one and it easily brushes out the hair with minimal damage. I still secretly want Shawn the Sheep one because I'm a five-year-old at heart.
Look Fantastic, €13.82

 Have a great day!

New In #36

MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara
I heard this was close enough to Benefit's Roller lash, but even if it's not I wanted to try it, since it has plenty of positive reviews. We only have regular formula in Slovenia and I had the hardest time finding the waterproof one, until it magically appeared on Look Fantastic. It has a plastic brush that is shaped almost as a curved comb and it has short bristles on one side and longer on the other. I did not like this at all from the start, it stuck the lashes together, so it looked like I only have half of them, but then one random day, it became soo good. It gives me massive lashes, not perfectly defined, but good enough and it hold the curls amazingly well. Do I like it more than the 3 € Essence I love Extreme mascara? Actually I find these two perform the same on me, so the deciding factor would be the price where Essence clearly wins. But if you don't have Essence and you have the same stubborn lashes as me, try this, it's amazing.
Look Fantastic, €11.26

MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Matte Lipstick
 975 Divine Wine
It's a bit ironic I ordered this online a day before I saw the news they are finally available here as well. But, I haven't seen this shade in our drugstores. A lot of people have been urging me to try these, since my love for matte lipsticks is well known. I chose Divine Wine, I don't know why, as I utterly adore Laetitia and I fear that'll be the reason I won't end up wearing this one that often, but I just love vampy shades on me. First thing that surprised me was how creamy it was, almost slippery in fact. The finish isn't as matte as at Laetitia or Milani's Mattes, at least at first, it then settles into a more matte finish. The colour is a deep brownish burgundy that is very similar to Mac's Diva, but a smidgen more brown (I'm not calling them dupes, my standards are very strict when it comes to that word. Picture of swatches here). Laetitia is much different as its base is berry. So far I can say, it's a really good matte lipstick, but Milani's (it's bellow) impressed me far more. 
Look Fantastic, €9.85

ESSENCE Longlasting Lipstick Nude
05  Cool Nude
I think just about everyone around here owns this lipstick, but I avoided it because I always found it too cool-grey when I swatched it on the back of my hand. I decided to give it try anyway and see if it works for me. I'm still not sure about it. I don't think it quite works for me to be honest. It does indeed have that grey tinge on me and I wish it were warmer. Formula is a typically Essence one -  light, almost excessively creamy and doesn't last long. 
Müller, € 3.49

REVLON Colorstay Foundation Normal/Dry Skin
110 Ivory
I was on a mission to find the lightest shades of foundation in our drugstores because apart from Nars Siberia and Rimmel's Lasting Finish Nude (the latter I still dislike), everything in my stash is too dark for me. I had an extensive research online and found an astonishing amount of utterly useless reviews that made me incredibly angry at the beauty community (where are pictures, swatches, maybe even before/afters? Come on! I hate it when my time is wasted by giving me so little information on a product), but there was one bright spot on the internet, Godfrina and her Kalter Kaffe blog, who made a fantastic series of reviews of the lightest foundations. It's all in German, though and my German is plainly said rubbish, but I got the point. I found three candidates: Revlon's Ivory, Manhattan's Easy Match in Soft Porcelain and Deborah Radiance Creator in 00. I took samples in the drugstores of all three (I always carry pots with me) and this one was most impressive. It has medium coverage, a lovely satin finish and lasts so well on the skin. This isn't my first encounter with Colorstay. The version for oily/combination skin was my second ever foundation and I really didn't like it, but mind you I was 15-16 at the time. This version suits me so much better. The colour is amazing and even though it's a bit pink, it blends so nicely into my skin. 
I got this one first because there was 30 % off in Műller (where it's over 15 €!). I also got Manhattan's Easy Match, while Deborah's Radiance Creator is a shade darker than these two (it matches me ok-ish, but I love the finish of it as it's true to its name. I'll probably get it one day).
Müller, 10.91 € (-30%)

MANHATTAN Easy Match Makeup
Soft Porcelain
The other foundation I got for my winter pale skin. You may think I'm excessive for buying two foundations, but I am so sick of wearing foundations that are too dark and I'm saving the Nars' Sheer Glow for special occasions because it's too expensive to wear it every day. In terms of shade, Soft Porcelain is about as light as Revlon's Ivory, but it's warm toned, though compared to the very yellow Siberia, it looks neutral. What hit me first was that this is incredibly similar to Rimmels' Match Perfection in everything to texture to how it smells, only the shade isn't as intensely pink and this one has a more satin finish. Both Revlon's and Manhattan's foundation will get proper reviews, I'm almost done, but if you're on a hunt for a very pale foundation, check them out. 
DM, 9.99 €

Finally we are reunited. I've already gone through two tubes of this, it's my favourite cleanser ever, not just because I love the texture, but also because it suits my skin so well and keeps it in nice condition. I was trying to find a suitable replacement that wouldn't cost as much and I also experimented with some high-end stuff, but I really regret that I took the detour. All that happened was that I had to struggle though a plethora of mediocre cleansers that just didn't work for my skin (L'Occitane Immortelle oil is the exception here, but it's again very expensive). I have to note that I got three tubes of this so far and each one was slightly different. I don't know why that is, but this one is definitely the thickest and I'm not too happy about it. It's a balm cleanser, but much waxier and thicker that Emma Hardie's one and it also contains mini scrubby particles. It's the type of cleansers that doesn't completely melt on your skin, unless you keep it in a really warm place. As soon as I started using it, my skin got a lot better. I was using The Body Shop's Silky Oil before because I was trying to use it up, but my skin doesn't like that one too much, despite the fact it's lovely to use and does its job very well. Balance Me and Nuxe oil are my power combination - I should really learn to stick to it.
Look Fantastic, €22.56

edp 50 ml
You have no idea how long I wanted this fragrance. Actually since it launched here, two or so years ago.  But I set myself a goal of using up old fragrances before I got a new one. I used up seven! Mind you they were all over five years old and embarrassingly already a bit off, but I did it. And like a Christmas miracle this fragrance was -45% off in Műller, so there was no better time. I could have gotten a bigger size for about the same price on Salma, but given my track record with fragrances, it decided it's wiser I stick to smaller sizes. I love this fragrance, I actually love most Hugo Boss fragrances (apart from Orange), even though they are considered generic and super boring. Just like Nuit Pour Femme, it's another fragrance I love, this one is again what I call an office scent, or a scent that is appropriate for any occasion because it just makes you smells clean, yet very sophisticated, however, this one has to me almost like tropical vibe (no such notes inside though) . It's stronger than the black version, with notes of cactus flower, pink freesia, jasmine, rose buds, warm woods and cedar. I'm also a huge fan of the bottle. It's simple, elegant, and I love that it's pink.
Müller, 39.99 €

One of my staples. I've been using it regularly for about three or four years now. This is the one of the strangest lip balms I tried, it's shaped as those glue sticks, so you look weird applying it, but it's very moisturising, not waxy and it just feels nice. It has a sweet cocoa butter scent, so it's quite pleasant, but I don't notice it any more after all these years. Great product that lasts forever.
Feel Unique, 3.10 €

THEBALM Mary-Lou Manizer
I finally have it! I wanted it mostly because Petra sings such praises about this and I trust that woman. It's a gold toned highlighter with an intense shine that is almost at the point of being too golden for me, but it's still fine. I didn't get it the first couple of times I used it, but I just had to get though the top layer. Now I already love it and thinking of getting Cindy as well. It gives just a lovely glow that super glamorous, but actually not that different in terms of intensity to the discontinued Jemma Kidd cream highlighter. 
By the way these theBalm products were sent to me, but not for review purposes. It's more as a thank you for me helping the distributors with some things. I don't consider them PR products that's why there is no star.
Müller, 23.99 €

THEBALM What's Your Type? Mascara
"the body builder"
I honestly had no idea theBalm even has mascaras. I've never heard anyone talking about them. I got the volumising one, "the body builder", I don't have the box, but I think there is an actually body builder on it. The brush is so…retro. It's really the most standard, basic brush that every mascara had in the 90's/early 00's, which to me isn't a bad thing at all. It's a regular formula, quite thick and wet when you first open it. It gives a nice amount of volume, but it's currently too wet for any definition. It's not bad, but I've tried better ones, however, I have a feeling it will improve a lot once it dries a bit. 

Eyelid Primer
It's been years since I had an eyeshadow primer. In fact, I only bought one in my life, Urban Decay's Primer Potion when I was 17-18, but I never repurchased it after I used it up. I've been using Max Factor's Facefinity All Day Primer also as an eyeshadow primer and it works brilliantly, but I'd like to see how this one works. I love the packaging, the squeeze tube is the best form to hold an eyeshadow primer (I had the original packaging of Primer Potion and when I cut it, there was at least a third product left), it's slightly yellow tinted, but it doesn't leave any colour on the lids. It goes on very smooth, not completely dry siliconey, so it's a bit thicker than UD's. It dries relatively quickly on the lids, but you can feel that you added a layer on which the products will stick better. With this primer my eyeshadows look perfect at the end of the day. There is zero creasing and everything still looks nicely blended. Maybe they fade a bit, but it's difficult to say given that I check in artificial light by then. I really like this.

THEBALM Autobalm California Face Palette
I also didn't know this existed, I think it was meant as a LE last year and it's not on their official website, but it's sold in Müller (where it's cheaper) and on Feel Unique. I immediately loved this. It has a mini matte peachy-pink blush, a champagne highlighter, a warm taupe crease shade and a deep reddish brown liner shade. The quality is the same as at their Nude'Tude palette and their blushes, so it's brilliant. This is definitely what I'd take with me because it has the colours I would use, all of them and it's so cute. It's in a form of a driver's licence and it even has some map designs, which obviously appeals a geographer like me. I've been really enjoying using this, since I got it.
Müller, about 17€

*MILANI Matte Lipstick
I adore this. It is one of the most impressive lip products I tried recently. First off, I love the matte formula. It's a bit thicker than most I tried, but I like that because it's a true matte finish. It actually reminds me of Mac's Retro Matte. The colour is stunning, it's very close to of one of my favourite lip pencils Catrice I got you Babel, so it's a medium peachy-pink. I also lasts really well for a light shade. I'd really love to get my hands on more of these. Swatch of it here.
Click2Chic, 6.83 €

*JORDANA Matte Lipsticks
10 Red, 28 Natural, 48 Pink Passion and 60 Plum Obsession
Jordana is a new brand that is now sold on the online shop where I'm a blogger, so I got a lot of stuff to swatch for the website. I selected the shades myself based on what I though you might like and those that will fit into my Christmas posts there. Jordana products were partially selected based on great rating on Makeup Alley, so there are some good stuff and matte lipsticks appear to be very popular - now that I've tried them, I get why. For a very affordable price you get a fantastic, properly matte, fully opaque lipstick. Granted the packaging is cheap, but they didn't save on the actual products. This is the type of lipstick I expect for a budget product. I don't care about the packaging, the formula is way more important and these are miles better than Essence's Longlasting lipsticks or something from Makeup Revolution/Freedom Makeup and the likes. I selected four shades:
10 Red - a warm red
28 Natural - a warm beige-peachy nude
48 Pink Passion - light pink that I read is supposedly very similar to Mac's Please Me
60 Plum Obsession - cool violet pink (I just had a feeling people will really like this and even I like it, despite not being a "me" shade.
I really like the formula of these. It's nicely pigmented, a bit thicker, but still applies nicely and lasts well, which isn't as surprising considering they are matte. 
Click2Chic, 2.60 €

*JORDANA Twist & Shine Moisturising Balm Stain
These again have a very high rating on Makeup Alley. I chose two of the more new shades I believe, Gorgeous Peony, which is a light muted pink, so a very every day appropriate shade. Fresh Fig will appeal to all of those who like a bit more colour. It's a semi-transparent burgundy shade, so a gateway "vampy" shade for those who fear proper versions of such shades. These have a lip balm-like texture, meaning they are moisturising, but at the same time quite waxy, so they stick on the lips quite well.
Click2Chic, 4.20 €

*JORDANA Modern Matte Lipsticks 
These are the other (newest) versions of matte lipsticks by Jordana. How do they compare to the others ones? Well, I think both formulas are very similar, but these do feel a bit more quality, especially when it comes to the packaging. I chose two shades:
01 Matte Bare - a rosy-brownish medium nude. 
12 Matte Style - gorgeous blue toned red. I chose this one first out of all.
These are again such great matte lipsticks. I guess I could compare them to Catrice's matte shades. They glide nicely on the lips and have a nice staying power.
Click2Chic, 3.79 €

*JORDANA Best Lash Extreme Volumising Mascara
I've heard so much about this mascara. Many people love this and even though I prefer my mascaras waterproof, I wanted to review it for you. Even the first use gave me a nice amount of volume, so I can't wait for it to thicken up a bit and I'll see its true potential. The brush is a classic one, but more defining than that TheBalm mascara. 
Click2Chic, 5.00 €

*JORDANA Easyliner in Rock n' Rose
This was again chosen due to the high rating on Makeup Alley. So many people love this particular shade and I wanted to properly swatch it. I was a bit taken aback when I saw it in person - it's very brown. It' more of a taupe brown, but it has some hint of rosey tones. Actually the name says it all. The texture is a bit like Essence's Longlasting lipliners, so a great balance between being soft enough for it to transfer easily, but not too fragile, so it would break constantly.
Click2Chic, 3.00 €

*L'OCCITANE Pamplemousse-Rhubarbe Hand Cream
I have a thing for L'Occitane's hand creams. They really are something worth splurging on. I used to have the Almond version that I loved because it sank in in seconds and this one has the same type of texture, but a much stronger and fresher scent. I'm still on the fence about the latter. It's like a mix of refreshing grapefruit, sweet rhubarb and spices (clove, which I'm not a fan of and nutmeg). I know this scent from somewhere, I just can't remember from where.
A whole collection with this scent exists including a fragrance, shower, gel, body lotion, perfumed soap, hand cream and a lip balm.
L'Occitane, 7.60 €

*L'OCCITANE Jasmin-Immortelle-Neroli Body Lotion
I really like the scent of this. I've tried a few jasmine scented products and this is the best one. I still have Lush's Lust somewhere, which is sooo strong, almost headache inducing jasmine, but this one is fresher, more sophisticated and despite being a strong scent, so much easier to wear. The texture of the lotion is light and moisturising enough for an average person, but not enough for very dry skin. The scent is strong and it lingers, so you can use it even as an improvised fragrance and I think it will work fabulously in combination with the actual fragrance from this line.
A whole collection with this scent exists including a fragrance, shower, gel, body lotion, perfumed soap, hand cream and a lip balm.
L'Occitane, 23.40 €

*L'OCCITANE Miel Mandarine Lip Balm
Me and L'Occitane's lip balms share a long history. I had so many of them, but stopped purchasing them since they stopped making good scents (honestly, it all went downhill after the cherry blossom one, but I will check out the new honey one. Fingers crossed its the same yummy goodness from before). This one is a bit lighter than I remember their lip balms being. It's also tinted orange, which actually isn't the first time as their old orange version was similarly tinted. The scent is actually very subtle for L'Occitane. It's a mix of honey (if anyone remembers their awesome old honey balm in a tube from somewhere around 2006-07) and citrus notes, like that orange version I talked about.
A hand cream in this scent exists as well.
L'Occitane, 7.60 € 

H&M Owl and Cat Lip Balms
I wanted such lip balm for so long, well, this or a hand cream, it really didn't matter as long as I get an owl design. When I saw these in H&M I basically ran to the register with them. The lip balm inside is just the most boring one in history. It's the most basic, bland waxy lip balm with no particular scent. You're really paying just for the cute decorating item, but I love these. The owl exists in a bubble gum pink version. If you can't find these either at the register or the beauty/accessories department, check the children's section.
H&M, 2.99€

CADEAVERA Belebende Reinigungstücher
I haven't bought makeup wipes in such a long time, which is ridiculous considering how much swatching I do. I got these because they were the cheapest. These smell like the rest of the Young line, so like lilies of the valley, but with a fruity twist. They aren't super soft, but not harsh and I often have a problem with makeup wipes being too structured and rough. They managed to remove my base, eyeshadows, eyeliner and lipstick, but only about a half of my waterproof mascara, though considering these aren't oily, it's not a surprise. I takes a bit of rubbing to get of the swatches, so I think next time I'll try some different ones.
Müller, 1.45€

I got a generous bag of samples at Look Fantastic at my last purchase. I was later told these are the exact contents of their beauty box from the previous month.

MONU Firming Moisturiser
For dry skin
I expected this to be thicker, but its texture is quite pleasant and not at all heavy like Emmy Hardie's face cream. I haven't used this much because I really don't like the strange herbal scent.
Look Fantastic, full price  €31.95 for 50 ml

ELEMIS Hydra-Balance Day Cream
Day cream for combination skin
A light, fast absorbent hydrating face cream for combination skin. It's quite nice, especially under foundation and it smells exactly like Emma Hardie's Moringa Balm.
Look Fantastic, full price  €58.95 for 50ml

NUXE Réve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream
15 ml
I heard many praises about this and even though I'm not a hand cream person, I really like this. I find it quite light, but that means it absorbs very fast and I can't stop smelling my hands afterwards. It's nothing like honey, but just addictive. I would consider getting a full size.

Look Fantastic, full price  €15.45 for 75 ml. It's probably cheaper in pharmacies in Slovenia.

PERCY & REED Volumising No Oil Oil
30 ml
I'll talk about this in my New In: Hair edition, but I love this and would buy a full size.
Look Fantastic, full price €19.95 for 60 ml

MURAD Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
30 ml
A gel cleanser with some small exfoliating particles that it's quite creamy, but still foams well. It's a nice cleanser, but not 50 €-nice.
Look Fantastic, full price  €47.95 for 200ml

A flat shader brush that is synthetic and quite dense. It's ok, but doesn't pick up eyeshadows as well as brushes with natural hair, so I actually use this more for blending because its quite thick and works well in my crease. I ended up using this daily and really liking it. This is brand that was formed to help women combat the visible side effects of their cancer treatment, so some of the profits is meant for charity. I can't find this particular brush on Look Fantastic, but they have several other ones.
Look Good Feel Better on Look Fantastic

Have a great day!

Brand Focus: New Products from Revlon

Colorburst Matte Balm in Enchanting and Fiery (Fall 2015)
Four new shades were released this Autumn and they are permanent as far as I know, however, in Slovenia only these two are available. I got the lightest and the darkest shade called Enchanting and Fiery. I already own Unapologetic from before and it's the same formula, so nicely creamy jumbo lip pencils that just glide on the lips and have more of a creamy-matte finish. These don't have the staying power of a proper matte lip colour, but they last well for standard creamy lipsticks and of course, the darker the colour, the longer it lasts, so Fiery is pretty good. They have a minty scent and even tingle a bit on the lips, but don't have a plumping effect.

An apricot nude shade. Based on how it looks in the tube, I expected something brown and ugly, but it really surprised me on the lips. I think it's a lovely nude, especially for those with a warm skin tone.


This may be the darkest in the bunch, it's certainly the darkest shade sold here and it's a burgundy shade with a mix of some brown and a hint of berry tones. It's a not fully opaque shade with one application,  I mean it's close, but burgundies tend to be very intense and this one isn't quite, but it is with two coats. Due to the shape it's one of the easiest such shades to apply and you don't really need a lip liner, at least until you don't ruin the shape too much. 

Links to reviews: Essence Hidden Secret, Milani Darling (I'll have a full review on the blog), Essence Lovely Frappuccino, Essence Sparkling Miracle and Sleek Minx

Photoready Prime + Anti-Shine Prime
A new primer by Revlon and they envisioned it as a travel friendly compact that you can use on a go either under foundation or over it, or you can even wear it on its own. It's definitely one of the best mattifying product I've tried and without the powdery-ness. 

It's a silicone based product so it creates this smooth, velvet layer on the skin. Because the skin is so smooth, it feels so soft and you just can't stop touching it, however, if you have a problem with silicones, this won't be for you. I think this is just perfect for very oily skin because it really keeps oiliness at bay and you can really use it over makeup because it's light and transparent, so it doesn't ruin anything. I wouldn't use this on dry skin, as it's too light and it prevents the any oils from breaking through, so it'll look very draining on you. There is a chance it will stick to dry patches, though I haven't experienced that, but now that it's colder I switched back to my old favourite Max Factor All Day Primer. It promises to hide pores as well and I prepared a before/after for you, so you can see its effect which isn't that impressive. It works to a certain degree, but  L'Oreal's Infallible foundation is miles better at this task. 

The product is in a compact and you can apply it with fingers or with an added sponge. It may seem gross to some to stick fingers in such products, but I think that this products meshes with the skin better with some heat from the fingers.  

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum over Revlon's Primer. The picture looks so pale due to rainy weather conditions:

Picture of primer's ingredients here.

Photoready Kajal 350 Matte Expresso
I already said everything I had to say about this pencil in my New in post, but here you get to see it in action. The quality of it is brilliant. It's soft, it transfers well on the waterline, it's not harsh at all when you're drawing with it on the eyes and can be easily smudged if you want to. The staying power is insane. I applied it at 11 am in the waterline and checked again at 11 pm and it was still there. You don't want to know when took my makeup off and I went to sleep, but it was still hanging in the waterline. I'd say less than a half was gone, but from far away the effect was still the same, so pretty damn good. The colour is a deep cool toned brown that is a great alternative to black. I like to use this under my lower lashes, to give my eyes some definition.

Smoked out (with Enchanting on the lips):

Prices: Revlon Colorbust Matte Balms 10.89 €, PhotoReady Prime + Anti Shine Balm 13.59 € (47.9g), Photoready kajal 9.80 €. All prices from Click2Chic. They are probably the same or a bit higher in Müller.

Have a great day!

Colours that Emphasize your Eyes

 (Slovensko verzijo najdete tukaj)

If you pick up an old magazine with beauty tips, you may find this outdated "rule" that in order to make your eyes pop, you should use an eyeshadow that is in the same shade as your eyes. Unless you know nothing about colour theory or you've never experimented with eye makeup, this will sound wrong to you and you'll know that it's the complementary colours that work ideally when you want to emphasize your eyes. Complementary colours intensify each other and create a pleasing colour combination. 

If you're familiar with the colour theory and the wheel, it's all very simple and logical. For instance if your eye colour is blue, opposite to blue is orange, therefore the best colours to emphasize your eyes are orange shades. Now I don't mean you have to wear orange on your eyes (honestly, when was the last time you saw someone wear orange eyeshadow in public?), rather that you simply pick shades that contain some orange, for example copper, peach, gold, warm brown,… But you shouldn't limit yourself only to orange. Explore all the warm shades. Since blue is a typical cool colour, any warm shade will work as a contrast. I don't really take colour theory too seriously on a daily basis, nor should you, but it comes handy when you want to emphasize your eye colour and you can achieve a lot with just small details, like changing the colour of liner from black to navy if you have brown eyes, but you still wear a classic neutral smoky eye to go with it. Regardless the colour of your eyes, there is a general rule that if you use a colour that is darker than your eyes, it will make them appear lighter and vice-versa. When picking your eye makeup, don't forget to consider your skin tone and hair colour, as one shade will look different on two people, also appropriate the makeup to suit the occasion. 

As I said in the intro, the opposite of blue is orange, which means that the best shades to emphasize such eye colour are variations of it, but of course, any warm colour will create a lovely contrast. 

Bronze, gold, terracotta, copper, peach and warm brown shades: these warm shade balance the cool tones of blue eyes and create a nice contrast, which brings attention to the eyes. 

Purple shades: Purple suits any eye colour because it's a mix of warm red and cool blue. If you want to wear more colour on your eyes, you can't go wrong with purple.

Blue and green shades take away the attention from the eye colour. If you have blue eyes and you ever tried wearing these two colours, you may got a feeling that it looks too monochrome, but not necessarily. If you do choose blue, pick a shade that is much darker than your eyes, like navy, so your eyes look lighter, but if you choose a really light one, it'll make your eyes appear darker. It's best to avoid colours that are exactly the tone of your eyes.

Brown is a mix of several colours, so theoretically it doesn't have an opposite colour. But just as at every eye colour, there are so many versions of brown eyes. Some have tones of yellow or amber, some are more green also known as hazel, some have brown eyes that are almost black and also reddish brown eyes exist. Again think of the contrasts for each of these undertones, but if you consider that brown eyes are often warm, cool colours will emphasize brown eyes best.

Amber and reddish brown eyes: turquoise, navy blue, emerald and mint green. Opposite of orange (amber) and red are blue and green shades, so these will work best for you.

Dark brown, almost black eyes: bronze, coral, sand and terracotta. Theoretically you can pick any shade you wish, or at least one that suits your skin and hair colour.

Honey (gold) brown eyes: aubergine, lavender, royal blue, lilac and light blue. You can emphasize the gold specks with gold and bronze shades, then add some navy or cobalt blue as an eyeliner for example .

Hazel eyes (green brown): Most such guides have a separate category for hazel eyes, but it's exactly the same as at green eyes. The same applies at this eye colour, so best colours are cranberry, burgundy, copper, terracotta, all shades of purple, peach and warm taupes. 

Choose a navy blue eyeliner instead of black for definition. Blue will emphasize the warmth in your eye colour and as a bonus also make the whites of your eyes look more white.

Bright colours like blue and green aren't exactly every day colours, so you can still relay on all neutral shades, while the golds and coppers will make your eyes sparkle. Dark brown eyes are sometimes cooler, so emphasize them with warm shades.

Though green eyes are the rarest, there are so many different shades of them. Emerald, forest green, jade, chartreuse - each shade has a slightly different composition of colours and colour theory again comes to the rescue. but if keep things simple: the colour opposite of green is red. Red is not an easy colour to wear (though I think Taya does it brilliantly), however, again don't take the theory too seriously and pick a shade that contains some red, but keep it wearable and subtle for every day. 

Cranberry, burgundy, copper and terracotta: Copper shades are the easiest to wear from this selection, but don't be afraid to experiment with something more red, like cranberry shades. I have found the perfect such shade in TheBalm's Nude'Tude palette called Sexy. What's the most important thing when wearing such shades is to make sure that the eyes are really defined with lots of mascara and black eyeliner, otherwise it might just look like a massive eye infection or the largest dark circles known to mankind. I also like to blend it out with a warm medium brown.

All shades of purple and plum: Plum looks good on all eye colours, but it's especially gorgeous on green eyes. Everything should work, from lavender shades to aubergine. Purple contains red and it's not nearly as scary to wear as reddish shades. If your eyes have gold specks or are chartreuse (pale yellow-green), purple will look awesome on you.  

Taupe: Pick warm version of taupes, so those with more brown or even gold-yellow (think Mac's Patina and L'Oreal's Sahara Treasure). If you pick a more grey shade, it'll look very neutral and won't bring out your eye colour that much.

Peach: Peach is great for a subtle every day makeup and it's much easier to wear than copper or purples. I never wore peach until making this post and I discovered a great new every day look. Coral will work too of course, but again as at reds, make sure the eyes are defined with a lot of mascara.

Everyone neglects grey eyes when talking about making your eyes pop. They just shove it under blue and that's it. Well, as a proud owner of stormy grey eyes, in my post they get their own category. Grey eyes are so much more complex than all the colours above. Why? Because they are truly neutral. They are neither warm nor cool, and there is no opposite colour. But just as at all other eye colours, so many variations exist. They may have shades of blue, green, brown, some are even a bit purple or a mix of colours, but they can be just classic grey. Mine are a mix of blue, green and grey. They look blue with the help of gold, copper and cranberry shades, but purple makes them look more green. With no makeup, they look stormy grey. So how to deal with grey eyes? You can approach the issue two ways: 

You can treat them as neutral and you focus your selection of shades only on complimenting your skin and hair colour, so warm shades for warm skins and obviously cool for cool skin tones. Every colour suits grey eyes, just avoid pink because you don't have a strong counteracting shade that would act as a sort of a neutralizer and it can make you look like you have a pink eye. 

If you're like me and have a bit of an undertone, then emphasize it with a complimentary colour.
To emphasize blue tones in your eyes use light peach, rich bronze and copper shades, so shades that have an orange base. Gold makes my eyes look blue as well, but I find copper is the best shade for the task. (It's my non-photoshopped colour of eyes under blue eyes middle eye makeup).

For emphasizing green use reddish shades, purples and corals, so colours with a red base. Cool purples work best for me, while reddish shades make them look closer to blue.

For emphasizing brown tones use purples and plums, but also chocolate shades and light browns. You may be wondering why not blue or green. I can say from experience that these kind of don't work that well on grey eyes. But you may have a different experience.

1. Row: Makeup 1 - Makeup Factory Shimmer Cream 4, Catrice Baked Eyeshadow ViennART Lovely Lace (LE), TheBalm Nude'Tude Sophisticated. Makeup 2 -  Max Factor Excess Shimmer 25 Bronze. Makeup 3 - L'Oreal Color Infallible 005 Purple Obsession
2. Row: Makeup 4 - Essence old navy blue eyeliner as base (Nightfever), Freedom Makeup Jewels and Riches last row 3. shade, TheBalm Nude'Tude Sophisticated and Sultry. Makeup 5 - L'Oreal Color Infallible 021 Sahara Treasure. Makeup 6 - TheBalm Nude'Tude Sexy and Sultry.
3. Row: Makeup 7 - Catrice Chocolate Nudes palette, Makeup 8 - Max Factor Excess Shimmer 25 Bronze as base, Urban Decay Naked palette Half Baked and Darkhorse.   Makeup 9 - Sleek Sunset 2. row 5. shade, TheBalm Nude'Tude Sultry.  

So obviously all the eyes above are mine, but with photoshopped eye colour (I don't feel comfortable with stealing borrowing pictures. I know how much work it goes into a picture). I'm including the originals as well, so you can see how all these different makeup influenced my eye colour. I know my eye makeup skill aren't the best, well, to be fair it's my eye shape that's not the easiest to deal with, so don't focus on that, it's not the point of this post. I have the type of eye colour that does change a bit depending on what makeup I wear, that includes lipsticks and blushes, and of course what colour of clothes I'm wearing as well. See how purple brings the green in my eyes? Peach too, while copper, gold and burgundy make them more blue. The royal blue eyeshadow just overwhelms the eyes and takes away the focus off the eye colour, same happens to me with green, unless it's gold green like L'Oreal's Golden Goddess. I gave you the general guidelines to finding shades that might enhance your eye colour, but experiment yourself to see what really suits you. 

I also wanted to share a similar post that my fellow blogger Petra made a while ago, so check her version as well. I hope this post was helpful and have a great day!

Empties #17

I posted the first part of empties yesterday and here is all the rest.

2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner
This fails as a shampoo and conditioner for me because I feel it doesn't clean well, but it's great as a shower gel. It smells like peach sweets so I loved it.
Repurchase: Yes

I actually won this in a giveaway hosted by YR - the first time I won anything in a proper giveaway. I loved this. It was so creamy and it foamed well plus it smelled so good, like real pears. Yummy! The only thing I didn't like was that the is no nozzle or a pump on this, so it ran out way too quickly. The cap also broke very quickly.
Repurchase: It was a LE, but if it's released again during Christmas time, then I would.

One of the best body butters I've tried, even among TBS ones. The texture was just perfect, thick, but not too much and it was very moisturising. The scent didn't really resemble honey, it was more like wild flowers, but I still liked it.
Repurchase: Yes, in a different scent. Maybe Shea Butter or Satsuma.

I actually used two of these, but I already repurposed the tin, so the other, the Golden Twenties version, is missing from the picture. I adore these and I currently have four others. I use them as hand creams because they are super moisturising, but sink in quickly (I really hate greasy hands). They don't have this version any more, but it smelled like cherry candy. The Golden Twenties one smelled creamy with notes of lavender and honey. I love the packaging of these, it's so cute.
Repurchase: I have four, including one back-up of this version


By far my favourite drugstore shampoo. It's perfect for my dry hair because it nourishes it, not just cleans it. By the way the Extraordinary version is pretty much the same, except for the scent (I think it serves as a replacement for this one). It's like a bit of conditioner was added to the shampoo, but it doesn't weight my hair down, just smooths it a bit. When I'm rinsing it off, there is none of that annoying squeaky clean, dry, my-hair-I'll-be-a-tangly-mess feeling and the hair can be combed a lot easier than at a lot of other shampoos. If you have really dry hair like me, give it a go, it's very affordable anyway, but if your hair tends to get greasy fast, there may be a chance it'll build-up on your hair (it doesn't on mine, but bear in mind this was made for dry hair). 
Repurchase: I have a 400 ml bottle in my stash, but yes.

This grew on me. Initially I wasn't that impressed because even though it's meant for dry hair, it felt too light for me. But when I started using it regularly, my hair got better. It's a product that shows its effect with long-term use and I think people whose hair tends to get greasy fast, but have dry ends, might like this a lot (though I again can't assess if it builds up on the hair.) It's expensive, but if your hair is dry and you like the squeaky clean feeling, this might work well for you.
Repurchase: I still prefer Oleo-Relax, though this one is nice too.

I like the concept of this, but unfortunately it did not help me with my dandruff. This is like a pre-wash treatment and shampoo in one. You apply it on dry scalp, leave it on for 7 minutes, then emulsify the product under water and it behaves like a normal shampoo, so it lathers well and cleans the hair. It left my hair feeling a bit striped, but I didn't mind that and it smells like burnt rubber, though it wasn't terrible. The packaging leaked, so I had to use a cap that I got from another product and by the end it was hard to get the last bits out because the tube is metal.  
Repurchase: No.

This is my absolute favourite leave-in conditioner. It nourishes my hair, keeps it hydrated noticeably longer, reduces frizz and it has made my hair a lot more healthy since I started using it. I use it after every wash on damp hair and one bottle lasts me about a year. Because it's light, I think that a majority of people can use this with no problems. I can't be without it.
Repurchase: Already did.

A great drugstore treatment for dry hair. I don't often find treatments that are nourishing enough for my hair and this one is. I've seen the effect of it on other people (because they nicked mine) and the result was amazingly shiny, less frizzy hair. 
Repurchase: I repurchased it immediately when the pot was empty. 


A limited edition from 2009, this was the only absolute love at first smell out of all my fragrances. I got it for my birthday and treasured it dearly, of course in my typical manner saved it like crazy, so it's actually gone off (I am laughable). This was my favourite Escada's LE. It smelled fresh and sweet like passionfruit. I think they have this version in Refan as a dupe and there are probably still bottles of this sold in some online shops.
Repurchase: It's was a LE, but I might get the Refan's dupe version

Another ancient limited edition, actually only a year younger than Marine Groove. It smelled like super sweet mango and had typical short lasting power of these LE Escada's. It's another one that I had for way too long and it's gone off, but that's a standard for me. This one may also sold be in Refan and in some online shops.
Repurchase: It's was a LE, but no.

Another fragrance that I felt was about to go off, so I dedicated myself to use it up. It had a lovely orange candy scent that later turns into a more powdery-floral one. I absolutely loved the modern bottle, but as it turns out, even though it's supposed to be kept upside-down, this appears to have broken the pump, so it leaked and sprayed in weird directions.
Repurchase: Yes, but not straight away.

You may know I used to have tons of these. I think they are really good, they smell and behave just as the originals, but for a fraction of the price. The only thing is that they do go off in about two years, so if you suspect you won't use them often, get the smallest 15 ml size.
A super sweet, gourmand scent. This one smells to me like an expensive box of pralines with a fruity filling (black currant and pear), but not completely gourmand because of the floral notes (iris, orange blossom, jasmine) and patchouli. Staying power was great.
N.001 Miss Dior Cherie 
A super girly scent, but in a very sophisticated way. The sweet fruity notes of strawberry and cherry are mixed with sticky caramel and cotton candy which are then rounded by patchouli to give it a more grown up feel. This is the only fragrance I notice the difference from the original and even that only in silage. The Refan version is fainter, however, I owned Dior Cherie years ago and swapped it due to it being absolutely too strong (it felt so suffocating to me at the time), so I actually prefer this one. 
N.177 Burberry Body
It smells like roses, but not like a grandma type of rose. Normally I dislike rose scents with passion, but not in this composition. There are other notes that temper the rose scent, which makes it smell more fresh, creamy and powdery. Basically, it's a clean skin scent. There is supposed to be peach in it, but I don't smell any fruity notes at all.
Repurchase: Not these scents, but definitely yes.

This was such a waste of money. You know that fragrance Molecule One from Escentic Molecules that so many bloggers rave about? Well that famous molecule is called Iso E Super and it's not spectacularly rare or so exceptional that it might justify a hefty price tag. There are a lot of these Molecule 01 dupes on eBay, which are just a dilution of Iso E Super in perfumer's alcohol. I didn't quite know what to expect as it's a fragrance that's supposed to smell different on each individual and you yourself can't smell it, but it should smells nice to other people. Except that is doesn't. Well, it doesn't smell of anything to be honest. It's such a weak scent that smells like water, earth and wood, like walking in a forest or similar to the oris root note in Britney Spears' The Naughty Remix, but super gentle and it lasts just a few seconds. It's just lame. It just felt like I was spraying water on me. I tried mixing it with other scents to maybe give them something extra, but this did nothing.
Repurchase: No.