sreda, 01. julij 2015

Born Pretty Eyelashes #HS-43 (Pa Dolly Love)

I've been wearing these in so many recent posts and Instagram images that if you read at least some of them, I'm sure you've already seen me wearing these. My natural lashes aren't exactly short or sparse, but nonetheless, I really wanted to give a pack of Born Pretty lashes a try and I choose these #HS-43 that come in a pack of ten.

I immediately compared them with my old favourite Demi Wispies and noticed that they are at least a third shorter, so I was concerned they might be too short for me, since my natural lashes are quite long. Well, these turned out to be even more dramatic on my eyes than Demi Wispies. They have a similar tapered shape with short lashes in inner corners and then gradually longer ones towards the outer edges, but they are a lot denser lashes than Wispies. On my eyes they are a bit short in the inner corners, but huge and fluttery on the outer corners. The effect is very thick and long lashes that don't exactly scream natural look, but they look so cool with a smoky eye. 

These are much harder for me to apply than Demi Wispies, mostly because they are too wide for my eyes. I cut away a few millimetres before applying them, but I still have an issue with these lashes and that is that no matter what I do, I cannot get them to look nice in the inner corners. They are always glued oddly and I think this has to do with the black seam, but I just wear black eyeliner to hide the odd position of the lashes. Glue is not included, so I use my Essence one, which isn't that good, so I need something else. Though these lashes are light, I can feel them in my inner corners. It's not annoying, it just makes you aware that you're wearing them.  I wear them with either no mascara or just a touch of it to tint the lashes because otherwise it just looks way too much on my eyes. Also these are the type of lashes that demand some makeup on the eyes, at the very least a liner to hide the seam, since it's black. I don't have any other makeup on in the first two pictures, so you can see how they look on its own.

As  said before these come in a box with 10 pairs. The lashes aren't glued on, but sort of tied on. They are lashes on a string is what I'm trying to say and the first time I had no idea how to get them out. I ended up cutting them, but almost ruined them in the process. I wish they were stuck on instead like Ardell's.

I'm happy with these considering how many you get for the price. They are huge on my small eyes and it takes more work to blend them in with my lashes, but I love these with a bronze smoky eye because it makes it look so much more glam, so these are definitely for those who want drama. They aren't the easiest to apply, but I'm not that skilled at putting on lashes anyway. I have worn them loads, especially when I take pictures for the blog as my natural lashes seem to just disappear on full face pictures. I would love to try some more of their lashes, they are nice for the price. They are not Ardell's, but they are much more affordable.

These lashes are available on Born Pretty and currently cost $6.39. With a code MKOH10 you can get 10 % discount.

Have a great day!

*The lashes were sent to me.

ponedeljek, 29. junij 2015

June Favourites

BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
I think I finally tanned a little, though my neck is still ghostly pale, but I nonetheless started using this foundation on its own, without mixing it with a lighter foundation. I absolutely love it, I have for all these years, no matter the season because it just blends into the skin so well that is looks almost invisible, but still gives me a light-medium coverage. I know some people dislike the dewy finish it leaves, but I love it because it makes the skin look so fresh and I also like how fast it sets, therefore there is none of that "foundation stickiness" that I dislike. 

About a week ago my skin started to act up and I reached for full coverage concealers a lot more than usual. Nars' Chantilly is very light, so I used mostly Collection's one as they are so similar anyway. This covers so well and it also layers good enough if the spot you're covering is particularly stubborn. I recently included this in my post about favourite concealers.

 I've never tried a softer lipstick in my life, but it's also pigmented enough that you can easily achieve full coverage, so it's far from a glorified tinted lip balm like most such products. Add in the fact that it's very moisturising and you get possibly the most comfortable lip product ever (Clarins' Lip Perfector and Catrice's Lip Smoother would be its best rivals). On me Rose is a lovely, neutral pink shade that is a shade or two darker than my natural lip colour, so it's a great every day colour. It think my favourite part about this lipstick is the scent - it smells like Planica ice cream, so it's absolutely yummy. I would however stick to buying only the light shades in this formula as I fear things could get very smudgy due the fact it's so soft. 

I love this shade so much, even though I got a very mixed response on it, but this is my perfect 90's inspired colour. It looks very warm brown on most people I've seen, but on me it's more cool toned and mauve-y, yet not at all draining like Essence's Satin Mauve lip liner. I just love this on my lips - it makes them look more defined and perfected, plus I like the formula of these as well.

There is something summer that makes me crave a nice punchy warm orange red on my lips. The obvious choice would be Lady Danger, but I prefer Dangerous as it's a tiny bit less orange, which appeals to me more. It's a nice creamy formula even though it's matte, but if you have dry lips, it could feel drying after a couple of hours as it's a retro matte finish. I'm still living on my The Body Needs samples, which is a bit pathetic, but Mac lipsticks cost twice as much in Europe than in USA, not to mention they're not even sold in Slovenia (thanks for that Mac. I'm sure your logic regarding this is flawless). I did hear that Milani's Matte Passion is a good enough dupe for Lady Danger, so I'm lemming it. I'm wearing Dangerous in this Instagram photo. 

This is such a glamorous colour on the nails and it doesn't look even remotely as bland as in the bottle. It's densely packed champagne gold shimmer that is opaque with two coats. I'm not terribly happy with the fact that it can look uneven on some nails and it's hard to fix that, though it's not that noticeable due to the textured finish. Also the removal process is terribly tedious, but I survived it three times already and it's all worth it for the colour.

The colour of this is so beautiful. It's a proper fuchsia shade and it has this tiny violet-blue frost in it that isn't obvious, but it gives the nail colour a cool toned blue-ish hue. This is the most perfect one coater I found, so I really like the formula.

I completely forgot about this nail polish - shame on me! It's bloody gorgeous, I seriously adore the colour of this. It's the colour of pink flamingos in the Camargue at the south of France. I've seen them in person  and the ends of their feathers looks just like this colour. This is like a pinker Cute as a Button, so it's a mix of hot pink and coral, which ends up looking so pretty. My bottle is ancient hence the formula isn't at its best, but I remember being very fond of Barry M nail polishes.

I just love the scent of this and I keep opening the bottle to sniff it. It's so refreshing, like a nice glass of tropical fizzy soda. Everyone says it smells like Radenska Ace Tropic, but I wouldn't know for sure. It's just a basic shower gel, but the scent is divine,

a.k.a. Hautklar Fruit Energy Peeling-Gel
I used this occasionally as a morning cleanser sporadically all year because I discovered that it's drying my skin if I use it too often, but this month I have been using it daily at night and it has been working very well for me. It's very liberating to use such a non-fuss cleanser for a change. As much as I love cleansing balms and oils, they are a lot more time consuming than gels and mousses. This one is a cleansing gel with very gentle scrub particles that cleans well enough (it won't remove eye makeup) and smells really refreshing. My skin must have changed in these past months as I've noticed zero dryness after using this very regularly and I've really been enjoying using this.
I have heard though that this disappeared from our drugstores. I've seen a new version with a pump, but I haven't tried it yet. They have the scrub on Boots International.

a.k.a. Hoch Karäter Volumen + Glaz Soufflé
It must be at least ten years since I last used a hair wax and I used to only use it to tame frizz. It never occurred to me that such a product would be nice for defining curls and providing hold as well. This is actually called a soufflé and it does resemble it due to the very airy texture, but it is essentially a light hair wax. It defines the curls nicely and gives some extra hold, but it doesn't feel too greasy on my hair (I'm not sure I'd use this on thin hair, though). It proved itself to be just as effective in terms of hold as a hair spray. 

I also reached a thousand subscribers on my Instagram account a few days ago and I wanted to thank you here as well. I became really fond of Instagram, despite being reluctant to sign up less than a year ago, but I've really been enjoying funnelling my creativity there as well. Thank you to all that are subscribed to my account and I hope you'll like my future posts there.

Have a great day!

sobota, 27. junij 2015

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Liquid Metal 01 Champagne Rain

Champagne Rain is a champagne gold shade made out of tons of little shimmery bits. I have to say I'm enjoying this shade more than I expected to, as the final effect looks super glam and I always wanted a shade that would look gold, but not so much that it would look a bit orange against my skin tone. It's opaque with two coats because the shimmer is actually very densely packed. The brush is a nice one and fits my nails perfectly as it completely matches the curve at the base of my nails. The one thing I'm not so happy about is that it doesn't always end up even. You can see that on my index finger in the pictures and it happened again the second time and the third time I wore this nail polish. However, since it's a nail polish with a texture, it's not that noticeable from far away. This is the nail polish you deeply regret applying when it comes to removal as it takes forever, but luckily due to the shimmer being so firmly stuck on the nails, the staying power is for the most part exceptional (especially on strong my nails) and you can avoid removing it for quite a while. I have however experienced some cracking on one nail, but the nail polish didn't peel off. 

I bought in Müller and the regular price is 3.79 €.

On the left is Catrice Luxury Lacquer Million Brilliance in 01 It's Showtime, which is about to be discontinued, so grab yourself a bottle soon if you planned on getting it.

Have a great day!

sreda, 24. junij 2015

Favourite Concealers

Concealers are some of the first beauty products I started buying and exploring. In all this time I've come to a realization that the concealers market is very undernourished here in Slovenia and it almost feels like they are deliberately trying to keep the good stuff away from us. That's why four out of five concealers featured in this post are only available abroad or online, as I won't talk about concealers that I don't believe in, just for the sake of easier availability. Ones I liked that I bought here were Artdeco's Perfect Teint Illuminator, YSL Anti-Cernes Multi-Action Concealer (stick concealer with a lovely creamy formula, but very expensive) and Essence Stay all Day (decent for the price, but there are so much better ones abroad). I've heard good things about L'Oreal's True Match Touche Magique Concealer, but I haven't tried it yet.

MAYBELLINE Anti-Age The Eraser
Level of coverage: Medium 
I've been in love with this concealer since I first tried it and my adoration for it persist. If you want full coverage this is not for you, but if you're like me searching for the most natural looking base and concealer products, don't hesitate to try this. The combination of a very light formula and the sponge application makes this a concealer that is super-fast to apply with very little blending and one with such a natural "of course I'm not wearing makeup" effect. The coverage is enough for my reddish under eye area, especially if I'm already wearing a base underneath and it never looks cakey. My only wish is that this came in more shades, lighter ones of course, but I'm making due with a pink toned shade called Fair. If this exact formula came in a foundation, I'll be all over it, but though a foundation in this line exists, I hear it's not that good. 
Girls from Slovenia can get this concealer on Feel Unique (only shade Nude), Boots International, on eBay and abroad closest in Austria (possibly also in Italy and Hungary, but I'm not sure).

Level of coverage: Medium 
I'm a huge fan of the CC cream from this line and this concealer's formula is very, very similar, except the shade is way better for me than the lightest in the CC creams. Just like the Eraser this is not a concealer that will cover everything on your skin, but it's another one that looks incredibly natural. It's again a concealer I use mostly under my eyes and on my nose, since it's a bit darker that the rest on my face due to a strange mix of uneven freckles and covers enough without looking cakey and obvious. The formula is super light and the lightest shade is neutral, which I really appreciate. The only huge minus is the quantity in the pen. You get a meagre 1.5 ml, so I don't buy this at full price, since even at a discount, I feel majority ripped-off. 

Level of coverage: Full 
Where are the days when everyone swore on this concealer? Well, I'm still one of them, even if everyone got too used to it. This really packs a punch and it's one of the most full coverage concealers I've tried to date. It covers almost everything, except very red blemishes might need another layer or two and it gives the skin almost a doll like effect because it erases so much. It can look cakey on dry skin, so I tend to use it quite sparingly, especially under the eyes where I reduce the amount to a little dot of product and blend it in well. The lightest shade called Fair is a nice match for my summer skin, though I can use it in the winter if I'm not too bothered and I use very little of it. It's other super power is durability on the skin and it can last you almost all day. The applicator is a classic doe foot. 
I buy it on Boots International, but some sell in on eBay.

Level of coverage: Full 
Another concealer with a very impressive level of coverage and I've said in my review that this doesn't differ much from the Collection's version. The level of coverage is about the same, as is its staying power and the formula is also very similar. The Nars' version is a bit creamier, which comes handy particularly under the eyes, but I genuinely don't notice much of a difference. The reason why I love it though is the shade. I've never found a concealer that would be so light and one that would really match my winter skin. Together with Sheer Glow in Siberia these are a power combination for perfect skin and in a colour that actually matches me. Due to lightness, I even get a bit of an illuminating effect under my eyes, which considering how pale I at, is unheard off. 
Mine is from HqHair.

A concealer with a similar formula and level of coverage is Clarins' Instant Concealer, which is available in Slovenia and I have trialled it for about a month, but it breaks me out. Price is about the same as NARS.

Level of coverage: Light 
This technically isn't a proper concealer, as it's actually an illuminating highlighting concealer that is mostly used over another more covering product. I didn't get this product at all when I first got it, the formula and coverage is so light that it barely covers anything, but when I was taking pictures of it for my review where I compared using concealer alone and with an addition of this on top, there was a difference. On the pictures with this my skin looked fresher, lifted and the circles were more diminished. I didn't see the difference without seeing the pictures because it's so subtle, but it is there. The quantity is again super stingy since mine is already on its lasts legs and I only used this on special occasions. I swear these pen shaped products are such a rip-off when it comes to quantity.
Slovene girls can get it on Salma, Feel Unique and Boots International. 

An alternative available in Slovenia is Artdeco's Perfect Teint Illuminator, but that one has a higher level of coverage. Also most obvious alternative is YSL's Touche Eclat, but I never tried it.

ponedeljek, 22. junij 2015

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Rose

Besedilo v slovenščini je na koncu objave.

These lipsticks first attracted my attention when I was looking for the description of makeup products used on Emma Stone for the Golden Globes this year. The lipsticks weren't sold then yet, but I kept the name of these in the back of my mind (her shade was called Iris). Ultra HD is a line of lipsticks without wax and with intense pigments, which means that they are incredibly light, soft and moisturising. Being wax-free could present itself as a problem if you tend to forget your lipsticks in a hot car, also I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be with a darker, brighter shade as things could get smudgy, however, in case of a light shade such as Rose that creaminess is a very good thing. Oh, and did I mention these are all named after flowers which is so cute. My favourite flower is gladiolus, so I might get that shade one day just for the sake of the name.

Colour: Rose is a light, neutral-warm pink that gives enough colour to my pale lips, but it's very everyday appropriate and I'm sure it will also appeal to the most lipstick shy people. The pigmentation is nice, especially considering we are dealing with such a moisturising and soft lipstick. I've tried a few shades in the shop and they have great pigmentation, so these are far from glorified tinted lip balms. These are like Lip Butters 2.0 with added pigment and minus wax.

Texture and finish: If you thought lip butters were soft, you'll be surprised by these. They are softer than room temperature butter and that makes them super comfortable on the lips. It's almost like Catrice's Lip Smoothers, but not as cushiony and lighter. They are soft and hydrating, which makes is a nice choice to wear instead of a lip balm, but due to the lightness, the lightest shade can emphasize dry patches, well, at least when looking up close. The lightness of these reminds me of YSL Rouge Volupte, but this is a better formula compared to those. The finish is between glossy and creamy.

Staying power: As I said it's a very soft, moisturizing lipstick, so staying power isn't all that impressive, but to be fair I've never encountered a lipstick that would merge excellent moisturising properties with brilliant staying power, as the latter is a domain of matte formulas. It manages to stay on a few hours, but the creamy shine goes away quickly. Regardless of that it never feels drying on the lips.

Scent: It smells so good. Every Slovene reader will know what it smells of - it's our good old Planica ice cream, which is just a mix of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours. It is spot on and even the taste is sweet, so it's definitely a lippie for those with a sweet tooth.

Packaging: a simple square plastic tube, with a clear lid, which helps quickly to determine which shade you're picking. Due to the very soft texture, you have to open the lid very carefully until you've used up some lipstick because if you're not careful, it will smudge everywhere.

Price and availability: Mine is from Click2Chic for 10.89 €, but they are available in drugstores already.

These are essentially a more pigmented upgrade to the universally loved lip butters. It combines the features of the lip balm and a pigmented lip colour, but I'm really interested in how the darker shades perform, nonetheless I really like the performance of this shade. This will definitely appeal to all of those who suffer from perpetually dry lips or want a lovely moisturising lipstick. 

Čeprav so te šminke nove na trgu, so meni poznane že kar dolgo. Namreč mojo pozornost so pritegnile, ko sem brala opis uporabljenih izdelkov pri ličenju Emme Stone za Golden Globes 2015. Takrat šminke še niso bile v prodaji, tudi v ZDA ne, ampak sem si zapomnila ime odtenka Iris, da si ga moram enkrat pobližje pogledati. Na koncu sem pristala pri odtenku Rose, ki je eden izmed najsvetlejših odtenkov. Ultra HD so brez voska in vsebujejo intenzivne pigmente, kar pomeni, da gre za zelo mehke in vlažilne šminke, ki pa so zelo pigmentirane in ne le precenjeni obarvani balzami za ustnice. To da so tako mehke se sicer lahko izkaže tudi kot problem, sploh če imate navado pozabljati šminke v vročem avtu, pa tudi pri temnejših in bolj živih odtenkih obstaja nevarnost, da se bodo razmazale, ampak pri tako svetlem odtenku kot je Rose, je ta intenzivna kremnost dobra stvar. Šminke so poimenovane po rožah, kar mi je zelo prikupno. Moje najljubše rože so gladiole, tako da bom morda en dan vzela ta odtenek že zaradi imena.

Rose je svetla nevtralno-topla roza, ki mojim bledim ustnicam doda dovolj barve (je kakšen odtenek ali dva temnejša od moje naravne barve) in je odličen odtenek za vsak dan tudi za tiste, ki jih je strah nositi šminke in žive barve. Odtenek je praktično polno prekriven, kar je glede na teksturo presenetljivo, saj so take šminke ponavadi kar prosojne. Predstavljajte si jo kot Lip Butter 2.0 pri čemer so približno obdržali teksturo, dodali pa barvo in odstranili vosek.

Če se mislili, da so njihovi Lip Butterji mehki, vas bodo te šminke presenetile. Meni se zdi še mehkejše, saj nimajo tistega voskastega občutka in ravno zaradi te skoraj topljive formule so zelo prijetne za nošenje, še bolj kot večina balzamov za ustnice, ki so ponavadi kar voskasti. Ampak ta lahka formula, še posebej pri svetlih odtenkih lahko poudari kakšne luskice na ustnicah, pravzaprav me spominja na YSL-jeve Rouge Volupte, ampak so te boljše. Šminka na ustnicah izgleda kremno bleščeče. 

Ker je formula zelo mehka in je na ustnicah že skoraj kot kakšno zelo kremno bleščilo. Obstojnost ni ravno najboljša, v primeru mojega odtenka pa sploh ker je tako svetel, vseeno se ji uspe obdržati približno tri, mogoče celo štiri ure, ampak z precej zmanjšano intenziteto barve. Sicer pa šminke, ki bi bila zelo kremna in vlažilna, poleg tega pa še dolgo obstojna, na žalost še nisem našla.

Šminka ima kar močen, ampak res prekrasen vonj in sicer po našem dobrem starem sladoledu Planica. Vonj je praktično identičen in še šminka ima sladek okus, tako da je res tole formula za sladokusce.

Embalaža je preprosta kvadratna tuba s prosojnim pokrovčkom, kar pride zelo prav ko iščeš pravi odtenek. Ker je šminka tako kremna in mehka, moram biti zelo previdna kako jo odpiram, ker če se dotakne česarkoli se razmaže povsod.

Če ste ljubiteljice zelo kremnih in vlažilnih šmink, medtem ko vam obstojnost ni najpomembnejša stvar, so te zagotovo za vas. Iz mojih izkušenj s takimi šminkami, bi se bolj držala svetlejših odtenkov, ampak bi morala preizkusiti kakšen bolj živ odtenek, da bi lahko z zagotovostjo rekla, če se preveč razmazujejo ali ne. Tale odtenek je meni krasen.

Ultra HD šminke so na voljo na Click2Chic za 10,89 €. Ostale odtenke lahko najdete tukaj.

Have a great day!

*The lipstick was given to me.

četrtek, 18. junij 2015

Essence Longlasting Lipliner 05 Lovely Frappuccino

When this whole 90's trend exploded, I was way out of my depth. Everyone raved about Mac's Soar and Brave, while around these parts, where we can't get Mac, it was all about Essence's Cool Nude, Come Naturally and Satin Mauve. I tried the latter to give this very coveted look a try, disliked it with passion and gave up on the trend, dismissing it as not for me. But then Essence launched a new line of lip liners, which includes a shade called Lovely Frappuccino that again became a very popular colour and after a few months of checking it out, seeing reviews everywhere and mostly because my fellow blogger Sara told me to just get it already, I finally parted from those 1.59 € and gave it a go. It turned out to be one of my favourite purchases this year.

Based on the colour of packaging, I'd never picked it up as it's one of the fugliest colour I've seen, but don't be fooled, it doesn't look one bit like that on the lips. It's a natural deep pink/mauve-brownish shade - it is actually very difficult to describe how it looks on me. This shade looks much warmer on other people than on my lips, at least judging from reviews I've seen (I included a few at the end of the post for you). On me it's a bit cooler and more mauve instead of warm brown, so it's closer to what Plum Cake looks on most. If you're struggling with such shades and colours like Satin Mauve look so draining and grey on you, Frappuccino is just for you. I've said this a few times already, but Nadja compared it to Soar lip liner and finds them very similar. 
I've received mixed responses about this lip colour ranging from "I love it" to "it's too dark for you". I've had it for about a month and it really grew on me. Yes, it's a bit dark, but I think it's still fine. I'm very late to the party with such a lip colour, but I don't care, at least I found it.

The texture is the same as at Yummy Berry that I reviewed before. It's a soft creamy pencil that resembles a lipstick, but it's not as soft as their regular liners, also it's not as breakable as Catrice's version. 

Staying power is better than at Yummy Berry which I find surprising. It survived a glass of drink, but when it came to a full meal, it wiped off just from the middle of the lips, however, since it's such a natural looking shade, it wasn't that obvious.

I'm a bit in love with this colour, it just looks like it was made with people that have my skin tone in mind or at least it's such a shade where everything just falls into right place. I finally have a 90's inspired lip colour that actually looks like one on me. So what do you think? Is it a colour for me? 

I got it in Müller for 1.59€.
Reviews from other people: Danijela, NadjaPetraSara and Taya.

Have a great day!

sreda, 17. junij 2015

Yummy Rhubarb and Orange Shower Gel

I've raved about the scent in my New in post and I'll do it again. This smells so juicy and it's perfect for summer. Rhubarb & Orange smells tropically fruity sweet, but a tiny bit bitter, which makes is so fresh, like a nice fizzy glass of soda. If you're familiar with drinks you can get in Slovenia and possibly neighbouring countries, it smells like Radenska ACE Tropik and Bibita, but basically it's the scent similar to those multivitamin drinks.

The shower gel is quite liquid and has none of actually nourishing properties, rather it's just a regular soap, which for me it's enough, but the rest will need to use a moisturiser afterwards. The packaging is a big 500 ml plastic bottle that is luckily easy to squeeze, but even so, since the product is so liquid there are not problems in getting this out.

I'm not sure where Yummy is sold except on Click2Chic (Slovene site that also ships to Croatia), but it's made in Műnich, Germany. Two other summer and cocktails inspired scents exists - Cranberry & Lime and Elder & Mint. This shower gel costs 5.95 € for 500 ml
Ingredients here.

Po samem opisu si sploh nisem predstavljala kako ta tuš gel lepo diši, ampak meni je prav božanski in perfekten za poletje. Diši mi kot "tastara" Bibita z temno modro nalepko, ki jo prav prekleto pogrešam, medtem ko mi drugi pravijo, da diši kot Radenska ACE Tropik, ampak se mi zdi da te še nisem pila. Gre za zelo sladek tropski sadni vonj kateremu je dodana še grenka nota, ki ga naredi zelo osvežilnega, torej je kot kozarec gazirane multivitaminske pijače. Tuš gel je precej tekoč in nima kakšnih posebnih negovalnih sposobnosti, kar mene ne moti, drugi pa boste morali uporabit kakšno kremo za telo po tuširanju. Pakiran je v 500 ml plastični steklenici, ki se lahko stisne, ampak itak je že tuš gel tako tekoč, da verjetno tudi, ko ga bo zmanjkovalo, ga ne bo pretiran problem dobiti ven.

Znamko Yummy prodajajo na Click2Chic in tale tuš gel stane 5,95 €. Na voljo sta še dva poletna vonja: Bezeg in Meta ter Brusnica in Limeta. Ko bi vsaj imeli še na voljo kakšen sprej za telo v tem vonju, ker bi bil super za poletje.
Sestavine lahko najdete tukaj.

Click2Chic, 5,95 € (500 ml).

Have a great day!

*The shower gel was sent to me.