New in #45

RIMMEL Lasting Finish Colour Blush 
010 Santa Rose
Slovenes finally got Rimmel back after about 15 years or so and I have to say that the stands are a let-down (I particularly resent that they took away those couple very pale shades of foundations by Manhattan only to replace them with way too dark Rimmel's. Where's my 010 Light Porcelain?!). Regardless I found one product from my wishlist - this blush that I've been eager to try for years because so many people love it for being a simple, goes-with-everything colour. Actually, based on pictures online, I expected it to be more rosy-pink, so more like Catrice's Rose Royce or Nuts About you, but I was surprised to see it's a pale muted peach shade. The texture is very soft and though it's pigmented, the shade is quite light, so it gives a soft flush to the cheeks.

61 Velvet Rosewood
I've been keeping this on my wishlist for a long time. I've tested them once in Műller and immediately loved how matte they looked, then I saw a review from Sanja, who adores it and I trust her, so I knew I needed it, though another enabler was Petra, who kept posting all those gorgeous looks on Instagram. I was concerned a bit that it'll look too brown on me because it's darker than Nude-ist, but I've been wearing it pretty much every day since I got it or if I started with another colour I changed it to this one midday. It's a darker nude-rosy shade that does have some brown tones to it, but they're not overpowering on my complexion. The formula is to me similar to Sleek's, though it is thicker and the applicator is so much better. It dries to a lovely matte finish, but as far as staying power goes, it's good, though it doesn't survive eating that well. The only thing that bothers me at it is that it has a "Rimmel Apocalips scent", which is pretty weird, but otherwise it's pure love.
Müller, 14.49 €

ESSIE Nail Lacquer
Eternal Optimist
I saw this at Polona and I have to admit I had no idea this shade was on our stands, but if I knew, it'd be mine a long time ago. I wholeheartedly adore it! It was already in my monthly favourites because it's the shade I've been looking for a while. These type of muted powdery pink-kinda mauve shades tend to look very different on me than on others, but this one is perfect. The formula is fantastic as well, very smooth and easy to apply. 
DM, 9.99 €

ESSENCE The Gel Nail Polish
56 You and Me
I wanted this shade for a while and I expected/really wanted it to look like this - a dusty pink-mauve. . Well my skin tone betrayed me once again and it looks a lot more violet on me (it's on my nails in the Misslyn review). At least I don't have any pastel violets, so it's not a total miss. The formula is on the thick side, but nice and smooth.
Müller, 1.69 €

BALEA Reinigungs Öl
So many people have been raving about this oil and there are many good reviews about it, but still Balea decided to discontinue it and promised no replacement. I hurried to get my bottle before they disappear from the shelves (there are still some in my local DM). 
I can already feel the ugly stares, but I'm not blown away bit it. Those who love it please don't hurt me, but it's just soo thin and it doesn't really emulsify that well, so I have to use a ton of it and it's still not the same as L'Occitane's. It does the job ok, but there's some waterproof mascara left nd I just feel it can't get it off that well because it's so thin. Regardless it's still a very decent product and considering it's one of the rare budget cleansing oils available in Slovenia, it's a good buy. However, to fair, even if it wasn't discontinued, I'm not sure I'd repurchase it. There are so many people who love it, so if you still find it, don't even listen to me and get it if you want it.
DM, 2.79 €

PALMOLIVE Chocolate Passion Body Butter Wash
I made a little mental squeal when I first saw this, I mean just look at this chocolate covered packaging - how can a sweet tooth like me resist? When I smelled it in the shop, I loved it so much because it was such a rich, proper chocolate scent, but when I actually tried it in the shower, I was a bit disappointed as it's a lot more artificial and occasionally sour, but still ok. The formula is nicely creamy, though a but light, it's light brown-taupe tinted and it foams fine, but it's not at all nourishing. There is also a vanilla and strawberry dessert version in this line.
Mercator, 2.29 €

I bought another one of these, you might already recognise it, since I talk a lot about it on the blog. I really miss the tinted version because it's lighter, but they don't sell it anymore. It's a very decent SPF for the face, at least for the amount I'm prepared to pay for and it just works. I thought about maybe checking Lavazon's version instead, but I couldn't get to Müller at the time. I checked Eveline's version, which looked very promising, but it has mineral oil in it, which I'm fairly certain breaks me out and I didn't want to risk it.
DM, 2.99 €

SCHWARZKOPF Styliste Ultime Satin Frizz Control Anti-Frizz Lotion
Since I can't find Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum anywhere, I obviously started saving mine like crazy because it's one of my absolute favourite hair care products ever, so I wanted to find a replacement. I know that Dove has a anti frizz serum creme in another line, though the ingredients are different than in Quench, I was hoping it's similar, but we can't get it here, so I found this one from Schwarzkopf which looked similar enough. Unfortunately, it's not that similar. It' stickier for one, so it doesn't create such a fab smooth result on dry hair. On damp hair before blow drying it does tame the hair well and it's pretty sleek, however, it still feels dry and it doesn't give as much shine as Dove's, so it's not that good of a replacement. It does what it promises though, it just doesn't go that step further. 
Müller, 5.99 €

*MAYBELLINE The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara
I admit that I don't hold back when it comes to reviewing mascaras, but you won't hear me completely diss a product like I will this one. This is a classic example how deceiving appearance can be. It has a plastic wand with rather sparse bristles, which they describe as cup-shaped, so based on my experience I would say this would be a classic defining and lengthening mascara. Wrong! It's horrible. It's thick and heavy, it sticks the lashes together and just makes them look awful, pilled with a ton of product, so of course it also makes the lashes drop like crazy (my pet hate). I know I will sound presumptuous when I say that a great majority of mascaras look ok on my lashes, but this is the worst mascara I tried. I've had it for a couple of months now and I give it a try every week or so, to see if it's improved like most mascaras do, but it hasn't. It's still bad. Buy their Sensational mascara, or any really instead. Maybelline does great mascaras, Sensational WP is in my top three, but this is a fail.
A proper winner, am I right? 

*GARNIER Biophase Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil
I really, really wanted to try this because I read a great review about it, so I was overjoyed when I got it. So far I'm impressed and I like it more than their regular micellar water. I read in that review that despite being a type of a dual-phase remover, it's not greasy - it really isn't. In the ingredients there is a lot of argan oil (love that they don't brag about it on the bottle), but also a lot of silicones and the latter leave the skin super smooth and soft after use, which I love. In terms of effectiveness it removes makeup really well, though I had to struggle with my heavy coats of waterproof mascara and it's just not as effective as proper duo-phase waterproof remover, however, it's still a lot more effective than their regular micellar water. So far it hasn't broken me out (the silicone coat on the skin could be a problem), but we'll see in time and it's not at all drying. It has an absolutely gorgeous scent that reminds me of L'Occitane's Peony line, it's just a bit more citrusy. I have to say I'm impressed and I find it superior to other drugstore micellar waters. 

5.99 €

*BATISTE Dry Shampoo
I just got this send by Lič, but I already have the mini version that I reviewed a couple of months ago. The packaging is slightly different and instead of cherries there are lips on stems. I like Batiste, but you may know that my hair is actually very dry, so dry shampoos are to me like a fragrance/refresher/volumiser instead of a proper degreaser, since my hair is almost never greasy. This is so far my favourite scent of Batiste (I've tried Tropical and Wild) and though I expected it to smell like cherry sweets, it's actually a proper floral scent - very fresh and feminine. It is one of those shampoos that feels most powdery, hence why I assume it's probably the best choice for sorting out oily hair. It's not too white on my dark hair and whatever is there, I simply brush it out. 
S kodo BATISTE15 dobiš na vse izdelke Batiste, ki še niso znižani 15% popusta do konca Avgusta 2016.
Lič, 4.90€

*MILANI Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer
01 Creamy Vanilla
I heard this has an overwhelming positive feedback on social media and blogs, however, when I checked reviews on Makeup Alley, the overall rating is average. I was sent this and there were strong concerns the shade will be wrong for me. Well, it really could not be more wrong. And yet, this is one of the best looking foundation on the skin, I've ever found. It's very thick, so you need to work fast, but it's medium-high coverage and it looks so good on the skin. I actually got compliments despite the wrong colour (which is very wrong for me). It's high coverage, yet it doesn't look like a mask, it doesn't sink or emphasise pores, it doesn't even emphasise my two annoying smile lines by my lips, which aren't visible without foundation, but almost every foundation so far makes them visible from space. It wear soo well, seriously, at the end of the day there is zero patchiness, clumpiness or anything, so it's far superior in that respect to Revlon's Colorstay or even Nars Sheer Glow. I feel sad that there isn't a match in this line as even the lightest shade is dark and very, very yellow/orange (not even mixing really works). Such a shame. If you have a medium skin tone and have normal-combination-oily skin, this one is worth a try.
Milani make more very fair shades soon! 
Click2Chic, 12.49 €

*MOOYA Bio Organic Treatment Mask + Serum
Sheet masks are all the rage and I got a chance to try some new ones that I've never heard about before, but I checked the ingredient and they looked really good. When I got them, the seriously made me laugh so hard because they take sheet masks to another level and you end up like a mummy. It's a mask that also has a part that goes on you neck and it can tuck it behind the ear. It's very saturated with product and it has a gentle clean scent, but when it's on the face it's not noticeable at all. It's a nice, comfortable mask to wear one the face, similar to Missha's, the only thing that I might complain is the size of holes for eyes, but it's not that terrible and you can just cut them. Included is also a serum that they advise you use at most 10 minutes after the treatment with a sheet mask, but there is a lot of serum, so you can use it on later days as well. The serum is a thicker gel and it is a bit sticky on the skin. Serums are the same in both masks.

Antioxidant Green Tea
I tried this one first. It's meant for every skin type, but especially for mature, oily and combination skin. It has antioxidant properties, is antibacterial, protects against dryness, helps with acne and irritation, reduces wrinkled and keeps oiliness in check. Ingredients confirm most of these (maybe just not reduces wrinkles, maybe just prevents them as it contains hyaluronic acid), it's definitely good for acne prone skin due to high content of witch hazel.  
Exfoliator Aha Fruit Acids
I really wanted to try thing one because good AHA treatments are rare. It's the same thing as in the Antioxidant packet, it even feels the same on the skin, there's no stinging or tingling, but my skin isn't sensitive at all, so that's why I didn't feel anything, but it could also mean it's a good AHA for sensitive skin as well. My skin looked brighter after use and considerably softer.
Click2Chic, 6.50 €

This is already a more classic sheet mask, but it's a lot thinner than others I've tried, so much in fact, it's actually almost completely see-though on the face. The fabric is actually made out of banana fibres and this mask is meant for skin with blackheads and eczema, plus it's also an anti-inflammatory. I feel that after using this one, my current chin breakout reduced in size as well as started fading faster, but it happened a few days later and as far as immediate result go, I only noticed that my skin felt more moisturised. 
Click2Chic, 3.99 €

*YUMMY Blueberry & Vanilla Shower Gel
Another new Yummy. This one smells like sweet, basically like you'd mix Kiki sweets with vanilla pudding. If you're a sweet tooth, you'll love this. The formula is creamy and foams well, but it's not nourishing.
Click2Chic, 4.95 €

*CABANA SUN Monoi Tahiti Oil Spray SPF 15
Well, Slovene's have Afrodita's Marmelada and others have similar products as well, like this one, except this one at least contains some sun protection. It contains tyrosine, which supposedly helps you tan faster. Now, you know I'm a shade girl and I don't' tan, so I won't be giving this a go (SPF 30 + or more), but I can tell you at least what it's like. It's an oil that is slightly tinted red and this actually gives my skin the tiniest hint of colour. It's an oil that doesn't sink in fast, so you're quite greasy, but if you're lying on the beach, maybe that's not such an issue to some. It of course give that glow /sheen to the skin. The scent is interesting as it's a summer scent, but not like other sunscreen I've tried. It's less sweet, less coconut, but undeniably tropical.
Click2Chic, 8.99 €

*VISETT Nail+ Diamond Repair
This is a nail hardener that's apparently popular in the C2C office, so I got send one as well. I often say, my nails are very hard, they never break, so unfortunately I won't be able to test it, but I'll give to someone else to try and report back to me. I used it once as a base and it's a simple clear nail polish. I hear it's good, so if you have weak nails, it's one to consider looking into.
Click2Chic, 9.89 €

*BEAUTY & CHIC Clean Brush Cleanser
The only brush cleaner I had before was from Essence, which was ok, but not the most impressive thing. However, this one is already a lot better. It actually cleans the brushes well, something I didn't expect, I mean the white ones are still a bit darker than if you properly washed them, but they're in a pretty good condition. It even tackles foundation brushes really well. It dries much faster than Essences as well, a few minutes maybe and you can use it again. It has a strong scent of chamomile, I naturally love it and I love my brushes smelling nice, but those sensitive to fragrance, don't say didn't warn you about it. It think it's pretty damn good and I can already see it supporting my laziness, since I know I'll properly wash my brushes even less now. And the bottle is 100 ml instead of Essence's 50 ml.
Click2Chic, 3.99 €

*MISSLYN Summer Pop Art LE
I already reviewed this eye-catching collection here and it's already available in Müller, so hurry if you want a piece or two. I got all the Pop it Up Gel Eyeliner & Eyeshadows (01 (Black), 15 (blue) and 22 (green)), which are fantastic quality, the Barbie pink blush 08 You Make me Blush, a very pigmented Pop it Up Bronzing & Contouring Powder in Hi From Hawaii (should be nice for medium skin tones) and Pop it Up lipstick in Pow! Wow!, which is an orange red. Everything is swatched in the review.
4.99 - 5.99€ in Müller.

ESSENCE Blogger's Beauty Secrets LE
I dawdled whether I should even include these because they aren't meant for review and the post is long enough as it is, but sod it. Ever wondered how testers arrive to shops? Well here there are - rather plain, right? I was gifted this because they had one to many, so I basically got almost the whole collection. I can't say I paid much attention to it before, but it's a collection made in collaboration with four bloggers and each got to design her own palette plus a nail polish. I haven't tried these much yet, I swatched everything and wore one look with it, but it's typical Essence quality - some things are good and some not that much. I don't know if I feel like doing a proper review about these, but they will be a part of the permanent selection soon.

the glow must go on bronzing and highlighting palette by Serena 
The bronzer is quite shimmery/glowy and quite pigmented, but a bit too dark-odd tone for me. The eyeshadows are quite pigmented, that highlighter is a bit too white and with a gold tone. 
shape & shadows eye contouring palette by Mary
Nice selection of colours for bothe eyes and eyebrows, but the pigmentation is not that good.
A combination of two blushes, which are a bit powdery, but nicely pigmented, three eyeshadows with not the best pigmentation and a clear gloss, which I wonder why it's even here.
vintage rose eye palette by Palmira
A very mixed quality of eyeshadows, white is chalky, the violets are more on the sheer side, but bottom row is considerably better and that highlighter has a "Mac vanilla" like almost duo chrome pink-gold tone. I haven't tried the gel eyeliner.

touch up to go! one-for-all palette by Diana zur Löwen

CATRICE LE Sound of Silence
Pen Stroke Eyeshadow C01 Calm Down' n' MAUVE On & Lipstick C01 Golden Spirit
Again a collection I didn't pay attention to, but Petra adores the bronze highlighter drops in this collection. She did a review of a different shade of the cream eyeshadow and of the same lipstick, so go check it out if you're interested. The eyeshadow is lovely, better than their Stylos because it's not shimmery, but it's again nicely creamy, blends and lasts well. The shade though is a lipstick shade and not that good for the eyelids. The lipstick is just whatever - sheer with gold shimmer. Why even bother.

YANKEE CANDLE Garden Sweet Pea
I got this as a gift, but it actually is one of the rare scents I really like from Yankee and I did plan to try it at least once. The scent is surprisingly sweet and fruity, cute and girly.
Müller, 2 €

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 50 I Feel Good

So I saw this shade on the list of things that are going to be discontinued (I hope it's correct) and I've been keeping this review since December, so it's high time I post it. I'm not a fan of green on the nails, it's the most random colour to wear to me (also yellow and brown), but I picked this one up because I wanted to do some nail art (that Christmas tree design if you remember it from my Holiday Inspired Beauty post). Of course it went very wrong with this type of formula as it peeled off completely together with the sticky tape, so that was a complete waste. I'v actually only worn this shade once and even that on one hand, while on the other I had a different glitter nail polish also for reviewing purposes (things were kind of crazy back then when it came to blogging and you can see here I' actually wearing two nail polishes).

50 i feel so good is a forest green shade, so a cool dark green shade. It's a very autumnal/winter colour, so this is probably one of the worst times to post about it, but since it might be gone soon, you should hurry if you want a nice forest green for colder months.

I have a few of these Gel Nail Polishes by Essence and they quality varies a lot. 13 Forgive me is lovely, but a newer shade 63 itsy bitsy blue bikini is just awful, while 37 Serendipity is kind of in the middle. This one is closest to Forgive Me, so super pigmented (one coater), nicely smooth, it evens itself out on the nails and there are not visible brush strokes. It also has a great shine even without a top coat. The brush is wide, but luckily not too wide for my narrow nails.

I got mine in Müller for 1.69 €.

Have a great day!

Misslyn Summer Pop Art LE

I have to say, this one of the most eye-catching collections I've seen in a while. The packaging was inspired by Pop Art and it also definitely has that Benefit/TheBalm vibe to it. I just got the collection sent with no additional information, but I hear it's already on the stands (I go to drugstore twice a month, so I'm not really up to date with things, but I send someone awesome to check for me). There are more products than just what I got - there are two shades of bronzer (Barbados Babe is lighter than Hawaii), two shades of blush (another is Let Me Be your Peach) and three shades of lipsticks (alongside Pow Wow are a medium cool pink Pop Artist and red Red my Lips). You can see the whole collection here

Pop it Up Gel Eyeliner & Eyeshadow
01 Black Outlines, 15 Blue Eyes Wide Open and 22 Look up to you
5.99 €

As the name says these are gel eyeliners and eyeshadows in one, and though they work as both, you need to work fast if you want to wear these as eyeshadows because they set quickly. I got all three shades in the collection: 01 Black Outlines (black), 15 Blue Eyes Wide Open (blue) and 22 Look up to you (green). All are well pigmented, very smooth, apply very nicely with no spaces and they are not too creamy that they would sheer out on the lids. It's just a pleasure to apply them, except then you have to deal with dirty brushes after -  that's the only downside to gel eyeliners for me. Staying power is impressive as well and on my normal lids they last pretty much all day with no problems including (my tiny) wings. As eyeshadows they can look a bit patchy because the texture is of course thicker than most cream eyeshadows (it's more a gel eyeliner formula than eyeshadow), so I would rather use them as eyeshadow bases. I applied them as eyeshadows just once for the purposes of pictures and they were so hard to remove that I had to use an oily cleanser and it still wasn't properly clean. As regular eyeliners I wear them quite a lot, especially black and sometimes black + blue together (so I have definition from the black and a pop of colour from the blue. In fact I'm just wearing this combo today). All have a sticky plastic cover on them, which is reusable, so it should help a lot to keep them fresh longer.

01 Black Outlines

01 Black Outlines is a classic black with the usual gel matte finish. It reminds me of Mac's Fluidline that I had a few years back. It's smooth, it applies nicely and it's all round a lovely gel formula.

15 Blue Eyes Wide Open

15 Blue Eyes Wide Open is a cobalt-royal blue, again with a matte finish. I love this one because I just feel it suits my eyes and as I said before I combine it with black for more definition. All three give me an Ancient Egypt vibe, but this one especially fits the bill. It's more patchy on the eyes when worn as eyeshadow because it's thicker than the green one, so it needs a lot of quick blending, but I would suggest applying a powder eyeshadow over it to even it out. It's very opaque as an eyeshadow due to being so thick.

22 Look Up to you

22 Look up to You is a lighter emerald green and it's the thinnest out of the three that's why it works best as an eyeshadow, but again you need to work fast. Since it's a lighter shade than black and blue, it feels like it's not as intense, but it has the same pigmentation. Since it's smoothest out of the three, flick might get a bit out of control when drawing them. 

Pop it Up Powder Blush
08 You Make me Blush
4.99 €

There are two blushes in this collection and I got 08 You Make me Blush, which is a bright, medium Barbie pink in the pan. I have nothing like it in my collection, but it actually doesn't look as intense bubble gum pink on the cheeks than you might expect and it's a more subdued shade of pink. It's a bit powdery, especially compared to the smooth feeling bronzer and pigmentation is not as good either, but it's not hard building it up and it still looks good on the cheeks. Staying power is decent, after about four hours it's still on my cheeks, but I do apply a bit more layers than I would normally to get the colour going, so I'm sure that helps a lot. The packaging is just so totally my jam - pink polka dots. You can just imagine my excitement when I opened the parcel because this is just the cutest box ever. I just might get the peach one as well to display them on my vanity. 

Pop it Up Bronzing & Contouring Powder
61 Hi From Hawaii
4.99 €

Now that is some seriously pigmented bronzer. It's smoother and more buttery that the blush, so the brush picks up a lot of colour even if you just touch it. I have to be super careful with this, wiping most on the back of my hand and slowly building up the colour. It's a yellow toned bronzer, so quite warm, but it's not orange. For my skin tone it could be a touch cooler or redder, but it does create a fairy believable tan if I use it lightly, however, it can quickly turn muddy. I've applied a lot on the picture below, just so you can see how it looks, but of course I don't wear it like that and there is a picture at the end with a smaller amount. I've tried it as a contour and I can pull it off, again applied very, very lightly otherwise it's just brown on me, so it's not as good a shade as more taupe shades. I think this would suit medium warm skin tones, but they have one other bronzer which is lighter and i' would probably be a better fit for me, hence you'd see better looks. It lasts ok on the skin, for me it's hard to tell when it's gone because bronzers are like face powders. The packaging is again adorable and I actually prefer this one to the lighter Barbados bronzer box. 

Pop it Up Lipstick 
20 Pow! Wow!
5.99 €

 There are three shades in the collection and I got probably the most summery one, since Pow! Wow! is definitely something for those who love orange-red lip colours in the style of Lady Danger. It's a thick lipstick, but with a shiny finish, which means it's a lipstick you feel on the lips, but despite being glossy, it manages to cling on a lot longer than most such formulas. The shade is an orange-red that is more orange than Lady Danger by Mac, which on me is already completely orange, but on medium skin tones, it'll probably look more red. The lipstick has a scent of vanilla pudding, so very nice and delectable. The packaging is cardboard with an orange popsicles design.

Pop it up Gel Eyeliner & Eyeshadow in 01 Black Outlines on the eyes, Pop it Up blush in You Make Me Blush on the cheeks.

A couple more full face looks:
Pop it up Gel Eyeliner & Eyeshadow in 15 Blue Eyes Wide Open on the eyes, Pop it Up blush in You Make Me Blush on the cheeks and Pop it up lipstick in 20 Pow! Wow!

Pop it up Gel Eyeliner & Eyeshadow in 20 Look up to you, Pop it Up Bronzing & Contouring powder in 61 Hi from Hawaii and Pop it up lipstick in 20 Pow! Wow!

My top choices are gel eyeliners, especially the black and blue one as they are truly top notch quality. The blush could be a bit smoother and more pigmented, but it's still fine and the packaging is gorgeous. Bronzer is nice quality, smooth and very pigmented, also not orange, but more suited for warm medium skin tones than my pale neutral one. I should check the lighter one next time I'm in Müller. The lipstick looks cute and the formula lasts well for a glossier one, but again I think it's a shade for more medium skin tones and you know I like my lipsticks matte (also it's a bit thick feeling for my taste, but I'm sure most won't be bothered). This was actually my very first time trying Misslyn and I'm pretty impressed, also the fact the collection looks so nice is a big plus for me because I'm super shallow. 

Misslyn is available in Müllers.

*PR products.