TheBalm What's Your Type? Mascara "the body builder"

I honestly had no idea theBalm even had mascaras. I've never heard anyone talking about them, but it's kind of obvious that they would have them. There are two versions of "What's your type?" mascaras and I got the volumising one called "the body builder". I don't have the box, but I think there is an actually body builder on it. You may know by now that regular formula mascaras aren't my favourite and to be fair neither is this one, but not everyone has the same preferences as me, so this review is for all those who are interested in such mascaras.

This is such an old school mascara with a basic brush and it doesn't have any special design. I don't think that definition was considered when designing the brush and it is indeed not the best at that, the primary focus is on the volume. I use an old mascara wand to comb the lashes after application, but that's because I'm a fan of a more defined look. The formula is very wet and thick, which means it can clump the lashes together and get messy. I prefer formulas to be almost dry because they perform best on my lashes like that, so I let the mascaras sit for a while before I commit to use them. This one does give a lot of volume and it's a very black formula, so if you're a fan of wet formulas that give you a lot of volume, this one might be worth checking out.

My lashes of course drop like a rock with this mascara, so I had a lot of problems actually taking a picture of it, as my lashes were so low, it looks like I have only half of my lashes, but if you don't have such problems like me, this obviously won't be an issue for you. 

This just wasn't made for me. I have very high standards when it comes to mascaras and holding a curl is at the top of my list, so a regular formula mascara has yet to truly win me over and this one clearly didn't. It's not a bad mascara, but also not mind-blowingly amazing. It's predominantly a volusiming mascara with a thick, wet formula which fails at definition and the latter is one of my top preferences when looking for mascara. I love TheBalm, they have amazing products and it's quickly become of one my favourite brands, but this mascara did not wow me.

Have a great day!

Golden Rose Eyeshadow Crayon 14

During my first ever visit of the Golden Rose counter/stall, I picked up one of their crayon eyeshadows, even though I haven't heard anything about these, but since I found Kiko's Eyeshadow Sticks, I'm a bit obsessed with these types of products because they are the perfect base for powder eyeshadows. They have quite a nice selection of shades, a lot of very familiar colours to me (the classic bronze ones like Golden Bronze by Kiko, some taupes and also some bold shades like blue and green), so I tried to find a nice neutral that's different from what I already have and I chose a shade called 14. 

Texture: The texture is similar to Kiko's and Maybelline's Tattoos. It has that same soft, but silicone-y texture that glides on the lids with ease and is very easy to blend. The pigmentation isn't quite as strong as at those two, but it can very simply be layered up. The format of the pencil that requires to be sharpened proved itself to be an inconvenience of a sort, since the texture is soft and you tend to  use up the product quickly, it therefore needs to be sharpened a lot. Another problem I encountered is that it breaks a lot. 

Colour: The "very memorably named" 14 is a warm bronze-hazelnut shade with a metallic finish. It's a very wearable and simple shade that is a classic crowd pleaser.

Staying power: It's not as good as Kiko's or Maybelline's. I noticed quite a lot of creasing when worn on its own, so I use it more as a base for eyeshadows. With a powder eyeshadow on top, it performs brilliantly, just as all the rest such products.

Packaging: A jumbo pencil that needs to be sharpened. I use Essence's sharpener.

Price and availability: These are very affordable at 3.30 € per pencil.

I always like to write a review months after I got the product because I want to see if it survives the test of time. I found myself not picking it up often as of as Kiko's for two simple reasons - it needs to be sharpened and it breaks. While the quality is very nice, though maybe not the best as an eyeshadow on its own due to creasing, but as a base, it's always the little things that matter. Its a nice product and you'll enjoy using it if you get a shade or two, but I wish it came in a twist-up form instead of a pencil.

Have a great day!

New In #39

SOAP & GLORY Greatest Scrub Of All
Boots finally started shipping Soap & Glory to Slovenia and I didn't hesitate to order a few bits. I haven't had a proper manual face scrub in at least five years if not more and this one has such a high rating on Makeup Alley that I had to include it in my order. It smells like laundry detergent - strange for Soap & Glory to have such a bland scent, but I don't mind. It's a mix of large and very small dense beads that polish the skin rather well, but I wouldn't say my skin is completely smooth. Well, the cheeks definitely are super smooth after use, but it still have some problem areas around the nose, on the chin and in the corner of my eyes (I'm sure you can see that in my mascara pictures). Still, with more frequent use I'm hoping I'll finally get smooth skin again. I'll do a proper review about this in time, but so far I like it more than any manual scrub I've used.   
Boots International, £9.00

SOAP & GLORY Mist You Madly Body Spray 
250 ml
This also has a high rating on Makeup Alley and though I never smelled it in person, I took a risk and ordered it, besides they had a 3 for 2 so it was free. Kind of. I really like the scent. It smells so nice, classy, vintage-y, floral-clean (citrusy) and it has a high-end fragrance vibe. Staying power on the skin is weak, so I prefer to spray this on clothes and hair to make it last longer. The packaging is great because it sprays a very fine mist.
Notes: Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Magnolia, Freesia, Vanilla and Musk.
Boots International, £6.50

SOAP & GLORY Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub 
300 ml
I love Soap & Glory scrubs, they are seriously so good and Flake Away is my all-time favourite, but I got this one because I wanted to try more of them and I read this one is supposedly the harshest. I'm not loving the scent of this. Is smells like maple syrup, in fact very close to the real deal, but as a European I don't find maple syrup all that amazing and the only thing that is acceptable on pancakes is a mix of Nesquick chocolate syrup and coconut cream. For those who haven't tried maple syrup yet, the scent it closest to toffee candy or if you ever tried those McGriddles they used to have in McDonalds. It's not as harsh as Flake Away, but it's still very, very good and it's so creamy/balmy. This one actually washes off completely and doesn't leave an oily filter behind like Flake Away. I love that the pot is so huge and hopefully I won't save this one till eternity because I really need to use scrubs more.
Boots International, £8.00

SOAP & GLORY Mini Scrub Em And Leave Em Body Buff 
Breakfast scrub wasn't my favourite in terms of scent, but this one is amazing. The scent is the same as at Mist you Madly spray, so a great one. The scrubby bits again aren't as harsh as at Flake Away, but the formula is so soft and creamy. I should get this one in full size.
Boots International, £2.50

SOAP & GLORY Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel
50 ml
Love this! I only had those pharmacy smelling antibacterial gels, but this one smells gorgeous like fruity sweets. I think it smells like 505 s crtom hard candy or it could be some other candy from my childhood. It dries very fast and leaves none of that film or stickiness behind, also it says it's contains some moisturising ingredient, but I don't have dry hands often, so I don't notice a difference.
Boots International, £2.50

BALEA Golden Glamour Verwöhnpeeling
Golden Glamour is the vanilla-patchouli sister of Red Love "spa" line in DM. At the beginning of the year I realized that I really need to stock up on more scrubs so I'll essentially force myself to use them more often and I grabbed this one because it was cheapest, plus I had high hopes that it's rough since it's a sugar scrub. It has such a strange texture that's difficult to describe. It's like a hard jelly with sugar. Closest I can compare it to is those Lush weird jelly shower products that are slippery as hell, but this is easier to grab, though some bits might still fall out of your hands. The sugar particles are quite densely packed, but it's not abrasive. It's a stronger scrub than Garnier's Ultimate Beauty Oil Beauty Scrub, but a lot weaker than my favourite Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub. I think people with sensitive skin will find it harsh, but most others will love it, while I'd like it a bit harsher. It foams in contact with water and nourishes the skin a touch, though it doesn't leave an oily filter like Soap & Glory's. The scent is a synthetic vanilla that's in car fragrances and home sprays - it's fine, but Red Love is much better (my friend says it smells like cookies, though). I like it, it's not bad and I would repurchase if I needed something quick and inexpensive, but Soap & Glory's are much better. 

DM, 3.49 €

DOVE Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum
In German : Locken Haarpflege Supreme Creme Serum
I already talked a lot about this in my monthly favourites, so I won't repeat myself much. I grabbed this purely because it was 50 % off, but it turned out to be probably the best drugstore hair product I've ever tried. It's a simple creamy serum (with silicones) that you can use on dry and wet hair - it works very well in both ways. I love this on dry hair because it makes the hair so polished, shiny and eliminates frizz. I'm really very happy with this product. 
Müller, I paid 3.99 €, but I think regular price was around 7 €. I can't remember because it was over a month ago and I haven't been in Müller since.

ESSENCE Studio Nails All in One Complete Care
I'm a simple girl. I see all-in-one on the label of a nail polish and that's all I need to hear. Actually I've been base coat-less for a few months now and I decided it might be time to buy a new one. I didn't check any reviews, it's not a product I would care much about, so I grabbed the cheapest and most multi-tasting one I could find. It promises to act as a ridge-filler (don't have those), base coat, high shine top coat and a colour refresher (that last one is a bit weird. They were probably getting so desperate at how to oversell me a clear nail polish). I don't like this. It's thick and takes forever to dry, especially if you use it as a top coat and it actually doesn't dry completely even after eight hours. I should have paid a euro more for that gel one in the white packaging, now I'm stuck with this one. This is a big miss for me. 
Müller, 1.99 €

CARRÉ HOMME Baume Aprés-rasage
I though I'll let this pass me by, but I heard one too many good thing about Nivea's Aftershave Balm as a primer to ignore it. I'm not the biggest fan of how Nikkie (Nikkie Tutorials) applies her makeup. She's talented all right, but it's all just a little bit too much for me and no one will ever convince me that that much foundation (and highlighter) looks nice in person, and life is not all Instagram and bright studio lights. I've known about the whole glycerine thing for a long time. It's in Mac's Fix+ and a million other products (hand creams have a high content usually), so it not a newly discovered miracle by a long shot, but maybe in this balm form it works. To be fair, I think it has a lot to do with all the silicones in it too. I checked all the shops for Nivea's balm and I could not find it under 7 €, which is frankly way too much for something I may not even like (I swear it was half the price 10 years ago), so me being me, I went to Leclerc and got a 1.5 € alternative. I checked the ingredients side by side and the both have almost the same ones, just a bit mixed up, but glycerine is on the second place as is Cyclopentasiloxane too, so not all that different. I've been using it for over a month, testing with all foundations I have and I can say that yes, with some foundations it works brilliantly. Especially foundations that I don't get along with such as Rimmel's Lasting Finish Nude and Manhattan's Easy Match (by the way, it's being discontinued) which with this balm look pretty much perfect. It definitely helps the foundation to wear off much nicer. So yes, I do like it and it cheap as chips, but I suspect it may be breaking me out a bit as my skin hasn't been completely clear once in this month and that never happens to me. It also smells like a bus driver that's trying too much, so not my favourite scent to be fair. By the way, it's like a light lotion-gel texture and I rub it in until it's slightly sticky, so the foundations sticks on better. 
E.Leclerc, 1.50 € (I'm sure DM and Müller have their own "dupes" of Nivea's balm too) 

eBay Metallic Brushes
My full set of metallic brushes finally arrived after over a month. I have the contour and blush ones from before and I use them daily, the contour one for foundation because it's dense and blends so well, and the blush one for, well, blush as well as highlighter. The whole set contains seven brushes:

Triangle foundation brush - my least favourite. It's a bit stiff and plastic-feeling, also I don't get the shape, it really isn't the best, but it did apply the foundation well. This one smells very chemical, while the rest don't.
Big fluffy powder blush - such a soft brush that is great for applying a thin veil of powder on the skin. Great brush.
Blush brush - I have two of these. It's a more precise blush brush and very soft, so it performs better with more pigmented blushes, while with others I need to layer the colour, but I've been using it all the time since I bought it back in December.
Contour brush - Also have two of these. I original used this for contouring at which it performs so well, but since I don't contour daily, I started using it as a foundation brush and it's perfect. I love that it's flat, but dense because I can blend around the eyes and nose a lot easier than with other brushes. Great brush.
Eyeshadow blending brush - quite big, but great at blending harsh edges. It's among denser such brushes and also nice for blending concealer.
Dome Crease brush - too big for the crease, but I like it for applying colour on the lid. I thought since it's synthetic it won't pick up colour well, but it works so great with Chocolate Bar palette and blends well too.
Liner brush - pretty standard, but perhaps a bit too thick for a gel eyeliner. I use it for applying colour under the lower lashes and darkening the upper lash line.
eBay, €9.32

 *MILANI Amore Matte Lip Creme 
I just got this yesterday, so I haven't had much time to play with. These were on my wishlist for quite some time, so when I heard I'll get one to test, I was so excited. These don't come in the shades that were originally launched, that was actually a limited edition, but the permanent ones, which also underwent a formula update, come in a very similar selection of shades. I loved this the moment I opened the package and even more when I applied it. I selected the colour, so it's totally a "me" shade - a magenta red shade that I wholeheartedly adore. The formula is reminiscent of my old, sadly already discontinued favourites, Essence Stay Matte Lip Creams, but so much better. It smells the same (vanilla-fruity), applies the same and it's opaque with one coat, but it dries much faster to a perfect matte finish. 
Click2Chic, 9.96 €

*MILANI Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner
01 Blackest Black
I was hoping I'll get a chance to try this one day. I love liquid eyeliners and it will be a great help in making future "job posts". The shape of the nib is very similar to L'Oreal's Perfect Slim. It's a long, felt tip, but precise and well saturated with product. I got it yesterday, so I need some time to properly test it out, but I'm wearing it today and it is indeed very similar to L'Oreal's one, which is still one of my favourites.
Click2Chic, 7.23 €

*BALMI Super Cube Lip Balm
Balmi's were also on my wishlist for a while and purely because they look so cute. I got the coconut version, though they sell so many others including a mint green one and rose gold with a berry scent. It smells exactly like Yves Rocher Malayan Coconut Eau de toilette so pretty good. It's not a super sugary version of coconut scent, but fresher, less candy like. It's a creamy type of lip balm, so luckily not waxy (don't like those) and it nourished my lips well, but I need to get used to the application as I've never used such unique forms of lip balm before.
Click2Chic, 6.49 €

*ESSENCE Wake Up, Spring TE March-April 2016
I got a few bits from Essence's spring collection to swatch for Click2Chic. You can see the preview of the whole collection on Polona's blog here.
Eyeliner pen 01 happy first day of spring - a white felt tip eyeliner. It needs to be layered because it's on the sheer side, but lasts very well. It can transfer, so I would set it with an eyeshadow. //2.19 €
Blush 01 hello sunshine! - I adore the packaging of this because it's like those from Physicians Formula as it has and additional compartment underneath and a mirror. 01 hello sunshine! is a classic peach blush with a highlighter-y finish (finely milled pink shimmer that is only visible under direct light). It's on the sheer side, but with layering you can build up the colour just fine.  //3.59 €
Lipstick pen 02 bye-bye winter! - some seriously good quality lipstick in a pen form. Nicely opaque with a creamy finish, but contains a lot of wax and it completely survived meals and drinking. Impressed. The shade is a basic light-medium neutral pink. //2.49 €

*REVLON Ultra Volume Mascara Waterproof
So Revlon did something unprecedented and discontinued ALL of their mascaras. Pretty crazy, right? Kinda glad I didn't have a favourite among them because I know I'd be devastated. So they decided to completely revamped their system of mascaras. The flashy names and tubes are gone, and what rose on their ashes is a collection of simplified mascaras that don't confuse you with elaborate titles. Not sure how this change will bode with their loyal customers, but I like this step back and taking it all on a more simple level. I got the Ultra Volume one to test, waterproof of course, but regular one exists as well with the same brush and packaging. The brush is that evergreen classic, the good old-school brush that is bigger and comparable to Essence's I <3 Extreme. The formula is thin and as usual for waterproof mascaras it's on the dry side. It defines so well, the brush literally catches every lash and it almost gives an effect like your natural lashes looks so great and you're not wearing tons of mascara. It holds the curl all day. I've been enjoying using this in the last couple of weeks, I usually go for big, fake-looking lashes and this one gives me a more natural effect. Reviews and swatches for the products starting from here are already on the Click2Chic blog.
Click2Chic, 10.49 €

*JORDANA Matte Lipstick
47 Nude
I already have four of these and I praised the formula, not just in the review, but also in my Best Buys under 5 € post. These are wonderful matte lipsticks, way better than you would expect considering the price and their packaging, and they rival much more expensive lipsticks with their smooth and very pigmented formula. When I was picking these, I carefully avoided Nude because I was so sure it's an ugly brown shade. I have never been so wrong in my life. It is stunning. Quite possibly the prettiest nude shade in my collection because it's a mix of my favourite Mac's Peach Blossom and Patisserie, but it's closer to the first and it's matte and not at all in that horrible chalky, dry way. Basically it's a light peachy-pink-beige shade. You can find me wearing it here.
Click2Chic, 2.60 €

*MODELS OWN Chrome Nail Polishes
Chrome Copper and Chrome Grey
I'm not into metallic effects, but I do admit these look cool on the nails, the grey one is actually much better looking for my taste. These are like frosty nail polishes, so those that leave streaks and are not the easiest to apply nicely, but they are very pigmented, one coat is enough, though they recommend two-three. I tried applying more than one, but it kind of got messed up and too thick, so I did one coat and it looked really good. These are supposedly excellent for stamping if you're into such things. I only have an old Essence stamping kit, but it worked well. There are several shades of these including silver and gold, but I only have two: Copper with is a rose gold copper shade, so a bit pinker version of copper. It's lighter than the bottle and I wish it were a bit more intense. Chrome grey is beautiful, it has this gun metal effect since it's medium silver-grey. 
Click2Chic, 5.95 €

*MODELS OWN Hypergel Nail Polishes
Cashmere Rose and Robin Red
I got another shade from this line, the beautiful Midsummer Mauve and the formula is no different. These are the two new shades released recently. Cashmere Rose is a light pink shade with a warm undertone that is similar to Essence's Forgive Me nail polish, while Robin Red is an interesting warm red with a retro feel as it's a bit desaturated, almost like you put an picture ageing filter on red. The formula is thick even for a gel inspired formula and it applies smoothly, plus any bumps even themselves out fast after application. The finish is very glossy as at basically all such formulas. 
Click2Chic, 5.95 €

*REVLON Brow Fantasy
It may not have escaped your notice that I never speak about brow product and there is a simple reason behind that - I don't do anything to my eyebrows. I don't pluck them, shape them, fill them, draw them or whatever the hell kids are doing these days. I'm not saying my eyebrows are perfect, far from it, but they are fine and I think it's such a silly thing to devote your time to, besides, I never notice anyone's eyebrows anyway. But that's just my opinion. Anyway I got this to review/swatch for Click2Chic and I gave it a try. I found the pencil hard like most such products, but it gives more of an effect of a crayon, so it's a pretty soft type of look. The brow gel is tinted, but the tint doesn't show on my eyebrows. The wand is not the smallest, but works fine, it brushes and tames the hairs nicely without a crunchy feeling. Combination of the pencil and gel held all day. The shade I have brunette is completely wrong for my eyebrows, we decided not to post the before/after because of it, as the shade is too light and too warm for me, which gave me reddish eyebrows and mine are actually very cool brown-black. As I said I don't use brow products, so I gave this to someone else to try who's more into these thing and I thought that the pencil is quite hard, but she says it's softer than most and the wand has a bit too much product on it, but the gel is great because it holds the eyebrows in place really well. Basically she liked it, though the pencil could be a bit harder. The shade fit her very well, she's got medium brown hair with a warm undertone. Brow Fantasy has in general an excellent feedback in most reviews I read, check Makeup Alley for more opinions about it.
Shades Dark Blonde and Dark Brunette also exist.

Click2Chic, 10.96 €

Have a great day!

New In #38

TOO FACED Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette
I never do anything as stupid as spending a load of money just because I feel like it in the moment, but I wanted to treat myself for my birthday and I decided to order this quite out of the blue one week before. I'm so glad I did because this is an awesome palette. I'm still exploring the colours, so every day I feel like a kid in a candy store. The colour selection in this palette is fantastic and believe it or not, I don't actually think have dupes for these, at least for a great majority of the colours. The pigmentation is superb at most shades, mattes included, though there are a few less pigmented exceptions, but luckily they are my least favourite colours. They do crease at the end of the day if I don't use a primer and I think that's because they are so buttery and creamy. The first couple of days I could not smell any chocolate, but now I do. It truly does smell faintly like chocolate and cocoa. Really, really glad I bought this. 
Beauty Bay, 54.70 € (£41.75)

STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner 
Intense Black
 This has been on my wishlist for such a long time and I kept avoiding buying it because it so expensive. It's a classic felt tip eyeliner with a precise nib with which it's easy to draw very thin lines, but the tip feels almost like it's a bit old, as the end is a bit flimsy. The formula was very liquid and wet from the start, but now it's already much better. Once this sets on the skin, it's rub-proof. You can rub it as hard as you can and it won't come off. It's not completely waterproof though, but it doesn't smudge during the day. Actually at the end of the day, it's still perfect and that's including the flicks. So far, I'm impressed, but I'm really interested if it will last longer than the rest I've tried.  
Beauty Bay, 18.30 € (£14.04)

BEAUTY BLENDER Premier Blendercleanser Solid 
15 g
This was a gift with purchase and it's quite small, but the full size is only 28 g. It's meant to clean beauty blenders and other sponges as well as brushes. Honestly, I don't think it's worth it. I had to wash my foundation brush four times and it still wasn't spotless. It did clean eyeshadow brushes very effectively, though. It works like any other bar soap I've had on hand, from Fa to Palmolive and other cheap ones. It smells like lavender, but in a soapy way. I need to use it more to see if it impresses me in the future, but 18 € for a small bar soap - they must be joking.
Beauty Bay, €18.20 (£13.97; 28 g)

SLEEK Matte Me Lip Gloss
Birthday Suit
Birthday Suit was a shade I was always dubious about. I've seen it only on girls with a medium skin tone and on them such shades look amazing, but on a pale girl like me, there is always a risk it'll look ugly brown. But in the spirit of birthday splurging, I took a chance and just got it. It's turned out better than I expected. It's a brownish-pink shade which has enough of those rosy tones that it looks good on me. Considering how concerned I was, I truly am enjoying this shade. The formula is strange, different from what I'm used to. It start almost as an oil, a very light one at that, but after about 3-5 minutes it starts drying and it dries to a perfect, "Instagram-matte" finish. This probably has the best proper matte finish I've tried. However, it does feel like a film on the lips and it can feel a bit tight, so avoid this if you have dry lips. 
Boots International, £4.99

BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick
Happy Nude Year and Plum Plum Girl
My collection of Velvets is growing. I got two shades that as far as I know aren't sold here, Happy Nude Year and Plum Plum Girl, the latter was released recently along with two other shades. I've done reviews of four shades already (Grand Cru, Nude-ist, Frambourjoise and Olé Flamingo) and it's no secret how much I love these. Happy Nude Year is not what I imagined it to be and looks so much different than on my friend. On me HNY is a very peachy shade with very little pink. Plum Plum Girl is a great shade though. It's a deeper magenta-purple shade, a bit like mixing Mac's D for Danger and Rebel together. I have Plum Plum girl on my lips here
Boots International, £8.99

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
It's been many years since I bought one of these. I have Tokyo, Istanbul and Addis Ababa, now I got one of the newer shades Cannes, though I was thinking about buying more of these, at least Copenhagen, but also Transylvania, Prague, Zurich and Ibiza. I remember when I first got these, I realized they are exact dupes for Manhattan's Soft Mat Lipcreams (now sadly discontinued) and loved them. Istanbul was actually my most worn shade in my first couple of years at university. But now I don't actually think these are the best liquid lipsticks. They are good, but there are better ones. They start off as very light, slightly greasy creams and it takes long for them to dry to a matte finish, maybe 10-15 minutes. The pigmentation isn't as intense as at the competition either, but in general these are still nice and very comfortable to wear considering they are matte. Cannes is a shade I would never expect I'd like. It's the type of shade that looks amazing on medium skin tones and brown on light ones, but I actually like this one on me. It again has enough rosy-peachy tones that I can pull it off, but it's a very 90's inspired shade.  
Boots International, £5.50

BOURJOIS ColorBoost Lip Crayon
Plum Russian
I got this is as gift with purchase and I didn't get to pick the shade nor did I know before putting it in the shopping cart what the gift actually is. I have Peach on a Beach, or had it, I can't find it anywhere. Anyway, I was not a fan of that one, but I'm really digging this one, especially when I wear it in combination with a chocolate smoky eye. Plum Russian is a sheer deep red-plum shade that's glossy and I'm not a massive fan of such finishes, but I can always just blot it. The pigmentation of these is the best out of all such products I've tried and it's closest to full opacity, though it's still see-through. 
Boots International, £7.99

SANCTUARY mini Foaming Bath Soak 
Boots had a 3 for 2 and since I had two items already in the cart, I just chucked this in (I'll show the rest of the Boots purchases in the next new in). It's a bubble bath that smells of nothing special, just a clean type of scent with a hint of citrus like a lot of 1l cheap baths. It foam well and the scent is noticeable when in the bath, also my skin wasn't dry after. It's ok, but I would prefer a more exciting, luxurious scent.
Boots International, £2.50

YANQUINA Waterproof Eyeliner 
I really needed a new eyeliner at the beginning of the year, so I "splurged" for an 80 cents one from AliExpress, which I actually mainly got because of its cute polka dot design. It caught my attention on one of Beautysaur's pictures and she later spoke about it here, it was her who actually gave me a link to it. I expected nothing for this price, but it's very decent. In the first few days it performs like a brilliant eyeliner that is super black, well saturated with product and very precise. However, it takes some time for the nib to get saturated with product again, so if you use it often, it gets dry. I would suggest getting two at once, they are cheap as chips anyway, and then swap them each day, keeping the other one stored upside down. The nib is stiffer than Sweet Pink panda shaped one's, actually it's more similar to Collection's and Essence's nibs, but smaller and therefore more precise. It's nice considering it's so cheap, but the Sweet Pink one and a majority of others are a lot more reliable. 
AliExpress,  $0.76

So Essence is breaking my heart again, they are experts at that. They decided to discontinue these amazing drugstore gems. If you check my Instagram, then you've probably seen this eyeliner a gazillion times, since it's the liner I use almost every day and it's on my waterline in pretty much all of my pictures on this blog. Naturally I stocked up before it's are gone, it's so cheap anyway. It's the perfect nude slightly pink eyeliner that makes my eyes look more awake and bigger. The formula is so creamy and it easily transfers to the waterline, but also manages to hang on quite well. I just can't believe they are discontinuing these.
Müller, 2.20 €

L'OCCITANE Shea Cleansing Oil 
I nearly finished the Immortelle version which is so far by far my favourite oil cleanser mostly because it keeps my skin in check, while other oils tend to make it less clear if I use them too long. The reason I got this one instead is not just because it's a bit cheaper, but also because Immortelle one doesn't smell the best to me, as it has a wildflower/hay scent. I gave it a try before I finished Immortelle, which I normally don't do, but I was curious. I like it more. It does the same job of removing makeup plus waterproof mascara and cleans the skin, but it smells nicer and it feels better, a bit more "soft" or comfortable. I haven't tried an oil like it and I've tried quite a few. It's my new favourite oil, although I should wait before I say that with confidence, as it could break me out and in that case I'll go back to Immortelle, but I'm also interested in Balea's one. 
L'Occitane, 19.30 €

L'OCCITANE Melting Honey Exfoliating Sugars
I think I just found my new all-time favourite scrub. I was sure I missed the entire Melting Honey collection due to my avoiding going to the shop (I'm a person who likes to be left alone and I need to mentally prepare myself before I got to such shops), but I was so delighted to find this scrub, as it was the item I most wanted to get my hands on. A few bloggers told me that this collection didn't smell like the old honey one, but this scrub smells very close to the original honey scent they had in 2006. The SA just opened the pot and I immediately knew it has to go home with me. It's a sugar based scrub that is closest to my old favourite Soap & Glory Flake Away, but it's much thicker and smells utterly divine. It does smell more like a flowery version of honey, but that flowery note is the same as in my favourite fragrance by L'Occitane Vanilla, which they discontinued years ago, I think it's orchid. Anyway it creates the most amazing scent and they should really think about creating a fragrance like it. As I said the texture is very thick, like a balm and it's not just sugar particles, but something dark as well (ground pits maybe), so it's an intense scrub, just the way I like it. It leaves a balmy-oil layer behind, so no lotion is needed afterwards. I really love this.
L'Occitane, 23.40 €

*My Beauty Box Slovenia January
I was send another surprise Beauty Box, this time for January-February. It has five products inside: 
RIMMEL I <3 Lasting Finish Nail Polish in 170 Lively Lilac - a pastel violet shade. Needs three coats for full opacity.
KNEIPP Herbal Bath Pure Bliss Red Poppy and Hemp - A small size bath oil that looks like blood because of the thickness and colour. It's really strange pouring it in the bath, but it turns the water into a nice shade of pink-red. It smells nothing special, relaxingly floral, but it's not strong enough for me. There is not need for a lotion after this bath.
LAVERA Bio Almond and Bio Macadamia Oil Natural Shine Intensive Care - Haven't tried this yet and I doubt it'll be enough product for my hair, but I don't have the best experience with hair products from this brand, so I'm hoping for the best. 
LAVERA Basis Sensitiv Lip Balm - A classic lip balm that claims is for sensitive skin. It's waxy, but nourishing, pretty standard to be honest. I don't like the flour scent though. 
TEAPIGS. Tea Skinny Dessert and Bolly Good - the first is a rooibos tea with caramel pieces and Bolly Good is an assam tea with spices and cinnamon flavour.
My Beauty Box Slovenia, 15 € + shipping.

Soft Blanket, Vanilla Cupcake, Clean Cotton and Pink Sands
I realized Yankee Candles don't smell strong enough for my liking, but their tarts are great. So I picked up four that I liked most in our Müller. We don't have a big selection, but I got my old favourite Soft Blanket, which is a fantastic cosy-clean scent, Vanilla Cupcake, which is outstanding and smells like vanilla pudding, also it's the strongest in the bunch, Clean Cotton which smells like fabric softener and clean laundry (this one starts smelling like burnt wax after a while) and Pink Sands, which is a nice tropical fruity scent. I hate that I can't get my hands on my favourite Cranberry Pear here where I live, but I'm not paying for their shipping and I'm not going to the centre of Ljubljana just for that.
Müller, 1.79 €

I split the New in in two parts. I'll post the rest tomorrow or sometime soon.
Have a great day!

Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick 12

When I was asking about what's good from Golden Rose, these Velvet Matte lipsticks were the top recommendation. I usually feel very overwhelmed in front of a new stand, so I almost always research the shades online before going to the shop and I found a comparison of shade 12 with Mac's Mehr on Instagram. It's not a dupe, but a similar shade and I wanted something like that to see how such shades would fit me. They have an impressive selection of colours, 27 here in Slovenia I believe, and I was right to check the shades before because I really wouldn't know where to turn. I picked shades 12 and 23, but unfortunately they didn't have the latter in stock, so I picked up a dupe colour in the Crayon Matte Lipstick form instead. While I like those, I actually find the lipsticks a bit better.

Texture: Compared to their matte crayons, these are slightly less creamy, but that doesn't mean they are too thick to apply. This shade applies nicely, though if you have dry skin on the lips, it will emphasize patches, so exfoliate before, at least at light shades. It's a nice matte lipstick, quite creamy once you get through the top slightly harder layer and the texture reminds me of a mix of Mac's matte lipsticks and Milani's Mattes. The finish is decently matte, it still has a little bit of a shine, so it's not like liquid lipsticks matte, but pretty good and I like to blot it so I get that proper matte finish.

Colour: 12 is a medium muted pink-rose shade. I can imagine it looking almost a my-lip-but-better shade on medium skin tones, but on me it's like a darker version of my natural lip colour. It's like a darker version of Bourjois' Nude-ist on me, even though when I swatch them side by side, Nude-ist appears darker and brighter. I heard it looks almost orange on some people, but on me it's definitely leaning to pink. 

Staying power: It stays on rather well. I thought it was long gone after several hours of eating, drinking and talking, but it was surprisingly still hanging on. It's not an outstanding staying power like at some liquid lipsticks, but really good.

Scent: It has a gentle warm vanilla scent, but more fake vanilla that cupcake vanilla.

Packaging: A rubberised burgundy tube. Well-made and not flimsy at all.

Price and availability: These cost an affordable 3.90 € in Golden Rose shops/stalls.

I'm a fan of this shade, it's become like my second Nude-ist, so I shade I just grab without thinking because it works well with any look and brings some colour to my face. The quality of this lipstick is fantastic for the price, though I have tried many very affordable matte lipsticks and there are some really impressive ones to rival these. Crayons and Velvet Mattes are similar, even in terms of the shade selection, so you can choose the form of lip colour you prefer, but I like Velvets a bit more because they have a better matte finish. If you happen to stumble upon a Golden Rose shop, these are a nice little buy.

You can find swatches of all shades at Makeup Arena.

Have a great day!

January Favourites

You know when you have something on your wishlist and it then turns out to be even better than you ever imagined? Well, this is such a product for me. I wanted it mostly because of the design and didn't really care much if it's particularly good, but this is my dream blush. Yes, the design is fantastically gorgeous, but it's not its only plus. The pigmentation is great as well, as is the staying power, but most importantly, this is my favourite ever shade. It's very similar to my other favourite, I'm Nuts About you by Catrice, it's just a touch warmer, but the same type of natural brownish-muted warm pink that I love wearing. It's just amazing and I hope I get my hands on more of these.

This is one of my favourite concealers, but I tend to save it a lot because it runs out quite fast and it's not cheap for the amount you get. If you love Maybelline's the Eraser, you'll like this too, as it has a similar very natural looking effect, yet it still provides a decent amount of coverage (about medium, won't cover everything, but it's good enough). The shade 21 fits me better than The Eraser's Fair, it's a bit lighter and more neutral. I really wish they made these with more product inside because so far because it the best concealer I found for me in our drugstores. This is my second one so far.

I reviewed three of these this month and 02 is my favourite. It's a great autumn/winter burgundy shade that is similar to MAC's Diva, but a bit cooler (by the way, shade 23 from the Velvet Matte range is the same), so if you ever looked for a nice, cheaper alternative, this is it. These are lovely creamy pencils, similar to Maybelline's Colour Drama, pigmentation is great, they last fine on the lips and are very affordable. They need to be sharpened, which is a minor inconvenience, but you actually don't end up doing that very often.

This is the darker sister of my beloved Nude-ist. I haven't posted a review for it yet, but I've been wearing so much this month and it's become one of those shades that I just grab when I'm in a hurry because it brings some colour to my face since my natural lips are quite pale. It's a medium muted rose shade that looks so polished and modern (it's not that different from MAC Mehr I hear), so one of those perfect everyday colours that goes with everything. I like the matte lipsticks more than the pencils and that's because the finish is closer to a true matte (in a regular lipstick way), but they are still creamy and easy to apply. I'll try to post the review for this soon.  

If I'm already talking about Golden Rose 12, I might as well mention this one. Yes again, even though it's my all-time favourite and it keeps popping out in my favourites posts (and I wore it in two other recent posts). It's so damn gorgeous. I think it's the only liquid lipstick I have where you can see how empty it is. I love the colour, the formula, staying power and that great matte finish after it sets. By the way, I treated myself to two new shades for my birthday, Plum Plum Girl and Happy Nude Year (love the first, not too thrilled about the second).

OPI Nail Lacquer Starlight Collection Fall 2015
Give Me Space
When I saw swatches of this nail polish, I knew I desperately need to have it even though I wasn't sure how we stand with limited editions in Slovenia, but apparently we are well stocked - a minor miracle in my book. I've dreamed of a starry sky inspired nail polish for years (I like the galaxy/night sky patterns so much), but they aren't exactly something you pick up in every drugstore. It's a navy with holographic glitter and trust me, no picture I've seen does it justice. It applies quite sheer for the first coat, but two give you full coverage. It was my choice to wear for New Years and my birthday, which considering how much I love Bahama Mama is quite a statement. 

DOVE Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum 
I planned to talk about this product first in my New in post, but that'll have to wait as it's been a weird shopping month since my birthday is so late. This is a true product of the month to me, a rare fantastic drugstore hair product discovery that really impressed me and I've been using it the entire month consistently. I never heard a word about this before I bought it, but I grabbed it purely because it was 50 % off and I was curious what's it like. You know how demanding I am when it comes to hair care and I expect a lot from products since my hair is always dry and annoying to deal with. The first plus at this product is that I can easily use it on damp and dry hair. On damp hair it makes my hair noticeable sleeker, frizz is reduced, it nourishes the hair to a degree, but the biggest difference this makes is in the shine. In combination with La Petite Marseillais Agran and Karite oil it made my hair looking and feeling fabulous. My hair actually looks healthy with these two after blow drying. On dry hair it performs brilliantly alone, it tames frizz, hides damaged/dry ends and adds tons of shine. It's way better on dry hair than any serum I've tried and that includes Orofluido. The scent is lovely too, classically Dove, but also a bit perfumey. The texture is a bit on a heavy side, so if you have thin hair you might want to use a small amount if you'd like to try it, but I of course slap it on like there is not tomorrow since my hair can handle anything. I love this.
By the way, I bought this in my local Müller sometime at the end of December.

PALMERS Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick 
This is my favourite lip balm and the only one I actually use, but regular readers might now that already. Anyway this landed in my favourites because of a different reason. It's actually like a SOS-stick for dry patches and this month I've been suffering from dry cheeks again (completely my fault. I've been using gel cleansers because I haven't worn makeup as often as I normally do (I mainly wore just lipstick) and when I don't, I don't want to waste my good balm and oil cleansers, so I use the cheap stuff. Rookie mistake) and when I was putting lip balm on my lips I thought well why don't I use this on my cheeks, since my usual oils (argan for heavy-duty) don't work and a couple of applications later, my cheeks were feeling much, much better. It also gave me such a wonderful glow, like a super natural looking highlighter. Again it proved itself to be some great stuff. I also used this on my elbows. By the way, it smells like cocoa/chocolate.

THE BODY SHOP Vineyard Peach Collection
Oh, my beloved Vineyard Peach. I save you far too much. I just hate that The Body Shop isn't anywhere near me in Slovenia. Vineyard Peach is one of my all-time favourite scents in the world and since it was my birthday month, I cracked up my favourites, this included of course. I managed to use up the scrub, though it actually wasn't my favourite as it's too weak for my taste, but the body butter is beyond amazing, such a creamy, but thick nourishing texture. This is the best peach scent ever. It's the proper one, like a mix of vineyard peaches (my favourite summer treat) and peach yoghurt. Adore this so much. The mist doesn't last long, but it smells sooo good. 

I keep mentioning these, but they well deserve their spot in this post. I ordered the whole set, but it hasn't arrived yet (I really hope it's not lost). I started using the contour brush for foundation and it works so well. I love the shape because I can blend around the eyes better that with others. It terms of performance it's similar to Real Techniques Expert Face brush, but it's less dense. The blush brush has served me for its original purpose as well as highlighter and powder. These look expensive, though the handle is plastic, which is actually much better to me as I would hate to have a heavy brush to handle. The bristles are amazingly soft and these just feel well made.

Have a great day!