Things I Took with me on a Holiday

ponedeljek, avgust 11, 2014

Those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook might already know that I was on a quick holiday the past week. It was a frantic packing before I left, more reminiscent of throwing the stuff in my makeup bag rather than careful packing because I was really pressed for time. I regret not taking more lipsticks with me as well as the Max Factor Primer, but I used every bit I packed with me. I actually wore a lot of makeup there, not because I desperately need it, but because I love that part of the morning when you get up, watch some Youtube videos, tv series or a documentary and just slowly apply makeup - it's one of my favourite parts of the day. 
Are you wondering which things got their place in my suitcase (actually it was an old school rucksack, but like it matters anyway)? Read on.

MAYBELLINE Lasting Drama 36H Gel Liner Black Shock (glad to report it's waterproof)

 The can lasted about three days and you can get drunk just by inhaling the alcohol vapours during application, plus it's greasy. However, not a sunburn in sight.
 The hero of these holidays. Not just that it protected from sunburn, none of my freckles intensified and new ones didn't form. And it's tinted. Brilliant.
Another excellent sunscreen.

N°34 by REFAN (imitation of La vie est Belle by Lancôme)

I also used up all of my The Body Shop body butters/lotions/moisturisers samples. Wonderful stuff. 

Have a great day!

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  1. I love that you always pick a lot of Bourjois products :-) It's one of my favorite brands, too.

  2. Zelo zanimiva objava:) Kratka in jedrnata:) Me pa zanima ta Orofluido - prisegaš na to na plaži? Sem razmišljala, da bi tudi rabila neko olje za na plažo. Jaz imam super tanke in mehke lase pa me zanima če je ta Orofluido pretežk?

    1. Tale Sahara je super, ker res preprečuje izsušitev las. Meni ni niti približno težek, ampak če se ga uporabi preveč na tankih laseh obstaja možnost, da obteži lase. Lažja verzija je npr. od Got2B Öl-la-la :)

  3. Haha, pri meni je bilo pa ravno obratno, sem nesla res ogromno makeup-a s seboj, uporabljala pa skoraj nič :D Sem pa kupila tole Sun Dance matt verzijo pa sem dobila grozne mozolje po njej :/