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petek, februar 05, 2016

TOO FACED Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette
I never do anything as stupid as spending a load of money just because I feel like it in the moment, but I wanted to treat myself for my birthday and I decided to order this quite out of the blue one week before. I'm so glad I did because this is an awesome palette. I'm still exploring the colours, so every day I feel like a kid in a candy store. The colour selection in this palette is fantastic and believe it or not, I don't actually think have dupes for these, at least for a great majority of the colours. The pigmentation is superb at most shades, mattes included, though there are a few less pigmented exceptions, but luckily they are my least favourite colours. They do crease at the end of the day if I don't use a primer and I think that's because they are so buttery and creamy. The first couple of days I could not smell any chocolate, but now I do. It truly does smell faintly like chocolate and cocoa. Really, really glad I bought this. 
Beauty Bay, 54.70 € (£41.75)

STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner 
Intense Black
 This has been on my wishlist for such a long time and I kept avoiding buying it because it so expensive. It's a classic felt tip eyeliner with a precise nib with which it's easy to draw very thin lines, but the tip feels almost like it's a bit old, as the end is a bit flimsy. The formula was very liquid and wet from the start, but now it's already much better. Once this sets on the skin, it's rub-proof. You can rub it as hard as you can and it won't come off. It's not completely waterproof though, but it doesn't smudge during the day. Actually at the end of the day, it's still perfect and that's including the flicks. So far, I'm impressed, but I'm really interested if it will last longer than the rest I've tried.  
Beauty Bay, 18.30 € (£14.04)

BEAUTY BLENDER Premier Blendercleanser Solid 
15 g
This was a gift with purchase and it's quite small, but the full size is only 28 g. It's meant to clean beauty blenders and other sponges as well as brushes. Honestly, I don't think it's worth it. I had to wash my foundation brush four times and it still wasn't spotless. It did clean eyeshadow brushes very effectively, though. It works like any other bar soap I've had on hand, from Fa to Palmolive and other cheap ones. It smells like lavender, but in a soapy way. I need to use it more to see if it impresses me in the future, but 18 € for a small bar soap - they must be joking.
Beauty Bay, €18.20 (£13.97; 28 g)

SLEEK Matte Me Lip Gloss
Birthday Suit
Birthday Suit was a shade I was always dubious about. I've seen it only on girls with a medium skin tone and on them such shades look amazing, but on a pale girl like me, there is always a risk it'll look ugly brown. But in the spirit of birthday splurging, I took a chance and just got it. It's turned out better than I expected. It's a brownish-pink shade which has enough of those rosy tones that it looks good on me. Considering how concerned I was, I truly am enjoying this shade. The formula is strange, different from what I'm used to. It start almost as an oil, a very light one at that, but after about 3-5 minutes it starts drying and it dries to a perfect, "Instagram-matte" finish. This probably has the best proper matte finish I've tried. However, it does feel like a film on the lips and it can feel a bit tight, so avoid this if you have dry lips. 
Boots International, £4.99

BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick
Happy Nude Year and Plum Plum Girl
My collection of Velvets is growing. I got two shades that as far as I know aren't sold here, Happy Nude Year and Plum Plum Girl, the latter was released recently along with two other shades. I've done reviews of four shades already (Grand Cru, Nude-ist, Frambourjoise and Olé Flamingo) and it's no secret how much I love these. Happy Nude Year is not what I imagined it to be and looks so much different than on my friend. On me HNY is a very peachy shade with very little pink. Plum Plum Girl is a great shade though. It's a deeper magenta-purple shade, a bit like mixing Mac's D for Danger and Rebel together. I have Plum Plum girl on my lips here
Boots International, £8.99

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
It's been many years since I bought one of these. I have Tokyo, Istanbul and Addis Ababa, now I got one of the newer shades Cannes, though I was thinking about buying more of these, at least Copenhagen, but also Transylvania, Prague, Zurich and Ibiza. I remember when I first got these, I realized they are exact dupes for Manhattan's Soft Mat Lipcreams (now sadly discontinued) and loved them. Istanbul was actually my most worn shade in my first couple of years at university. But now I don't actually think these are the best liquid lipsticks. They are good, but there are better ones. They start off as very light, slightly greasy creams and it takes long for them to dry to a matte finish, maybe 10-15 minutes. The pigmentation isn't as intense as at the competition either, but in general these are still nice and very comfortable to wear considering they are matte. Cannes is a shade I would never expect I'd like. It's the type of shade that looks amazing on medium skin tones and brown on light ones, but I actually like this one on me. It again has enough rosy-peachy tones that I can pull it off, but it's a very 90's inspired shade.  
Boots International, £5.50

BOURJOIS ColorBoost Lip Crayon
Plum Russian
I got this is as gift with purchase and I didn't get to pick the shade nor did I know before putting it in the shopping cart what the gift actually is. I have Peach on a Beach, or had it, I can't find it anywhere. Anyway, I was not a fan of that one, but I'm really digging this one, especially when I wear it in combination with a chocolate smoky eye. Plum Russian is a sheer deep red-plum shade that's glossy and I'm not a massive fan of such finishes, but I can always just blot it. The pigmentation of these is the best out of all such products I've tried and it's closest to full opacity, though it's still see-through. 
Boots International, £7.99

SANCTUARY mini Foaming Bath Soak 
Boots had a 3 for 2 and since I had two items already in the cart, I just chucked this in (I'll show the rest of the Boots purchases in the next new in). It's a bubble bath that smells of nothing special, just a clean type of scent with a hint of citrus like a lot of 1l cheap baths. It foam well and the scent is noticeable when in the bath, also my skin wasn't dry after. It's ok, but I would prefer a more exciting, luxurious scent.
Boots International, £2.50

YANQUINA Waterproof Eyeliner 
I really needed a new eyeliner at the beginning of the year, so I "splurged" for an 80 cents one from AliExpress, which I actually mainly got because of its cute polka dot design. It caught my attention on one of Beautysaur's pictures and she later spoke about it here, it was her who actually gave me a link to it. I expected nothing for this price, but it's very decent. In the first few days it performs like a brilliant eyeliner that is super black, well saturated with product and very precise. However, it takes some time for the nib to get saturated with product again, so if you use it often, it gets dry. I would suggest getting two at once, they are cheap as chips anyway, and then swap them each day, keeping the other one stored upside down. The nib is stiffer than Sweet Pink panda shaped one's, actually it's more similar to Collection's and Essence's nibs, but smaller and therefore more precise. It's nice considering it's so cheap, but the Sweet Pink one and a majority of others are a lot more reliable. 
AliExpress,  $0.76

So Essence is breaking my heart again, they are experts at that. They decided to discontinue these amazing drugstore gems. If you check my Instagram, then you've probably seen this eyeliner a gazillion times, since it's the liner I use almost every day and it's on my waterline in pretty much all of my pictures on this blog. Naturally I stocked up before it's are gone, it's so cheap anyway. It's the perfect nude slightly pink eyeliner that makes my eyes look more awake and bigger. The formula is so creamy and it easily transfers to the waterline, but also manages to hang on quite well. I just can't believe they are discontinuing these.
Müller, 2.20 €

L'OCCITANE Shea Cleansing Oil 
I nearly finished the Immortelle version which is so far by far my favourite oil cleanser mostly because it keeps my skin in check, while other oils tend to make it less clear if I use them too long. The reason I got this one instead is not just because it's a bit cheaper, but also because Immortelle one doesn't smell the best to me, as it has a wildflower/hay scent. I gave it a try before I finished Immortelle, which I normally don't do, but I was curious. I like it more. It does the same job of removing makeup plus waterproof mascara and cleans the skin, but it smells nicer and it feels better, a bit more "soft" or comfortable. I haven't tried an oil like it and I've tried quite a few. It's my new favourite oil, although I should wait before I say that with confidence, as it could break me out and in that case I'll go back to Immortelle, but I'm also interested in Balea's one. 
L'Occitane, 19.30 €

L'OCCITANE Melting Honey Exfoliating Sugars
I think I just found my new all-time favourite scrub. I was sure I missed the entire Melting Honey collection due to my avoiding going to the shop (I'm a person who likes to be left alone and I need to mentally prepare myself before I got to such shops), but I was so delighted to find this scrub, as it was the item I most wanted to get my hands on. A few bloggers told me that this collection didn't smell like the old honey one, but this scrub smells very close to the original honey scent they had in 2006. The SA just opened the pot and I immediately knew it has to go home with me. It's a sugar based scrub that is closest to my old favourite Soap & Glory Flake Away, but it's much thicker and smells utterly divine. It does smell more like a flowery version of honey, but that flowery note is the same as in my favourite fragrance by L'Occitane Vanilla, which they discontinued years ago, I think it's orchid. Anyway it creates the most amazing scent and they should really think about creating a fragrance like it. As I said the texture is very thick, like a balm and it's not just sugar particles, but something dark as well (ground pits maybe), so it's an intense scrub, just the way I like it. It leaves a balmy-oil layer behind, so no lotion is needed afterwards. I really love this.
L'Occitane, 23.40 €

*My Beauty Box Slovenia January
I was send another surprise Beauty Box, this time for January-February. It has five products inside: 
RIMMEL I <3 Lasting Finish Nail Polish in 170 Lively Lilac - a pastel violet shade. Needs three coats for full opacity.
KNEIPP Herbal Bath Pure Bliss Red Poppy and Hemp - A small size bath oil that looks like blood because of the thickness and colour. It's really strange pouring it in the bath, but it turns the water into a nice shade of pink-red. It smells nothing special, relaxingly floral, but it's not strong enough for me. There is not need for a lotion after this bath.
LAVERA Bio Almond and Bio Macadamia Oil Natural Shine Intensive Care - Haven't tried this yet and I doubt it'll be enough product for my hair, but I don't have the best experience with hair products from this brand, so I'm hoping for the best. 
LAVERA Basis Sensitiv Lip Balm - A classic lip balm that claims is for sensitive skin. It's waxy, but nourishing, pretty standard to be honest. I don't like the flour scent though. 
TEAPIGS. Tea Skinny Dessert and Bolly Good - the first is a rooibos tea with caramel pieces and Bolly Good is an assam tea with spices and cinnamon flavour.
My Beauty Box Slovenia, 15 € + shipping.

Soft Blanket, Vanilla Cupcake, Clean Cotton and Pink Sands
I realized Yankee Candles don't smell strong enough for my liking, but their tarts are great. So I picked up four that I liked most in our Müller. We don't have a big selection, but I got my old favourite Soft Blanket, which is a fantastic cosy-clean scent, Vanilla Cupcake, which is outstanding and smells like vanilla pudding, also it's the strongest in the bunch, Clean Cotton which smells like fabric softener and clean laundry (this one starts smelling like burnt wax after a while) and Pink Sands, which is a nice tropical fruity scent. I hate that I can't get my hands on my favourite Cranberry Pear here where I live, but I'm not paying for their shipping and I'm not going to the centre of Ljubljana just for that.
Müller, 1.79 €

I split the New in in two parts. I'll post the rest tomorrow or sometime soon.
Have a great day!

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  1. I think Essence discontinued Big Bright Eyes Eyeliner because they release 2in1 eyeshadow and liner that seems to have a similar effect, with the plus on having more colours. I got one too after your enthusiastc rewiev and it really gets me a different look.

    1. I'm not quite sure that replacement eyeliner will be as good, but I'll have to see it in person. It looks yellow toned on the pictures, though I haven't seen a proper swatch yet. The Wake Up, Spring collection will have a similar liner, though :) I am looking forward to those 2in1 eyeshadows and Catrice's as well :)

      I'm glad you like it :)

  2. Thumbs up za Baleino čistilno olje! :) Sem si želela L'occitanovega, pa sem si potem kupila tega Baleinega (2,60 evra za 100 mL, plus po sestavinah isto bazira na sončničnem olju) in niti nimam več želje po L'occitanovem ... edino ne vem še, kako bo vplival na teksturo kože na dolgi rok (ampak breakouta po cca. 2 tednih uporabe še ni povzročil, torej ga verjetno tudi ne bo).

    1. Sem brala čisto prve ocene olja in edino kar me je zmotilo je, da pravijo, da se ga menda veliko porabi. Čeprav za to ceno me ne bi smelo to motit :) Preizkusila ga pa gotovo bom enkrat :)

  3. Spet bojo jokale denarnice :) Za Essence Big bright eyes pa škoda. Sem imela na wishlisti, nisem vedela, da grejo iz prodaje. Upam, da še kje najdem.

    Cranberry pear ti pa komot jaz vzamem naslednjic, ko grem po voske.

    1. Nisem bila že skoraj en mesec v Müllerju tako da sploh ne vem kakšno je stanje zdaj glede Essence in koliko je kaj pobrano. Bo pa v kolekciji Wake Up, Spring podoben eyeliner:)

      Sploh ne vem, če so ti voski bili samo za božič ali ne? Ah, zame si ni treba delat dodatnih opravkov s poštami in ostalim, ampak hvala :)

  4. Same super stvari, Too Faced paletka se ti pa bo še samo bolj prikupila s časom. Jaz ne morem nehati uporabljat. Edina slaba stvar je, da vonj počasi zbledi :(

    1. To ti pa čisto verjamem, vsak dan mi je ta paletka bolj všeč :) Glede vonja pa že pričakujem, da ne bo dolgo zdržal :)

  5. Literally can't wait to get my hands on the TOO FACED Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette. The photos look amazing!

    Katie |

  6. Primerjava Stila in ArtDeco eyelinerja, kateri se po tvoje bolj splača? :D

    1. Uh, zdaj si me pa dobila :D. Tako sem še nesigurna, ker obstaja ogromno eyelinerjev, ki so od začetka odlični, tako kot ta od Stile, tako da razlika se bo pomoje videla na dolgi rok, pač koliko časa bo zdržal. Je pa od Stile zelo odporen, npr. zdajle je polnoč, pa je skoraj ves mejkap šel v franže in šminko imam razmazano povsod, ampak eyeliner je pa popoln skupaj z wings-i. Lahko se dotikam obraza koliko želim in se ne razmaže. Pri temu od Artdeca moram že bolj pazit. Mi je pa aplikator od slednjega bolj všeč :)

  7. Ful lep post! Kar ne morem prebolet teh tvojih čudovitih in srčkanih fotografij! xoxo

    Visit me:

  8. Aaaaaa Essence, a res uniknjajo? Kako sem lahko pozabila, pa ravno ga imam na koncu in bi morala novega kupit. L'Occitanov piling je svetoven, kje si ga pa dobila? Jaz sem gledala, bi imela piling, kremo za telo in za roke, pa nikjer več ne dobim.

    1. Yup, prav blesavi so mi že s tem ukinjanjem. Mogoče pa kakšnega še kje najdeš.

      L'Occitanov pling sem kupila v Novem mestu. So jih imeli še kar nekaj, ampak samo piling, ostalo je razprodano. Pa na njihovi spletni strani je tudi, tako da mogoče celo zdaj v stalnem sortimentu.

  9. Meni so eyelinerji v obliki svinčnika tk simpl za risat eyeliner črto. Medtem ko se s črno barvico kar malo težje ujamem:). Tole medeno kolekcijo imam od L´occitane (bog ne daj, da kake ne bi imela) in je NORO dišeča:):). Čistilno olje je pa no vsaj meni,fantastično, vse mi odstrani in vse kar imam za čiščenje obraza se mi lahka skrije pred njim:). My beauty box me pa ta mesec ni prepričala:)

    1. Tudi jaz se z barvico ne znajdem najbolje.

      Ta piling diši božansko <3 Mi je žal, da sem zamudila celo kolekcijo, ampak res ne maram ta način vsiljive prodaje. Saj prodajalke so vse kul, samo jaz imam rada popoln mir.

      Mene na žalost tudi ni prepričal My Beauty Box ta mesec. Žal.

  10. Well, dear, that was a haul and a half :D. Super pridobitve. In wow, resno gre svinčnih za waterline iz prodaje? Sem iskala enega, ki bi nadomestil od Catrice, ki se veliko prehitro posuši..

    1. Sem si dala duška, ja :D Ne vem kaj jih je obsedlo, da so se odločili ravno te svinčnike dat iz prodaje, potem pa nobene pametne zamenjave dat v sortiment. Bo v Wake Up, Spring kolekciji en podoben.

  11. I am planning to get that Sleek liquid lipstick soon and I would love to try the Bourjois ones too. Wonderful picks. I love your pictures.

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. Sleek's one has that perfect matte finish, but I have to warn you that if you have dry lips a lot, you will find it drying and uncomfortable. To me it's fine, though :) Thank you :)