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sobota, februar 06, 2016

SOAP & GLORY Greatest Scrub Of All
Boots finally started shipping Soap & Glory to Slovenia and I didn't hesitate to order a few bits. I haven't had a proper manual face scrub in at least five years if not more and this one has such a high rating on Makeup Alley that I had to include it in my order. It smells like laundry detergent - strange for Soap & Glory to have such a bland scent, but I don't mind. It's a mix of large and very small dense beads that polish the skin rather well, but I wouldn't say my skin is completely smooth. Well, the cheeks definitely are super smooth after use, but it still have some problem areas around the nose, on the chin and in the corner of my eyes (I'm sure you can see that in my mascara pictures). Still, with more frequent use I'm hoping I'll finally get smooth skin again. I'll do a proper review about this in time, but so far I like it more than any manual scrub I've used.   
Boots International, £9.00

SOAP & GLORY Mist You Madly Body Spray 
250 ml
This also has a high rating on Makeup Alley and though I never smelled it in person, I took a risk and ordered it, besides they had a 3 for 2 so it was free. Kind of. I really like the scent. It smells so nice, classy, vintage-y, floral-clean (citrusy) and it has a high-end fragrance vibe. Staying power on the skin is weak, so I prefer to spray this on clothes and hair to make it last longer. The packaging is great because it sprays a very fine mist.
Notes: Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Magnolia, Freesia, Vanilla and Musk.
Boots International, £6.50

SOAP & GLORY Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub 
300 ml
I love Soap & Glory scrubs, they are seriously so good and Flake Away is my all-time favourite, but I got this one because I wanted to try more of them and I read this one is supposedly the harshest. I'm not loving the scent of this. Is smells like maple syrup, in fact very close to the real deal, but as a European I don't find maple syrup all that amazing and the only thing that is acceptable on pancakes is a mix of Nesquick chocolate syrup and coconut cream. For those who haven't tried maple syrup yet, the scent it closest to toffee candy or if you ever tried those McGriddles they used to have in McDonalds. It's not as harsh as Flake Away, but it's still very, very good and it's so creamy/balmy. This one actually washes off completely and doesn't leave an oily filter behind like Flake Away. I love that the pot is so huge and hopefully I won't save this one till eternity because I really need to use scrubs more.
Boots International, £8.00

SOAP & GLORY Mini Scrub Em And Leave Em Body Buff 
Breakfast scrub wasn't my favourite in terms of scent, but this one is amazing. The scent is the same as at Mist you Madly spray, so a great one. The scrubby bits again aren't as harsh as at Flake Away, but the formula is so soft and creamy. I should get this one in full size.
Boots International, £2.50

SOAP & GLORY Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel
50 ml
Love this! I only had those pharmacy smelling antibacterial gels, but this one smells gorgeous like fruity sweets. I think it smells like 505 s crtom hard candy or it could be some other candy from my childhood. It dries very fast and leaves none of that film or stickiness behind, also it says it's contains some moisturising ingredient, but I don't have dry hands often, so I don't notice a difference.
Boots International, £2.50

BALEA Golden Glamour Verwöhnpeeling
Golden Glamour is the vanilla-patchouli sister of Red Love "spa" line in DM. At the beginning of the year I realized that I really need to stock up on more scrubs so I'll essentially force myself to use them more often and I grabbed this one because it was cheapest, plus I had high hopes that it's rough since it's a sugar scrub. It has such a strange texture that's difficult to describe. It's like a hard jelly with sugar. Closest I can compare it to is those Lush weird jelly shower products that are slippery as hell, but this is easier to grab, though some bits might still fall out of your hands. The sugar particles are quite densely packed, but it's not abrasive. It's a stronger scrub than Garnier's Ultimate Beauty Oil Beauty Scrub, but a lot weaker than my favourite Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub. I think people with sensitive skin will find it harsh, but most others will love it, while I'd like it a bit harsher. It foams in contact with water and nourishes the skin a touch, though it doesn't leave an oily filter like Soap & Glory's. The scent is a synthetic vanilla that's in car fragrances and home sprays - it's fine, but Red Love is much better (my friend says it smells like cookies, though). I like it, it's not bad and I would repurchase if I needed something quick and inexpensive, but Soap & Glory's are much better. 

DM, 3.49 €

DOVE Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum
In German : Locken Haarpflege Supreme Creme Serum
I already talked a lot about this in my monthly favourites, so I won't repeat myself much. I grabbed this purely because it was 50 % off, but it turned out to be probably the best drugstore hair product I've ever tried. It's a simple creamy serum (with silicones) that you can use on dry and wet hair - it works very well in both ways. I love this on dry hair because it makes the hair so polished, shiny and eliminates frizz. I'm really very happy with this product. 
Müller, I paid 3.99 €, but I think regular price was around 7 €. I can't remember because it was over a month ago and I haven't been in Müller since.

ESSENCE Studio Nails All in One Complete Care
I'm a simple girl. I see all-in-one on the label of a nail polish and that's all I need to hear. Actually I've been base coat-less for a few months now and I decided it might be time to buy a new one. I didn't check any reviews, it's not a product I would care much about, so I grabbed the cheapest and most multi-tasting one I could find. It promises to act as a ridge-filler (don't have those), base coat, high shine top coat and a colour refresher (that last one is a bit weird. They were probably getting so desperate at how to oversell me a clear nail polish). I don't like this. It's thick and takes forever to dry, especially if you use it as a top coat and it actually doesn't dry completely even after eight hours. I should have paid a euro more for that gel one in the white packaging, now I'm stuck with this one. This is a big miss for me. 
Müller, 1.99 €

CARRÉ HOMME Baume Aprés-rasage
I though I'll let this pass me by, but I heard one too many good thing about Nivea's Aftershave Balm as a primer to ignore it. I'm not the biggest fan of how Nikkie (Nikkie Tutorials) applies her makeup. She's talented all right, but it's all just a little bit too much for me and no one will ever convince me that that much foundation (and highlighter) looks nice in person, and life is not all Instagram and bright studio lights. I've known about the whole glycerine thing for a long time. It's in Mac's Fix+ and a million other products (hand creams have a high content usually), so it not a newly discovered miracle by a long shot, but maybe in this balm form it works. To be fair, I think it has a lot to do with all the silicones in it too. I checked all the shops for Nivea's balm and I could not find it under 7 €, which is frankly way too much for something I may not even like (I swear it was half the price 10 years ago), so me being me, I went to Leclerc and got a 1.5 € alternative. I checked the ingredients side by side and the both have almost the same ones, just a bit mixed up, but glycerine is on the second place as is Cyclopentasiloxane too, so not all that different. I've been using it for over a month, testing with all foundations I have and I can say that yes, with some foundations it works brilliantly. Especially foundations that I don't get along with such as Rimmel's Lasting Finish Nude and Manhattan's Easy Match (by the way, it's being discontinued) which with this balm look pretty much perfect. It definitely helps the foundation to wear off much nicer. So yes, I do like it and it cheap as chips, but I suspect it may be breaking me out a bit as my skin hasn't been completely clear once in this month and that never happens to me. It also smells like a bus driver that's trying too much, so not my favourite scent to be fair. By the way, it's like a light lotion-gel texture and I rub it in until it's slightly sticky, so the foundations sticks on better. 
E.Leclerc, 1.50 € (I'm sure DM and Müller have their own "dupes" of Nivea's balm too) 

eBay Metallic Brushes
My full set of metallic brushes finally arrived after over a month. I have the contour and blush ones from before and I use them daily, the contour one for foundation because it's dense and blends so well, and the blush one for, well, blush as well as highlighter. The whole set contains seven brushes:

Triangle foundation brush - my least favourite. It's a bit stiff and plastic-feeling, also I don't get the shape, it really isn't the best, but it did apply the foundation well. This one smells very chemical, while the rest don't.
Big fluffy powder blush - such a soft brush that is great for applying a thin veil of powder on the skin. Great brush.
Blush brush - I have two of these. It's a more precise blush brush and very soft, so it performs better with more pigmented blushes, while with others I need to layer the colour, but I've been using it all the time since I bought it back in December.
Contour brush - Also have two of these. I original used this for contouring at which it performs so well, but since I don't contour daily, I started using it as a foundation brush and it's perfect. I love that it's flat, but dense because I can blend around the eyes and nose a lot easier than with other brushes. Great brush.
Eyeshadow blending brush - quite big, but great at blending harsh edges. It's among denser such brushes and also nice for blending concealer.
Dome Crease brush - too big for the crease, but I like it for applying colour on the lid. I thought since it's synthetic it won't pick up colour well, but it works so great with Chocolate Bar palette and blends well too.
Liner brush - pretty standard, but perhaps a bit too thick for a gel eyeliner. I use it for applying colour under the lower lashes and darkening the upper lash line.
eBay, €9.32

 *MILANI Amore Matte Lip Creme 
I just got this yesterday, so I haven't had much time to play with. These were on my wishlist for quite some time, so when I heard I'll get one to test, I was so excited. These don't come in the shades that were originally launched, that was actually a limited edition, but the permanent ones, which also underwent a formula update, come in a very similar selection of shades. I loved this the moment I opened the package and even more when I applied it. I selected the colour, so it's totally a "me" shade - a magenta red shade that I wholeheartedly adore. The formula is reminiscent of my old, sadly already discontinued favourites, Essence Stay Matte Lip Creams, but so much better. It smells the same (vanilla-fruity), applies the same and it's opaque with one coat, but it dries much faster to a perfect matte finish. 
Click2Chic, 9.96 €

*MILANI Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner
01 Blackest Black
I was hoping I'll get a chance to try this one day. I love liquid eyeliners and it will be a great help in making future "job posts". The shape of the nib is very similar to L'Oreal's Perfect Slim. It's a long, felt tip, but precise and well saturated with product. I got it yesterday, so I need some time to properly test it out, but I'm wearing it today and it is indeed very similar to L'Oreal's one, which is still one of my favourites.
Click2Chic, 7.23 €

*BALMI Super Cube Lip Balm
Balmi's were also on my wishlist for a while and purely because they look so cute. I got the coconut version, though they sell so many others including a mint green one and rose gold with a berry scent. It smells exactly like Yves Rocher Malayan Coconut Eau de toilette so pretty good. It's not a super sugary version of coconut scent, but fresher, less candy like. It's a creamy type of lip balm, so luckily not waxy (don't like those) and it nourished my lips well, but I need to get used to the application as I've never used such unique forms of lip balm before.
Click2Chic, 6.49 €

*ESSENCE Wake Up, Spring TE March-April 2016
I got a few bits from Essence's spring collection to swatch for Click2Chic. You can see the preview of the whole collection on Polona's blog here.
Eyeliner pen 01 happy first day of spring - a white felt tip eyeliner. It needs to be layered because it's on the sheer side, but lasts very well. It can transfer, so I would set it with an eyeshadow. //2.19 €
Blush 01 hello sunshine! - I adore the packaging of this because it's like those from Physicians Formula as it has and additional compartment underneath and a mirror. 01 hello sunshine! is a classic peach blush with a highlighter-y finish (finely milled pink shimmer that is only visible under direct light). It's on the sheer side, but with layering you can build up the colour just fine.  //3.59 €
Lipstick pen 02 bye-bye winter! - some seriously good quality lipstick in a pen form. Nicely opaque with a creamy finish, but contains a lot of wax and it completely survived meals and drinking. Impressed. The shade is a basic light-medium neutral pink. //2.49 €

*REVLON Ultra Volume Mascara Waterproof
So Revlon did something unprecedented and discontinued ALL of their mascaras. Pretty crazy, right? Kinda glad I didn't have a favourite among them because I know I'd be devastated. So they decided to completely revamped their system of mascaras. The flashy names and tubes are gone, and what rose on their ashes is a collection of simplified mascaras that don't confuse you with elaborate titles. Not sure how this change will bode with their loyal customers, but I like this step back and taking it all on a more simple level. I got the Ultra Volume one to test, waterproof of course, but regular one exists as well with the same brush and packaging. The brush is that evergreen classic, the good old-school brush that is bigger and comparable to Essence's I <3 Extreme. The formula is thin and as usual for waterproof mascaras it's on the dry side. It defines so well, the brush literally catches every lash and it almost gives an effect like your natural lashes looks so great and you're not wearing tons of mascara. It holds the curl all day. I've been enjoying using this in the last couple of weeks, I usually go for big, fake-looking lashes and this one gives me a more natural effect. Reviews and swatches for the products starting from here are already on the Click2Chic blog.
Click2Chic, 10.49 €

*JORDANA Matte Lipstick
47 Nude
I already have four of these and I praised the formula, not just in the review, but also in my Best Buys under 5 € post. These are wonderful matte lipsticks, way better than you would expect considering the price and their packaging, and they rival much more expensive lipsticks with their smooth and very pigmented formula. When I was picking these, I carefully avoided Nude because I was so sure it's an ugly brown shade. I have never been so wrong in my life. It is stunning. Quite possibly the prettiest nude shade in my collection because it's a mix of my favourite Mac's Peach Blossom and Patisserie, but it's closer to the first and it's matte and not at all in that horrible chalky, dry way. Basically it's a light peachy-pink-beige shade. You can find me wearing it here.
Click2Chic, 2.60 €

*MODELS OWN Chrome Nail Polishes
Chrome Copper and Chrome Grey
I'm not into metallic effects, but I do admit these look cool on the nails, the grey one is actually much better looking for my taste. These are like frosty nail polishes, so those that leave streaks and are not the easiest to apply nicely, but they are very pigmented, one coat is enough, though they recommend two-three. I tried applying more than one, but it kind of got messed up and too thick, so I did one coat and it looked really good. These are supposedly excellent for stamping if you're into such things. I only have an old Essence stamping kit, but it worked well. There are several shades of these including silver and gold, but I only have two: Copper with is a rose gold copper shade, so a bit pinker version of copper. It's lighter than the bottle and I wish it were a bit more intense. Chrome grey is beautiful, it has this gun metal effect since it's medium silver-grey. 
Click2Chic, 5.95 €

*MODELS OWN Hypergel Nail Polishes
Cashmere Rose and Robin Red
I got another shade from this line, the beautiful Midsummer Mauve and the formula is no different. These are the two new shades released recently. Cashmere Rose is a light pink shade with a warm undertone that is similar to Essence's Forgive Me nail polish, while Robin Red is an interesting warm red with a retro feel as it's a bit desaturated, almost like you put an picture ageing filter on red. The formula is thick even for a gel inspired formula and it applies smoothly, plus any bumps even themselves out fast after application. The finish is very glossy as at basically all such formulas. 
Click2Chic, 5.95 €

*REVLON Brow Fantasy
It may not have escaped your notice that I never speak about brow product and there is a simple reason behind that - I don't do anything to my eyebrows. I don't pluck them, shape them, fill them, draw them or whatever the hell kids are doing these days. I'm not saying my eyebrows are perfect, far from it, but they are fine and I think it's such a silly thing to devote your time to, besides, I never notice anyone's eyebrows anyway. But that's just my opinion. Anyway I got this to review/swatch for Click2Chic and I gave it a try. I found the pencil hard like most such products, but it gives more of an effect of a crayon, so it's a pretty soft type of look. The brow gel is tinted, but the tint doesn't show on my eyebrows. The wand is not the smallest, but works fine, it brushes and tames the hairs nicely without a crunchy feeling. Combination of the pencil and gel held all day. The shade I have brunette is completely wrong for my eyebrows, we decided not to post the before/after because of it, as the shade is too light and too warm for me, which gave me reddish eyebrows and mine are actually very cool brown-black. As I said I don't use brow products, so I gave this to someone else to try who's more into these thing and I thought that the pencil is quite hard, but she says it's softer than most and the wand has a bit too much product on it, but the gel is great because it holds the eyebrows in place really well. Basically she liked it, though the pencil could be a bit harder. The shade fit her very well, she's got medium brown hair with a warm undertone. Brow Fantasy has in general an excellent feedback in most reviews I read, check Makeup Alley for more opinions about it.
Shades Dark Blonde and Dark Brunette also exist.

Click2Chic, 10.96 €

Have a great day!

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  1. Same nore pridobitve! Soap & Glory bi itak vse imela, ampak mi je poštnina malo draga, zato samo vsake toliko privlečem kaj iz Gradca. Za Milani Amore Matte sem pa res navdušena, da so zdaj tudi pri nas in si bom za roj. dan sigurno omislila vsaj 2 odtenka (še najbolj všeč sta mi Fling & Allure). Se pa strinjam glede Nikkie Tutorials. Ta "tranny" trend ličenja mi je čist mimo in upam, da čimprej mine.

    1. Ja, poštnina na Boots je grozljiva, jim vsakič napišem naj že enkrat znižajo, ampak zdaj se res nisem mogla upret, pa realno gledano bi več zapravila za bencin, če bi šla v Gradec :)

      Sem bila tako vesela ko sem slišala za Amore Matte :) Bi imela več odtenkov :)

      Meni ta način ličenja res ni všeč. Jaz že če dam dve tanke plasti pudra izgledam grozno fejk, tako da res ne vem kako jim uspe izgledat normalno s toliko ličili. Očitno je to vse v studijskih lučeh. Raje se zgledujem po Lisi Eldridge :)

  2. Nisem našla Dove zadeve v našem Mullerju. Sem prepričana, da ga niti nismo imeli. Imamo precej majhen nabor izdelkov za lase :/.
    Ta trend z Niveino zadevo mene nikakor ni navdušil. Enkrat sem si v kopalnici "izposodila" in preizkusila, pa me ni niti malo navdušilo. Nisem dobila nekega uber sticky občutka, tudi po tem ko sem dlje časa masirala, najbolj pa me je zmotil vonj, ki mi je skoraj iritiral kožo. I'm like...who cares. Drugi primerji čisto dobro delujejo :).
    Eyeliner brush je meni všeč za zabrisovanje barvic namesto eyelinerja, ker je kratek in lahko lepo narišeš kratek wing na koncu. Contour brush je pa odličen za podlago, ga jaz tudi tako uporabljam enega :).
    V tej novi Essence kolekciji me je ravno najbolj zanimal ta bil zanimiv za kakšne looke. Škoda, da ni bolj pigmentiran :/.

    1. Škoda :( Bom šla jaz enkrat v našega pogledat, če ga najdem, pa ti lahko tudi vzamem če želiš. Me je malo strah, da je bil 50% off, ker so ga nehali prodajat, ampak na uradni strani od Dove je še vedno in na Boots ga tudi imajo.

      Pri tem Leclercovem je sticky občutek, ampak se mi zdi da je ta že bolj gel, medtem ko od Nivee je prav losion. So pa ponavadi ti moški izdelki zelo parfumirani in to s tistim cheap vonjem, ki mene prav nič ne privlači :D Iskreno so tudi meni pravi primerji bolj všeč za uporabljat, npr. od Max Factorja, ampak tale losijon mi pa deluje bolje z "zanič" pudri. Ne vem pa zakaj punca to oglašuje kot, da je odkrila Ameriko, ker kakšnih 10 let nazaj smo se punce o istem pogovarjale na forumih in sem celo kupila mini verzijo Nivee.

      Tale eyeliner od Essence me je navdušil kar se tiče obstojnosti, ko sem ga nanesla samo na roko. Ampak na očeh, ko sem delala swatche ni izpadlo tako intenzivno kot sem upala da bo. Pa še odtiska se v crease in umaže se konica. Jaz bi ga uporabljala kot podlago in potem čez se senčilo za bolj intenziven videz.

    2. Če ga boš kje našla 50% mi lahko vzameš, če boš pri volji ;). Za polno ceno ga trenutno res ne rabim, saj imam še druge stvari.

      Meni se zdi, da je pač enkrat to omenila in potem se je ta njen "trend" tako razširil po spletu, da je morala še naprej napihovati. Pač promocija... Je res, da ni nič revolucionarnega. In ja vonj tudi mene odbija. Sploh mi niso všeč ti tipični old school moški vonji.

      Res škoda. Bom raje počakala na tiste iz njihove redne linije, sem videla, da imajo tam tudi neke barvne. Škoda da nimajo še belega. :/

    3. Sure, zmejeno :)

      Ma meni se zdi, da skoz samo o tem govori. Res ni nič novega, pa vonji res niso nekaj kar bi hotel imet na koži.

      Saj bom imela swatche in look v objavi, pa boš videla če se splača. Izgleda bolj kot bi s kredo narisal.

  3. Dizajn Essence blusha res izgleda lepo! Ostale stvari so mi tudi zelo všeč. Moram si kupiti kakšno Jordana matet šminko :)
    Jaz tudi nisem ravno navdušena nad Nikkie. Not my cup of tea. Saj pred kamero izgleda lepo, nič ne rečem. Vseeno pa ne bi svoji koži na dnevni bazi počela tega. Me zanima kakšen si s takšnim heavy nanašanjem mejkapa in tehnikam counturinga pri 40+ :D

    1. Ta blush je ful kjut ko ga odpreš :) Ima notri še napis: "blush up & smile" zraven ogledala. Jordanine šminke so odlične, samo embalaža je super cheap.

      Exactly, lepo izgleda s studijskimi lučmi in pred kamero, ampak ni šans da to ne izgleda kot maska v real life. Ampak če njej tako ustreza, naj tako dela. Talenta ji ne morem zanikat :)

  4. I´m back for comment:):)heheh, uh same itak ful fajn pridobitve. Jst sem pred leti ful rada uporabljala Dove za lase,ful mi je ustrezal, sem imela vedno tako mehke in zdrave lase, pa bi ga verjetn še, če ne bi imela take zmede na lasišču. Js nima pojma glede Essence in Catrice, če je že kj novega v drogerijah, nisem bla že res, ampak res ful časa,ampak tale blush izgleda res luštno. Drčače pa lakci in Milani mi zmaga:)

    1. Zdaj mi prijateljica hvali Dove šampone in balzame. Nazadnje sem njihove šampone uporabljala pri kakšnih petnajstih, maske pa občasno kupujem. Mogoče jih dam še eno šanso, ker je ta serum tako navdušil, čeprav imam zelo rada L'Orealov Extraordinary Oil.

      Ko sem bila jaz nazadnje v drogerijah, Catrice sploh še ni imel znižane stvari. Forever ago, moram se ta teden kaj zapeljat. Ta kolekcija od Essence bo pa šele marca na voljo.

  5. Lots of S&G love, wheeeeeeh! I only ever tried a hand cream from them. And those brushes from ebay look great, so pretty!

    1. Soap & Glory is such a great brand :). Too bad I can only order it online.

  6. Kako so se ti čopiči odnesli? Si jih že kaj uporabljala? :)

    1. Sem ja :). Objava je bila napisana potem ko sem jih že uporabljala, tako da to kar piše pod opisi posameznih čopičev še vedno velja :) Ne moreš ravno romanov pisat o čopičih :D Meni so odlični z izjemno tega trikotnega za tekoči puder. Saj lepo nanese, ampak se mi zdi bolj plastičen kot ostalih in bolj sem navajena na buffing čopiče. Ostali so super :)

  7. Drool-worthy things. I loved everything especially the Soap & Glory items.

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. I just adore the Mist You Madly spray by Soap & Glory :)