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četrtek, februar 18, 2021

BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet
07 Nude-ist
A repurchase. This is one of my favourite ever shades for so many years and old my tube was by now too old to use, so I got another. It's one of the first liquid matte lipsticks I've tried and it's not really the "real deal" like most are today, as it's has a mousse type of formula that takes 5-10, sometimes even 15 minutes to set to a matte finish and it doesn't apply evenly fully opaque in the first coat, but it ends ups a lot more natural looking than opaque liquid formulas that instantly dry to a uniform layer on the lips. It looks more like the lips were stained that way, but it also doesn't last as long as some formulas. However, formulas differ a lot between the shades, Olé Flamingo dries matte fastest and it lasts longest, while Grand Cru is essentially useless. Nude-ist is the best performing shades out of the ones I tried and remained useful longest. Nude-ist is a great every day colour, it's a medium muted warm pink, kind of difficult to describe, but I've loved it since day one. 
Notino, 6,92€

RIMMEL Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner 
063 Eastend Snob
This has been on my list to try for ages, I kept checking if we'll get it on our stands, but it never happened or I missed it and now we don't have Rimmel stands anymore. It's hailed as a pinker version of Pillow Talk lipliner and some even call it a dupe. I don't have the latter and I didn't get it because of that, but the colour fits my taste. Formula is a bit "rubbery" feeling due to thickness and when I tried to apply it the first time, the tip broke off because it wasn't gliding nicely. It’s a thick, heavy formula that I can feel on my lips, but that also bring a positive, as it’s the most resilient and long lasting lip pencil in my collection. Shade is a bit too pink to a good “cheat your lip line colour” and I think Maybelline Dusty Pink is prettier, but this is a nice wearable shade. 
Notino, 3,06 €

REVLON Colorstay Full Cover Foundation
A new foundation by Revlon, or at least new here. I think I got all the shades we have in our drugstores, which is a total of 12 colours (16 exists). Revlon promises full coverage, a matte finish, light-weight feel, 24h staying power and that's it's heat & sweat-resistant. I am not a big fan of the original Colorstay, I was in the past and I still consider it a very similar formula to Nars Sheer Glow on my skin, but by now the normal-dry formula is too dry for my skin, so honestly, I was fully prepared for the possibility I'll hate this, but surprisingly it's ok. Coverage is medium-full, full with an extra coat. Formula is a mousse type of texture, but not nearly as dry as Catrice's or Rimmel's mousse formulas I've tried, those look flaky on me, this does not even if I don’t use a rich base. Finish can be very matte, so I prefer this with a heavy moisturizing formula under it or it feels tight on my dry skin. I would say this likely suits oily skin best, but with a rich cream under it, it's fine all day. It lasts at least 16h on the skin, which is not surprising given my excellent experience with Candid concealer (my big love) and Colorstay. It blends well with all methods I've tried, but it's still noticeable I've wearing a foundation and it could look a bit better over pores, though it doesn’t emphasize, it just doesn’t hide them for such a mousse formula. I'm using a shade 110 Ivory, which is darker than in Colorstay liquid version and is noticeable a poor match for me, but a lighter shade doesn’t exist. Due to the high coverage and finish of this formula it’s very important to find an as close match as you can otherwise you’ll 
experience the floating head effect I get. / drugstores, 12,19 € 

REVLON Colorstay Looks Book 
900 Original
My fourth Looks Book palette, this one is of course by far my favourite since I only wear neutrals. And this is an actual nice neutral selection and not a collection of warm shades like so many such palettes. Pigmentation is like at all others great and the quality of eyeshadow good like at all the others. The brush can quickly pick up the shades and they blend easily. Just another great palette.
12,99 €

REVOLUTION SKINCARE Multi Acid Peeling Solution
This wasn't my first choice, but TO's and The Inkey's List Lactic Acid have been out of stock for so long that I settled for this, since I had nothing apart from a few scraps of already expired stuff. I know it's considered a poor performing dupe for TO 30% AHA, which does nothing on me, so I might seem odd why I chose this, but I decided to try it because it has lactic acid as the main ingredient unlike TO's which has more glycolic, as I find the latter has no effect on my skin and I had a bit more success with Ecooking mask that has mostly lactic acid. It's truly a poor man's TO 30%. Formula is much lighter with a sheer tint compare to wine red TO. I feel zero tingling and I got no results from this, so no smooth or brighter skin. The BHA part might come in handy when I have breakouts, just like TO kinda helped a bit too.  
Lič, 11,19 €

I'm sure you’ve heard of bakuchiol by now, if not haven't google it. Retinol so far has done nothing on my skin, TO's is particularly annoying to me, while the rest feel like I've been using nothing, so honestly I don't expect much from this, but it's worth a try. The Inkey List has a cheap one, but since their Niacinamide serum doesn't suit my skin that well, I opted for this other still affordable version, though I'm not a particular fan of Revolution. This is a lotion type of texture with a lavender tint and it's ok for layering over, but sometimes it can peel on the edges of the face when I apply oil over it. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I see nothing, not that I thought I will so fast, but it's nice simple product to include in the routine and it's not breaking me out. 
Lič, 10,39 €

BALEA Q10 Anti-Falter Energy 24-Pflege
I got this as a potential substitute for Vital Konzentrate, though it's only a kind of similar products as the only thing that's the same is the Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, which I think works ok for me. I was thinking between taking a serum or this, but I read a review on Simple Serenity that said the cream is nicer, so I got it first. The texture is a medium thick cream, one of the nicest to apply and most pleasant in my current collection. I've been using it on most days and though I can't say it's just this, my skin really enjoys Balea's stuff as it has a nice healthy look to it, I'd even some a moderate radiant glow. I know Balea isn't super exciting and some probably look at the ingredients list with fragrances and fillers with a bit of disdain, but a lot of their stuff works for me ok. 
DM, 3.49 €

BALEA Vitamin C Konzentrat
Another products with Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate. Like most of these concentrates it has silicones as the first ingredients, regardless it's a nice formula for a face massage and it doesn't peel. I have one capsule for one use, though some might use less and get an extra or two uses out, but I apply it on my neck too and for a massage I need a bit extra. As expected it's not a greasy formula, more like a dry oil instead and it feel nourishing on the skin for my dry skin. I've been combining it with the Q10 cream and this combination is working for ok me. It’s not an amazing, life-changing combination, but for the price these two are more than decent. 
DM, 1.69 €

BALEA  Vitamin C 2-Phasen Tuch Maske
This has a different version of vitamin C than the other two, here it's Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, plus it has hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and its overall decent in terms of ingredients. It's in two parts, the serum is in a separate compartment than the mask, which is also soaked in essence, which has different ingredients that the serum. The latter is a classic serum, not super light, neither thick and there's more than enough for the face + neck. I'm glad to report Balea's mask material choice has vastly improved since their shaky beginnings. This one is a classic sheet you get at Asian masks, not the super thin one, but that regular thickness that is still very comfortable. It's completely soaked in essence, so just like Asian masks I had enough when I took it off to apply the rests on the entire body + there was enough a lot of extra essence still in the bag. Scent is nothing special and not strong. It's not the most moisturizing mask though, I definitely needed extra care when it all absorbed and my skin became a bit tight, but that was from the serum forming a layer on my skin. I didn't notice an instant glowy skin effect at this one, though the skin looked nice after use. It's a really nice pampering mask due to material and amount of essence, but at Schaebens pink Cell one I feel results are nicer.
DM, 1.99 €

BALEA Vital+ Intensiv Serum
I've been thinking about this for a while now, but Petra from Adjusting Beauty praises convinced me to get this. In terms of ingredients it's a simple moisturising serum (soja oil, glycerin, vitamin E, panthenol, calcum, hyaluronic acid), while I tend to be drawn more to stuff with at least niacinamide, but also vitamins A and C and/or peptides. It has a pipette applicator which is not ideal at this product, as the formula is too thick and a pump would be so much better. Serum smells so good, actually it's the same scent that Babylove products have (or at least had in the past), a powdery creamy scent that's quite strong. It works well under makeup because it's moisturising enough (well, I apply layers of other stuff, but this is the last), yet sinks in fast and leaves a smooth feeling on the skin. I quite like this even if it's not filled with niacinamide, ceramides and other stuff I want in my skin care. It has calcium just like the night moisturiser I have from this line.
DM, 4,99 €

BALEA Glowing Moments Straffende Hydrogel Augen Maske
Of course I got this for the ingredients: niacinamide high on the list, as well as hyaluronic acid and some caffeine. These are exactly like hydrogel patches from Secret Key, a really nice hydrogel, thick and flexible. The don't slide down the face even right after application, so I don't need to wait from the to warm up a bit and they are well saturated. I didn't see any instant results, but they felt nicely cooling under the eyes and ingredients are nice. 
DM, 1,49 €

BABYLOVE Ultra Sensitive Kopf bis Fuß Waschbalsam
Like most I have been washing my hands a lot and those cheap DM/Műller/Spar refills are not the kindest thing to the skin when you use them very often. So I grabbed this in DM. I used to have this as a face cleanser in my teens (regular version), but I wasn't a super big fan because formula is so thin. I still wish this was a lot more creamy and rich, instead it's a classic creamy liquid soap, but my skin is in noticeably better condition and I don't have dry flakes anymore. I use it for face too occasionally and it's a simple, non-drying formula that doesn't burn if it gets into the eyes. This is the sensitive version with no scent and I would prefer to take the scented one, just my preference, but I grabbed because I had 5 seconds and it was the first thing I saw. Bottle is huge with 500 ml and a pump, which is very trigger-happy, so it can spritz across the sink (or freshly washed dress...).
DM, 3,29 €

MIXA Baby & Adult Soothing Cleansing Oil for Body & Hair Atopiance
This is not an oil! Why is it in the name when it's just a run-of-the-mill gel? It's my fault, I should have checked the ingredients list, but I read it at home on DM's website and I was apparently looking at another product. I'm not mad though because this is a pleasant formula. Just like Babylove I've been using it to wash my hands since I do it so many times a day and this is noticeably less drying than my random soap from Müller. I've also started using it for my face, in fact it completely replaced my Balea gel and foam and I think it will stay that way. My skin doesn't get tight as fast as with Balea gel and this doesn't irritate my eyes, plus it has nice ingredients with even some niacinamide. I like this, I'll likely repurchase. It's not scented. 
DM, 3,19 €

DOVE Crème Dusch-Peeling
Macadamia & Reismilch
Oh, this is good! I mean it's not an amazing scrub like Soap & Glory's one, but I love the formula of this. It's so delightfully creamy with a ton of small beads that almost feel like if I were using a baking soda (they are a bit larger) and it scrubs well enough, yet doesn't feel at all abrasive. The scent is as usual for Dove another great creamy goodness, so I'm really enjoying this one. It has an extra plastic lid inside the pot so the product doesn't dry out. Love this, it feels such a luxury to use it.
Müller,  3,99 €

DOVE Deeply Nourishing Shower Gel
I've been buying the super cheap stuff most of last year (Balea, what else) so buying one of this one again feels so good. Dove is makes the best ever shower gels, they are so creamy and lovely for dry skin. I'm also a huge fan of the classic Dove cream scent. 
DM, 2,49 €

DOVE Care & Protect Hand Cream
This caught my eye because it claims to have an anti-bacterial effect (not alcohol based, but with Benzethonium Chloride). I loved the idea of a hand cream and anti-bacterial product in one, especially since most gels can be so drying with frequent use. I don't rely solely on this and still use my 48 spray often, but it's a nice, inexpensive hand cream with the extra benefit. Formula is on the light side and absorbs quickly with no residue when applied in a thin coat, but any more there is a bit of stickiness left for a while before it dries. It smells freshly floral, it's not really a Dove scent I recognize, but it's a simple, likeable one.
DM, 1.99 €

DOVE Hand Cream Vital
I got this because of AHA's, specifically a small amount of lactic acid this has. I'm hoping this will improve the back of my hands, so they will look more even. I'm already a fan of this formula, for one it smells divine - if you know Dove's Coconut Milk with Jasmine Petals scents, this is the same, that gorgeous feminine creamy scent. This one if thicker than Care & Protect, though still a bit lighter than my favourite Balea Urea hand cream. Most of it absorbs quickly, though a thin layer of product remains on the skin for a while, but it's not greasy, more like lightly moist. 
Müller, 1,95 €

BALEA Hornhaut Reduzier Crème
I got this because of reviews, as some say it truly helps with thick, rough skin on the soles and corns (I don’t have the latter, just thick skin). I was apprehensive about believing that because of the ingredients. Since it say has fruit acids on the packaging, I'd expect them high on the list in a larger concentration, but that's not the case and it's mostly a nourishing formula. I like the texture, it feels nicely rich just the way I like them. I've been using this for a while daily and this hasn’t made a positive difference, but to be fair nor do those peeling socks on me, I just have the weirdest skin when it comes to acids. It has a nice fruity smell. 
DM, 1,99 €

DOVE Nourishing Secrets Coconut & Jasmine 48h anti-perspirant
 Standard repurchase. I've been using this for quite a while now. It's works and that's all that matters. I don't notice the scent anymore, but it's coconuty. 
DM, 3,29 €

I kind of have this already, well the SPF25 version that's sold in DM, while this version is in Müller's. I got the small one to keep in my pockets. I like the formula of this one, it's rich, yet it absorbs fast plus it has an SPF, which isn't the norm here when it comes to hand creams. 

BALEA Badesalz
Over the Cloud
A bath salt with a sweet tropical scent. I've had a few of these and the scent kind of gets lost in a large bath. I haven't opened this yet, but the scent can be tested on the packaging. Here it's how it looks inside, pale pink bath salt.
DM, 0,79 €

BALEA Pflegecreme 
Let's Be Magical
I had the shower gel with this scent and it wasn't' anything special, but this one is a nicer floral scent, less citrusy. These are Balea's classic cream like Nivea or Solea, though they are lighter and absorb faster. They had a ton of limited editions so far and I used to buy the regularly, but I've stopped because these get bad way before their expiration date (change texture and become glassy). They work as hand creams well. 
DM, 0.99 €

*SEBAMED Anti-Polution Day Care SPF20
This caught my eye because of ingredients as it has fermented lactic acid bacteria high on the list, as well as some niacinamide and Q10 + most importantly some SPF, though it's a bit low, but for winter good enough. This is a thick and rich moisturiser, which makes it well suited for my dry skin. If I planned to wear this as a sunscreen, I can only get 1/3-2/3 of what it considered the "sufficient amount", I apply it in a normal amount and it can sit on the skin for a while, but it depends on how dry is my skin. On normal-combination, if not applied in a small amount, this may feel too heavy. Serum exists, which might be lighter and ingredients are very similar. It's scented with a nice gentle scent and makeup goes over it fine. I like this for this season.
Pharmacies and Müller, about 13 €

*LAZARTIGUE Nourish High Nutrition Mask Shea Butter
I like this. A lot. I don’t want to because it's expensive, but this is a really good mask for very dry, coarse, thick, bleached hair. Texture is surprisingly light for such an ingredients list, so I actually had some doubts this won't be rich enough for me (The Body Shop Shea mask with a similar list is much thicker, but actually not as good) and I was also concerned it will leave my hair without slip and hard to brush since it's silicone free, but the opposite happened. This made my hair feel like I just did an overnight Olaplex n.0+ n.3 + Cantu treatment. Granted I did use Farmasi Keratin spray, which my cousin says makes her hair super soft, but this combination left my hair softer than any mask/treatment apart from Olaplex + Cantu trio, my hair was well nourished, especially the ends and the effect lasted about 5-6 days, which makes it better than most masks on my hair (Cantu is the only contender). While when I was rinsing it off, it didn't quite feel like a silicone mask, when I began drying it there were no tangles, so La Croa spray had the day off, unexpectedly. The scent is the only bothersome thing to me, it has a strong "natural" scent that lingers, luckily it was gone by day two. I'm very impressed by this one, sadly knowing due to price I'll end up obsessively saving it for special occasions like I do with all great stuff.
Pharmacies, about 40 € 

OLAPLEX No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 
I have everything Olaplex now apart from the shampoo. I love the results n.0 + n.3 + n.6 create (soft hair) and now I got the conditioner too. I didn't get it's turn yet, but I'll report back if it's anything special or it contributes even more the the n.0+n3 combo.  
Lič, 22,39 €

OGX Bonding Plex Conditioner
I had no idea this existed, but apparently it's been around for a while, just not here in our drugstores. When I see "plex", I immediately go research the ingredients list, see what that company tries to sell me as the "bonding ingredient" (Olaplex has the real deal, the rest not really) and research the science behind it. At OGX it's Cystine Bis-PG-Propyl Silanetriol, which is not new and this research showed it helps combat breakage. Formula is very rich and thick, so a bottle is a terrible packaging for this and I can already see it will be troublesome (maybe I should move it to a pot). I used this in combination with the bonding cream and when I started blow-drying it my hair was noticeably more smooth, but there was zero slip, it felt like I had a lot of product on, so I had to apply a ton of La Croa so the brush and my fingers could glide through the hair. Luckily this was all completely fixed. I always put my freshly blow-dried hair in a tight bun and leave it overnight. By the morning my hair was light, not tangled and smooth - it looked and felt really good. A similar thing happens to me at Cantu, it's just a formula that looks better the second day with my bun trick. This is the only product that I will say I notice it makes my hair noticeably stronger. It only lasts a few days until my ends are dry again and hair become brittle, but on the first days where I see that white dot/break on the hair, it doesn't just snap off like usually, it takes some force to break completely. So this the best product I've tried for damaged hair that has actual immediate results. It may feel heavy on thin hair, but I have been wrong before predicting such things. The packaging is almost 400 ml, which is nice to see. 
Notino, 10,40€

OGX Bonding Plex Bonding Cream
A leave-in treatment that's applied on damp hair after washing. I use this at every wash now. Alone it's not as effective as in combination with the conditioner, but since it's a leave-in I can use it with any conditioner I want. It's a medium thick cream that's easy enough to apply on the hair. It's a type of formula that is best on damp hair only. I really appreciate this has a pump.

INEBRYA Ice Cream Keratin Restructuring Mask
I got this due to very impressive looking ingredients, while there are almost no reviews online, so I had no idea what to expect. This is the only mask I've found with so much ceramides and it also has proteins high on the list. Formula is very light, like a conditioner that more on the liquid side. I'm more used to rich formulas, so that surprised me because it feels very light. When I was rinsing it off it felt like it has a lot of slip and indeed when I started drying my hair there was no tangled and my brush ran smoothly through the hair. I expected this to make my hair smooth, since ceramides act like a cement of sort and keep the cuticle smooth, but this doesn't have much frizz control, certainly not like OGX. It's ok, it was moisturising enough for my hair, though it's the type where I know effect won't last long and I'll have to use considerably more leave-in that at Lazatigue. 
DM, 10,99 € (500 ml) 

JOHN FRIEDA Full Repair Hydrate and Rescue Deep Conditioner Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair
I liked this a lot the first day because it quite successfully for a drugstore mask tames frizz and I had sleeker hair than with most drugstore treatments, but my hair got very dry on the 3rd day (not tangled, though), so this is a mask I have to combine with a lot of leave-ins for my type of hair. I think I'll explore JF Frizz purple line, it looks like it might be able to handle my super frizzy mane, but I'll have to combine it with Cantu and La Croa.
DM, 8,79 €

LANGHAARMÄDCHEN Haarmaske Moisture Care
I like the ingredients list of this one because it looks like the perfect hydrating hair mask: glycerine, panthenol, arginine, hyaluronic acid, serin and other amino acids. It has no silicones, which was noticeable on my hair because it wasn't easy to comb, as this didn't provide much slip or detangle. Formula is light, though not super liquid and it's the type that I think won't weigh down anyone's hair. For me it was overall way too light, I had an unprecedented level of frizz (it looked like I had twice as much hair. Like Hagrid) and my ends were bone dry on the second day + very tangled. I couldn't fix it with anything, my hair was just absorbing everything in hours and became so brittle. It has a high feedback online, which I guessing is from people with thin hair that gets weighed down fast, but when I read them some mentioned they have bleached hair and I just don't get why they like it. Ingredients are great, but this is missing something nourishing for dry hair.
DM, 3,49 €

GUHL Tiefen Aufbau 1 Minute Intenziv Repair Konzentrat
Their mask has been on my list to try for a while, but I picked up these two small versions instead to try first. I could live without trying this. It's quite a bland formula, like an average conditioner and like most drugstore stuff it kept my ends moisturised for a day and that was it. Formula is thin-medium, easy to apply, but not rich and it has a very strange scent. Not terribly impressive to me, but for thin hair with dry ends it's going to be just fine.
Müller, 1.95 €

L'OREAL Elvive Dream Lengths Steam Mask
I've been avoiding this ever since I've tried Balea Professional mask, which did not impress me at all (though most like it), but this was recommended to me when I posted about Balea. What actually convinced me to finally buy this was a bad review. It mentioned that they hate how oily the cap is and I was immediately intrigued by this - I wanted that oiliness, since my hair is so dry. It's damn expensive for a single treatment, so expected a lot for it to be worthy a repurchase. This one has the mask or treatment in a separate compartment, which is an instant plus if you have long hair, though it's only 20 ml and I had to add some Cantu because it wasn't enough, but for thin and shorter hair it should be ok. It's typical formula for a L'Oreal mask, not very heavy, but still nicely creamy. The cap is indeed oily, but not dripping with oil like I read in that review and it wasn't as messy as I expected. You're supposed to activate the heating effect by rubbing the compartment with the mask before you open it and this is the first out of three such masks I've tried at which the heating effect actually works and it works quite well, it's just that it's quite a temporary thing. Effects are ok, I just expected a lot more. That oil I hoped would help achieve a frizz free, smooth blow out, but it worked the same as Inebrya Keratin Restructuring mask, where you get a lot more bang for your money. My hair felt great to the touch for the first few days, though not "normal people soft", but nicely smooth and I only had to blow dry my hair + put it in a tight bun for a nice smooth effect and I didn't need extra curling, but the effect only lasted two days. It's ok, it's just way too expensive for what I get on my hair, it's not super nourishing like Lazatigue and effects are very temporary on me, but I might still get it once to try with a generous coat of a good mask because I like the cap, since it's oily + it actually heats up. Those with thin hair might have a problem with the oily cap.
DM, 3,99 €

A repurchase. One of my favourite hair mask precisely because it's the thickest drugstore formula which my hair needs. Ingredients are fantastic and it's one of those formulas that manages to make my hair more smooth. I'm still forced to buy these satchels because local Müller still doesn't have a pot. 
Müller, 1.99 €

LA CROA Argan Macadamia Oil Nourishing Mask
I haven't had this version before. Ingredients are similar than the keratin mask, just with less protein. I'll report back when I try it. 
Müller, 1.99 €

A repurchase. It's well established I love this. This is my fourth bottle of the best detangler, smoother, shine giver and moisturizer. Awesome stuff, but La Croa needs to make a supersize. 
Müller, 8.99 €

AUSSIE Scent-sational Conditioning Leave-in Spray Smooth
When these first came out, the ingredients list & price didn't exactly drag me into a purchase, however, I just randomly remembered them because I wanted a hair fragrance. Ingredients are actually fine, albeit basic. I like this, a lot. I didn't read reviews before, but I did after I bought this and was surprised to see a very high feedback - and it deserves it because this is a very unique product. I spray this in the morning and every time I touch my hair during the day, it's like the scent activates and I get a whiff of the pretty Aussie fruity scent. I was afraid the formula won't work well on dry hair and it will make the hair too wet, but while it's not siliconey like La Croa, it doesn't mess with my hair and make it more frizzy when it dries. It's not an amazing at smoothing, but still good. The scent aspect is the selling point at this one and I'm glad I took got it.  
DM, 7.99 €

FARMASI Keratin Spray
This was on my wishlist since my cousin gave it to me to try once and now she got iz for me as a gift. It makes her hair super soft - now she has a completely different texture than me, her hair is naturally sooo much softer than mine since it’s normal-thin, while mine is thick and coarse. It works on me pretty well too. It's light, I don't think it would weight down any type of hair, it's got nice ingredients, mostly water + silicones + hydrolysed proteins, so great combination for damaged hair. It not like La Croa, so not a detangler and I don't feel as much slip from it than from the serum, but the softening part gets two thumbs up. Farmasi is a catalogue thing, like Avon and Oriflame. 
4.99 €

FARMASI Keratin Therapy Repairing Serum
Another Farmasi product with nice ingredients (honestly I checked the rest and not a lot is interesting apart from this line). It again has hydrolised proteins, so good for damaged hair. Formula is thin, still I wanted it, but it's the type of texture I have to use 5+ pumps and it still might not be enough for my hair for look smooth and more polished. It's more suited for thin hair and there's only 30 ml which won't last too long if I use it often, but I liked the ingredients and I wanted to have a set of spray and serum.
7.99 €

AVON Today
Eau de Parfum and luxury body lotion
What a well done scent by Avon. Every now or then I head to Fragrantica and explore the fragrance and this caught my eye due to great reviews that describe it as Avon's best fragrance. It's a creamy floral, so fresh yet warm, clean and feminine, it's like a very nice body lotion and the first burst is like spring in a bottle. It smells like a warm, sunny spring day and walking by blooming flowers, which then turns into a creamy goodness. There's no sharp green or floral note that might bother my nose. The body lotion is not as impressive as the fragrance, it’s ironically unexpected less creamy and jut a basic linear floral. Formula is a thin lotion that's not really best suited for dry skin and it's heavily scented as expected.
Notino, 3,90 €

AVON Far Away
Eau de Parfum 
Another scent I found through reviews on Fragrantica. It's described as a great 90's scent and it is, it definitely reminds me of those days, but it's not amazing all the time. First impression were good. I smelled a rich, creamy vanilla with a tiny bit of coconut note too, so a nice soft, warm, cosy and creamy fragrance. But the longer I have it, the more I smell fakeness. I get this artificial strong peach first burst and sometimes that vanilla smells like basic bland car freshener. I don't know why such a change, but BBW makes nicer cosy, warm timeless scents with much less artificial fruity notes.
Notino, 7,90 €

ORIFLAME Lost in You 
New Valentine's fragrance by Oriflame. I got both women's and men's fragrance and as you can see on the bottom picture the bottles were designed to fit together.

Lost in You eau de Parfum Her
Top notes: pink pepper, ginger, blackcurrant
Heart: pear, tuberose, peony
Base: ambrox, patchouli, tonka, musk
This starts so spectacularly powdery and warm, I just adore that first burst, but sadly it's quickly over and it then develops into something less unique, though still nice, a clean, powder, warm scent. In an hour or so it gets the typical Oriflame note that’s in Possess the Secret and a couple other scents. Luckily I detect zero patchouli, which is odd since it's in the notes and my skin always amplifies it tenfold. It's not a very long lasting fragrance and it's gone is a couple of hours. 
19.99 €

Lost in You eau de Parfum Him
Top note: Ginger, Rhubarb, Apple
Heart note: Star Anis, Geranium, Tonka
Base note: Sandalwood, Cypriol, Vanilla
I don’t like many male fragrances, they all smell so similar, sharp and bland, but this such a nice one. I think it’s the rhubarb-apple-vanilla combo that makes it smell so good that I consider it unisex. It still has that note in the back that makes it smell “manly”, but in a much less obnoxious fashion than most. It's clean, powdery, fruity and soft. Some man might consider it too girly or that it doesn't have the traditional men fragrance vibe to it, but I think younger crowds will enjoy it. 
19.99 €

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  1. This looks beautiful. My current perfumes are from , an online shopping / e-commerce website. My sister and I are always making some purchase from it because the items are from US and EU suppliers. This helps us to get our favorite perfumes even when we are at home. It was really covenient.

  2. Sem zadnjič pregledala Revlon v drogeriji in z žalostjo ugotovila, da je Buff temenjši kot pri Colorstay. Zakaj to delajo? Ivory je pa seveda preveč hladen zame. Slišim pa same pohvale na to formulo in sem jo res želela preizkusit, ampak bi mogla skoraj ziher dva odtenka mešat med sabo. To pa mi ni ravno.

    Me veseli, da ti je Balea serum všeč. Res lepo diši. Tak čist cozy vonj.

    Far Away mene ni prepričal, se spomnim, da sem imela nekrat tester. Ne bom pa nikoli prebolela Far Away Exotic, ki so ga vzeli iz prodaje. To je bil moj en najljubših parfumov. Se pa splača preizkušati Avon parfume, sploh kakšne testerje, ker večkrat naredijo kakšne res unikatne vonje. :)

    1. I know, right?! :/ Imam 12 odtenkov in mi noben ne paše, ampak puder je dober, če želiš visoko prekrivnost in predvsem nekaj kar ostane na mestu cel dan. Razlika med Ivory pri tekočem in tem je velika, tako da ga ne morem nosit. Meni bi bilo sicer top, če bi imeli isto formulo kot Candid korektor še puder, obstoječi mi je presuh, ampak načrtujem nakup Glow verzije.

      Ja, serum je kul :) Sicer ne tako kot CV roza, ampak ga kar redno uporabljam zjutraj :) Diši mi pa isto kot Babylobe Kopf bis Fuss moder gel na pumpico, če je še enak vonj.

      Joj, Exotic! Kok je bil to dober parfum. Sem imela testerje in butelj nikoli kupila. Pa Herve Leger nek roza je bil tudi top, pa ga že leta ni več. Imam kar nekaj parfumov na seznamu želja oz. bi si jih želela vsaj preizkusit v katalogih, če bi jih imela. Pa mini flaške me tako mikajo, meni so miniji vedno všeč.