Catrice More than Nude Nail Polish in Pearly Ballerina

nedelja, april 28, 2019

Five shades of these More than Nude nail polishes exist, all promise a visible brightening effect, but not due to some whitening ingredient in the formula, but due to the tiny shimmer. Though I liked the look of these in the shop, seeing the price made me gasp for a moment. Not that's it's very expensive, but still this is a Catrice nail polish, pretty packaging or not.

Shade: Pearly Ballerina is a pale off-white pink with tiny blue shimmer that does indeed create a brightening effect. Together with the shimmer this shade looks pale lavender. Formula is sheer and three coats get you about 80% coverage. 

Packaging: The cap is in two parts, the rose gold cap is just a cover for a smaller handle that easier to hold. The brush is a wide one and the same as on Essence nail polishes.

Staying power: This lasts like most nail polishes on my nails, but I'm the worst example when it comes to staying power because I always get at least a week. I haven't heard much reports about these if they are fine for others too.

Price and availability: These cost 4.79 € and are sold in all drugstores.

If you like sheer nude and frosty nail polishes these are a good drugstore buy. Formula applies nicely, it does have the promised brightening effect and it lasts well. 

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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