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torek, april 30, 2019

I already featured this in my last monthly favourites under "good first impressions" together with two other mascaras and this is the one that became my every day pick. It got even better with time and this is definitely the type of mascara I love most - not overly dramatic like Essence mascaras can be, but it still gives a good amount volume, plus I just love how it manages to put every one of my dishevelled lashes in its place. It never fails to fan out my lashes in a nice way and it's never clumpy not matter how many layers I apply. In terms of holding a curl it's not perfect, but none of the regular mascaras are, still it's similar enough to Beyu's Beauty Queen, which for everyday use is enough for me, but for special occasions or picture days I'll still pick Essence's I <3 Extremes waterproof. It's also so much easier to remove than Essence formulas which is a big plus because I don't like following with an extra remover after my usual routine. I think this is one of those mascaras that's also often on offer and it deserves a repurchase when it runs out. 

I've been testing quite a few eyeshadows in the past year and this is the one that came on top. As far as my preferences go this is the best formula I've tried or at least one of the best (Milani's Gilded Desires is similarly amazing and I'd use that palette a lot if it had a cool selection of shades). I love the intense pigmentation, how fast I can apply it with fingers and I don't have to build it up to eternity, plus it blends easily with any fluffy brush I have at hand. This shade is also very wearable and classic, so I truly like this one a lot.

I've always been one of those who has a clear division in my hair care routine between regular oils and these silicone oils. I considered the latter to be more or less just styling products with some (temporary) care properties. I use regular oils when my hair is very dry to nourish it and silicone oils when I want shine, a more polished look and to hide the frizzies. I've been using regular oils (mostly coconut) every day since I bleached and dyed my hair and by the next day my hair had absorbed all of it and I had to repeat the process. Then I randomly decided to apply a ton of Orofluido instead and I was amazed to see that my hair still felt fine by the next day and the effects were in general much more long lasting. This formula works wonders on very dry hair when applied in large quantities and it doesn't feel greasy or heavy. Moroccaoil is the same, the main difference is the scent and that at Moroccanoil my hair dries faster with a dryer, but overall these are very similar and yes, better than the cheap drugstore stuff - when your hair is so thick and coarse as mine you definitely notice the difference between the cheap stuff and salon products. Both of these smell amazing which is an extra plus. By the way, Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Treatment is also very similar to both of these and worth the purchase, I just was never a fan of the scent.

I don't like this mask for its "normal" purpose, so as a wash-off treatment after shampoo because it's quite light for me, plus it's got no silicones and I want silicones in my care otherwise my hair gets knotty due to not having any slip to it, though this one isn't so bad in that respect. The effect of drugstore masks lasts about a day on me, which is not enough, however, this is the only mask and/leave-in treatment  in one I've ever came across and it works much better as a leave-in conditioner for me and I've started using on some days in instead of coconut oil in the morning. It's got glycerine high on the list which is a humectant meaning it prevents water loss from the hair and then sadly only lower than the 5th place it's also got shea butter, olive oil, banana fruit juice, sunflower oil and very low on the list coconut oil. As a simple moisturising leave-in it's a lovely product that doesn't feel sticky or heavy and it doesn't leave any annoying residue on the hair. The banana scent is not my favourite, but it's nice candy banana/very sweet ripe banana scent which I know most people love. It also lasts on the hair which I actually appreciate because I like if my hair smells perfumey. For most people this should be a very good deeply nourishing treatment if you're looking for an affordable hair mask, but I'll stick to using this as a leave-in after using a more nourishing mask.


Since I don't have many favourites, at least ones I haven't mentioned enough in past months, plus I had no new makeup bits to test in a month meaning I could finally stick to a makeup routine using just my favourites, so I'm sharing it here as a part of this post. I've been using the same products every day because I keep these things in a plastic drawer that I can quickly grab in the morning.  

This isn't my favourite, but it's a decent very light coverage foundation with a pale shade that fits me well. I use this one because I know I can easily get a new one when it runs out and since the shade fits me, I don't have to deal with lightening drops. But for days when I want to look good I always pick Milani Conceal + Perfect in 00A or Deborah City Defense. I'm saving Milani's one because I have to order it online otherwise I'd wear it every day. I always use a cheap AliExpress oval brush to apply foundation because it's so fast and blends perfectly.

I have many high coverage concealers that I rotate, but I stuck to this one this month. It's my favourite primarily because of the neutral pale shade, but otherwise it's about the same as Collection  Lasting Perfection, Essence Camouflage + Healthy Glow, and several other formulas.

Mentioned above. It's a wonderful every day mascara that give a nice amount of natural looking volume. 

My standard for years now. I use this eyeliner every day as it's the super black, mat, it lasts all day and I like the applicator.

Not a massive fan of the formula, but I love this unique antique gold-green shade with purple shimmer. I always go with just one shade on the lids and quickly blended edges because with my hooded eye shape it's just a waste of time to bother with more shades.

Mentioned above. A wonderful pigmented formula that's easy to apply with fingers. I blend with any brush I have at hand.

My recent new all-time favourites. I haven't put these down since I got them a month or two ago. I rotate the shades since I love all of them.

Another one of my more recent all-time favourites. This highlighter has the most amazing glow with the tinniest shimmer. It works best if I apply it on still damp foundation. I also apply this with fingers.

I swap my lip colours a lot more than my other makeup, but this month my most used shade was Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick in 02 Flaming Rose, which is a wonderful matte formula. I also often use Max Factor's Honey Lacquer in Honey Nude and their Color Elixir Glow in Enchanted Coral. My other every day favourites include Oriflame The One lipstick in Pink Flair and Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in Embrace.


I've had this for maybe a year and I use it regularly hoping it will finally surprise me, but that day just won't come. This is so weak. I get almost nothing from it apart from slightly brighter and a bit more healthy looking skin, but not as much as I get from a non-AHA sheet mask. I get no tingling with this, so it feels like it's not working and my skin just doesn't feel nor look smoother with this, not even with regular use. I've been trying to fade three blemish marks on my cheeks that refuse to go away and this isn't doing anything. I'm just not impressed with this stuff and the physical exfoliator from Skinfood (Black Sugar) makes my skin feel so much smoother, albeit temporarily. I fear I'm a lost case when it comes to smooth skin and AHA's

Another product I've been using for a year and I'm just not seeing the results I wanted based on reviews. It's not fading my blemish marks at all nor making my skin more even and I've been very patient with it. I like the dry oil texture and the packaging is great for protecting the product in inside as no air enter the tube, but that's about it. I ordered a new vitamin C product to try by Tiam.

HASK Argan Shine Hair Oil
I picked this up randomly at the same time I bought their argan masks (which will again be perfectly good for most people, but on me effects lasted a day and I had to co-wash my hair on the second day because it got too dry). This has the same three ingredients from the start as Moroccanoil plus keratin amino acids - an extra moisturiser and not protein, I believe. Before anyone get excited - they are not the same. Moroccanoil is thicker and feels better, but HASK is a very decent drugstore offering and good enough for most people. It's not overly light, yet not super thick which means it will likely suit all types of hair and as always it's not greasy since it's a silicone oil. It's a standard silicone oil that will do the job of giving shine and taming the hair, plus it smells of kind of like oranges so it gives some fragrance to the hair. This is the only version they sell which makes me feel like I'm buying a sample and it's only 18 ml, which is not the best drugstore buy, even though it's only 2-3 €, but it's a great size to carry in the bag and I'm one of those who always carries one of these around (currently I have Orofluido in one bag and Kerastase in another). Three other versions exist: Keratin complex, Macadamia and Monoi Coconut oil, I'm sure they are all about the same.

LANCÔME Visionnaire Crescendo Progressive Night Peel - I know I'll never buy this because the price is just not acceptable for some irrelevant skin care product, but I heard amazing reviews about this and naturally I'm tempted. Ingredients look terrible though, with tons of alcohol. // LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask - I heard raves about this and though my lips are not often dry, I'd like to try it as a night treatment. They recently released more scents, but I'd like the original Berry. // MAYBELLINE Tattoo Liner Gel Pencil - I haven't bought a black eyeliner in more years that I care to remember and I always just use an eyeshadow in my waterline because I never know which one to pick in the drugstore, but this review by Gemma convinced me 100%. I hope we have it here. // MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule (2019 Renewal) - I wanted this even before they changed the formula (they do that a lot I see) and I'd like to try something new in my skin care routine. It's hailed as a dupe for Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair which I loved in the past // OLAPLEX No. 6 Bond Smoother Reparative Styling Crème - I'm nearing the end of n.3 and I've already repurchased a bottle, since it's a must for bleached hair. Olaplex finally released a leave-in product too and I heard good things about it. If they had it in online shops where I usually order, I'd already be mine, but I guess I have to wait for a bit. // MATRIX Total Results Miracle Morpher Slim Down Lipid Smoothing Treatment - I've just shelled a ton for hair care and this was one of the products I saved for a later purchase. It's a regular conditioner-like hair treatment with good reviews and it comes in a 500 ml version which is a big plus. 

Have a great day!

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  1. So many beautiful products! I love that ColourPop highlighter it's such a pretty colour and so blinding too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Flexiterian is a true gem among highlighters :)

  2. Me mika tole L.O.V senčilo, izgleda, kot moje vrste odtenek. <3 Ampak kaj, ko je pri nas nemogoče priti do njihovih izdelkov (na Ličila.si je res preslaba izbira).
    Škoda, da ti Melano CC ne ustreza. Si mi pa prihranila nekaj evrov, ker sem ga mislila preizkusiti. Sedaj uporabljam nekaj dni Evelinov vitamin C, pa mi je kar všeč. Bom vidla, kako bo na daljši rok. So ga Hrvatice kar pohvalile, čeprav sestavinsko baje ni najboljši... Prvič v življenju uporabljam serum z malo višjo koncentracijo vitamina C, pa sem se vseeno odločila, da ga preizkusim, ker ne bi rada že prvič odštela velike količine denarja.

    Super lista želja. Si me premamila s tem Maybelline svinčnikom. Ga moram ob priliki naročiti, ker me zanima, kako se obnese na waterline-u. Zaenkrat mi je za ta del najbolj všeč le Urban Decay-ev, ker res fuuul zdrži.
    Laneige masko za ustnice pa sem naročila skupaj z water sleeping masko za obraz že pred kakšnim mesecem, pa še kar čakam. :D Upam, da bo oboje kul.

    1. Zelo me mika naročit več teh senčil pa še kakšen L.O.V. blush na tisti nemški strani. Sicer je bedno na blef kupovat ker swatchev noben več ne dela, ampak sta moji najljubši formuli. Ličila.si so me zelo razočarali z izbiro. Pričakovala sem celoten izbor izdelkov, pač nadomestilo za celo stojalo, ne pa par stvari.

      Ne zaradi mojih izkušenj skenslat Melano. Ocene na spletu so zelo dobre in jaz sem le ena random uporabnica, ki ji izdelek ni ustrezal. Bom videla kako se bo Tiam obnesel in če moja koža sploh profitira kaj od vitamina C. Eveline je znamka, ki se je izogibam zaradi izjemno pretiranih obljub na škatlicah in ker imajo vsi izdelki, ki so me zanimali mineralno olje, ki mi pa žal maši pore. Tale vidim, da ga celo nima. Mi je potencialno zanimiv :)

      Gemma pravi, da je Maybellinov svičnik izjemen, pa je prej tudi ona uporabljala UD. Sem videla že slovensko reklamo na IG, mogoče je že pri nas. Moram it pogledat.

      U, poročaj za obe stvari. Lip sleeping mask sem že skoraj naročila, pa je bilo skupaj z drugo stvarjo že 23 € in nisem hotela tvegat carine. Upam, da pride, tele korejske stvari je treba kar čakat :/

    2. Jaz mam nagledane predvsem njihove lake, ker vem, da si jih zelo pohvalila. Ampak me bolj odbija visoka poštnina, kot pa kupovanje ''na pamet''. :/
      Tudi jaz sem pri Ličila.si pričakovala celotno ponudbo. Pogrešam predvsem lakce za nohte in mojo najljubšo L.O.V maskaro - Guilty eyes wp.

      Mogoče vseeno preizkusim Melano, ampak sem zdaj malo skeptična. Mam pa tudi drugače nagledanih kar nekaj vitaminov C. Bomo videli, za katerega se odločim, ko porabim Eveline. Zaenkrat sem zadovoljna z njim. Nič me ne draži. Lepo sijočo kožo naredi, pa opazila sem, da mi je en madež (sem imela nekaj časa nazaj nadležen herpes in mi je prvič v življenju po njem ostal madež :O) skoraj popolno izginil. Upam, da mi ga čisto odpravi. Ker ostale stvari iste uporabljam, tako, da bi skoraj moral biti vitamin C za to zaslužen... Me pa zelo zanima, kako ti bo Tiam in ti želim, da boš imela z njim boljše rezultate, kot z Melano. :)

      Uuu, super, zdaj po tej primerjavi z UD, me pa še bolj zanima. :) Do sedaj mu še noben ni prišel blizu, razen Sephorin kolikor tolikor, ampak ta mi je itak nedostopen.

      Poročam definitivno. To čakanje me res živcira, ampak po drugi strani je tak dober občutek, ko dobiš dolgo pričakovan paket. :D Se mi je pa npr. ravno danes zgodilo, da je ena sončna krema prišla 10 dni pred predvidenim rokom. :D Sem bila kar presenečena.

    3. Poštnina je res totalno previsoka, tudi nad 25 € ko ti dajo popust 4 € :/Bi moralo bit že kar veliko naročilo, da se ti zdi bolj sprejemljiva. Laki, blush in magnetne senčke se najbolj splača naročit.

      No saj imaš Eveline in če ti paše, raje ne spreminjaj :) Jaz za Eveline še vedela nisem in mi je malo žal, ker čakat iz Koreje je res tečno.

      Včeraj sem bila v drogeriji in čisto pozabila pogledat ta eyeliner :/ Ga je pa Petra že kupila in bo nam zihr povedala, če se ga splača kupit. Sicer že Gemmi zelo zaupam :)

      Pred rokom meni pridejo samo paketi iz Tajvana in Japonske. Iz Koreje je treba vedno nenormalno dolgo čakat :/

    4. Ja, Eveline mi je zaenkrat odličen. Ampak sem še v FB skupini o kozmetiki po nakupu spraševala glede sestavin (ker jaz sem totalen anti-talen zato) in jih niso glih najbolj pohvalile, zato ga nekak že od začetka ''podcenjujem'' in kljub temu, da se je do sedaj dobro obnesel, skos razmišljam, da moram potem kasneje kakšnega sestavinsko boljšega nabavit. :) Sem pa ga zasledila prvič pred kratkim v eni hrvaški skupini o kozmetiki, pa so ga kar pohvalile. Me je pritegnil, predvsem, ker je res ekstra ugoden. :)

      Upam, da je res že pri nas tale eyeliner. :) Mi bo ravno zmanjkalo UD, pa bi bilo super najti cenejšo alternativo. :)

      Aha, zato pa je moj paket včeraj tako hitro prišel. Je bil iz Tajvana. Nekaj korejskih pa še kar čakam. :D

    5. Ne vem kaj bi bilo narobe s temi sestavinami? Meni se zdijo ok. Aqua (Water), Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Propylene Glycol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycerin, Citrus Aurantifolia Extract, Chelidonium Majus Extract, Cucumis Sativus Extract, Hippophae Rhamnoides Extract, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Parfum (Fragrance), Xanthan Gum, Cyclohexasiloxane, Cyclopenta Siloxane, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Citronellol, Geranol, Hydroxycitronellal, Hexyl Cinnamal, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Linalool.

      Verjetno naj bi šipek tukaj bil največji izvor vitamin C, ker Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate je prenizko na seznamu. L-Ascorbic Acid je najbolj učinkovita verzija kar se tiče produkcije kolagena in UV zaščite. Če praviš, da deluje potem je ok in edino pomembno. Ni se treba tako sekirat za sestavine.

      Ne berem nič FB v skupinah, ker imam tam drugo delo in ne rabim ekstra notifikacij. Berem Reddit. Tukaj imaš enostavno zapisano o vitaminu C in njegovih oblikah: https://amp.reddit.com/r/AsianBeauty/comments/67gk12/discussion_vitamin_c_products_laa_vs_the/

  3. Great post! I would love to try the Colourpop and LOV eyeshadows!



    1. Thank you :) L.O.V. eyeshadow is amazing, the Colourpop a bit less, but I like the shade :)

  4. Max Factor maskara da meni premalo volumna. Sicer resda, ne zlepi trepalnic, kar mi je všeč, ampak jo moram kar nekajkrat nanesti, da dobim res tisti lep volumen. Mi je pa jasno zakaj je tebi všeč, ker ti imaš itak ful dolge in goste trepalnice že naravno. Je pa praktično kultna, vsi jo hvalijo.

    Bipa korektor je bil tudi pri meni stalno v uporabi prejšnji mesec. Res odlična formula in prekrivnost.

    Missha Time Revolution je mene tudi že dolgo mikal, potem sem pa iskala neke ocene, pa eni niso bili tako navdušeni. Sem ga takrat črtala iz seznama. Pa tudi cena in potem carina, bi mi verjetno naneslo.

    Maybelline svinčnik sem kupila, ko sem prebrala to oceno od Gemme. Preizkusila sem ga samo enkrat in me je spet razočaral na enem mestu. Sicer sem uporabila neko Colourpop Super Shock senčilo in se je odtisnil na zgornjo veko čez dan. Po navadi moram jaz čez te svinčnike vedno iti še s črnim senčilo. Mi je škoda. Vedno upam, da bo kakšen tak kot gel linerji, res foolproof. Drugače pa je dobro pigmentiran in ravno dovolj mehek. Sicer je Avonov The Big Gel Paint Pencil bolj pigmentiran kot Maybelline. To pa zato, ker ima bolj kremasto formulo. Maybellinov da tak voskast občutek v primerjavi z Avonovim. In Avonov ima res ultra pigmentirano formulo. Se mi pa tudi odtisne na veke, če ne grem preko še v prahu.

    1. Ja, MF ni primerljiva kar se tiče volumna z npr. Essence, ampak meni je čisto dovolj :). Jaz imam rada videz, ko nekdo reče, da imam lepe trepalnice in ne dobro maskaro, in pri MF dobim ta naravni volumenski nezlepljen učinek :)

      Mene Missha mika predvsem zato, ker mi je EL Advanced night repair zelo ustrezal in imata zelo podobne sestavine. Cena na eBayu je 22$ preko prodajalca Jolse tako, da carine ne bi bilo. Ga bom zihr enkrat kupila :)

      Kaj pa v waterline? Jaz teh svinčnikov ne nosim na zgornji veki, uporabljam samo tekoče eyelinerje. Od Avona sem ga enkrat imela, pa ne vem kje je. Mislim, da se mi je posušil, ker imel tako kremasto formulo. Se spomnim, da je bil odličen :)

    2. Samo 22$? Bi lahko prisegla, da je bila ene dve leti nazaj cena precej bolj začinjena. Potem bom pa morala očitno še malo pobrskat. Za to ceno bi si pa še mogoče jaz privoščila. Čeprav zadnjič so mi Jolse paket carina preverjali...sem bila pod 22€ in sem spet plačala 5€ postopka preverjanja. Pa se mi je spet zamerilo za nekaj časa.

      Včeraj sem ga nanesla na zgornjo waterline, prav tako pa kot liner nad trepalnice in je oboje ostalo presenetljivo dobro. Praktično ga nisem mogla do konca sprat. Po navadi nič ne nosim v waterline in nisem navajena na to. Naslednji dan sem še vedno imela črno celo na spodnji waterline :D. Sem ga preizkusila z mat senčilom na veki in se je čisto majceno odtisnil na veko. Ampak dobro, to so krive moje hooded veke in maščoba. Če bi ga setala s senčilom v prahu, bi pomoje bil foolproof.

    3. Meni je ta teden paket iz Jolse prišel brez problemov in je bil isto pod 22$. Kaj majo to na naši carini? Izžrebajo par paketov pod limitom da jih "preverijo" in ljudem pokvarijo dan. Weirdoti.

      Sounds good! Potem za waterline je dober. Moram se samo spomnit ga sploh pogledat v drogeriji.