Oriflame The One Eyes Wide Open & Awake mascara

nedelja, april 07, 2019

When I asked on Instagram what is your favourite Oriflame product, a lot said The One mascara. I remember it being popular pretty much since its launch, but I never tried the original. This is one of the many versions and the main feature is a uniquely shaped brush.

The brush has kind of an pear shaped design with a thin side at the end and a fatter one at the bottom. When I saw it I predicted it could be problematic for defining the lashes, but my fears dissipated as soon as I used it. It's got no problem defining the lashes, it doesn't clump them together and doesn't make a mess at application, in fact, it doesn't make any significant improvement nor is it worse than most brushes, so the shape is rather unnecessary albeit unique.

The formula is light, so effect with one coat is natural and it takes time to build this one up to proper volume. It leaves my lashes soft and isn't too wet, meaning it doesn't make a mess which I appreciate, however, it's pretty much a standard regular mascara, so it doesn't hold my lashes up at all. It lasts ok on my lashes, like most mascaras and it doesn't smudge.

Price and availability: It's 8.49 € in the latest Oriflame catalogue. Full price is 12.90 €

I doubt I'll even remember this one after it runs out. It's a mascara that doesn't stand out in any respect as far as effect on my lashes is concerned. The the effect is quite natural and I can't get an amazing amount of volume or length with this one, plus it doesn't hold my lashes up, so any effect is hardly visible. I appreciate it's very light, not clumpy and it doesn't smudge, but still this is a forgettable formula for me.

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. a ova izgleda nekako jutarnja:) nikad nisam kupika maskaru sa neobicnom cetkicom pa prvi put vidim rezultat na ovim slikama.