Essence Shine Last & Go Gel Nail Polish 04 Millennial Pink

sreda, april 03, 2019

Essence did a complete revamp of their main nail polish line with the most prominent difference being the bottle, but they also changed up the shade range (some shades still remain like Do you Speak Love?) and though the formula feels the same, I find that it is improved, something I noticed only when I wore the two formulas back-to-back. The newest bottles look like a downgrade to me from the previous hourglass design and I feel Essence made a change purely to make a change because that's what they do. The line features an extensive range of shades and I got on of their lightest ones called 04 Millennial Pink. 

Shade: Millennial pink is a pale pastel warm pink. In depth of shade it's close to the old 98 Pure Beauty, except it's pink and more vibrant. The previous 13 Forgive me is similar in tone, but a darker warm pink.

Formula: Two to three coats are needed for an opaque and even finish. It's not too annoyingly streaky during application despite being a pastel shade. Compared to the previous formula I see no differences in this aspect.

Staying power: I'm the worst when it comes to saying anything about staying power because everything lasts very long on me, which I mentioned many times, but wore this formula first, then the old formula after it and I definitely noticed a difference as I got two extra days before I felt it looks too bad to still wear it. This might mean an extra day for those who often experience nail polishes don't last on them, but I can't say for sure. Lana mentioned in her review she gets a decent wear time with these, so I might be on to something. In total it lasted 12 days on me, but that's an irrelevant information for most of you.

Packaging: The new bottles have a much bigger cap which isn't as nice to hold as the old ones that fit into the hand better, but it's not overly problematic. The brush is the same width as in the previous versions. It's is nicely rounded, but I've come to appreciate the old-school thin brushes more for my narrow nails.

Price and availability: These are sold in drugstores for 1.79 €.

I hate the bottle, but due to better staying power I find these are an improvement compared to the previous formula. I can't find any shade in current shade range that I would consider getting, but I'm sure they'll change things up often. 

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. I definitely need to try it out! especially as its so inexpensive

    xoxo <3

  2. I've seen these in stores definitively plan of testing these new Essence nail polishes

  3. Hvala za link <3
    Sem imela ravno ta odtenek ta teden na nohtih in me ta ni tako navdušil. Sicer je zdržal par dni, ampak se je začel krušit, kar se mi pri prejšnjem ni zgodilo. Ta teden še pa testiram rdečega, da vidim, kako se bo tisti obnesel.
    Bi pa bilo super, če bi dodali še kaj novih odtenkov, ker me sploh ne pritegnejo. Po i believe sem vzela sicer še ta millennian pink, čeprav že imam podobne odtenke in pa feme fatal, ker mi je formula pri i believe bila tako všeč. :)

    1. Aha, potem je morda razlika tudi v odtenkih ali pa kaj čisto drugega. Meni tale res super zdrži in Catrice More than Nude tudi, ampak meni je res težko kaj napisat o obstojnosti, ker sem zelo slab primer.

      Ja, mene tudi odtenki sploh ne pritegnejo :/ Noben ni poseben ali pa tak, ki ga še nimam.

  4. ta nijansa je trenutno baš hit i super izgleda na tebe. Srećna sam što si primetila da jr ova nova formula dugotrajnija od prošle, koja mi se puno dopada!👍