L.O.V. LOVicious Caring Volume Gloss N.100 Mystic Sand

petek, april 19, 2019

I got this a while ago and I haven't worn it much because Max Factor's Color Elixir Gloss came in the same parcel and I love that one more, but this is also a good lipgloss formula, it's just a bit thicker. I believe this formula exists in only five shades and this is the lightest.

Texture: It's one of those glosses with a thicker texture than most, but that doesn't affect application one bit. It's a nice comfy formula with medium colour pay-off and like most new age formulas it's not sticky. 

Colour: Mystic Sand is a beige nude shade with a medium-full opacity. I prefer more pink nudes, but this is a nice shade for a warm skin tone. Shine is more creamy than a clear high gloss.

Staying power: Due to being a thicker formula than is usual from average lip glosses, it sticks better on the lips. It lasts longer, but it's not a massive difference. It doesn't survive drinking or eating. 

Scent: It's very faint and I can't notice on the lips.

Packaging: This is quite an elegant looking packaging. It's got a classic doe foot applicator.

Price and availability: Since L.O.V stands have disappeared from Müllers in Slovenia, we were promised this brand will be available on Ličila.si and Click2chic.si, but only the first included it on their website and it's only a few products. I don't know what's the situation with other countries, except it's gone from Austrian DMs too, but you can get it on kosmetik4less.de with worldwide shipping, which is quite high.

Have a great day!

*PR product

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  1. Ive never tried anything from this brand before! :o looks great on you though


    xoxo <3

  2. Fantastičen lip gloss. Meni je všeč tako odtenek kot formula in ga kar veliko nosim :).

    1. Odtenek je lep, čeprav bi raje, da bi bil malo bolj roza zame. Je pa formula dobra :)