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sobota, julij 05, 2014

I was tagged a while ago by the lovely Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really. to do this post and even though I so rarely do tags, I actually love this one, so here it is. This tag was originally created by Rebecca from Autumn Leaves and you basically just have to pick one item or brand for each category.
I know several things were also in my recent posts, but forgive me for talking about them so often.

 Low End/Drugstore Brand 
Without a moment of hesitation my choice is Bourjois. I adore their foundations, lipsticks, cream blush, Poudre de Riz and their new velvets. Yup, it is an awesome brand. I still haven't tried any of their mascaras, but the new 1 Second one is high on my wishlist.

 High End Brand 
Now this is a difficult one. Those years of me experimenting with high-end makeup have passed and now I only have a small amount of more expensive makeup, but the one brand that stands out is Lancôme. It's pretty much the only brand I have several items from. I love their Hypnôse mascara in waterproof formula, Rouge in Love lipsticks, Blush Subtil in Miel Glace and their Color Ideal foundation.

Max Factor All Day Primer. It really does what it promises and feels like there is nothing on the skin. 

I'm adding a category because I was deciding between two primers, however, I use Max Factor's as intended and L'Oreal's Magique Lumi Primer as a highlighter. I'm not a fan of obvious shimmer on the cheekbones and this gives me a lovely subtle radiance. 

Foundation/Face Product
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I love it and it's been my favourite foundation since I first purchased it three years ago. 

I'll go with NARS Radiant creamy concealer because it's a great all-rounder, but if there were separate categories for concealer under the eyes, I love Maybelline's the Eraser.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer. It's the only bronzer I found that fits my neutral, super pale complexion. 

Catrice Defining blush in 020 Rose Royce. I adore this blush because it goes with everything, it's super pigmented and long lasting.

Bourjois Poudre de Riz which is the only powder I've found so far that doesn't make my foundation look cakey, rather it makes it less visible and just better.

Setting Spray 
I haven't tried any yet (does Balea's water in a can count?), but I plan to start with UD's.

Eyebrow Product 
I don't do eyebrows nor do I care them. I don't pluck, fill them or use brow gel. They are just there in their natural state and they are perfectly fine. I must be the only person who's into beauty and doesn't notice anyone's eyebrows or thinks that filling them makes such a big difference.

My obvious choice - Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette. I love matte eyeshadows and this palette has exactly the colours I use on a daily basis. I adore it.

L'Oreal Perfect Slim. It's a felt tip liner with a precise, thin applicator and even an idiot like me can draw a nice line. Also the formula is really black and stays on the lids well. Great stuff.

Lancôme Hypnôse waterproof. An amazing mascara that gives me tones of length, some volume and most importantly holds my lashes curled all day. 

 Lip Product 
What, do I have to pick just one? Now, that's mean. Colours-wise I'll go with MAC's Relentlessly Red because I love that shade on me and I always wear it on special occasions. Regarding best formula, I'll go with the new Bourjois Velvets because of the fantastic matte finish and pigmented non-drying texture. 

Nail Polish 
Essie Cute as a Button. The colour is spectacular as well as the formula.

Beauty Tool
What would I do without my eyelash curlers, so this place goes to Shiseido The Makeup Eyelash Curler.

If you're interested in doing this tag, I encourage you to do so. I tag Petra, Maja, Sara, Taya, Sanja, Sandra and every blogger on my Blogs I Heart page. 

Have a great day!

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  1. O, hvala za tag, bom z veseljem odgovorila na vprašanja. Sicer dvomim, da se bom lahko držala samo enega odgovora, ker sem se že pri tebi skoz spraševala ''pa kako je lahko samo enega izbrala'', ampak bom že nekak :D
    Drugače pa vidim, da morem kupit nekaj od Lancome. Še nisem nič sprobala od njih :)

    1. Je težko izbrat samo enega, čeprav pri veliko kategorijah imam res samo eno najljubšo stvar :)
      Se že veselim tvojega posta :)

  2. Hvala za tag:) Zanimivo ni kaj, čeprav bom kakšno kategorijo zelo težko izbrala:)) Sem si zdaj ja z drugič tudi kupila ta L'Orealov eyeliner. Bourjois ima pa res odličen nabor izdelkov, čeprav ne vem zakaj ne kupim več od njih. Mogoče zato, ker je izbira v Sloveniji še vedno (pre)majhna :).

    1. You're welcome :) Me zelo zanimajo tvoji odgovori :)
      Zdaj imaš Boujois tudi na Feel Unique, čeprav se mi zdi da imamo večino stvari na voljo pri nas, najbolj očitna izjema so kremni blushi :)

  3. Hvala za tag, ga bom zagotovo naredila, ker mi je zelo zanimiv, čeprav že sedaj vidim, da bo na nekatera vprašanja težko izbrati odgovor. Sem si pa ravno zadnjič kupila L'Orealov primer, me prav zanima, kako mi bo všeč na moji koži, sploh ker je tako zelo hvaljen. Bourjouis znamko sem pa začela kupovati zaradi tebe. Sicer nimam ogromno izdelkov, ampak so mi tisti, ki jih imam, všeč. :)

    1. Super :) Meni je bil ta tag tudi takoj všeč :)
      Od Bourjoisa mi je bilo praktično všeč vse kar se kupila, izjema so le navadni blushi :) Catrice mi je pa druga najljubša znamka :)

  4. Yay! Bom naredila čimprej ko končam zadnji izpit :D
    Zelo dobre izbire, Bourjois ga zmaga!

    1. Vso srečo na izpitu :) Me res zanimajo tvoje izbire :)

  5. Hvala za tag, ga definitivno naredim. Drugače se pa strinjam za Bourjois, ki je tudi meni najboljša drugstore znamka. Ni ga čez njihove podlage! :)

    1. Super :) Bourjois je res odlična znamka :)

  6. Lušten tag. :) In pri Bourjoisu se lahko samo podpišem, obožujem ga, definitivno ena mojih najljubših znamk evah. Tudi na njihove maskare prisegam, pa tale puder v prahu moram najti, resno. Škoda da je LE.

    1. Ta puder ni LE, ampak pri nas so ga pa prodajali kot da je. V drugih državah ga še prodajajo in je del standardne ponudbe :) Ampak od spletnih trgovin vem samo za Boots da ga imajo.

    2. Aja, potem pa še bolje. Ne vem zakaj imam v glavi da je LE, pomoje sem nekje narobe prebrala. Na boots sem ga videla ja, me kar mika. :)

  7. This is a very nice tag!enjoyed reading it. Ahh I really want to try those Bourjois Velvets, they look amazing! :)


  8. Čeprav mislim, da si mi ravno rekla, da sem idiot, moram probat tale eyeliner :D Blackbuster mi je kul (lahko naredim kar lepo linijo), ampak me tudi tale zanima :D

  9. I wish it was easy to get bourjois in America! I see their makeup all the time reviewed by people in Europe and Australia! UD all nighter setting spray is amazing though you should try it out (:

    Krissy |

    1. Have you seen that Feel Unique started selling Bourjois? It should be easy now to get all the products :)
      I've been dying to ge my hands on the travel size, but it's sold out everywhere. I guess I'll have to buy the full-size then :)

  10. Essie- cute as button je top!*