August Favourites

sobota, avgust 30, 2014

I didn't expect this to be one of my favourites as it is quite a subtle product, but I was quite amazed at what a noticeable difference it makes when I was doing the before and after pictures for the review. Even though the formula is super light and doesn't offer much of actual coverage, it illuminates the skin and by that reduces the appearance of dark circles. It's not a stand alone product to use and it needs at least a concealer underneath, but it just gives that final touch to the look.

My hero product as of late. I've fully embraced the liner look and I wear it on most days, even without mascara if I'm having a super lazy day as I think it's the product that does the most to make my eyes look less blah and makes them stand out more. I'm a huge fan of felt tip liners in general because they take so little time to apply and are super precise, but L'Oreal's liner is my favourite due to its great lasting power and the fact that it doesn't dry out as fast as the others. 

The name completely fits this coral-pink shade - it really is cute. I love Essie nail polishes and time and time again they surprise me with their quality, but the formula of this shade in particular is unbeatable as the application is so smooth and even, as well as it has superb lasting power.

I call these two my super spot fighting duo. Whenever my skin starts behaving badly, I include them in my night time routine and by the morning everything calms down considerably. Queen Helene is actually very drying for my skin if I'm not careful, so I only use it on my T-zone and individual spots, while REN is a great product with AHA acids that really helps when my skin feels congested.

This is the ultimate lazy girl moisturiser - just spray it, there isn't even much of a need to rub it in due to the fine mist it sprays and you're done. It's not too greasy because it's a dry oil and it smells lovely. Fab product.

I had a quick holiday in Croatia this month, luckily at the time when the weather was really behaving and this sunscreen was just one of the things that went with me (post with all my favourite things at the moment that I took with me is here, it's like an extended favourites post). I know I've raved about this sunscreen a lot already, but my admiration for this product just deepened. It's a fantastic sunscreen that is tinted (so no white marks), it's not sticky and it's super light. I hadn't had a single sunburn in sight, though I rarely get burned, but it works great especially for the price.

I doubt there is a cheaper micellar water per litre anywhere, but despite being dirt cheap, it performs just the same as other drugstore versions - from Garnier and Green Line to L'Oreal. It's a great super light makeup remover that just does it's job. The only problem is that it's only available in E.Leclerc.

I've finally found the perfect morning cleaner and for a ridiculously cheap price. The dense, fluffy mousse feels so lovely on the skin and I find it not at all drying, which is a rarity since most mousses cause dry patches on my skin. I also adore the scent of it, which is a big plus for me.

For me the most important feature of a dry shampoo is the scent, since due to the dryness of my hair, I only use them to occasionally refresh the hair in the morning. This may well be my favourite scent of a dry shampoo to date - it's so warm and sexy with notes of vanilla, chocolate and musk - it's very perfume like. The scent is actually quite strong and lingers for a long time, which appeals to me greatly. 

I've been spraying this on the beach not just to smell like a tropical cocktail, but also to cool me down a bit. It smells amazing to me, however, the staying power of the scent is unfortunately very poor.

Have a great day!

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  1. The only product I've tried (barely) is the Victoria Secrets body mist. In our recent trip to Stockholm we found them in a couple of stores and they were *very* tempting. They were a tad too expensive for a body mist and especially now that you say that they don't last long on the skin.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Btw, Garnier has a new hair range with Monoï and Neroli, silicone and paraben free. It looks tempting enough to give it a go. Have you? (I'm asking because you seem to have tried most haircare products out there)

    1. Well, it takes me ages to finish these body mist, since I don't spray them often, so they weren't too expensive for me :) But yes, the staying power of Love Spell is poor.

      I hadn't tried that Garnier stuff, I actually haven't seen them yet at all. The latest new products from Garnier Ultra Doux here are the Honey Treasures line.

  2. Cute As A Button really is cute! What a pretty color <3 And as you know I'm also a huge fan of Batiste dry shampoo.

  3. For me the scent of this dry shampoo is horrible. Like perfume which belongs to a really old lady. I have it and I'll finish it, but I still prefer the cherry scent <3

  4. I find that most of Victoria's secret scents don't last very long :( I prefer Body Shop mists exactly because of this reason.

    And BTW, where did you get the Mint Julep mask? :) Thanks!

  5. I was just looking at their page - do they ship from Europe or USA? I am a bit baffeled by all the shipping info :(

    I'm liking the prices though, and they also have Physician's formula make-up...

    1. They ship from the US, cheapest shipping option is 4$ and the package normally arrives in two weeks :)

  6. Your favorites are going to put another dent in my wallet ;) Thank you!