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petek, avgust 21, 2015

CATRICE Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
010 Choc'Let It Be
This is such a gorgeous palette, I truly love every colour in it, however, the pigmentation is disappointing. I was so looking forward to this palette, but I think this time Catrice focused just on how it looks and forgot about the quality as this just isn't what I'm used to from their previous palettes. All shades need a lot of layering for a decent colour pay-off and even now that I've proper swatched it for the review, which took off the top layer, they are not much better. The third shade is particularly disappointing, while the fourth is the most creamy one and thankfully the pretties one as well. I so want to love this, but as much as I love the colours, I wish the quality was better. I had several people tell me that they are disappointed too, so I'm not the only one. I did a look with this palette here (I used a primer).
Tuš Drogerija, 5.29 €

CATRICE Eye'Matic Eyepowder Pen
050 Al Cappuccino
This was on my original wishlist I posted a while ago, but I then changed my mind when I saw swatches of these after German bloggers had the event. However, when I saw them in person, I just loved these. They are stick powder eyeshadows, with the colour in the lid and a sponge applicator. I got the shade that I predicted in my wishlist I'll like the most, Al Cappuccino, which is a shimmery taupe-brown that is just a classic everyday colour. They are sheer, giving you more of a nice shimmery wash of colour, but they are super handy to keep in your makeup bag.  
Müller, 4.29 €

CATRICE Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette
010 Ashy Radiance
Finally a drugstore brand that is available in Slovenia launched such a product. I was very intrigued by this ever since I've seen the press release, but at the same time I was concerned that I'll be too orange as it often happens to drugstore brands. I have to say I'm impressed. It's more brown than my old favourite NYX's Taupe, but its sculpting abilities are really good nonetheless. The highlighter is subtle, which some might not like, however, it's a nice champagne tone. I'm wearing both shades here
Müller, 4.69 €

I loooove this so much. This is what I wanted Max Factor's Creme Puff in Lavish Mauve to be. It's similar to Catrice's I'm Nuts About You and Rose Royce, but it has that actually glow on the cheeks. This needs to be added to the regular line. I did a review of it here.
Müller, 4.29 €

*MAX FACTOR Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara
Max Factor launched a new volumising mascara that promises not to weigh down lashes even if you like to apply tons of coats. The packaging and the brush is very similar to the classic False Lash Effect, so it's a big plastic brush that defines every lash. It doesn't give much volume though. I'm waiting for the formula to thicken a bit, but for now it gives a very natural, defined effect. As far as weighing down the lashes goes, my lashes don't hold a curl for a minute with this mascara. This is definitely a mascara for those who prefer a very defined look and want more of a natural effect.
14.35 €

There is also a new eyeliner in this collection, but I haven't got a chance to try it. I am very intrigued though and I'll definitely buy it one day, though the price is a bit steep.
 10.55 €

*MAX FACTOR Smokey Eye Drama Kit 
02 Lavish Onyx
Also new on Max Factor stands are these eyeshadows quads. Mine contains a shimmery champagne shade, a shimmery rosy-taupe, shimmery dark grey with navy tones and a matte cool dark brown. I love this, well at least the quality, the colours are a bit of a half-half. These are sooo pigmented and  I did not expect to like this as much as I do, but that shimmery medium brown is gorgeous and I also like the darkest shade in the palette, though when blending, a lot of the colour disappears at this shade, so it needs layering.
I saw a nice bronze-coppery quad on the stands and I'm very interested in it.
12.99 €

ESSENCE Matt Touch Blush
10 peach me up! and 20 berry me up!
These two were a part of the preview collection and I grabbed both. I'm not a massive fan of Essence blushes, but these are matte, so I just wanted to check them out. I really like these. The quality is much better than at Silky Touch blushes because they are more finely milled, the apply nicer and have plenty of pigment, for my pale skin at least. These are quite hard blushes and unlike their Silky Touch blushes they don't dust/flake when you swivel your brush in them. Peach me up is a classic peach shade that brightens up the skin and Berry me up is a darker pink shade that gives a rosy-pink I-just-came-from-the-cold-flush.
Müller, 2.79 €

COLLECTION Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
I just became that person that buys liners all the time. But actually, I love trying out felt tip eyeliners, even though I've already found my favourite. This one has such good reviews on Boots international and it was very reasonably priced, so I had to try it. However, I'm not blown away by it. It's similar to the Essence one, but not as black and the nib is thicker, consequently a bit clumsier. The formula seems more watery or at least not saturated enough, so it feels cheaper to what I'm used to, but on the eyes it's hard to tell that it's less black than others. It's not a bad liner, it still does its job very well, but there are so many better ones.
Boots International, £2.99

CATRICE CC Care & Conceal Nail Polish
04 Apricot Skin-Fit
This caught my eye on the Innen & Aussen blog (respect to Karin for swatching everything) and I liked it straight away because it's an interesting nude. On me it's more of a pastel apricot than a nude, but of course the darker your skin tone, the less apparent that apricot tone will be. Formula is a thick pastel one that requires two, sometimes three coats.  
Müller, 2.89 €

ESSIE Nail Lacquer
My cousin got this colour, but found it too light for her skin tone so she gave it to me (thank you!). It's a very pale pink shade with that annoying pastel nail polish formula that Mint Candy Apple has.
DM, 9.90 €

BARRY M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint
Road Rage
I know what you're thinking - mint green Mateja, how original. Well, I just can't help myself. It's greener version of Mint Candy Apple and brighter that Kiko's Jade Green, but the formula is about as annoying as the previously mentioned Fiji's.
I have a few other colours from this range on my wishlist because they all look drop dead gorgeous. I couldn't manage to get shade Navy from the regular range because it was out of stock and that makes me a bit sad.
Boots International, £3.99

L'OREAL Elvive Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Shampoo
Boots had a two for three offer and I found that they still have this shampoo that disappeared from our shelves just as I found it and fell in love with it. This is hands down the best drugstore shampoo ever (though basically the new Extraordinaire one is exactly the same) and similar to my all-time favourite Kérastase Oleo-Relax, but for a fraction of the price. I wanted to stock up on these, but either the site was glitchy or this was the last one(I seriously hate how problematic and difficult to navigate Boots International site is). At least I got the 400 ml bottle.
Boots International, £3.99

L'OREAL Elvive Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Conditioner
I didn't even know this existed, but in the shopping basket it went straight away as I spotted it. I've used it a couple of times so far and I'm not blown away by it. It's a bit light for my hair, despite hearing it's very thick. I washed my hair and it looked nice for a short time, but my ends got dry by the morning. As far as frizz control goes, it works halfway. With a hair dryer the hair is noticeable sleeker, but the frizz pops back up fast. It's not a bad conditioner, just not enough for my super dry hair, but if your hair isn't like that and isn't as thick, give it a try if you can find it. It contains argan oil quite high on the list, plus it claims it contains heat protection.
Boots International, £3.99

L'OREAL Elvive Extraordinary Oil Oil-in-Cream
Dry, Rough Hair
I swear when I see this kind of new hair products my eyes glow like a Christmas tree. I saw this presented as PR samples on a few blogs and I straight away loved the idea as I was actually searching for something similar for a while (I had Kérastase and L'Oreal Professional's versions on my wishlist). It's basically a cream leave-in conditioner, but's it's not one of those that makes your hair all limp and weird with bits of unmelted cream lingering in your hair, rather it feels like there is more oil inside, but it doesn't make your hair greasy and it also doesn't leave that silicone felling on the hair. It has coconut oil on the second place among ingredients, which is pretty amazing considering we are talking about L'Oreal here. There are also some other extracts, but they are after the sixth ingredient, so there are probably minute amounts of them inside. My ends were so dry in this year's summer heat, plus I've been using mostly drugstore conditioners because I'm saving the good stuff too much (classic me *rolls eyes*) and this hydrated them so well as well as made them feel silky. Best of all, I can use this on dry and wet hair. It smells like the rest of the Extraordinary line, so a bit like cinnamon. I am liking this a lot.
By the way, there is also a version for normal hair, but neither are sold in Slovenia.
Boots International, £6.99

DOVE Style + Care Dry Shampoo 
I'll again say that my hair never gets greasy because it's so dry, so I can't properly assess how well this works on greasy hair, but even I feel like that the hair isn't truly refreshed like at for example Batiste. This of course doesn't matter to me because I use these just to quickly refresh my hair, but there is a reason why this has such polarising reviews. But the most important thing to me is the scent and this smells so good. It's kind of sweet, but a typically Dove clean scent. 
Boots International, regular price £4.59

I actually have a ton left in my old bottle, but since I was already making a purchase on Boots plus there was an offer, I got a backup. I seriously love this, which might be obvious since I'm already bought another one, but I use this every time I curl my hair. It makes the curls look a bit better, it adds some extra volume, hold and it smells nice. It's very similar to VO5 as I've said before, but somehow there is so much more product in the can, which must be one of the greatest mysteries of the world, since VO5 claims there is 50 ml more product than CW.
Boots International, £6.99

This was on my wishlist for a while, but I got it purely because I love the word sunshine. This brand is called Demeter Fragrances in its native USA. I'm not sure why the name change was necessary, but they have an impressive collection of interesting scents, ranging from one note fragrances like Peach, Green Tea and Lime to some very unique scents like Baby's Head, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Storm and even Pizza - their creativity appears to have no limits. Sunshine smells like much its name, believe it or not. Imagine yourself hanging the laundry on a warm sunny day. It's a warm and clean scent that I think nobody would be bothered by. The staying power is much better than I expected, but it's still not amazing, which is not that odd considering the notes and that it's a cologne spray.
Boots International, £15

BALEA Beauty Effect Eye & Lip Serum
I got so vain. A year ago I just woke up one day and noticed these two smile lines staring back at me in the mirror, so that's the reason I got this. I know it won't erase them, but I'd at least like them to stop deepening. It's a light gel that you apply on areas around the eyes and lips and if you rub it in, it kind of emulsifies a bit. It sinks in fast and hydrates the area, but I still need to apply a moisturiser over it. It has a gentle, classic moisturiser scent and the packaging has a handy pump, which I really appreciate. The main ingredient in this is hyaluronic acid and the ingredients of this in general  look really good. But does it work? I don't know yet as it's more of a long term investment product in my skin, however, I like using it.
Ingredients here.
DM, 4.29 €

BALEA Soft & Clear Anti-Mitesser Nosestrips
These are just classic blackhead removing nose strips and I notice no major difference between these are the Cadea Vera ones, except that in one pack of those, you get more strips. They are simple to use and they do remove some of the black heads, but not all of them. These have a strong, sort of chemical scent, but I don't dislike it.
Ingredients here.
DM, 1.99 €

To my horror someone nicked this mask and completely emptied it (I know who it was, since their hair was suspicious shiny and healthy looking that day), so I basically ran the next day to get a new one. I really like this (obviously), especially since I've seen what an effect it has also on other people's hair (seriously the shine was amazing). It's a great drugstore buy for dry hair and It's no wonder it's one of the most popular budget hair products.
Müller, 6.39 €

ESSENCE Rock Style Hair Dye Powder
01 pink punk and 03 bright blue
I got these after being seriously impressed with the hair chalk from the Arriba! TE and these were going to be discontinued anyway, so they were super cheap. I don't like the packaging of these, they are so much harder to use that that one from the Arriba TE. The colour pay-off is a little bit poorer, but I again use a sticky, wet hairspray as a base and it works great.
Müller, 0.99 €

ESSENCE Smokey Eyes Brush
These next couple of brushes were bribery for getting me to go on a quick trip and honestly I chose them because they are mint green. The size and shape is perfect for my hooded eyes and it works well with very soft and pigmented eyeshadows, but it's more of a brush that deposits a strong line of colour, rather than a brush that would also blend. It shows that it's very cheap, but it's not useless. I have a couple of smokey eye brushes from before, the "old" version that is (I think they still sell them) and they are softer, not so dense, therefore in my eyes better.
Müller 1.39 €

ESSENCE Make Me Pretty TE Precise Eye-shadow Brush 
01 eye to eye
Again it's mint green. And it has polka dots. I mean come on, did someone read my mind or something? It's another very dense brush, too dense in fact. You get an intense line of colour with this, but it's not designed to create softer looks or blend at least a little. I feel about the same about it as about the Smokey Eyes Brush.
Müller, 1.99 € 

ESSENCE Make Me Pretty TE Liquid Brush Cleanser
Against all my expectations, this works better than expected, but it doesn't make the brushes sparkling clean. You spray it on the brush, leave it for a minutes or two and then wipe it in a tissue or a cloth. It cleans well enough and disinfects the brushes, which is handy if you really need a decently clean brush fast. I wish the bottle was larger because 50 ml is such a small amount. Maybe Essence will include this in the next permanent line update, I'd certainly love to see that. 
Taya did a much more comprehensive review of this TE, including this brush cleansers, so have a look at what she thinks about it here.
Müller, 2.79 €

Have a great day!

* - PR products.

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  1. Great new ins, I love Catrice blush :) Anyway, I tested new Max Factor eyeliner and for me it was useless, I just couldn't draw a decent line with it, especially a winged one... But I have hooded eyelids, maybe that's the reason. I must admit it's very pigmented and longlasting. On the other hand, I gave it to my sister and she likes it very much :)

    1. You mean the Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner? I saw the unconventional applicator, but I was told by someone that it is very easy to use. I have hooded lids, so it's possible it won't work for me either :/ I'd like to try Stila's one first anyway :)

  2. Si ne predstavljam kako si lahko pre-rjav za Fiji, sploh če je v tvojem sorodu :'D
    Um, jaz sem dobila ta-zlato paletko in bi z veseljem raje uporabljala tvoje odtenke - enostavno so pretopli za moj okus. Ampak je super pigmentirana, sem presenečena.
    Pa contour kit rabim. Rabim takoj.

    1. Ona pravi, da to ni barva zanjo. Samo temna pa res glih ni, čeprav sem jaz najbolj mlečno bela v družini :D

      A res? Meni je pa ravno tista druga MF paletka lepša za pogledat, čeprav ta druga senčka v moji paletki mi je zelo lepa - čisto moj stil.

      Od novih Catrice stvari se Contour paletka še najbolj splača vzet :)

  3. Ah, kakšna škoda za Catrice paletko, barve so prekrasne! Dobro da vem, bom raje kupila kaj drugega.
    Joj, ta Catrice contour kit rabim as soon as possible! :) A mogoče veš, če se ga da dobiti tudi v Tuš drogeriji (pa kakšne ostale nove stvari)? V našem Müllerju je nemogoče dobiti par novih stvari, je vse razgrabljeno. :( Sem pa na srečo vsaj vidla tester, da sem lahko poswatchala in je contour puder res super odtenka za nas blede. :D
    Oh, ta Sunshine dišava, kar do sem jo voham. :P
    Hehe, sem se nasmejala tam pri tisti L'oreal Elvital maski. xD Ampak se pa sliši super, jaz bi tudi rada nek tak izdelek, ki bi dal več sijaja mojim lasem..torej misliš, da bi bil tudi za bolj masten tip las?
    Se pa mi zdi, da sem edina, ki nisem kupila NITI ENEGA čopiča od Essence, sem nekak pričakovala, da bo kvaliteta bolj tak-tak. :)

    1. Res mi je škoda za čokoladno paletko :/ Rada bi imela eno podobno, ampak z bolj kvalitetnimi senčili, samo katero?

      Contour paletke ni v Tuš Drogerji, sem ravno zato šla direktno od tam v Müllerja :D Imajo pa čokoladno paletko, nove lake iz Ultimate kolekcije, tisti dve šminki, Shine Appeal glose, polnoprekrivni korektor, Even Better puder, za drugo se pa ne spomnim.

      L'Orealova maska je po teksturi bolj lahka, ampak vseeno ne vem če bi si jo upala uporabit na mastnih laseh. Mogoče samo na konicah. Po John Frieda Brilliant Brunette se meni zelo lepo svetijo lasje, pa imaš tester velikosti v Műllerju, če želiš najprej samo sprobat.

      Saj jaz tudi nisem nameravala nič kupit iz te kolekcije, no pravzaprav sploh nisem vedela, da obstaja, ker večino teh TE kolekcij mirno spregledam, ampak kot sem napisala zgoraj, so bili podkupnina :D

  4. Moja wishlista se po vsakem tvojem postu samo daljša :P Zagotovo bom preizkusila L'oreal Elvital masko, ker (še kar ne morem verjet :P) imava zelo podobne lase sodeč po slikah in opisih :) Prav tako me mika bronze četvorček od Max Factor, ampak cena je malce boleča...ampak če je kvaliteta res tako dobra...
    Zanima me še kje si našla novi Essence smokey brush? :) Ne vem, če sem jaz totalno narobe pogledala ampak zdi se mi, da bi morali biti v prodaji že od pomladi ampak na štajerskem koncu ni nikjer o njih ne duha ne sluha :O
    Nova Catrice popolnoma strinjam :/ Imam pa četvorček od Essence, ki je nekako v isti barvni družini in sem navdušena nad njim: 16 down to earth :D Neverjeten za Essence pa še barven preobrat ima ;)

    1. Če imaš podobne lase kot jaz, potem bo Total Repair čisto zate :)

      Max Factorjeve cene grejo v nebo se mi zdi. Več kot 14 € za maskaro ni več ravno drogerijski rang :/ Pri paletki se lahko tolažiš, da dobiš štiri senčila, ampak ti morajo biti vsa všeč :)

      Smokey brush sem kupila v Müllerju (Krško, v NM sploh nisem nikoli gledala), so pa na desni strani stojala.

      Si že druga, ki mi hvali Essence senčila. Zanimivo, jaz sem jih kupila par let nazaj, pa me je kvaliteta zelo razočarala. Moram jih nanovo raziskat :)

    2. Uhh cene pri nas postajajo res neverjetne :O Maskare so res tipični primer...škoda :/
      Za čopič bom še pogledala, morda so morali prodati vse stare preden nove dajo na police ali pa res nisem na pravem mestu iskala...hvala :)
      Essence pa zadnje čase s senčkami res preseneča :D Ti priporočam še enojček 18 all i ta nove paletke imajo zgleda tudi novo zelo izboljšano formulo :D
      Si pa prej v odgovoru na komentar omenila, da si želiš dobro ''čokoladno'' paletko...Kaj pa Zoeva Cocoa Blend? :D

    3. Tisti šestorčki me mikajo od Essence, če bo kakšen spodoben v živo :D Od Zoeve paletka me sploh ne gane. Ni mi všeč nabor odtenkov, jaz bi nekaj kar izgleda bolj "boring", pač da ima zelo podobne odtenke kot so v tej paletki od Catrice :)

  5. OMG Mateja, I NEED to buy this L'OREAL Elvive Extraordinary Oil Oil-in-Cream!!! TOMORROW! I always wanted to have these type of product from Kerastase (the Oil-Cream-Thing) like you, I guess, and now you tell me about a drugstore version of it?? THANK YOU
    By the way, I love the hair mask from L'oréal, that you mentioned, too. I love your advice on good stuff for dry hair! <3

    1. I hope you have it in Germany (or is it Austria?). I think it's a very new thing, but if it's sold in UK, it might be where you live as well. Kérastase is owned by L'Oreal, so it's not that surprising they made a drugstore version as well. They did a great job at these :)

    2. Germany was right. And nooo, we don't have it yet! :-( I hope they bring it into drugstores before winter. I guess the marketing would be easier then 'fight your winter dry hair...'and so on ^.^
      The line is labeled as 'Öl magique' in Germany instead of Extraordinary Oil. This makes the search for products so much more difficult. It takes most of the time to find out what it is going to be called in my country, before I can go on the google hunt ^.^

    3. I figured it's not sold in Germany yet. Hopefully, you'll get it soon :) I know it's called Öl Magique. Here in Slovenia we get both versions because I guess Müller imports its own stuff, but in others shops it's called Extraordinary Oil.

  6. I read your was amazing.Your thought process is wonderful.

  7. Kam gre pa Max Factor pa še katera znamka s cenami....prav dragi so ratali ej!

    1. Res je :/ Greš v drogerijo po en puder pa maskaro in si ob skoraj 30 €. To ni več normalno.

  8. Meni je tudi zelo všeč contour od Catrice, mi pa osvetljevalec sploh ni. Presvetel in preveč roza za moj okus. Pa še ni preveč shimmery zame :) Jaz še kar iščem nek dober liner, nisem našla popolne kombinacije. Jaz bi obliko L'oreal Super Slim in potem dobro formulo, ki se ne premakne in je mat črna :) Mission impossible :D

    1. Sem pričakovala, da ti ne bo všeč :D Res ni niti približno po tvojem okusu.

      Meni je od Kardashian še vedno najboljši, ampak tebi je verjetno predrag. Med cenejšimi mi je bil do zdaj še najbolj všeč tisti panda eyeliner iz Born Pretty :) Odlična kvaliteta za ceno. A od Maybelline ti pa ni bil tako všeč? Saj si imela Master Precise, a ne?

  9. Res škoda za chocolate nudes paletko, sem upala da bo dobre kvalitete, ampak jim očitno tokrat ni uspelo. Teli novi matt blushi od essence pa mene na začetku ful niso pritegnili, po prebiranju te objave me pa ima da bi si jih vzela... damn you girl! You are making my wallet thinner xD

    1. Res em si želela, da bi bila čokoladna paletka kul :/

      Mat blushi od Essence so res prijetno presenečenje, kar nekako ne pričakujem od Essence, da bo naredil dobre "powder izdelke". Ah, saj nujno jih pa ne rabiš :D Razen če sta ti barvi všeč. Saj bo cela objava, kjer bom dala swatche :)

  10. Luškano! Najprej mi je v oči padel Essie in še to prav Fiji, ker že tako dolgo iščem ta odtenek. Pri nas je stojalo z laki velikokrat prazno :/ Drugače sta mi pa luškana Essence blusha. Moram priznati, da če že, rajši kupujem Catrice, ampak sploh ne vem kaj je razlog za to. Zadnjič sem si 3 njihove kupila, ampak tudi ta od Essence sta videti čudovita. Pa še mat sta, kar imam še rajši.

    1. Fiji mi sploh ni nič posebnega glede na ves ta huge hype okrog njega. Saj barva je lepa, ampak ni pa za dol past v RL, formula je pa super nadležna. Sama ne bi dala 10 €, pa imam zelo rada Essije.

      Blusha od Essence sta res dobra, čeprav če bi imela izbiro vzet samo en blush iz drogerije, bi še vedno izbrala Catrice. Ampak, sploh ne najdem razlik med njimi ko so na licih. Oboji so dobro pigmentirani in imajo odlično obstojnost :). Razlika je edino v teksturi, ker od Essence so veliko trši.

  11. You've bought awesome things and I really want to try those L'oreal shampoo, conditioner and hair mask as I have very dry, frizzy, wavy and thick hair. Awesome post:)

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. L'Oreal has some of the best stuff for such hair in the drugstores. The also own Kérastase and L'Oreal Professional, so it's no wonder that similar formulas, ingredients and technologies are used in all of their lines. Obviously Elvive isn't as good as Kérastase, but it's wonderful stuff for the price :)