Rimmel Wonder'Swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow

torek, april 09, 2019

Rimmel created sort of a hybrid between a liquid eyeliner and an eyeshadow, which is available in 16 shades, it promises to last up to 10 hours and is transfer-proof. I've only seen four shades here and actually not this one that I have.

Formula is not completely opaque, but in the case of this shade it's because the main feature is the shimmer and not the base grey colour. It applies smoothly and I have no problems with this skipping parts or no being able to draw a wing, but I need to go over the line twice or more times for more intensity. In terms of it being an eyeshadow, it sheers out a lot and what's left is a gentle haze of the base colour, plus you're left with a lot shimmer which takes primary focus. It's not easy to apply it nicely as an eyeshadow because it's a fast drying formula that's difficult to blend, so I'd stick to using this as an eyeliner only. It promises to be transfer proof, but some shimmer does end up in my crease, though it doesn't smudge or move on the lids. 

The shade isn't written anywhere on the bottle, but I think it's 001 Slay. It's a medium grey with a ton of white and blue shimmer.

Staying power is pretty good. It lasted the promised 10 hours on my lids and over, but I don't have oily eyelids and most stuff lasts on me with no primer or any kind of base. However, like I said I got some transfer in the crease.

Price and availability: these cost over 8 € which is just way too much in my opinion, but to each their own. Rimmel is sold in DM here.

Too expensive and not pigmented enough - that's what I think about this formula. Catrice used to have fully opaque coloured liners for less than a half of the price (I haven't tried any of the current formulas). Granted it wasn't a 2-in-1 product, but using this liner as an eyeshadow isn't ideal either. I give it a 3/5.

Have a great day!

*PR product

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