Empties #4

četrtek, februar 13, 2014

A lot of empties accumulated in my bags in the past couple of months (two bags of them to be exact). In fact, there are so many of them that I'll do two separate posts about them, otherwise this would be way too long. So if you see a product in the first picture and you can find it here, fret not, it'll be in the second part. The blue text are links to the original reviews or first impressions if you want to know more about the products.

I haven't used it up yet as I still have some left, it's just in a spray bottle because the original packaging is 
rubbish. I like this as a spray toner since it doesn't feel like your applying nothing, rather it feels sufficiently moisturising and it also contains vitamin C. The scent is among the stronger ones and it's difficult to describe in any other way than chemical, but I like it. If I apply this with a cotton pad around the eyes, it burns a bit, but this is not the case when I use it as a spray. In short, it's a decent toner and very affordable.
Repurchase: I might, it's not bad at all.

(a.k.a. Hydra Active 3 Mizellen-Technologie Reinigungsfluid in German speaking world)
A decent micelar water, though I don't like it nearly as much as Bioderma. Since I realised it's basically the same thing as the Garnier one, only in worse packaging and more expensive per ml, I won't buy it again.
Repurchase: No.

This is very different from other B5 (panthenol) healing treatments such as Avene Cicalfate or Bepanthenol, in a sense that it feels like a primer and it leaves a matte, silicone-dry finish. I used this on areas where my skin needed healing/repairing, mostly on spots and my legs. I like how smoothly it applies, especially compared to the much thicker Cicalfate for example. It's quite lovely.
Repurchase: Probably.

An excellent oil for mega dry, patchy skin. If I got dry patches, this healed them super fast. But since my skin got loads better in this year, I've been using it mostly for hair. Aside from the usual treatment for dry ends, I used this on my scalp (I suffer from dry scalp and therefore flaky, itchy scalp with dandruff) and since this has a dropper, it's easier to get it right into the roots. I also added it into my pre-wash mix which contains coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree oil (as well as Phytopolléine universal elixir while I still had it). I like it, but the amount is so small for the price. I actually saw 0.75 l for about 15€ in E.Leclerc in the cooking section. 
Repurchase: I don't know. It's within the realm of possibilities.

This is my favourite drugstore mascara and I bought several of them over the years, but honestly, it can't compare to high-end waterproof mascaras. It gives about the same amount of volume and length as the more expensive versions, but it is not really waterproof and therefore, can't hold the curl well. It also doesn't survive super hot days (hello panda eyes). I would still repurchase it if high-end mascaras would be out of  my reach at that time. The packaging is hideous, though.
Repurchase: Probably.

I don't know why I kept this so long as I never used it. I'm not a fan of stains since they get stuck on dry patches while the rest of the colour fades and this one is exactly like that. The colour doesn't even last an hour. On the plus side, it didn't dry out yet, but I'm still tossing it.
Repurchase: No.

A very creamy, medium to full coverage concealer and one of my all-time favourites. It's supposed to be illuminating, but I don't find it so. It can easily be used to cover spots as well, not just circles and it covers both well. The packaging is not ideal, especially when it's about to run out, since the fact that the product must come through the brush wastes product. A more simple nozzle would be ideal. The shade is quite light and yellow toned, however, not as light as their lightest foundation in the same range (010 Light Porcelain). I also noticed that it oxidises well before the expiration date, which made it too dark for me, while from the start the shade was ideal. If you buy it, make sure you use it in a year, but otherwise it's a great concealer for the price.
Repurchase: Yes. It's really good and much better than anything I can just grab in our drugstores.

A full coverage concealer in a nice really fair, yellow toned shade, however, this needs to be either warmed up or kept some place warmer to get a useful creamy consistency otherwise it's too dry and streaky. It's nice, but hard to work with and I can't be bothered. This is definitely not for dry skin.
Repurchase: No.

Givenchy Matissime Absolute Matte Finish Powder Foundation SPF 20
A matiffying powder foundation that lasted me half a decade. I can't find this on the Givenchy website any more, which leads me to believe it might have been discontinued, but there are still some left in different online shops. It is very smooth and provides light additional coverage (so picking the right shade is important!). In terms of mattifying this was the most effective powder I tried, but it still managed not to look flat on the skin as it also gave the skin a very subtle luminosity, though this is not the most natural looking powder.
Repurchase: It's not available any more, I believe. But even so, I'd like something with no coverage and a bit lighter.  Recs?

I really liked this oil. It has the same scent as my beloved shower oil and feels so luxurious. I used it very sparingly so it lasted me quite a while, after all, it's not every day you spend so much on a beauty product. It is a thick dry oil, which means it doesn't leave you super greasy, but it also takes a bit longer to sink in compared to Nuxe or Garnier dry oil. It's one of the most moisturising products I've used and it even helped me once with the dry patches on my forehead. This is the quintessential pamper product.
Repurchase: Yes.

 Balea Sweet Wonderland Deospray
While I love the scent of the shower gel from this LE, which is no longer available, I'm not too keen on this deospray. The scent is an odd chocolate chemical one and it didn't exactly brighten my mornings when I sprayed it. I still have the travel size.
Repurchase: No.

SunDance Transparent Selftanning spray
I loved this before I discovered XenTan and St. Tropez. Compared to those two, this is more of a gradual tanner. The tan it gives looks natural, but lasts only a few days and one application will only give you a faint tan. The spray application is even, though cold as Superman's ice breath and therefore uncomfortable. It has a floral scent and there isn't much of the tanner scent after one application, probably because of the smaller amount of DHA, however, when you're building up the tan for several days, there is a very strong selftan scent present that lasts almost until the tan washes off. One can of product also doesn't last long - two, maybe three full body applications; more if you tan only the legs, of course. It dries super fast, so I apply one layer and after a minute a second and even a third one. 
Repurchase: No, not really.

Balea Antibacterial Wipes
(a.k.a. Hygiene Reinigungstűcher)
These have that typical hospital scent, and are quite thick and wet. I much prefer the Preven ones because they smell and feel better.
Repurchase: Though it's possible, I prefer the Preven ones.

Balea Deo Roll-On Zucker Schnitte
First let's all laugh at the 48 hour claim - not even in the wildest dreams. Anyway, it's a very average deodorant and maybe I'd even like it a bit if the scent weren't so lame. I think this isn't even available any more.
Repurchase: Nope.

Dove Maximum Protection deodorant original clean
This has an interesting mousse-like texture. It's supposed to be one of those super-strength antiperspirant, but I don't notice any difference between this and the regular ones. It smells nice, typically Dove creamy clean. I do have a few gripes: one is that it leaves white marks and second that there is so little product in it. I used it up in a third of time of any other deodorant, though this does mean it didn't have time to stop working on me. It's nice, though nothing special and expensive.
Repurchase: Not sure. I never repurchase the same deodorant because they all stop working on me.

CadeaVera Fussbalsam
This is a pretty basic mineral oil based moisturiser with avocado oil, lavender, peppermint oil and some other stuff. I find it way too light for my feet. It smells like peppermint.
Purchase: No.

Utterly useless. I gave this sugaring paste another chance and this is impossible to work with.
Repurchase: When a purple unicorn bakes me some cupcakes, I might start considering it (that's a no in case you missed it). 

Have a great day!

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  1. Jaz iz istega razloga ne nameravam ponovno kupiti L'Orealove micelarne. ;)
    Balea deodoranti so meni res slabi, sem probala 2, nič nista pomagala in se odločila, da nikoli več ne kupim. Sedaj imam Garnierovega, ampak koliko se poznam, mi po drugem pakiranju več ne bo všeč in bom spet kupila kaj drugega. Kateri pa je tebi najboljši deodorant, kar si ga preizkusila? :)

    1. Noben deodorant mi ni bil nikoli mega super, ker pač prenehajo delovat, mi je bil pa do zdaj še najbolj všeč Nivea Angel Star in pa ta, ki ga imam trenutno - Rexona Clear Pure Crystal Dry Deo Stick :)
      Garnierjevega sem tudi že imela in je še eden v vrsti, ki je nehal delovat.

    2. Rexoninih še nisem preizkusila, si bom pa zapomnila za naslednjič. ;)

  2. Uhhh... to pa je polno 'emptijev'. :D Če iščeš nov puder za matiranje, ti priporočam od Urban Decay De-Slick mattifying powder - meni ne pušča tistega tipičnega 'pudrastega looka' pa še bel je, tako da ne doda nobene barve ali dodatne prekrivnosti. Imaš oceno na mojem blogu, če te zanima. :)

    1. U, veš koliko jih še je :) In še ena vrečka se že polni :D
      UD je prvi na seznamu, ampak en drugi - Naked Skin Loose Finishing Powder. Tega še nisi sprobala, a ne? Menda je zelo primerjiv enemu od Narsa :)

    2. A tale tanov a ne? Ma ful lepo embalažo... :D Je tudi na mojem seznamu ja, ampak bo še malo počakal, da pride na vrsto. Jaz sem sicer par ocen prebrala, da je bolj kot ne običajen puder, pač nič revolucionarnega, ampak jaz ga vseeno hočem. :)

    3. Aja ne... nisva istega mislili - ti misliš tega v lončku, v prahu a ne? Jaz sem pa mislila kompaktnega. :)

    4. Ja tega v lončku mislim :) Baje je super, ima polno zelo pozitivnih ocen. Samo ne vem kako bi se znašla z loose powder-jem. Sem bolj nerodne sorte :D Kompaktnega sem tudi gledala, pa menda ni tako dober kot ta v prahu.

  3. I like the La Roche Posay Cicaplast as well. It works wonders on scars. I am having knee surgery next week and I intend on treating the scars with Cicaplast afterwards.

    1. I agree, it really nice. I hear there is another version of Cicaplast available, I might try that one next time :).
      I hope your surgery goes well!

  4. hi i like this post...it is a good product..thank you for you information
    Lechuza planters

  5. Pri deodorantih mam jaz isto foro, menjam. Sploh te v rolici ;)

    1. Pri meni nehajo delovat še preden enega porabim do konca. Mi že zmanjkuje znamk za sprobat :)

  6. Če mi je pa kaj super prebirat, so pa to obsežne empties objave! Da sta bile kar dve zaporedoma, je pa še boljše :) Morem pa sprobat ta concealer od Rimmel, ga imam že nekaj časa nagledanega. Pa spomnila si me kako zelo sovražim ta Max Factor lip tint, it sucks :)