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nedelja, julij 07, 2019


My all-time favourite. It's got a light-medium coverage with some pore hiding abilities and a satin finish on normal-dry skin. Despite the name it's not particularly mattifying and it's possibly not for oily skin. I wear the shade 100 Warm Vanilla which is my perfect match. 
7.99 €

Another big favourite, honestly I couldn't decide between Maybelline and this one, though Maybelline's hides more prominent pores. This one has a medium coverage that doesn’t look heavy, it wears beautifully and has a satin finish. I wear shade 00A Porcelain which is another perfect match for me.
Beauty Bay, 14 €

These two are pretty much identical. Both have light-medium coverage, are great for dry skin and have a very natural, invisible healthy-dewy finish. The main difference is the shade range. Serum's lightest shade is 51 Light Vanilla, which is a bit too dark for me and too yellow, while the regular Healthy Mix comes in a lighter pink-toned shade 50 Rose Ivory which matches me fine. 
Drugstores and Feel Unique, 15 €

I won't claim this is a fantastic foundation, but it is very decent, especially if you like low coverage foundations that look very natural. I wanted to include it here because of the shade 10 #cool porcelain, which is one of the lightest colours in our drugstores.
4.89 €


These two are my favourites in general, especially for under the eyes, despite the only medium coverage, but they have such a natural finish they can even be used instead of foundation. They don't slip into lines or have that matte, ageing effect, so they look much better on the skin that high coverage concealers.

All of these work about the same. They are all high coverage formulas with a matte, more obvious texture, but are great for spots and prominent redness. The Saem has the highest coverage, but it sadly comes in a shade a bit dark for me. L'Oreal's Infallible More than Concealer is a high coverage and pale replacement, but it's thick texture is aging and it's not as smooth as the others. I use the Look most because of the neutral pale shade, but if I can't get my hands on a new one and I run out of all others, I'll repurchase Essence's Camouflage + Glow concealer.


Best highlighter I’ve found so far. It's got very fine shimmer for a natural “smooth” strong glow and the texture is something between a powder and a cream. 
Colourpop, $8

Two out of three shades, the gold and a rose gold shade are fantastic, though their true potential is only revealed after you break through the top layer. Sadly the last orange shade is useless, but the other two more than make up for it.  Based on swatching in shops and reviews Essence Glow to Go palette is a fantastic cheaper version., 16.99 €

This is highly praised online and for a reason. Same as with L.O.V. you need to get through the top layer, but the prize bellow is a highlighter with a strong glow and a lovely texture. The shade called Petal is better suited for light-medium skin tones, while this one is best suited for pale skins. 
Beauty Bay, 6 € 


I don’t use contour much, but the dark shade which is a lovely taupe with zero orange or reddish tones works great for pale neutral skin tones. The creamy texture is nice to use too, but the light shade is useless.
10.99 €


5 shades in one palette of fantastic quality. However, I haven’t seen version Amber anymore and Pink still in the shops is different than the one I have, so I don't know what's the situation. I've recently swatches their individual blushes, which we finally got here (only two shades though) and they look very good.
13.49 €

The best blushes I’ve tried so far. They are so smooth, pigmented and have a great glow, especially shade 050. Unfortunately these are now only sold online, but they are worth checking out., 9.99 €

There are similar to L.O.V.'s, but are less soft. They are some of the best blushes you get in our drugstores, my personal favourite is shade Lavish Mauve.
13.49 €

These don't just look good, they are also excellent quality. Shades range from glowy to matte, but the two I have a nice pigmentation and an easy-to-blend texture. Shade 01 Romantic Rose is one of the best shades ever.
Beauty Bay, 13 €

This is the cheapest good blushes in our drugstores, though staying power isn't quite as good as the rest of them, but in terms of pigmentation and application these are lovely. Shade 050 is very popular and one of my favourites. 
DM, 3.49 €

Regular formulas:
MAX FACTOR 2000 Calorie Volume Mascara (not pictured. 9.99 €)
All of these are some of rare mascaras that keep my stubborn and difficult to curl lashes at least a bit lifted, which isn't the case for a great majority of regular formulas. My favourite is Beyu's which creates a beautiful fanned out effect, adds enough volume and is never clumpy. Maybelline's and Max Factor's Voluptuous have plastic wands, so the excel at separation and the last 2000 Calorie is a great all-rounder. None of these are mega volumising like Essence mascaras are, but those tend to drop my lashes (regular formulas) with a notable exception of Volume Stylist which I excluded from here because it's very difficult to remove. 

Best waterproof formula and my favourite mascara overall. It gives me more of a dishevelled look of a lot of lashes, but it creates a lot of volume and it's hold my lashes in place all day. Actually even after I remove it, my lashes are still curled for a while because they've been held in place for so long. The new Lash Princess waterproof works the same on me as this one.
2.99 €

Eyeliner I’ve been using every day for years. It's very black, matte, long-lasting and the soft felt tip applicator is a pleasure to use. I always have a backup in stock.
3.79 €

A recent discovery. This eyeliner performs amazing in the waterline and lasts all day. It's very pigmented, soft and applies with ease on top lash line and in the waterline.
5.89 €

My favourite powder eyeshadow formula. It's somewhere between a loose pigment and a regular pressed eyeshadow that I prefer to apply with fingers. It's got great pigmentation and blends nicely., € 6.99

Favourite cream eyeshadow. I've tried a lot of others since I first tries these and they still the best after years. The have strong pigmentation, they glide with ease on the lids even when they are old and last really well. They also don't crease despite the creamy formula. 
Kiko, 6.99 €

I'm not a fan of the shade selection and would much prefer a different one (Captivate, mine is Allure), but the quality of eyeshadows is really good. They are very pigmented, buttery soft and blend with such ease. 
Lič, 8.99 €

Both of these are great. Bourjois’ are better in terms of staying power and a tiny bit waxier, but overall these apply beautifully, are neither too hard nor too soft and have a good pigmentation. Essence's shade Big Proposal and Bourjois' Cotton Candy are particularly beautiful.  

All three are the most comfortable lip gloss formulas that can replace a lip balm. Honey Lacquer is the thickest and manages to hold on a bit longer and Catrice's formula is most balmy, with a super comfortable feeling on the lips. 

My picks are all matte because that's my favourite finish and all of these are fantastic. Colourpop Matte X are my favourites since they have such an incredibly pigmented, smooth formula with a great matte finish, but other three are close runner-ups. Bourjois' Rouge Velvet is similar to Colour with a formula that just glides on the lips with ease and despite this creamy feeling, the finish is matte, but not as intensely pigmented as Colourpop. Both Milani and Jordana are thicker, but great formulas nonetheless with a great matte finish. 


These two tied for best all-round nice formula that's available in our drugstores. Both have opaque pigmentation, apply smoothly, aren't drying on my lips, feel light and last well. I couldn't point out a difference between the two.

These are for those who want something that lasts through everything and look almost like freshly applied at the end of the day, but you are sacrificing comfort as they are sticky in the first hour after application and you can feel them on the lips. RIMMEL Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proff Lip Colour (8.49 €) is an even more long-lasting formula, so much actually that it's very hard to get off.
7.99 €

These win the most comfortable liquid lipstick tittle and are some of my most worn lip products. They aren't matte by a long shot, instead they have a creamy shine, but they are fully opaque and good staying power for something creamy. Plus they smell so nice, like Planica ice cream (Revlon says it's mango and cream)
12.29 €


Hands down the best top coat for impatient people. It dries down the nail polish in a minute, plus it's very shiny and assists staying power.
Boots International, £9.00

This is pure genius to me - it's a glitter nail polish that can be simply peeled off to remove it. It's not a new idea, but Catrice made a good formula. This is in the process of being discontinued
4.39 €

I've liked the previous Essence gel formula, but I think this one is even better. Application is the same since it's a similar very smooth, pigmented formula, however, staying power is improved. I compared the two side by side and got extra days with this formula. Wet n Wild is very similar to Essence with a slightly thinner formula, but equally smooth and very pigmented. I want to mention Deborah Gel nail polish here too, which are also amazing, I just could find my bottles to feature in the picture. 

Both of these are regular formulas that work really well. I'm especially impressed with L.O.V. formulas which have a great staying power. 


This is one of the most effective micellar waters I've found, it's gentle and it has a pH 5.5. I store mine in a Biobaza bottle with a handy pump (like at Bioderma or some nail polish removers).
6 €

I'm not going to say it's my favourite oil because I'd love to find something cheaper, but I've gone through quite a few bottles, I use it every single day as my first cleanser and it's never caused me any problems, making it one of the rare ones because oil cleansers tend to break me out. 
DM, 12.79 €

Another product I use every day, this is my second cleanser. It's gentle, I can use it around the eyes, it's not drying and it does the job. 
DM, 1.99 €

I don't have much luck with AHA's, so to achieve smooth skin that also more ready for additional skin care product I use this. It's a sugar scrub that's quite harsh (I'm sure those who are very into skin care just gasped collectively), but it gets me the smoothest and softest skin that I can't achieve with any other product.
eBay, $9.36

A light BHA lotion that helps keep my skin clear. Despite the name, I don't think it does much for blackheads, but I find it helps prevent spots and helps them heal faster. 
eBay, $17.85

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner (ebay, $11.57 full size) and HADA LABO Super Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizing Lotion (eBay, $13.45 for 140 ml. Not on the picture)
These two have an amazing toner-meets-comfy-serum type of texture and both are some of the nicest moisturising products I've tried. EH contains hydrolysed collagen and baobab fruit extract which is high in Vitamin C, while HL contains hyaluronic acid in different molecular weights.

A product that improved the texture of my skin. It's not a miraculous product, but it's a lovely thicker toner that with prolonged use helped my pores to look less prominent.
iHerb, €15.62

This is such a great deal for the money, as you get a whopping 500 ml of product. It's a light toner-like lotion that absorbs fast and feels very hydrating. It contains ceramides, Job's Tears extract, 3 types of hyaluronic acid, collagen and amino acids, so all the good stuff.
eBay, $17.46

A lovely propolis serum that helps my skin look its best and gives it a nice healthy glow. Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule is a very similar product and a better deal for the money. 
eBay, $9.04

Though this is a sleeping pack, I mostly used it as a regular moisturiser. It's got that classic light gel-cream texture of moisturizers for oily-combination skin, though it's surprisingly delivers a good dose of hydration even to my normal-dry skin. My favourite moisturisers are Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream and Holika Holika Good Cera Emulsion that I excluded from here because this is much cheaper, but I should have included Green Line's Basic Moisturising Cream which is cheap and great for almost all types of skin.
Sweet Corea, $4.57

So far these are the most effective spot treatments I've found, not that I need them often, but I keep a pack handy just in case. I've tried many spot treatments in the past and a great majority did nothing on me, but these can at least reduce inflammation and size of the spot, and sometimes they can heal it completely.
Jolse, $4 

One of the lightest sunscreens I've found. This does not feel like sunscreen at all, instead it's like a light lotion that absorbs quickly and leaves a velvet finish, plus it has zero sunscreen shine. I've gone through two tubes of this and the gel version which is the same and actually a better deal per millilitre. I can easily apply the recommended amount and no matter how long I stood in the sun, this protected really well. Only minus for some might be alcohol high on the list, but I don't mind it and even though my skin is dry, this works for me. 
eBay, $9.89 

UV Gesicht Mattierender Sonnenschutz LSF 50
One of my latest discoveries and my favourite sunscreen from our drugstores, so I have something that I can easily buy in my local shops. The texture is a regular thick sunscreen, so not nearly as light as Asian stuff at application, but a few minutes in, it sets to an Asian sunscreen like velvet finish that's completely dry to the touch. It has some sunscreen shine, but it's not bad on my skin and I don't even notice it when I wear my makeup over it. The latter also always applies beautifully over it and it never pills. It's also not full of alcohol which some will surely appreciate a lot. Again it's always kept me protected well and I can easily apply the recommended amount.
9.99 €

To be fair these are nothing majorly special and there are plenty of similar clay masks in satchels, but they are nice to use and very convenient because the come in a pot. I've had three versions and all work the same on me, I use them when my skin feels congested, or I have a spot, so it needs a skin care day. One pot lasts quite a while, so even though these are not cheap, you get plenty out of them. 
9 €

My favourite lip balm by far and the only one I've been using for years. There's none of that annoying waxiness lip balms tend to have, so it's much softer and it feels more nourishing rather than just applying a layer of vaseline on the lips. 
iHerb, 3.10 €

Sheet Masks:

PAPA RECIPE Bombee Whitening Honey Mask - My favourite sheet mask. It's extra brightening, nourishing and it makes the skin soft, plus it smells nice. It's just a winner. Original and Rose Gold version are fantastic too. Sweet Corea, $11.67 (for 10)

THE SAEM Natural Skin Fit Mask Grapefruit - This has such a lovely comfortable moisturising essence, actually something like that Hada Labo lotion and Etude House Moistfull toner I mentioned above. Olaf is just a limited edition packaging, the original is white with grapefruits. Cosmetic Love, $0.59

MY BEAUTY DIARY Sheet Mask Black Pearl - It evens out the skin, brightens it and just makes the it look its very best. eBay (stitchy11), $1.80

ETUDE HOUSE Air Therapy 0.2 mm Sheet Masks - Thin lovely sheets and lovely formulas. I use Snail when I'm healing breakouts or sun burns and Madecassoside is simply a fantastic nourishing and soothing formula. Ceramide is lovely too. eBay 0.99$

THE FACE SHOP The Solution Masks - best fitting masks for my face with a lovely thin material. Madecassoside is just like EH version fantastic for nourishment and soothing, while Pearl is a great brightening formula. Also lovely are Ceramide, Vitamin C and Propolis. eBay (cosmeticmarket2012), 6 pcs for $10.50


Best reasonably priced shower product. This is such a lovely rich creamy formula and the scent is a classic. Aside from shower oils this is the best thing for dry skin.
3.49 €

These are outstanding and definitely a worthy competition to the more expensive The Body Shop Body Butters. They are like body butters in a tube with a rich, very nourishing formula and as an extra plus they come in many great scents. 
Notino, 13.10 €

Soap & Glory has best scrubs in general and I haven't found anything comparable in drugstores here. This version is my favourite due to it's rich, balmy formula and plenty of great scrubby bits that do its job. I never need to use a lotion after this one because it leaves a nourishing filter on the skin. It also smells kind of like Miss Dior Cherie.
 Boots, £8.00

My standard spray deodorant I've been using for years. I think this has some powder particles in it or something similar that keep me dry longer and it also smells so nice, powdery floral.
2.94 €

BALEA Men Rasierer revolution 5.1
I've been using this one for many years, so it's pretty beaten up. I've bought a female razor twice and instantly regret it both times because they are awful compared to the ones for men. The latter are sharper, more precise and tend to have more blades - obviously since they are meant to be used on the face, they are just better quality. I used to use Gillette for quite a while, but even though they last longer than Balea's razor, the latter is much cheaper and still really good.
DM, 4.45€

These are like sandpaper for skin. You basically buff away the hair with these and do a good scrub at the same time. They of course take much longer than using a razor, but you get a smoother result. You just have to be careful not to scrub for too long or you'll get burns.
Műller, 5.99 €

BALEA Shaving Gel
These are excellent for the price, they formula is nicely thick and it does its job. Balea regularly launches limited edition scent, but the original is great too.
DM, 1.99 €


Best shampoo for very dry hair I've found so far in the drugstores and I've used up plenty of bottles so far. It's like it already has some conditioner inside plus it has silicones, so it makes my tangly hair easy to comb after washing and it doesn't leave it stripped.
3 €

A co-washing conditioner, meaning a one-step replacement for the usual shampoo plus conditioner combo. I tend to use it when I'm pressed for time and my hair is merely dry, instead of very dirty (meaning laden with leave-ins and styling products, as my hair is never greasy). It's like a regular conditioner that you massage into the hair and wash off (I tend to leave it on for a few minutes). It leaves the hair feeling clean and nourished just like I'd use a regular shampoo + drugstore conditioner combo. Here we have version Elvital Öl Magique Low Shampoo which is not quite as good, but still worth it
Boots International, £6.99, our version is in drugstores. 

The best drugstore conditioner I've tried so far. It leaves my very dry hair moisturised, actually soft and even a bit shinier. I've recent purchased most of the Repair line and I'll let you know how I like it.
2.99 €

Second best drugstore conditioners. It's one of rare ones that's enough for my very dry hair plus it smells like bubble gum. 
DM, 6.99 €

Great affordable protein treatments. These are a great buy especially if you bleach or colour your hair. They are about 10 € each online and it's best you get both, since Bonding Potion needs to be used under the mask, but you can use the mask on its own. The latter exists in three versions: Keratin Restore (for damaged hair in all shades), Cool (for enhancing cool tones in light blonde hair) and Warm (for enhancing warm tones in light blonde hair).
Notino 10.40 €

This isn't the best hair oil, especially for dry hair, but it's cheapest per millilitre and I use it as heat protectant. I find silicone oils work best for my dry hair when it comes to protecting from heat tools and as an extra plus I can start working straight away instead of having to wait my hair dries first after applying spray or cream heat protectant. 
DM, 4.99 €

A very light silicone oil in a spray can that I call "my healthy hair faker" because it adds so much shine, it creates a more polished look, it takes flyaways and makes the hair less dry looking. As an extra plus it's alcohol free unlike most shine sprays I've seen in drugstores. By the way, I've seen Taft has a similar version (bright pink can among hair sprays) if you don't have got2b (both are Schwarzkopf brands).
2.99 €

This is similar to got2b, but heavier and suited for very dry hair. It does the same job of adding shine, tames flayaways and it even more effective at fixing dryness than got2b., 8.99 €

PRECIOUS ARGAN Repair Oil Elixir
I have several silicone oils and I added this one here because it's the most average one in terms of consistency, so I think it will suit the largest group of people. It's got a medium consistency formula and it does everything any other oil promises, meaning it does the final touches like shine, making the hair more polished with no flyways and it fixes any visible dryness. Luxurious Coconut (9.49 €) is lightest so it'll be best suited for those with thin hair (L'Oreal's, Aussie and Garnier are light too, but it's been a while since I had them), while HASK is somewhere in between Precious Argan and LC. Subrina's Oil Treatment and Balea Oil Repair will suit those with very dry hair best. Orofluido which is my absolute favourite and top recommendation can be found for an affordable price in places too. I have a quick guide to my oils in this story here
Click2Chic and drugstores, 7.91 €

A medium hold spray with no crunchiness or stickiness. It's the same as the original version except the scent is an artificial sweet coconut and both are excellent products, It's a shame they aren't in our drugstores any more.
Boots, £5.99

I didn't know this was discontinued before I took the pictures. Anyway it was the best product for defining and holding curls. It's a shame it's gone, but I have an extra pot in stock. The texture was like a wax meets mousse, so if you know anything similar, let me know.

L'OREAL Excellence Creme
Best box dye with a nourishing formula and an even better conditioner. The selection also includes ashy shades of different levels and not just the lightest like most dyes do, so L'Oreal's are suitable for lightening very dark hair to a light brown without having to resort to bleach (I've tried 7.1, 8.1 and 9.1 and they all work). The ashy shades are also great for toning orange-golden tones when you bleach very dark hair.  
6 €. 


A fresh, floral-fruity-woody scent that's perfect for spring. It's something like Marc Jacobs Daisy and the bottle is gorgeous. 
Avon & Notino, 13.90 €

A very underrated sensual, warm sandalwood scent. It's quite unique since unlike most similar scent it's got no vanilla or amber. 
Avon & Notino, 7.90€

BBW mists are just the best ever and they come in so many versions. I have many favourites, but my favourite ever is Twilight Woods, a cosy, warm scent. For about 13 € you get a whopping 236 ml.
Notino & eBay, 13 €

A cutesy, sugary sweet scent with notes of strawberries and coconut. It's such a teenage scent, but it's my guilty pleasure. I have the deodorant version which was much cheaper and I don't miss having a proper bottle of this.   
5.99 €

This is a very similar thing to BBW mists and it exists in several versions, but not as many as BBW's. This particular scent is similar to Twilight Woods and it's a great warm & cosy scent with tonka bean, vanilla, plum and coconut.
Müller, 5.49 €

Do you have any favourites budget finds? Have a great day!

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  1. Super objava. :) Sem dodala kar nekaj stvari na listo želja. Sploh tale Essence puder me mika, ker sama mam itak rada take lahko prekrivne stvari, pa če praviš, da je odtenek spodoben. <3
    Obvezno moram poskusiti tudi tale Balea gel za obraz, ker bom počasi rabila novega in iščem nekaj poceni in lahko dostopno. Ne vem, zakaj imam sama tak strah pred Balea izdelki za obraz. Verjetno popolnoma neupravičeno.
    Pa tale krema za obraz s pandico je noro luštna. Bi imela že zaradi pakiranja, pa kot vidim, je ok za mastno kožo. :)
    Biore je meni tudi ena boljših spf krem, čeprav sem zdaj našla še eno od Misshe, ki mi je malenkost bolj všeč, ker je na dotik sploh ne čutim, dobesedno, kot da ne bi nič nanesla na obraz (Biore še vedno malce čutim).
    Pa za Kiko senčilo v stiku si me zdaj spomnila, da ga moram ponovno privleči na plano. Moj izbor senčil je zadnja dva meseca bolj skromen - ponavadi nanesem kakšno enojno senčilo (MAC ali kremno od NYX) zablendam hitro in je to to, nimam potrpljenja za več senčil. :D

    Bath & Body Works zadeve pa so božanske. Te kreme za telo me mikajo, odkar si mi poslala testerje. Sploh vonj TW kreme mi je bil božanski. <3 Zdaj pa več nimajo na Notino. Ponavadi tako dolgo odlašam s temi nakupi, da vse zamudim. Isto za TW meglico, še zdaj ne morem preboleti, da je ne morem več dobiti pri nas. Pa tolikokrat sem jo že imela v košarici. :( Bom preverila tole od Body Fantasies v Mullerju.

    Max Factor rdečilo je praktično edino, kar sama nosim zadnja leta. Zdaj mam sicer še en krasen blush od Avona, drugače pa drugih sploh ne opazim. Mi pa delujejo tile od L.O.V luštni, prav tako tale paletka od L'oreala. Moram pogledati, če bi jo vseeno uspela kje dobiti, ker ima zelo lepe odtenke.

    1. Hvala <3 Essence puder ogromno nosim ravno zaradi odtenka, pa ker mi je enostavno dostopen + je poceni ko mi ga zmanjka, da mi ga ni škoda.

      Saj jaz sem ista kar se tiče Balee. Iskreno razen gela še zdaj ne zaupam ostalim izdelkom. Kar drugega sprobam je strašno povprečno, tako da razen, če ne slišim odlične ocene, niti ne gledam znamke pri negi obraza. Bi pa zelo rada našla še kakšno tako izjemno kot je gel, samo brez nepotrebnega zapravljanja denarja za nakupe na slepo. K-Beauty izdelkom veliko bolj zaupam, razen čistilcem, ker so vsi zelo dražeči za moje oči.

      Missha je na seznamu še kakšno leto, jo moram nujno enkrat sprobat, samo za letos imam še zaloge Bioreja in Niveje.

      Meni se sploh ne da ubadat s senčili zadnje mesece. Edino LOV senčilo nahitro nanesem kadar se mi da.

      Twilight woods meglico sem videla na eBayu da pošiljajo iz VB (laptorium - od tega sm js kupovala in je kul), samo je malo dražje kot je bilo na Notino. Kremo imajo pa iz USA, kar je pa že bedno čakat. Body Fantasies je zelo podobna po začetnih notah, potem se že bolj razlikujeta, ampak za ta denar je ok približek.

      Od MF bi zelo rada še en odtenek, samo je bil kar šok ko sem videla da so več kot 13 €. Bo treba kje na netu najti ali pa počakat na spodoben popust. L'Oreal paletka je odlična in me je presenetilo, da nisem videla več Amber. No sicer se mi zdi novi enojni blushi iste odlične kvalitete :)

  2. Obvezno moram poskusiti tudi tale Balea gel za obraz, ker bom počasi rabila novega in iščem nekaj poceni in lahko dostopno.
    S spoštovanjem

    1. Poceni, nežen tudi za uporabo okrog oči in dovolj učinkovit :) Sem porabila že kar nekaj tub :)

  3. I´ve been dying to try the Bourjois healthy foundation- I heard so much about it!


    1. It's fantastic and I highly recommended it :) I've been both Serum and the new regular version since they launched :)

  4. Pri makeupu imam vsak eno tretjino istih favoritov kot ti :D. Sploh bi se strinjala za Bourjois Healthy Mix, če imaš suho kožo in Catrice Dewy-ful lips so res odlični za suhe ustnice. Vsekakor moram v isti sapi dodati še Flexitarian, LOV rdečila in The Saem ter Bipa korektor. To so res moji absolutni favoriti.

    Na Cezanne sem se že kar navadila in bom zagotovo kupila novo, ko porabim. COSRX patche pa sploh hvalim. Ti so res odlični za tiste ogromne nadležne mozolje, ki se kar nočejo posušiti.

    Avon ima več takih podcenjenih dišav. Verjetno ker je težje dostopna kozmetika. Kar je škoda, ker cene so tudi zelo ugodne. Jaz bi verjetno imela v favoritih pretežno njihove dišave. :)

    Odlična objava <3 To ti je pa vzelo kar nekaj časa!

    1. Pričakovano :D Vem, da se niti malo ne strinjava za Maybellinov Fit me, ampak glede veliko stvari, sva prišle do istih ugotovitev :) Ti si me sploh pripeljala do odkritja odličnega Flexiterijana, ki ga uporabljam vsak dan, LOV blushev in Bipa korektorja :)

      Cezanna pri meni pridno zmanjkuje. Ga redno uporabljam vsako jutro in zvečer in je res krasen :) COSRX obliži so tudi life safer :)

      Avon me je resno presenetil z dišavami, bolj kot Oriflame. Sicer ko berem objave na Fragrantici jih veliko omenja, da so po približno enakem kopitu, ampak meni se za zdaj ne zdi tako, medtem ko pri Oriflame ja. Sploh že zdavnaj ukinjen Herve Leger mi je ostal v spominu kot nekaj resnično posebnega, pa Far Away exotic tudi. Imam občutek, da če bi mi bile bolj znane njihove dišave bi jih tudi jaz imela še več med favoriti.

      Hvala <3 Oh ja, je kar trajalo :D. Veš kdaj so že potonike odcvetele :D